The fight is on to replace Kitty Kimball as Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court

And what a fight it is folks as associate justices Bernette Johnson, Jeanette Knoll, and Stephen Victory are in a full fledged donnybrook as to who should be the boss after Kimball retires.  Click the pic to get the one page pdf:

3 thoughts on “The fight is on to replace Kitty Kimball as Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court”

  1. If the truth be known, this Institution (the Louisiana Supreme Court) is ROTTEN, from the top to the bottom, beginning with Kimball. The entire Court has been “covering” for her for almost 7 years, ie. the Court has been obstructing justice and “covering up” CRIMES which Kimball and her PIMP Plattsmier have committed against me. These are the two CRIMINALS who sicked a State Police “goon squad” on me at 5 minutes after midnight on September 20, 2005, when they “thought” there would be no witnesses. The criminal gangland-style “hit” orchestrated by Kimball and Plattsmier had been set in motion a week or so earlier by Kimball, when she said, in the presence of former Attorney General Charles Foti (“the FRUIT”), Kimball’s PIMP Plattsmier, and the WIMP-ASS Bar Association President Frank Neuner (how do you look yourself in the mirror, Frank, you worthless piece of shit?), “Somebody’s got to shut that guy up, he’s giving us all a bad name.” Anyway, The SLABBED Nation knows what then happened, but maybe does not know that what happened was organized and executed by Kimball and Plattsmier, aided and abetted by others. Efforts to document Kimball’s CRIMES have been thwarted at every turn by Kimball, by former Chief Justice Calogero, and by sitting Members of the Court, including those who would like to replace Kimball. THEY’RE ALL CROOKED! And they instructed the Judicial Administrator and the Louisiana Judiciary Commission how to keep Ashton O’Dwyer from obtaining ANY information about Kimball’s and Plattsmier’s complicity in the CRIMINAL CONDUCT that they unleashed against me and have “covered up” ever since. READ MY LIPS: I WILL SEE KIMBALL AND PLATTSMIER IN A PENITENTIARY, if it kills me. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. AROD: These honest, upstanding, and fair minded justices are so honored,cherished and their spoken word so trusted among their colleagues that the only way their alleged claims of tenured employment on the Court is accepted as the TRUTH is solely through sworn affidavit.

    If the very Justices that the public is suppose to trust are not trusted among themselves then what the hell kind of Supreme ” Fu*ked -up” Court is that?

    I’m beginning to see why they moved the Supreme Court to the French Quarter but disappointed the Disposal/Sanitation longer sprays the area with lemon fresh.

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