Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: New Orleans Criminal Justice – The Evil Empire?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012
New Orleans, Louisiana


In the movie about New Orleans called Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Nicolas Cage plays a corrupt New Orleans cop, and tells a fellow cop to “Shoot him again.” “What for?” says his companion. Cage casually observes: “His soul is still dancing.” You can’t kill enough in New Orleans. It is the murder capitol of America with one of the worst murder rates in the world. And the killings continue at an ever growing rate.

When it comes to murder rates, America surpasses the developed world at some five per 100,000 people. New Orleans has more than ten times that number. For every 1,700 people in the Crescent City, one will be murdered. These figures were based on last year’s numbers. The murder rate so far this year is way ahead of last year’s. So it’s the bad guys vs. the good guys in the criminal justice system, right? Maybe not.

New Orleans has always pushed the limit of what is acceptable to those running government and to its citizens. The city is often referred to as a corrupt third world country and the most northern of the Caribbean nations. But in recent months, the bottom seems to have fallen out of the criminal justice system itself. A headline in the Times Picayune recently blared across the top front page: “We’re the Evil Empire Right Now,” referring to the New Orleans Saints scandal over “bounty gate.” But the headline could well apply to the criminal justice system, both state and federal, throughout the greater New Orleans area.

The system that is supposed to protect the citizens of New Orleans is rife with corruption and incompetence. New Orleans is the “city that care forgot.” In too many instances, those who are charged with safeguarding and serving, have betrayed their mission to see that the public is protected, and that justice is done. A recent report in The New Statesman observes: “Something terrible lies at the heart of New Orleans – a rampant, widespread and apparently uncontrollable brutality on the part of its police force and its prison service. The horrors of its criminal justice system from decades before Katrina and up to now lie somewhere between, with little exaggeration, Candide and Stalin’s Gulags.”

The nation watched with disgust as a number of police officers were recently tried and convicted for murders during Katrina along with a widespread cover up and false testimony. But the city’s dysfunctional anti crime system goes far beyond a corrupt police department. As columnist Jordan Flaherty writes: “What Justice Department officials will find in New Orleans is a systemic problem of corruption that has its roots in pre-Katrina times and that’s going to require more than just a new police chief or a restructuring. Part of the city’s troubled system includes the district attorney’s office, the U.S. Attorney and the city’s independent police monitor…” The New Orleans police department has weathered one scandal after another for years, with virtually no improvement.

The city district attorney’s office has been plagued with a litany of prosecutorial misconduct. It seems like a month doesn’t go by without the U.S. Supreme Court lashing out at the local D.A.’s office for withholding evidence showing the innocence of one defendant after the other. A number of the wrongly convicted have sat on death row for 14 years or more while prosecutors sat on evidence that would prove that the conviction was wrong. Yes, someone should be jailed, but in these cases with blatant prosecutorial misconduct — and there are many — the real criminal is the prosecutor, who violated his oath and his duty to seek justice.

Now, Justice Department prosecutors, themselves, are under scrutiny. A few weeks ago, in a front-page story, the Times Picayune reported that the FBI has problems in the Crescent City. “Robert Isakson was once the fair-haired boy of the FBI in New Orleans. Thirty years later, the public corruption squad he once ran is investigating him,” said the paper.

But wait, there’s more. A rogue prosecutor in the New Orleans U.S. attorney’s office has ignited a firestorm of controversy and criticism. Sal Perricone, who resigned in disgrace, has been accused of compromising a number of criminal investigations by using assumed names to attack a number of New Orleans officials. In doing so, he is further accused of revealing confidential grand jury information and other secretive data, all part of ongoing investigations. Perricone played a stupid game of hardball that may well have crossed the line and make him a target of a major criminal investigation.

