To further amplify the point ‘Gate, Steve, Patricia and I are making………

Follow the money folks.  Let’s recap and tie in two posts.

South Coast Today Nova Scotia on the Broussard Arraignment: Trout Point figure pleads not guilty in New Orleans fraud scandal

Canada’s third-largest bank said Tuesday it will acquire Corporacion Interfin and merge it with its existing Costa Rican subsidiary, resulting in a 13 per cent loan market share.

And that third largest bank?

I’ll be having further amplification of the following post within the next week or so but for now lets visit again with Steve’s recent comments where he let the Goatherders speak for themselves:

Jurisdictions in which we have particular experience and access include Spain, Andorra, Panama, Costa Rica, and Delaware.

Institutions we refer clients to include HSBC Offshore, Anglo Irish Bank, Wachovia, Royal Bank of Canada, BBVA, Scotiabank de Costa Rica, Lydian Private Bank, and Barclay’s.

And a bonus link from Sop:

Canada says it is plugging money-laundering loopholes ~ Globe and Mail June 28, 2011

Stay tuned.


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    1. Slabbed New Media would be doing a public service by asserting the many torts available as a civil remedy to right the wrongs perpetrated by the Goatherders against the Slabbed Nation. It would take money to interest a good lawyer and frankly business has been slow on the donate button.

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