Breaking: I have received a Slabb O’Gram from the Wino!!!!!

Folks a long time ago I worked a small part of a major criminal prosecution for the defense.  I’m not able to go into any detail about the case but suffice it to say it ended badly for several of the accused and to add insult to injury a joint/several 7 figure forfeiture order was entered. An obvious next step for those charged with collecting the ca$h is to gather financial information in the form of a personal financial statement and that is where I entered into the picture.

A meeting was scheduled with DoJ and we prepped for it.  When the question came up in discussions with legal about how forthcoming we should be I gave my standard answer which entails 100% transparency.  I ended up getting credit for that advise later on when DoJ cut my client some slack in the aftermath.  The problem was they could only do so much after they gained the conviction.

I mention all this because sources familiar with the ongoing investigation have indicated to Slabbed there are several bit players to the saga we know on Slabbed as the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal that may well get Jim Brown’d via 18 U.S.C. § 1001 for fibbing to Federal Agents.  This would be a damn shame IMHO because it is always the small potatoes that end up burnt the worst when the carnage is finally tallied thus the homespun wisdom we see in the local rumor mill of people like Fred Heebe skating, while others that did his bidding get hit with sentences that run into the decades (see Mark St Pierre covering for Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy). Continue reading “Breaking: I have received a Slabb O’Gram from the Wino!!!!!”

To further amplify the point ‘Gate, Steve, Patricia and I are making………

Follow the money folks.  Let’s recap and tie in two posts.

South Coast Today Nova Scotia on the Broussard Arraignment: Trout Point figure pleads not guilty in New Orleans fraud scandal

Canada’s third-largest bank said Tuesday it will acquire Corporacion Interfin and merge it with its existing Costa Rican subsidiary, resulting in a 13 per cent loan market share.

And that third largest bank?

I’ll be having further amplification of the following post within the next week or so but for now lets visit again with Steve’s recent comments where he let the Goatherders speak for themselves:

Jurisdictions in which we have particular experience and access include Spain, Andorra, Panama, Costa Rica, and Delaware.

Institutions we refer clients to include HSBC Offshore, Anglo Irish Bank, Wachovia, Royal Bank of Canada, BBVA, Scotiabank de Costa Rica, Lydian Private Bank, and Barclay’s. Continue reading “To further amplify the point ‘Gate, Steve, Patricia and I are making………”