One of Perricone’s alleged postings, according to the Times Picayune, was about a former New Orleans Mayor who is under investigation by the prosecutor’s office. The posting said: “For all of you who have a penchant for firearms and how they work, (former Mayor) Ray Nagin lives on Park Island.” Does the posting urge someone with a gun to go after the controversial former Mayor? And if so, isn’t this a serious crime of inciting a felony? Another day in the continuing saga of blatant and corrupt prosecutorial misconduct in New Orleans

At least, one might say, we have the federal court system to ensure protection and oversight. Not so, say those who closely watch the 5th Circuit Court of Apeals based in New Orleans. The Fifth Circuit regularly leads all appeals courts throughout the country in having its decisions overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. In an expose’ of the Fifth Circuit’s recent rulings, the Times Picayune quoted both Justices on the Supreme Court as well as prominent law professors who regularly lambasted verdicts handed down in New Orleans. University of Houston law professor David Dow said it seems clear that the Supreme Court “has lost confidence in the Fifth Circuit’s handling of capital cases.” And recently retired Justice Sandra Day O’Conner was equally blunt in criticizing the Fifth Circuit saying it was “paying lip service to principles of jurisprudence, and that often the Fifth’s reasoning, “has no foundation in the decisions of this court.” Far from being a judicial watchdog, the Fifth Circuit judges are every bit a part of the problem themselves.

More on federal judicial incompetence in next week’s column. The bottom line is that there is real trouble in River City that is not going to be solved merely by a local effort. Is there a quick fix? No. Can New Orleans work itself out of a self inflicted dilemma?

Yes, but it will take a much greater committed action than is now taking place. Let’s talk again next week.


“The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government.” ~ George Washington

I might add, false justice, or the lack of its administration by those charged with it, is its destroyer.

Peace and justice.

Jim Brown

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176 thoughts on “Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: New Orleans Criminal Justice – The Evil Empire?”

  1. I am so tired of people complaining about problems like this but offering no solutions. If you don’t have the fix or even a suggestion on how to fix it, then shut the fuck up. I, for one, confess to not knowing what the solution is, other than maybe year-round schools in NOLA.

  2. Thank you Mr. Brown for this post … you must have read my mind…

    I wait with anticipation for next weeks’ post concerning the Federal incompetence of the EDLA Judiciary … I can only assume that the commentary from the SlabbedNation on this subject matter will be both illuminating and viral !!!

  3. Apparently Jim Brown statements are coming from personnel experience of his own appeal. What I don’t understand is the conviction was minor compared to what it could have been so why complain? Be careful there Jim don’t through stones in a glass house there were a lot of good people you put out of business to make a name for yourself.

    1. Tom he was convicted of lying to an FBI agent and purely on the tesimony of the FBI agent that interviewed him. The notes of the meeting were not produced for Jim’s trial.

      I forget if he got them via FOIA or another way after he served his stint, but the written notes made by the agent actually backed Jim’s version of the conversation. I believe if you check, a news conference was held where the jury foreperson of the jury that convicted him said publicly had those notes been available in evidence at Jim’s trial he would not have voted to convict him on those charges.

      So yes, Jim speaks from experience on these matters.

      For those so interested in reading the entire saga that was USA v Brown.



      1. SOP,
        I am more familiar with Mr. Brown than you think . When he was commissioner he had a liquidation squad that would audit the company mostly locally owned Auto insurance companies first than make a demand for the companies to produce liquid assets for a higher percentage of possible claims . Even though the company may have the assets say in the form of property he would shut them down for big companies . May I suggest you also take a closer look at what happened to Colonial Loyd’s and former judge Bruce Naccari who did 46 months and was disbarred. Edwin Edwards makes the same claims as Jim Brown.

        Ex-judge Admits Witness Tampering In High-profile Case
        Across the nation.
        October 03, 1999|By From Tribune News Services.

