In our continuing episode of Magnum J.D. Baldwin v Costner: In fact Bull Durham, we’re all amused.

Folks in today’s update of the trial in Judge Feldman’s courtroom Bull Durham was on the stand last week and me thinks the pressure is getting to Costner, who could not read his testimony from a script like he did before Congress back in 2010. Here are a few snippets from 2 AP stories filed on the topic the the first of which detailed Bull’s testimony from last Thursday:

Actor Kevin Costner says he was heartbroken as he watched millions of gallons of oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and that he headed to New Orleans to see whether cleanup devices he helped develop could aid the recovery effort. Costner, who has been sued in a multimillion-dollar business dispute involving the devices, told jurors he was nervous. “My name is at stake,” he said.

Indeed it is as we’d all be disappointed if Bull is perceived as anything other than full of BS because that is all we saw back in 2010 when he showed up in this area like a fly on shit after the oil spill peddling useless centrifuge technology as a cure all for the Macondo well blowout. Bull has an interesting self concept of his contribution to combating the spill:

“I’m not just a celebrity,” Costner said during testimony. “I’m not just a person who opens doors.”

Indeed we were always under the impression that was Magnum’s role in this as he opened the doors to his St Chas Ave mansion for a variety of politicians after he signed his contract with BP but I digress as the Friday’s testimony indicated that Costner’s anus was twitching under the pressure of the media scrutiny of this civil dispute:

Costner said the company’s CEO, John Houghtaling, begged Baldwin and Contogouris not to sell their shares shortly before BP committed to buying the devices. Only Smith and Houghtaling were putting up money to keep their company afloat in the days before BP ordered the machines, according to Costner.Costner and Baldwin have largely ignored each other in the courtroom during the trial, which started Monday and is expected to last another week.

But Costner snapped at Baldwin from the witness stand as he recalled being frustrated by how the press portrayed his efforts to sell the centrifuges to BP while the oil giant was scrambling to stop the flow of oil from its blown-out well.”I had to get over the mythology of Kevin and his crazy machine,” Costner said, a remark that apparently drew a reaction from Baldwin, who was seated at the plaintiffs’ table with his back to the courtroom gallery.”Are you amused by this?” Costner asked Baldwin, who didn’t respond before U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman interrupted.

“If anything, this is going to stay civil,” the judge said.

Costner must not have heard that Judge Feldman runs his courtroom with an iron hand or he would not have lost his cool. I for one am loving every minute of this disaster as I am forming a mental picture of what happened with the gang back in 2010. From Patrick Smith’s testimony we learned the test of Costner’s machine performed for BP did not do well and that fact evidently caused some discomfort with the plaintiffs. Still it strongly appears Magnum and company did mislead Baldwin and I offer the following as proof:

June 10, 2010 – British Petroleum signed a letter of intent with Ocean Therapy Solutions to deploy thirty-two centrifuge machines to assist in the cleanup of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. BP agreed to use the technology after testing machines during the past week.

This quote came from a Youtube video posted by Magnum’s law firm:

Now let’s revisit Patrick Smith’s testimony:

Smith testified that the order from BP for centrifuges was still “conditional,” as of June 10. The next day, June 11, Contogorous effectively sold his shares in OTS in a document Grigsby drafted.

I don’t know where Smith conducts business but a letter of intent is far from conditional, especially when it is the people and the package that surround it that BP really valued. It appears nobody clued in Baldie to that fact.

Finally the has been some banter among the legal team as certain legal practitioners are predicting the outcome of this trial for kicks. The consensus is that Bull Durham will win because he is the more well known actor and the Baldwin boyz brand of politics does not play well down south. So along those lines the reader comments to the second AP story are priceless.

Stay tuned as more riveting testimony is in store as the battle between washed up actors continues.


57 thoughts on “In our continuing episode of Magnum J.D. Baldwin v Costner: In fact Bull Durham, we’re all amused.”

