In our continuing episode of Magnum J.D. Baldwin v Costner: The testimony of Patrick Smith

As told by 1450 AM the Voice of Dothan Alabama. Welcome aboard guys. A short snippet from the must read account:

In a June 8 text from Smith to Ted Skokos, an investor who ultimately bought out Contogorous’ shares in OTS, Smith wrote: “We had an amazing meeting with BP. We r on line. I have a buyout agreement from the partner we want out being drafted today.”

On June 10, Metairie, La., attorney Daniel Grigsby drafted the contract between BP and OTS for 32 centrifuges.

Smith testified that the order from BP for centrifuges was still “conditional,” as of June 10. The next day, June 11, Contogorous effectively sold his shares in OTS in a document Grigsby drafted.

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11 thoughts on “In our continuing episode of Magnum J.D. Baldwin v Costner: The testimony of Patrick Smith”

  1. I still want to know who got Costner before that Senate hearing. They are either completely clueless or getting some of that approx $50 million (or more) profit on that $70 million deal.

  2. Oh, and I understand from someone on the inside that those pieces of s*** centrifuges are still sitting in their original shipping crates in a warehouse.

    This is a battle over ill gotten gains.

  3. If the 18mm did not represent profit, was only a small part of the expected costs to be incurred by OTS and the venture was still very risky (as testified to by Smith), one wonders how Magnum will explain Smith’s purchase of his house immediately following the deposit.

  4. Annon: Good idea – Let’s see Magnum on the stand for eight hours and the SlabbedNation and Judge Feldman may learn a few things that happened behind the scenes.

    Citizen BH: Who got Costner before the Senate hearing committee? That ought to be asked of Magnum on the stand as Magnum I believe had a few fund raisers for several Washington and local politicos.

    1. That is the Vid Lockem. At 13 seconds who is that seated behind and to the right of Bull Durham? Our own Magnum dats who. If the hearing was in the Senate then Miss Piggy would be the enabler.


      1. My money is on Vitter and next time Kevin should learn his lines better, Magnum needs to find a better writer.

        1. Political gadfly and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has an ingenious plan for stopping the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and it doesn

  5. Kasdan had planned to use The Big Chill to showcase his actor friend, Kevin Costner, but circumstances forced him to almost completely cut the actor from the release print. (He’s seen only in the opening sequence, and only in the form of specific body parts

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