In this episode of Magnum J.D.: A BP Veep writes a memo about Magnum and Bull Durham.

Folks I’d like to take this opportunity to point out there was one media outlet covering the oil spill that called bullshit on Bull Durham and his useless oil-water separator real time as it was happening so while I take a victory lap, allow me to present the first of a raft of previously sealed documents in that star v star battle known as Baldwin et al  v Costner et al.  If you like a story where they are literally no good guys, only the bad and the ugly then this one is for you. Click the pic to nab the 2 page pdf:

When its quiet I’m usually up to something…..

And that is certainly the case this week folks as I’ll be on assignment. That doesn’t mean there will be no posts but that will happen on the run and I have some dynamite stuff in the works.  There are three items I want to address this morning.

The first is a reader from north Mississippi sent me the following link to Bellesouth’s blog and her coverage of the case involving Dr. Cassandra Thomas of Jackson.

Next up is the Goatherders, specifically the jackass that is their leader Aaron Broussard. Today we learn he will indeed be held accountable for causing the Katrina related flooding of Jefferson Parish by ordering the pump operators from the pumps as Katrina approached.  This guaranteed large portions of the East Bank of the Mississippi River would flood from the torrential rains which it did.  There are two schools of thought among the flood victims as far as I can tell, the first being most charitable in maintaining Broussard was a complete incompetent nincompoop as Parish Prez that was in way over his head.  I do not subscribe to that line of thought personally and will acknowledge this violates a heuristic I frequent use in Hanlon’s razor.

The other school of thought and the one to which I subscribe is that Broussard Continue reading “When its quiet I’m usually up to something…..”