The Buddy System: GlaxoSmithKline sues Buddy Caldwell

This suit derives from GlaxoSmithKline’s unsafe drug Avandia, which is now the subject of litigation across the country. Glaxo’s suit is going after the team of private lawyers Caldwell hired to pursue the case, all major political cronies of his.  Joe Gyan has all the skinny for the Advocate for today is evidently insurance litigation reunion day here on Slabbed as we welcome back Allan Kanner, who got his balls busted badly in Ex Rel Branch. (I think by Judy “Ball Buster” Barrasso if memory serves.)


9 thoughts on “The Buddy System: GlaxoSmithKline sues Buddy Caldwell”

  1. Wade Shows, Allen Usry, and Buddy Caldwell seem to do a lot of business together.

    But, this story may have a story-in-a-story.

    In this recent suit by GSK, one of their lawyers suing the AG over potentially improper contracts is Chandler Loupe from Baton Rouge.

    Take a good look at a previous story covered here on Slabbed: “Competing Conflicts of Interest cause Gulf Coast Claims Facility to suspend payments: A periodic report from the gutter where its all going down.” There’s a piece of that story discussing other conflicts these same AG contract lawyers may have by representing Fayard against the State and Caldwell.

    When I worked for Calvin Fayard, I remember Loupe represented the State and AG Ieyoub in a couple of class action cases where he intervened to collect money for Louisiana’s Department of Health & Hospitals. He and Fayard “worked out” the interventions as I recall, and Loupe recovered some nice fees.

    I’m just wondering what kind of contract(s) Loupe had with the State/AG at that time?

  2. There has been a response from Chandler Loupe to either my comment above or my similar comments on

    Loupe didn’t send his response directly to me, though. Instead, he chose to communicate to a mutual friend, who’ll remain anonymous for now.

    One comment he made was, “Maybe I just get MOP to sue him for defamation.”

    The “MOP” he’s referring to is the same “MOP” he used once before to bring that unsuccessful TRO action against me in front of Judge Haik in the Western District. Take a look at the related posts from 2008 here on Slabbed (I don’t know how to link things on here).

    I have replied directly to Loupe, and I’m very tempted to post the entire email string right here.

    Though I’ve written only the truth, it remains that he has threatened me with litigation, and I am taking that very seriously. As he and his MOP demonstrated with their wasteful and expensive TRO mess, they don’t let such things as lack of jurisdiction get in their way of dragging me into court.

    Loupe appears to have sent another email in response to my reply; again, choosing to communicate to someone other than me. Apparently, he’s inquiring about the identity of my current employer. The implication I get from that is also very disturbing.

    Chandler: did any of you bill the recently released opt out funds for that losing TRO effort?

    1. I’ll dig up that old linkee on Judge Haik and since everyone is making ugly I’ll make it sticky and dare ppl to send in their Tuppy stories. Peyton Place has got nothing on certain rakes which populate the Louisiana Bar.


  3. Thank you for the help, Sop.

    Maybe Chandler will join in and tell us some of his Tuppy stories, like having to bonus her in that Bayou Sorrel case for some reason or another.

  4. To “The SLABBED Nation”: The foregoing Comments by NAAS should be EXTREMELY troubling to honest, ethical lawyers in Louisiana. It should be apparent that there is in existence what I call an “underclass” of Judges, Lawyers and Court-Appointed Administrators, who wield power which they do not have (ie. they ABUSE power) and crush like bugs anyone who may stand in their way, through unethical, if not CRIMINAL, conduct. This is why I have been unjustly arrested on more than one occasion, disbared, forced into bankruptcy, and literally BROKEN financially. And tomorrow morning I will be arguing a Motion for Disqualification and Recusal of an “Attorney Disciplinary Board Hearing Committee”, which will, at some later date, decide whether my license to practice law in State Court should be taken from me (That license already has been summarily suspended indefinitely, without Notice and without hearing – while I was in jail at the “Windsor Court St. Bernard” – so just what do “they” intend to accomplish, other than more disgrace, embarrassment and humiliation?). To make a long story short, the entire Attorney Disciplinary System in Louisiana is CONTROLLED by two people, who I aver are degenerate criminal scum and vermin, namely Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Catherine D. Kimball and her PIMP, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr., who answers to Kimball. I don’t have “a Chinaman’s chance” of prevailing before a Kimball and Plattsmier controlled Hearing Committee or, if I lose before the Hearing Committee, before a Kimball and Plattsmier controlled Attorney Disciplinary Board, which is the August body that addresses appeals. That’s why I filed the disqualification/recusal Motion. But if the people I will appear before tomorrow (in the presence of a Court Reporter) were HONEST, instead of accomplices and co-conspirators with Kimball and Plattsmier, then the proceedings tomorrow would commence with the Committee announcing that they were apointing a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR from out of State, having nothing to do with Louisiana, to investigate Kimball’s and Plattsmier’s continuing criminal conduct towards me, and their continuing obstruction of justice and abuse of power. But we all know that won’t happen, don’t we? Which is why the proceedings will be stenographically recorded. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. AROD:

    You and I have always been on opposite sides of the fence regarding Justice Kimball.

    Tomorrow, make the most articulate and complete record you have ever made.

  6. Update – with a possibly interesting twist:

    There is a hearing scheduled in this GSK suit for July 11. My non-attorney understanding of what’s going on is, GSK will try to convince the court to issue a judgment declaring the contracts between the AG and the private counsel invalid, violative of certain statutes, etc. The AG will probably argue the other way. If I read the pleadings correctly (I’m not a lawyer), GSK has complained that Caldwell awarded an improper contract to a private sector law firm, and then that law firm and Caldwell entered into improper subcontracts (see a related story here on Slabbed) w/Wade Shows and Allen Usry, who were big wigs (paraphrasing) in the Caldwell re-election campaign.

    Private sector counsel has enrolled in this suit on behalf of AG Caldwell, and has asked for an extension of time.

    The private counsel appearing on behalf of AG Caldwell is Richard Stanley of Stanley, Reuter, Ross, Thornton & Alford from New Orleans. I have to believe the AG has an hourly-rate contract with this firm that was also approved by the Office of Contractual Review.

    Here’s what I consider interesting:

    You’ll recall the DEMOPAC and Fayard law suit against the State that we’ve discussed here on Slabbed.

    Of course, the State is represented and defended by AG Caldwell with taxpayer dollars. In that case, the AG is represented by another private firm with a proper contract.

    Well, several Fayard children and entities are represented against the State by Jennifer Thornton of the firm Stanley, Reuter, Ross, Thornton & Alford from New Orleans.

    Just as interesting is the fact Calvin Fayard is represented by Wade Shows and Allen Usry – the big wigs in Caldwell’s re-election campaign who GSK alleges benefitted from the allegedly improper subcontracts.

    Does anybody allegedly see any alleged conflicts in all of this?

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