  1. Isn’t this the same Baldwin who was “saved” and a “conservative” and the opposite ideology of his big brother Alex? Look, I’m quite conservative politically but have always been suspicious of this Baldwin’s “conversion” as more PR than fact.

    Too bad that movie goers will not see this on the big screen. It is some of Bull Durham’s best acting yet.

    1. stephen baldwin is a right wing zealot (or just plays one on tv). he claimed he would move out of the usa if BHO were elected while coster campaigned for obama. baldwin is a frequent guest on fox news when they need a hard line conservative christian viewpoint. i think baldwin is being truthful regarding his beliefs as he destroyed any acting career he had by going public as an evangelical.

  2. It’s pretty obvious you just have something against Costner. The machines didn’t pass the initial test but did past the second test after engineers came up with a fix. From the sources I read Costner was a very effective witness.

  3. I have nothing against Costner beyond the fact he is a con artist that distracted from the very real business of containing the spill and BP never used his machine. Before trying to devine my motivations perhaps you could spend some time actually learning about the topic. Thanks Len.


  4. BP never used the machines because by the time they got there, much of the oil had been sunk to the bottom of the gulf by dispersants or burned, killing much wildlife
    with it. Would the machines haves been successful if used right away as Costner’s team says they were meant to be used? I can’t possibly know that. I do believe Costner believes they would have worked. His company works with, among others, The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UCLA, hardly con-artists. Please don’t accuse me of not taking time to learn about the topic.

    1. BP never used the machines because by the time they got there, much of the oil had been sunk to the bottom of the gulf by dispersants or burned, killing much wildlife with it. Would the machines haves been successful if used right away as Costner

  5. Len, you miss the point. Baldwin was lead to believe that there was no deal, when Magnum and Smith clearly state that the deal had already been consummated with BP.

    Then, throw into the mix that Magnum was advertising in NOLA East for clients to sue BP for damages. Where oh where is Chuck Plattsmier?

      1. That’s about the truth. I am so tired of the lawyers who should be disbarred for life being allowed back in or never being punished. And, ODC can take on complaints without a complainant.

        The State Bar Journal recently noted that the Bar is sitting on, I think, $4 M in cash. So, my question is, if you have that much money, why not beef up disciplinary action. Or, cut dues……

  6. Actually, I care first and foremost about the environment, but you act like Costner himself put this machine together with slinkees and bubble gum. What did or didn’t happen with the parties involved is up for the court to decide but to belittle a person for putting up millions in funding not just for this but for other environmental projects as well seems downright childish. By the way, I do a lot of reading and Anderson Cooper isn’t typically on my radar so I’d appreciate it if you don’t try to belittle me as well. I’ll shut up now. Obviously our differences of opinion won’t sway each other. God bless.

    1. No Len, Costner lost his ass financially on that machine when he bought it originally and I steadfastly maintain it did not work as Costner advertised despite the excuses you manufacture for him. Before I was being sincere but since you mentioned being belittled the totality of your remarks on this thread do bring to mind the following:

      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. ~ Abraham Lincoln


      1. Lincoln was paraphrasing Proverbs 17:28

        “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

        A theory that remains untested because there is not enough of that holding your lip shut thing going around to make a for a statistically valid control group.

        1. My old friend Russell shows up at precisely the right time. We need to get togther and consume copious amounts of alcohol.


    2. Oh Len, Len Len. Did you miss the part about the “peanut butter test”? BP knew these machines were useless, even if only because of the dispersant. There was never a reasonable expectation that this was a “silver bullet.” It was a PR scam designed for BP to buy the public goodwill of Costner, but more importantly, to buy/influence local and state politicos by making their main fundraiser rich.

      We called bullshit on this 2 years ago in real-time. You obviously don’t know the political landscape down here. It was a filthy scam that still stinks to high heaven.

