While Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy rightfully dominates the news cycle, Ethics charges against Scott Fontenot have been filed.

This relates to the insurance portion of the broad based scandal we affectionately know here on Slabbed as the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.  Scott Fontenot faces ethics violations related to double dealing on behalf of Coventry Heath Care, from whom his wife was earning a commish. Click the pic to get the pdf.

American Zombie: Great Balls of Fire!!

I had a second to take a look around the local congroovancy (Editilla speak) and I found things have been very lively over at Jason’s place as the community discussion is taking this whole Bajoie con-profit thing to new heights. Start here and just read down to meet the filthy hogger Mayor Half Moon planted on the city council. Again worth mentioning is Representative Cedric Richmond’s name in this whole deal as he too is as dirty as the day is long.

This is not my fight but I’ll add I’m enjoying seeing Richmond’s name surfacing again for partaking in Dollar Bill Jefferson style corruption.  By the time he tackled that subject Jason had already paid his dues but folks he took some serious grief for crossing Mayor Half Moon over Richmond during his first Congressional run when he unseated Joseph Cao.


Since I have not posted of late I’d like to point out……

That I am again on assignment, which means I’ll be pissing someone off shortly. Meantime I’d like to point out that Rossie has slithered out from under his rock and this must be addressed along with the latest bit of Jimbo the Clown jackassery. Stay tuned. 🙂


One more thought about attribution and this Bajoie thing

For those of you following this whole Diana Bajoie conprofit deal I guess there is several ways to look at this. First, the bloggers should be flattered we’re actually steering the news coverage. Second, I would like to note TP editor Gordon Russell defended the honor of the NOLA media group in comments to the Bajoie story they wrote earlier this week. I’ll add I agree with everything he said. I’d also like to point out his response completely missed the point.

So yesterday the City Business ran an in depth article on the same topic and greatly advanced the discussion. Today, Jason over at AZ also advanced the discussion with a new post on the topic that is very good. Both articles illustrate the fallacy under which Newhouse News is operating.

Yes, the TP does a great job beat reporting and as such were one of the few media outlets with people in the Gill Pratt courtroom. Yes, they also reported the Bajoie connection in their Gill Pratt reporting real-time. Props and kudos are deserved for all that but……

They’re nowhere near the cutting edge of reporting this story and that fact should be lost on no one. Worth noting is the TP had two reporters in the last JP council meeting and they whiffed on that 4-3 vote over the IT contract.

Jude asks how people like him can help. IMHO all you gotta do is tell your friends that what they read in the Times Picayune today was likely reported somewhere else in one of a handful of blogs a week or so before. Gambit recently reported Ricky Mathews met with the City’s tech community. I knoweth not who the tech community is in NOLA and according to Gambit those people bitched about the TP’s commenters. You keep us unwashed bloggers on iggy dude and we’ll keep driving home the nails.


Maintenance Saturday: Need input on the new commenting system

Disqus, the new commenting platform, has a very nice back-end and very good WordPress integration. That said it appears the video embedding capabilities native to the WordPress commenting system is not supported.

Disqus is widely used so many of you are already familiar with it. It would be very easy to switch back to the old commenting system thus the need for reader input and I use the term reader because I’m also interested in what any lurker that wishes to chip in their two cents has to say about commenting in general.

I’ll be around sporadically and intend to put up some substantive material on JPAC at some point this weekend.


Remember folks last summer when I put on my Carnac hat and made a prediction???

Business must be slow.  No need to spend much time pondering the why.