The venerable Times Picayune to undergo major staff reductions and publication cutbacks

Hat tip to an observant reader for the link to the New York Times Media Decoder Blog which has all the skinny.  It is no secret these are very hard times economically for old-fashioned print journalism and it appears just a few years after a major employee early retirement program new cuts at the T-P are in the offing.

Frankly, with nearly universal internet access cutting back the print editions makes a lot of sense to me. That said other newspapers have cut their news operations to disastrous results.  The public will pay for quality journalism and thus in my opinion it follows those areas are where the resources need to be concentrated.

Finally there has been a fair amount of chatter about the new design of, with most of those moved to comment expressing unhappiness with the new format.  I held my fire expressing an opinion but here is an opinion I take seriously since it does not come from a regular reader and is the first comment on the NYT Media Decoder Blog entry:

Just visited their website,, which as mentioned in the comments thread, is so poorly designed it is effectively unreadable.

This isn’t a new media v old media thing in my mind so any constructive comments would likely be well received in Mediaville as the transition to fully leveraging new technologies means change in how news is disseminated is inevitable.


8 thoughts on “The venerable Times Picayune to undergo major staff reductions and publication cutbacks”

  1. News publications are saying the times picayune actually was making a profit which makes this announcement all the more baffling.

  2. With their liberal endorsements in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes of some of the most despicable politicians its a wonderment why the paper has any hard copy subscribers at all.

    In fact, it is only recently that the publication has started to take a hard stance(stories) on political corruption which IMHO appears to be an intelligent attempt to win back subscribers.

    Finally, if they want to succeed in the online 24/7 market it would be honorable for them to give courtesy cudos to other websites for breaking lead investigations which the author, SOP, of this website constantly does.

    1. Lockemup,
      I couldn’t agree more , if the TP is having financial problems while being the only major news paper in the region in advertisement for businesses it seems to be a false dichotomy not to be an ardent advocate for good government.

  3. thanks to chris roberts i know what to do the 4 days per week i wont have a newspaper to read on the toilet.

  4. Jr: At first i was afraid to open and play the video but as it turns out at least she flushes and does not look at, analyze and inventory her deposits.

    This is a very good hygiene message to Chrissy a/k/a “The King of Campaign Poop”( as per the CFGG Council meeting summary reports).

    Another good health/government message would be to wash his little dirty hands so that Pay to Play does not spread anymore than it has already.


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