      1. Sock … it is more than obvious that Costner et al where more cognizant of the ‘slick’ PR of oil as compared to the sticky reality of peanut butter …

      2. Right on. And, lest you forget Magnum advertising for claimants to sue BP, while, at the same time, he was in negotiations with Bull Durham to sell “oil spill washing machines” to BP, while, at the same time, screwing his partners in OTS out of the $$$$. Where, or where is the ODC on this one?

        1. As you well know, sometimes a single document tells the entire story. The defense can attempt to obscure it with thousands of other documents, but that one internal BP memo tells the story and the plaintiffs’ lawyers should wield it like the Hammer of Thor. Had they been part of the people around the machines, the plaintiffs would not have done BP any good.

        2. IMA: Could it just be that Magnum, John Houghtaling, being THE or one of the State’s biggest political fundraiser for many Judges in the State and NOLA metro area, that the Office of Disciplinary Counsel would not want to investigate Magnum’s gross, unethical conflicted dealings with BP in the BP spill/case that you have just cited above?

          The ODC and Mr. Plattsmier don’t want to shoot at the GOOSE THAT LAYS GOLDEN EGGS – do they.

          What a political BS organization the ODC has become. I believe it is overdue to be reformed. But where is the Jindal Administration. Out of State painting a self portrait of himself at Republican fund raisers.

          Throw him a peanut.


  7. Hey, Len: If you were in Auburn, Alabama, someone (really a FUCKING ANIMAL) might hit you over the head with a bottle (Hope you have a gun in your pocket). But try this on for size: Twenty (20) years of study by the U.S. Navy, and a Company called Enviris Vorareal Technologies, developing a an “oily water separator” called the “Vorareal Separator Technology”, which LEAVES IN THE DUST Costner’s (and his brother’s) machines which were already obsolete before they ever hit the dock. More particularly: 200 gallon per minute capacity versus 5,000 gallons per minute capacity. What would YOU buy? And now I have a “hard” question for you: How many barrels of oil did Costner’s technology recover in the Gulf of Mexico for BP? How many gallons? How many pints? How many thimbles-full? I’m told that NONE of Costner’s machine were EVER deployed for “action” by BP, by the Coast Guard, or by anyone else. What do you say? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Are you referring to THIS Len Barr ?

      Leonard Barr
      Principal MechanicalEngineer at Saulsbury Industries
      Odessa/Midland, Texas Area | Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
      Current: Principal MechanicalEngineer at Saulsbury Industries

  8. I spelled his name wrongly. It’s Len Bahr – more similar to Len Sahr. He has a site called and is a good dude.

  9. Yea … OK … this elephant that never seems to want to leave my living room couch has a QUESTION:

    Who and/or what is the name of the company that fabricated Costner’s “slick sheen oil machine” ???

  10. More Len Shar:

    Leonard Shar

    San Francisco Bay Area | Computer Hardware
    View Full Profile

    Leonard Shar
    Student at Ocean University of China
    China | Animation
    Education: Ocean University of China

  11. To IMAANGRY: The Louisiana State Bar Association facilitated the creation of a FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER in the early 90’s when it agreed to ceding power over lawyer discipline to the Louisiana Supreme Court, and bodies now known as “The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board” (appointed by the Supreme Court, except for 1 of 14 members nominated by the Bar Association, but who must be “approved” by the Supreme Court), and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (the CRIMINAL Plattsmier, nominated by the Board, but subject to approval by the Court). In point of fact, the ENTIRE Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary System is CONTROLLED by Chief “Injustice” Kimball (SPIT!) and her PIMP Plattsmier (SPIT!), both of whom are unprosecuted CRIMINALS. These two are “the head of the snake”, and the Louisiana State Bar Association is “sucking hind teat”, with NO POWER WHATSOEVER. However, we can be sure that “someone” is looking very hard at that $4 million. And the irony of our attorney disciplinary system is that the lawyers fund Plattsmier’s Office over which the lawyers have NO CONTROL whatsoever. Ashton O’Dwyer (Committed to put Kimball and Plattsmier IN PRISON).

