Heather Hilliard bounced out of the Young Administration

I hate to sound callous but I saw this coming with the very first set of posts I did on the Richard Hart-Heather Hilliard conflict. Rich Rainey has all the skinny.

Is Hilliard a whistle blower?  No.  Did how her complaint of harassment against Hart was handled set the bar for how these type of employment issues would and should be handled in the future? Absolutely because it was handled right despite the attempted interference on part of COO Chris Cox.

Yes, Hart well deserved the chop shop for his slaughterhouse management style but sources have consistently told Slabbed since the early days that Hilliard was in over her head as a CAO.  Both illustrate a consistent criticism I’ve heard about the Young Administration that many members of his senior management team are long on legal/professional credentials and very short on practical management experience. I’ll add no amount of experience can help someone with Hart’s personality type, which is well suited for industries like construction that need strong willed a-holes to push jobs to completion.

That said debacles like the Hart-Hilliard saga are certainly giving those previously uninitiated in the art of management in team Young a very quick education.


8 thoughts on “Heather Hilliard bounced out of the Young Administration”

  1. No SOP,
    I see this a little differently , whether she was in over her head in that position is no excess to terminate her without reassignment , or punish her in anyway . No what the clear message her is that the administration has not changed even after Anne Marie Verderweigh. clearly the message is if you object to or blow the whistle on administrative wrong doing you will lose your job and the sue me mentality of the parish attorney in defending the indefensible regardless of budget problems is still alive and well. What good will an Inspector General be if parish employees will not report anything or speak the truth when questioned by him . No SOP more people are going to lose there jobs over this like that spoke up just like the countless others who have tried to report issues in the past .

    1. Actually firing Hilliard is an example of a management failure on part of Team Young. By all accounts she is bright, articulate and talented in her field. She just did not fit in as part of the Team.

      That said at the end of the day the CAAs are managers, albeit an at-will politicized variety. Some, like former Broussard CAA Bobby Bourgeois are remembered fondly by their former co workers because they understood how to manage people in a congenial, yet accountable work environment. For others like Deano Bonano quite the opposite is true.

      So Young made a mistake in the hire. Is it better management to stick with something that is not working or to cut the loss to everyone involved? My clients always get answer #2 from me in such situations.

      None of this means Heather Hillaird is a bad person, rather she was simply a bad fit with Team Young. A person with her talents will bounce back quickly.


      1. SOP ,
        Regardless how or why she got a bum rap by not fitting in , it’s the message to other employee’s that concerns me. The Young administration has proved it’s business as usual, disclose fraud, waist or abuse and be terminated.

        1. Personally I hope Hillard doesn’t blow the whistle but the biggest, baddest air horn she can find, meaning letting all the personnel dysfunction crap all hang out.

          Including going to a Council meeting or two and detailing to the public how she was treated and abused.

  2. I have some sage advice for Ms. Hilliard while she is on the beach contemplating whether to call Bobby Truitt to represent her for the injustice she received at the Yenni Building:

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