Former Barrasso firm associate Keith Magness terminated for workin’ harder but not smarter…..

I must have been on assignment on the Goat roast beat when this story broke but it has since gone viral (for good reason) as it appears Judy Barrasso had a perv on the firm payroll. We well know Judy here on Slabbed as an Ed Liddy/Tom Wilson shoe shine girl as her firm counts Allstate as a client thus she surfaced a time or two in our insurance litigation coverage.  Judy, booubie, welcome back.  :-)

And this perv of whom I speak:

Duncan alleges she was employed as an associate attorney at Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver located at 909 Poydras Street in New Orleans when she became suspicious that a co-worker was stalking her after she found mysterious white stains within her office on clothing, office furniture and the carpet.

The plaintiff claims she notified the office manager of the possibility that someone within the firm was masturbating and leaving semen in various spots throughout her office. Duncan alleges she was instructed not to notify anyone of her suspicions while a motion activated camera was set up in the office to catch the perpetrator.

The plaintiff alleges that for two weeks she lived in fear until on Aug. 27, 2011 the camera allegedly caught images of Magness coming into her office and laying a dress that was hanging on a hook on the back of the door on her desk on top of paper towels and masturbating and ejaculating onto it.

This makes some of those stories I’ve heard about Goatherder Carl Finley’s legal sidekick Scott McQuaig seem tame by comparison.

We’ll keep an eye on this suit as it winds its way through the 24th JDC. The dishonorable Ross LaDart is presiding.


12 thoughts on “Former Barrasso firm associate Keith Magness terminated for workin’ harder but not smarter…..”

  1. I am reticent to Comment on this POST, because the subject matter is so lurid. However, if the allegations against this Magness character are true (Does a camera lie?), then Plattsmier and his “asshole buddy” Tweed need to yank (Oh! These two will get “off” on what Magness is alleged to have done) his ticket to practice law, and Magness needs to be prosecuted criminally for what he did (None of this, “I’m sick and in need of help” BULLSHIT. All of us already KNOW that you’re “sick” and in need of “help”, which you will get in a State Penal Institution, motherfucker. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Apparently the guy was a former secret service agent. What’s in the water with those guys?

    BTW… Kelsey Meeks Duncan is ok looking, but I wouldn’t get worked up working next to her. But that’s just me.

  3. And they said Chivalry was dead?
    He was just trying to charm her.
    Honestly, EEEWWWWWWW!
    This guy must have had a light WORK LOAD!
    Gotta wonder what other sorts of sordid, distorted behaviors he’s exhibited during his PROFESSIONAL Career?
    Not too slick (pardon that pun) ROMEO.
    How creepy would it be if THAT VIDEO Surfaced on the INTERNET?…
    Well, we can only hope?

  4. Just ONE MO Thang…This guy’s “problem” may ONLY be corrected by a MAC Truck or full term in-house hospitalization/incarceration….Yet what do we see? He starts his OWN Lawyerin’ bidness & Jerry Sandusky serves sno-balls at the FOOTBALL Games!…..HELLO?

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