  12. I really don’t understand why you blame Costner for something BP did. Costner certainly didn’t create the oil spill and BP obviously didn’t have shit to pick it up with. Last thing I believe is that Cosnter is a con man. IMHO.

    Don’t beat up on me like you did Len. Who cares who wins or loses this trial? The deal with BP is over and done with. Maybe this is this just a fun way to bash Costner? Where’s the beef? I read alot of the pre-trial order, ICYWTK.

    1. Belle I’d never beat you up. You ask a question, Len tried to devine motivations and that is a huge difference.

      I agree Costner is notnresponsible for what BP did and I do not blame him for the spill. I do hold him accountable for the performance promises he made that were in reality sheer fantasy, I hold him accountable for being the front man for an old fashioned Louisiana political shakedown.

      As I have said repeatedly there are no good guys in this story, just the bad and the ugly. The spot light was plenty fine for Bull Durham back in 2010 when he was down here cashing in on a lie so the way I have it figured the spotlight on the mess he helped make is fair game as well.

      Worry not though, I plan on spreading the spotlight around so everyone involved gets all the public attention they obviously crave.


      1. Sop, I wasn’t referring so much to you as some others on here. I just don’t see how BP was coerced into doing this. They certainly weren’t coerced into doing anything they didn’t want to.

        And then Ashton, you have gotten yourself all worked up over a hypothetical. License to steal. You betcha. Some oil company comes and dumps all that oil on your playground and you don’t think they should pay??? THEY SHOULD PAY MORE THAN THEY HAVE AND THEY HAVE SPENT ALOT. SO FUCKING WHAT!? GOOD. MAYBE NEXT TIME THEY WON’T COME AND SPILL ANY MORE SHIT IN OUR BACKYARD.

        Why not take the technology from Costner? 50 mil is nothing to them and they probably won’t use it but they could but they won’t. They could make it better. But they won’t because they don’t care and they don’t have to. They are BP. So what if Costner and friends got $$$ from a product that maybe didn’t work once the dispersants were put down and now are on the bottom floor of the gulf making alien shrimp. So maybe they can use the technology early on instead of pouring more shit into the backyard. GUESS WHAT? COSTNER KNEW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN BP! All BP knew was the money they were taking to the bank — United States Gulf of Mexico BE DAMNED! YOU THINK THEY GAVE A SHIT. I think Costner did. Some people project what they would do onto others and decide that is what the others were trying to do because hey, I thought of it, so that HAS TO BE what YOU were doing, blah, blah, blah. NOT NECESSARILY! LIKE ASHTON SAID — IT’S ALL HYPOTHETICAL. You’re just grinding axes here.

        1. BP wasn’t coerced no siree. They just had to make certain they we paying the right people. You my recall it wasn’t the machines that were important to Suttles and company, rather it was the people and the package that surrounded it.

          BP simply treated the politicos and their cronies the they way they would in a typical third world country. Sad thing is they had us all pegged.


          1. Well I don’t think Costner cost us any money. I don’t think the feds give a shit about what politicos and cronies do down there in Louisiana either. If BP wanted to give him more that’d be fine with me. They should pay out of their asses. Hell, if you didn’t make a claim against BP that is your fault. [you being anybody] What Costner did or did not do did not affect anybody else except try to get something out there to clean the shit up. As I said, BP was at a loss on how to clean it up, right?! Why are you blaming Costner? Anybody that got anything from those assholes deserves it! I GUARANTEE COSTNER IS NOT THE PROBLEM. HE DIDN’T CREATE THE SITUATION AND TRIED TO BUILD SOMETHING TO CORRECT THE SITUATION UNLIKE ANY OIL COMPANY DRILLING OUT THERE! IT WAS BETTER THAN WHAT THEY HAD, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT BECAUSE THEY HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

            BTW, what was that blog that was taken down because the judge said it was a libel factory or something? It’s in the pre-trial order.

