When its quiet I’m usually up to something…..

And that is certainly the case this week folks as I’ll be on assignment. That doesn’t mean there will be no posts but that will happen on the run and I have some dynamite stuff in the works.  There are three items I want to address this morning.

The first is a reader from north Mississippi sent me the following link to Bellesouth’s blog and her coverage of the case involving Dr. Cassandra Thomas of Jackson.

Next up is the Goatherders, specifically the jackass that is their leader Aaron Broussard. Today we learn he will indeed be held accountable for causing the Katrina related flooding of Jefferson Parish by ordering the pump operators from the pumps as Katrina approached.  This guaranteed large portions of the East Bank of the Mississippi River would flood from the torrential rains which it did.  There are two schools of thought among the flood victims as far as I can tell, the first being most charitable in maintaining Broussard was a complete incompetent nincompoop as Parish Prez that was in way over his head.  I do not subscribe to that line of thought personally and will acknowledge this violates a heuristic I frequent use in Hanlon’s razor.

The other school of thought and the one to which I subscribe is that Broussard has a certain personality disorder that is common in the political classes.  Interviews I’ve conducted with some of his longest acquaintances all indicate that while he is extremely personable type of guy, he also is possessive of an insatiable need to run scams which is why we’ve gotten only a small peeksie of the breadth of the systemic corruption during his tenure as Parish Prez.

Finally are two links sent me late last week by a close observer of Jefferson Parish politics both from WDSU Tee Vee. Team Public Integrity has served subpoenas on two Jefferson Parish cities, Harahan and Kenner relating to post Katrina public contracts. It seems former Harahan Mayor turned current Jefferson Parish Councilman Paul Johnstone and former Kenner Mayor Phil Capitano need the services of a good Federal criminal defense lawyer, and that would not be Aaron Broussard’s lawyer Robert Jenkins, who WDSU passed off as a legal observer in their report.

I say it that way because multiple sources have confirmed to Slabbed the investigation into the post Katrina contracts is following leads generated by certain politically connected professional services firms squealing as a result of the Broussard investigation. The corruption in Jefferson Parish is widespread and systemic, but it is also like a cheap sweater: Pull one loose thread and the whole thing quickly unravels.

While I’m on the topic of federal investigations and sitting Jefferson Parish Council members, Elton Lagasse has certain JPAC related exposures that I will be exploring in detail later this week since ol’ Elton was running his mouth on same in the T-P last week.


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  1. So Troy Broussard works in the Fifth Circuit Court of La.( as per NOLA editorial) and is manager? over its central staff. And such information supposedly caused the 5th Circuit Judicial Panel to recuse the flooding case against Broussard to the Fourth Circuit.

    Just whatever other information is the TP sitting
    on that the public doesn’t know about concerning Lil’ Napoleon, his political influence peddling and family member, sweet heart employment deals.

    Who hired Troy Broussard to his Fifth Circuit job? What other family members or in-laws of Lil’ Napoleon has held/hold political appointment/hired job positions.

    Troy Broussard was/is a so-called DWI specialist attorney(calls himself the “DWI DOCTOR”- http://www.DWIDr.com) and now he also has a position in the 5th Circuit. Does he still practice on DWI cases and how many times did the DWI case he represented receive favorable treatment from a Judge politically connected to the dirty drawers of Lil’ Napoleon.

    I’d hate to see the JP Government successfully sued for billions in flood damages leading to a municipal bankruptcy state( i.e. Birmingham, Ala.). Instead, criminally insane Lil’ Napoleon’s dirty drawers and political laundry needs to be sorted out with all his dirty political cronies identified, SOAKED and put away in a long WASH cycle then PERMANENTLY PRESSED on the HOTTEST eternal setting.

    1. DUI Troy Broussard is a different person from 5th Circuit Troy.

      This info has been available on Slabbed since our early days covering JP politics and I think the T-P has mentioned it once or twice.

      And then there is DUI Norma….


      1. Holy Identity Sh*t.WOW – POW -So evidently there are two Troy Broussards in Jefferson Parish.

        Well that’s not a good situation for either of the Troys.

        Wouldn’t one of them be wise enough to go by another name, middle , nickname, insert a middle initial;or anything to prevent confusion.

        QUESTION: Does anyone know if Troy of the 5th is an attorney and if he is related to Troy, the DWI Doctor, in any relative family degree.

      2. All I want to know is how the hell you sign up on the class action suit. I am one of those that stayed to protect an elderly person who could not get out and my property was flood damaged along with having to see the idiot cry and lie on national news while he had East Jefferson Hospital in lock down turning people away from medical care.

  2. And “Running his mouth” is what the epileptic partime Parlimentarian ,Non-Performing,Ole’ Ball Coach professes to be his best offensive game plan.

    Can’t wait till his “running his mouth” game plan gets stuffed by the Feds’ defense and linebackers. Especially his audible call for Whitmer to “run” a check directly into contractor Caldarera, in which JP paid millions in alleged illegitimate,cost overun monies for the Jefferson parish Non-performing Arts Center.

    Run LargASSE, run till your LargASSe mouth can’t run anymore then the Feds can kick your LargASSe to a place where the sun doesn’t shine much.

