In this episode of Magnum J.D.: A BP Veep writes a memo about Magnum and Bull Durham.

Folks I’d like to take this opportunity to point out there was one media outlet covering the oil spill that called bullshit on Bull Durham and his useless oil-water separator real time as it was happening so while I take a victory lap, allow me to present the first of a raft of previously sealed documents in that star v star battle known as Baldwin et al  v Costner et al.  If you like a story where they are literally no good guys, only the bad and the ugly then this one is for you. Click the pic to nab the 2 page pdf:

2 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum J.D.: A BP Veep writes a memo about Magnum and Bull Durham.”

  1. By buying this “technology,” those evil bastards at BP clearly sought only to buy Costner’s star power and the whore-politicians for whom Magnum pimps.

    I would like for this Morrison POS to explain under oath how anything could possibly be “fun” when his company’s oil was still gushing into the Gulf with no end in sight. It would appear that several criminal prosecutions could be pursued based on this memo alone.

  2. This is a smoking gun email which can’t be defended by anyone involved. I think Kevin Costner and all involved on the taking side of this shakedown need to return the money to people who were injured by their actions. BP needs to pay extra penalties to landowners who were damaged by their attempts to buy off political and media savvy shakedown artist.

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