          2. I would never contradict the Omniscient Sop how ever there was one source of news that never fell for the party line

            You do yourself a disfavor

          3. Sorry Belle two wrongs do not make right. Memphisto who else was calling Bull Durham’s BS real time besdies Slabbed?


          4. “Obtuse,” the f—ing word is obtuse. Please don’t butcher the language by using words with which you are unfamiliar. For God’s sake, A. O’Dwyer uses it regularly. Don’t you see the red, squiggly lines when you type something like that?

          5. I’ll lump myself in with everyone else because I clearly did not do a good enough job getting the word out back in 2010.

            The same shit happened after Katrina, only the names of the pigs at the trough changed (slightly). In hindsight Rosemary Barbour’s main problem was she didn’t affiliate with a washed up actor when she got those no bid minority set asides after Katrina from the SBA.


  13. To BELLESOUTH: This entire case was (and is) WAY above my paygrade. But I aver that a helluva lot of FRAUD has occurred, much of it that will, eventually, come out of the taxpayers’ pockets. Do YOU know what “tax credits” the Federal Government has bestowed on BP since the castastrophe of April 2010? And in exchange for WHAT? And what “credits” did BP get from the Federal Government for the purchase of certain technology that everyone knew would not work, and which was never used, for sums in excess of $50 million? (I’m speaking hypothetically, now, because I don’t want to defame Mr. Costner or any of his partners. But I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT DEFAMING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THEIR OIL SPILL “PARTNER” BP). And the hypothetical “scam” I’m talking about is just one $50 million scam. Want to move now to “the Lower Parishes” and talk about marina rental and other provision of marine support personnel, equipment and “whatever” (boat fuel, for instance). This entire oil spill became a “license to steal” by so many people. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  14. To BELLESOUTH: I think you may be missing my point. It really doesn’t matter to BP or its “Oil Spill Partner”, the Almighty Federal Government, whether BP spent its money on antiquated, centrifuge technology that wouldn’t work, and which was never deployed anyway, versus aircraft spraying COREXIT so that the OIL the Corexit came into contact with sank to the bottom of the Gulf, never to be seen or thought of again. And once BP met its QUOTA, ie. spent what the Government wanted it to spend, WHO KNOWS WHAT REWARDS BP RECEIVED? I don’t know; you don’t know; and the people who know aren’t talking. I do know that BP’s legal liability for the “Natural Resource Damage Assessment” was settled (FORCED on Louisiana, for instance, by the Federal Government) CHEAP. And I also know that the ONLY criminal charges brought against a BP employee thus far have been brought against a VERY LOW LEVEL EMPLOYEE. I could go on, but I’m tired, and I don’t think you’re “listening”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  15. bellesouth, if i may add my .02. the reason costner is held in contempt here is the way he went about selling the machines. costner can rip off spyro and stephen baldwin all he wants as far as i care. costner came down here and hooked up with a slimy professional political fundraiser and proceeded to hold infomercials for various media outlets surrounded by paid for politicians (hingles, nunny etc). what costner did was a shake down.

    1. And while politicians like Nunny and Jiff Hingle were busy cashing in, local fisherman were being excluded from the VOO program. Ordinary people did get screwed by the unbridled greed.


  16. This trial would be a victory for good government if only we could see the La.Office of Disciplinary Counsel investigate attorney John Houghtaling for representing Costner to sell machine machinations to BP while at the same time his firm was recruiting people to sue BP.

    Ending Houghtaling’s political fundraising kingdom would create a new political and judicial awareness but we know that Plattsmier will not kill the GOLDEN GOOSE cause his job security would be seriously put in jeopardy.

    One good thing is Miss Kitty” EWE” Kimball will be gone sooner than later.

  17. fyi, czar magnum is in the tp social scene along with ulia, yulia, julia. i cant find a link on the improved website.