  3. “Troy”, “Schmoy”,”Boy”, “Coy”, and “Broussard” versus “Madame Tussaud”, they’re all CROOKED to me. But how do we put ’em in PRISON? Here’s a “lineup” of Jefferson Parish politicians and “lackeys” who did the politicians, who STOLE “Camp No. 9” representing a chunck of my Family’s batture property. The alleged “owners” are SCUM-BAG human flotsam and jetsom Scott Campbell and Miriam Schramm, who only moved in to the “Taj-Mahal” which they built on our property in 2010, so they can’t claim to have been there 10 years, much less 30 years. In some circles this is called “CRIMINAL TRESPASS”, although that crime is unknown to “Noodle Normand”(SPIT!). The politicians whose palms Campbell and schramm greased to illegally occupy my Family’s land include: Aaron Broussard, John Young, Thomas Capella, Tim Whitmer, Tom Wilkinson, Elton Lagasse (he was our “Councilman”, but he was only “representing” squatters and trespassers, not tax-paying landowners), Deano Bonano, Louis Sayoye, Marnie Winter and Jason Smith, among others. And in addition to the fact that the trespassers Campbell and Schramm have only lived on the batture for less than 2 years is the fact that in these SCUM-BAGS’ “chain-of-title” (actually, they have no “chain-of-title” – they are CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS, and they know it) is a document which states that what is being sold is “the following MOVABLE property” then described as “one camp located at #9 Dakin Street”. This means that the alleged “seller” never claimed to own the land and acknowledged as much by describing Camp No. 9 as “MOVABLE PROPERTY” rather then “IMMOVABLE PROPERTY”, the difference being a BIG one in Louisiana property law. So how do I get my Family’s piece of Camp No. 9 out of the hide of Troy, Boy, Coy, Broussard versus Madame Tussaud? We WANT it, with interest, Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Tom: You already are a “putative” Member of the Class, but if you want to be sure your name is included, contact Darlene Jacobs or Carol Rogers (with Murphy Rogers and Schloss). I maintain that these lawyers have FUCKED UP this litigation ROYALLY, because they will never be able to collect a State Court Judgment. They should have FOUGHT LIKE HELL to keep the case in Federal Court (where I filed). Instead, they rolled over. And this State Court Judge, Peytavin, is HOPELESSLY CONFLICTED because his son has represented the parish for years, making MILLIONS, and this was not disclosed the litigants. Jacobs and Rogers and the rest of their ilk are “missing-in-action” to try to get Peyatvin disqualified and recused. As we used to say in the Army, this is FUBAR: Fucked up beyond all recognition. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. And just to keep things in proper perspective: The Parish of Jefferson is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana. So a Judgment against the Parish as a result of the actopns of thay ASSHOLE Aaron Broussard, and his DOUCHE-BAG Emergency Operations Manager Walter Maestri, and his FUCK-UP Chief Operations Officer Tim Whitmer, and his CAN’T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT COMMITTING LEGAL MALPRACTICE Legal Officer Tom Wilkinson, is REALLY a Judgment against the State. And the State must have the Legislature APPROVE any Judgment against it before a Judgment against te State can be satisfied, ie. PAID. FAT CHANCE OF THAT EVER HAPPENING. The Rule is “different” in Federal Court, where Fedaral law is impacted. The State’s Annual Budget is around $25 billion, and there is precious little left over. Look it up. Are subrogated flood insurers parties to the Broussard litigation? If so, what do those claims total? What do uninsured property claims total? What do all other claims, ie. personal injury claims due to flooding, emotional and mental distress claims, total? And there’s “more”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton ,
      Way ahead of you bud , it would bankrupt the parish but I do expect it to go to the LA. Supreme court for final Summary Judgment most likely on a technicality. Even in the Federal Courts system the judges would still be persuaded to rule in favor of the parish for the very same reason , too much Federal funds have been pumped into the economy to let that happen especially since the Fed wants the $55mil FEMA disaster loan repaid .

  6. Hey, Tom, there are a lot of people “farter smarter” than I am. But permit me to make a few points in response: (1) It’s the FUCKING STATE OF LOUSEYANNA, not the Parish of Jefferson. And since the State doesn’t have the “jack” to pay, where will the money come from (assuming the legislature says O.K., which is simply not in the cards). But do you think this sordid little mess has some Federal bureaucrats shitting and pissing all over themselves. They KILLED me and got me disbarred because i was pursuing the State of Louseyanna (SPIT!) in Federal Court, which would have required that the FUCKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (SPIT!) paid, if I had won (and I was going to WIN). So I had to DIE! (2) There would have been NO WAY that even a CROOK like “Duval-Daley-Fayard”, who DENIED recovery to all plaintiffs in the Outfall Canal cases, so he could bestow “favoritism” on his “close personal friend of long standing”, Calvin Fayard, could have ignored the plain language of 33 Code of Feredal Regulations Section 208.10. Problem is: THAT CROOKED COCKSUCKER NEVER CITED IT!. It states: “Competent operators shall be on duty at pumping stations when it appears that necessity for pump operation is imminent.” The COCKSUCKER Duval-Daley-Fayard DIDN’T EVEN CITE THIS REGULATION WHEN HE RULED AGAINST EVERYONE LIVING WEST OF THE INDUSTRIAL CANAL IN THE OUTFALL CANAL CASE. He’s a FUCKING ASSHOLE. (3) Don’te tell me about money already spent. How many BILLIONS has this country poured into Iraq, Afganistan and elsewhere (the Arab Republic of Egypt, for instance). THOSE RAGHEAD MOTHERFUCKERS HATE US, and would cut our heads off in a New York minute, if not sooner. Not one employee of the United States Army Corpse of Engineers has been disciplined, much less prosecuted criminally for what happened on 8/29/05. “Somebody” still owes us BIGTIME. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Didn’t Jefferson Parish already offer up all their insurance policy money in an attempted class action settlement in federal court?

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