It must be getting close to Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo time…..

And that is because Slabbed is getting site traffic from the Google search string tarpon rodeo boat sex.

Now don’t get me wrong folks, I’m completely down with a bunch of drunks having a mid summer bacchanal where there is lots public nudity and associated group acrobatics.  My beef is local politicos going on the TeeVee saying the rodeo is a family event because it clearly isn’t.

In any event potential attendees for this year’s event are getting pumped looking for info on the upcoming rodeo.


6 thoughts on “It must be getting close to Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo time…..”

  1. Grand Isle, Jefferson Parish – Home to the 69th annual OUTDOOR FREE PAP TESTING and CHILD PERVERT THERAPY CLINICS.*

    Ya’ll COME now and if you’re lucky multiple times thereafter.

    Sponsored, endorsed and attended by your Council of Clowns .

    *HOLY SODOM and GONORRHEA- Where is Pastor Storms with his bullhorn when you FLASH his sign in the sky.

  2. It should be renamed the Lawrence Chehardy International Tarpon Rodeo not the Grand Isle International Tarpon Rodeo.

  3. The rodeo of big hooks but bigger hookers, big fish but bigger political kingfish and all since 1928.Yepi Kia !!

    And the JP sheriff, DA, Mayor of Grand Isle, State Police Vice and the entire attending JP Council of Clowns with attached suckerfish assistants are all asleep at the wheel while debauchery is on autopilot.

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