Breaking: I have received a Slabb O’Gram from the Wino!!!!!

Folks a long time ago I worked a small part of a major criminal prosecution for the defense.  I’m not able to go into any detail about the case but suffice it to say it ended badly for several of the accused and to add insult to injury a joint/several 7 figure forfeiture order was entered. An obvious next step for those charged with collecting the ca$h is to gather financial information in the form of a personal financial statement and that is where I entered into the picture.

A meeting was scheduled with DoJ and we prepped for it.  When the question came up in discussions with legal about how forthcoming we should be I gave my standard answer which entails 100% transparency.  I ended up getting credit for that advise later on when DoJ cut my client some slack in the aftermath.  The problem was they could only do so much after they gained the conviction.

I mention all this because sources familiar with the ongoing investigation have indicated to Slabbed there are several bit players to the saga we know on Slabbed as the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal that may well get Jim Brown’d via 18 U.S.C. § 1001 for fibbing to Federal Agents.  This would be a damn shame IMHO because it is always the small potatoes that end up burnt the worst when the carnage is finally tallied thus the homespun wisdom we see in the local rumor mill of people like Fred Heebe skating, while others that did his bidding get hit with sentences that run into the decades (see Mark St Pierre covering for Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy).

True, if one has certain exposures it is a good thing to have a lawyer involved and that line of reasoning certainly will get no argument from me. There are lawyers like Pat Fanning that know how to get their clients a good deal and there are others like Steven London that fight until the bitter end or disqualification whichever comes first.  The second type of strategy is high stakes, boom or bust and in fact fuels what academicians term prisoner’s dilemma.

During my time doing Slabbed I’ve gotten to know several quality people and been blessed that universe includes a few folks with connections to the people in the middle of this mess.  Frankly I think it’d be a crying shame for a bit player to the corruption to take the fall for a few people who have the proverbial noose already around their necks.  I’m not going to name names because frankly it would not be fair to the potential defendant(s), previously highlighted on this blog.  All I know if you were my client asking for advise, the answer would be 100% transparency, especially since the FBI isn’t going anywhere.

How do you folks see it? Does everyone involved need to burn or should coming clean be rewarded?


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  1. The reputation of the defense attorney and their professional demeanor towards the prosecutors & FBI agents who are prosecuting the case is the single largest determining factor as to whether you sink or swim. And when the FBI agents ask you for an interview the proper response is that no offense but I would like my attorney present–make sure the attorney isn’t someone who just likes to fight or whose personality is a zero.

    The US Attorneys office chooses who is indicted and who isn’t not the federal investigative agents so it would be wise to have both the agent and a representative from the US Attorneys office with you and your attorney.

    Some small fish were indicted in the Jefferson cases, St. Pierre/Meffert cases, and numerous other cases while the big fish walked away scott-free.

    In my opinion the masterminds and those who benefitted should burn while the secretary or staffer who just witnessed something should be rewarded with coming clean. If a mastermind or benefactor of the crime comes clean then a lower sentence should be provided but you can’t give someone like Aaron Bennett a sweatheart deal while he continues to rip off the taxpayers.

  2. SOP,
    There is no easy answer to that question particularly in light that the parish has a history of intimidation and termination of subordinates who come forward to report fraud, waist and abuse verses what damage was done by those in executive positions who willfully failed to come forward, obviously there are many. Just like should the consideration of extra slack be given for coming forward on their own accord verses giving slack to coming forward to simply save your own ass after being caught like Whitmer, and Parker who’s charges are undeniably too small and would be an absolute travesty for others like Mouton or Coulon to pull the same deal but more than likely they will. IMHO it all depends on the circumstances but so far the history of light sentences and indifference to go further with more prosecutions by the DOJ is why the corruption has become so systemic. Inherently there’s no honor or integrity among thieves once caught they’re all rats that will eat their own Young for a lighter sentence and so will Broussard (pun intended).

  3. I’ll be 65 years old in October. When I was a boy, and well into adolescence, my Maternal GrandFather had a radio shop in the 500 block of St. Charles Avenue (a hotel now occupies almost the entire block). The men working in my GrandFather’s shop would proceed to the Lafayette Hotel every morning at 10:00 o’clock for coffee. As a boy, I was FORBIDDEN to traverse Lafayette Square without adult supervision and escort, because of the WINO’s who inhabited the Square. The Square remained the domaine of WINO’s until the Ozanam Inn and other ‘flop houses” left the neighborhood. Things actually were “the worst” when Catholic Charities dispensed free food to the WINO’s, who littered the landscape with their styrofoam containers, many with the food untouched, except by ants and roaches. I had to traverse Lafayette Square during the two years or so that the Federal Government was prosecuting me criminally for allegedly “threatening” unnamed and unidentifiable individuals (as I told the FBI, and others, “If I had intended bodily harm to anyone, THEY WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD!”). And I can state unequivocally that Lafayette has never looked better in my 64 – 65 years than it looks today. But then I haven’t encountered “the WINO”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. IMHO if the ‘little guy/girl’ was a willing, active and enthusiastic participant in the misdeeds and/or benefited financially and/or professionally and/or socially by said participation whether by actions and/or inactions then they should fry. If on the other hand they were simply trying to keep food on the family table ( hamburger not filet mignon) AND they come clean WELL I’d give them a sandwich sign and have them stand at the corner of Poydras and St. Charles for a long couple of days proclaiming their guilt.