  18. SOP,
    Don’t let Bell get your dander up , we had every get quick rich conniver converge on the scene not just through out the U.S. but the world trying to cash in. Hell the one I liked the best was called the Whale a converted tanker with the slots in the hull , those investors sank like the Titanic . The disturbing part to all this and I hope Bell hears this “loud and clear” that our government both State, local and Federal took a back seat to a company that pays a less tax ratio than you do, a British company at that, who basically controlled the U.S Coast Guard and was in contempt of EPA orders to reduce the use of the chemical dispersants . Because people and wildlife are still suffering I take great exception the BP letter from upper management they are going to have ” Fun with this” that should have been disclosed to government and the press at that time. Kevin is not stupid he knew the product he was really selling was his fame where is Mr. Water World now on the environmental damage left by BP having some fun?

    1. Tom, I hear you loud and clear and here again you are killing the messenger. What you are griping about (that our government both State, local and Federal took a back seat to a company that pays a less tax ratio than you do, a British company at that, who basically controlled the U.S Coast Guard and was in contempt of EPA orders to reduce the use of the chemical dispersants) is not KEVIN’S FAULT! And you do NOT know what Costner was thinking. You only know what you are thinking! Don’t believe everything you think! You might think the grass is orange but it won’t make it so.

      1. Bell,
        I know a schmuck when I see em and the letter he concealed tells me he was in the game for the money and having fun with it right ? What is Keven’s fault is along with the fame and fortune comes a responsibility to give back particularly during a time of crisis and the after math of the largest environmental disaster in the U.S.. Other than help himself just what has he done to realy help others? That’s why he’s a schmuck so no great supprise he is accused of screwing his on partners.

  19. For anyone who may be interested, the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary System is, in fact CONTROLLED by two people: (1) Catherine D. Kimball (SPIT!), who is the Chief “Injustice” of the Louseyanna Supreme Court (but not for long), and (2) Kimball’s PIMP, Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr., whose title is “Chief Disciplinary Counsel”. The “RULES” are found in Rule XIX of the Louisiana Supreme Court Rules, which establish the “Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board”, which is appointed by the Supreme Court, headed by Kimball. Then we have “Hearing Committees” which are appointed by the “Attorney disciplinary Board”. And if Kimball and Plattsmier don’t like the decision of the “Hearing Committee” in a given case, then they APPEAL to the Attorney Disciplinary Board, which is empowered to FUCK the attorney against whom charges are pending. Plattsmier, whose Title is “Chief Disciplinary Counsel”, is appointed by the Attorney Disciplinary Board, with the approvel of the Supreme Court (headed by Kimball), And don’t forget that the Attorney Disciplinary Board also is appointed by the Supreme Court (headed by Kimball). Accordingly, it is impossible to escape the INTERCONNECTION and INCESTUOUS relationship(s) between and among the Louisiana Supreme Court (headed by Kimball), the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, the Hearing Committees, and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The ONLY “input” which the Louisiana State Bar Association has in attorney disciplinary proceedings in this State is the right to nominate ONE (1) of the FOURTEEN (14) Members of the Attorney Disciplinary Board, SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY THR SUPREME COURT (headed by Kimball). All of this is pleaded by me in the pending case in which Kimball and Plattsmier are going after my license to practice law in State Court. DISGRACEFUL. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  20. So, is this the good guy on this board?

    “Stephen Baldwin threatened to feed personal information about Kevin Costner to The New York Times if the two actors couldn’t resolve their business dispute over millions of dollars in BP money after the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a witness testified Wednesday at a trial for Baldwin’s lawsuit against Costner.”

    1. Like I said Belle, there are no good guys in this story, just the bad and ugly.

      I have another update on tap. 🙂


    2. Who said Baldwin was the “good guy”? If a scumbag gets defrauded, he has the same standing under the law as Mother Theresa would.

      1. Sock,
        What type of bait that is used determines the catch. Most people with common sense, other than a few naiveties, understand the general personality type that is involved in profiteering off disasters. The damn shame to all this is, it was all avoidable in the first place. Had Transocean & BP used the additional surface blowout preventer and the acoustic emergency shut off’s that is required deep water drilling equipment in other countries 11 people would still be alive today.

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