4 thoughts on “Breaking: Big D’s trial postponed”

  1. October 22 trial date coincides with Titus and Mouton guilty plea sentencing. Fazzio posturing for trial Juror questionaires with no Gov’t opposition sets up interesting scenario’s for NO plea deal by Gov’t public integrity prosecutors. So long Fazzio.

  2. No Surprise after the added pressure by the LA. Ethics Board lawsuit which the U.S DOJ is responsible for. My interwishing is this will bring new focus for a HUD Inspector General CDBG parish and/or state wide audit. Why would individuals violate felony campaign contribution laws, mail fraud and/or tax fraud if they weren’t counting on obtaining political favoritism for their own personal monetary benefit ?

    1. 1- Ethics violations, YES. 2- October give new public integrity prosecutors Lichter and Kisko time to indict Heebe, et. al., while Fazzio is preparing for trial on unrelated indictment with same prosecutors. Whitmer guilty plea, Mouton guilty plea, Titus guilty plea then Freddy’s indictment and Fazzio’s trial. HMMMM, NO guilty pleas for FAZZIO and Fazzio will be indicted with Freddy while Fazzio waits trial on Garner with Titus guilty plea.

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