  5. AROD: Speaking about the Wino and radio I bet the Wino has in his duffel bag one of those spy laser parabola units (that the Russia flicked onto the U.S.Embassy a few years ago) focused on the Federal Criminal Bldg..

    To get back to the question at hand of 100% transparency and who should burn—That’s simple— If you are still covering your ass or another ass and still” playing along to get along” at this time you need a liquid fire accelerator applied to your ass/family jewels in an 100% oxygen hyperbaric chamber equipped with 200MPH wind driven turbines.

  6. oh and a postscript to anyone out there who has not come clean and perhaps believes the JP corruption thingee is over: it ain’t nearly over IMHO AND as we all know only the first one on the confession bus gets a ticket to ride. AND then only if they tell the truth, the whole truth and nuttin but the truth. oh AND: if you think your ‘best buds’ would never jump in front of you onto that bus: think again . I agree sop: the little guys take the brunt thinking their wealthy/powerful ‘benefactors’ will always be there for them only to wake up alone and broke on the outside looking in at the sumptuous lifestyle still enjoyed by those dregs of society. So, if they thought they were ‘special’ well they were ; the way bomb dogs are in mine fields.

    1. To Unslabbed,
      You have more confidence in the DOJ and Federal court system than I do, tend to agree with Ashton’s colorful thoughts on the politics of that subject. I am not so sure, by now there should have been many more indictments than what currently are pending. At the pace the DOJ is going most people will pass from old age before they get charged. Certainly opens the question up on what good will an Inspector General be with no whistleblower protection program or ability to get cases into court , guess we can rely on the parish DA for that right ?

      1. @Tom: I had zero confidence in some of those previously handling all things JP Corruption. However with the recent arrival of the cavalry unconnected to local folks and interested in WHY Lettenemgo & Company ‘passed’ on so many cases, yes, I have renewed hope. It springs eternal for some of us. so to the FBI who I believe suffered through Lettenemgo with the rest of us i say thank you for what you did accomplish; and to any USAttys who failed to vigorously pursue the bad guys I say : Sit down, hold on and start talking: you are not immune from prosecution if you went to the dark side.

        1. DoJ Public Integrity is pouring some major resources down here. I understand they and the investigative community are going back over everything in total to make certain nothing was missed.

          These persistent rumors of moles in Jim Letten’s office are disturbing. In a way there need not be a mole since the political universe is so small there is lots of cross pollination.


        2. Unslabbed,
          If that is the case someone needs to let HUD in on the news because most the fraud is over their CDBG Grants and from my recent personal experience HUD is clueless. Major part of the problem is neither the DOJ or HUD communicate well, and funding for prosecutions have been limited by Washington for political reasons. Congressman and/or Senators do not want the scandals they just want to funnel the grants in both for re-election and for those political favors owed.

  7. To LOCK: No, my Grandfather (maternal) never eaves-dropped on the Feds (He didn’t want to occupy a furnished suite in Levenworth), but he did help my Dad and his Family BUST some well-organized racketeers who were intercepting the results of races in other parts of the Country before the windows closed here in New Orleans (100 Jefferson Highway) and elsewhere. And as my Dad taught me: “Ashton, Only bet on ‘sure’ things.” This meant, if you can’t be the HOUSE, then pass. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. Well Sop, I am going to cut to the jugular … fuck the chase … Wilkinson needs to be bled non-Kosher style … and here

    1. That is one heck of a road map ‘Gate. Besides Phelps I think it would be very unfair to leave Adams and Reese off the list, not for their cozy relationship with Parish Govt but for the role of their lobbying arm which was ass deep in the local garbage biz.


      1. And speaking of that degenerate father and son lobbying tag team of corruption over at Adams and Reese, Tim Coulon and his son Chris … it was Wilkinson who prepared the the corporate papers for TCT LLP (T for Tim Coulon, C for Chris Coulon and T for Tim Whitmer) … one of their proposed gambling entities was to be located at Nine Mile Point once they secured the re-zoning with the endorsement of Mr. Stealth himself, token Councilman Byron Lee !!! …

        Well the property was re-zoned and Nicky Nichols, Guidry’s son-in-law,who was to become TCT’s gaming benefactor until Whitmer blew up, was given Code variances over the objection of the JP Planning Department for the gambling truck stop… what a surprise …and need I mention who was director of Code during the initial stages of this sordid development … why Debbie Villio of course …

        Wilkinson … Whitmer … the Coulons …Nichols … Guidry … Villio … all card carrying members of the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso !!!

        1. I’m told Villio’s lawyer is Stephen London. I wonder of Heebe is paying the bill for that like he was Fazzio?

          Free lawyers are one thing as working for nothing signifies the commitment to a cause. Free lawyers that are free because someone else is paying the bill means said lawyer in reality is trying to serve two masters and no person can do that.

          According to Clancy DuBos, Tim Coulon has already cut a deal and IMHO Tom Wilkinson is f*cked. The rest are small potatoes in the scheme of things.


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