  4. WOW! Where to start? First, my solution to the “crime problem” is: BUILD MORE PRISONS. We have a serious problem with a certain segment of Society, namely BLACK MALES between the ages of about 12 and 60, and the Citizenry needs to be protected from them. Since it is obvious that the Police, the DA and the Courts are “toothless tigers”, and ineffectual sychophants who simply aren’t doing their jobs, I aver that the best way to protect Society from BLACK MALE SOCIOPATHS AND PSYCOPATHS is for law enforcement, the DA and the Courts to put them in jail, and to keep them there, when they commit crimes, no exceptions. Perhaps on the the last Journalistic “Hurrahs!” for the Times Picayune was a recent series on our prison system by Cindy Chang, John Simmerman and Jonathan Tilove. The series had a decidely “liberal” bent, causing me to ask the Journalist Authors rhetorically: Do you live in New Orleans? Are you married? Does your spouse work in New Orleans? Do you have children and, if so, do they go to school and play in New Orleans? If the answers to these questions is “YES”, then anyone in his right mind would want to keep his loved ones AWAY from the 1-in-7 BLACK MALES in this City who are already “in” the criminal justice system, as an inmate, an arrestee, on probation or parole, or awaiting trial on a pending criminal charge. This is a very scary statistic. But there’s “more”. Recently, before the Times Picayune announced that they were cutting back on Staff, and would not allow us to read a “hard copy” newspaper, except for 3 times per week (what are they afraid of us reading?), a GENIUS politician from Jefferson Parish, “Senator Danny Martiny”, announced unequivocally in the Times Picayune, “The cost of incarceration is killing us.” Well, let me tell you something, WINDBAG: Here’s what you and your constituents would be looking at if the sociopaths and psychopaths were not behind bars. How about uneducated and morally depraved individuals who would “mentor” those around them with the same self-perpetuating “value system”. Continued rampant illegitimacy (the Internet recently reported one Negro male who fathered 30 illegitimate children by 11 different women). An epidemic of venereal disease, requiring medical attention for numerous males and females. Drug use just as bad if not worse as when they went to prison the first time (or was it the second time, or the third time or…?). Astronomical recidivism which will result in deaths and maimings, not to mention armed robberies, thefts, burglaries, car thefts, rapes, batteries, assaults, etc. The illegal operation of motor vehicles without proper credentials or insurance, which will present Society with a HUGE bill in the event of death, injury or property damage. So, for Mr. Brown: I have a plan, What’s YOUR plan? No plans to date save for incarceration seem to be working. And for “Senator Martiny”, I aver that “The cost of NOT INCARCERATING will kill us”, literally and figuratively. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Louisiana locks up more people per capita than any other place in the world Ashton, more than Iran, more than China, more than Russia. Louisiana is first in the world at something and locking people up is it. And what has it done to make a dent in crime? Absolutely nothing, though that sucking sound you hear is the sound of your tax dollars going down the toilet to a feel good, sloganeered solution that makes you no safer in your own community. In fact that system of scorched earth justice ultimately makes you less safe as witnessed by the out of control murder rate etc in NOLA.

      Granted, the type of plantation mentality that results in north Louisiana’s economy being dependent on privatized Gulags dies hard, but the way out is not building more prisons. All that does is perpetuate the downward spiral.

      It never ceases to amaze me how easily southern state piss away large amounts of human capital to a failed system designed to enrich a relative few.


      1. Nobody will acknowledge what needs to happen. New Orleans needs a quasi-police state. There needs to be a mandate by the people to relinquish some constitutional rights (that’s right, i said it). Some entity other than the NOPD needs to profile the criminals, make gun and drug raids, and lock up the likely murderers before the killings occur. There also needs to be some serious early intervention program aimed at the most likely future violent criminals.

        As it relates to the U.S. Attorney, New Orleans needs a group of high-ranking prosecutors (including the local U.S. Attorney) who are not from here, have no ties to the area, and are not likely to be susceptible to corruption themselves.

        1. Here, here, Sock. First great suggestion as to how to control the out of control crime rate. Crime solutions are color-blind.

      2. SOP ,
        Yes we do lock more ethnic per capita up than most all other states however do little on white collar and political crimes , that is very evident . I agree it’s a little more of a social and economic problem then incarceration alone can solve, have to get to them earlier in life but that also leads to the home and parents. Society can pay for better schools and after school programs, increase NORD’s budget,and summer jobs program but after all that it still falls on the parents. How do you make parents who themselves are sociopaths and/or raised in a culture of drugs and public aid more responsible with their off spring without harsher laws ? How do you change the ideology of the gangster life style that has been embraced as a culture in our country if not for having more harsher and longer incarcerations ? What is taking place on our boarders in Mexico with the drug cartels is spilling over and has a direct connection in the larger cities gang problems and in my opinion the drugs are fueling most the murder rate in New Orleans and I don’t mean marijuana it’s cocaine ,heroin, oxycodone, etc…… As controversial as this sounds I think an approach such as the Netherlands needs to be more closely considered because we have lost the war on drugs long ago. If someone wants to kill themselves on drugs give it to them so they don’t kill others to get the drugs , but just my humble diatribe.

  5. SOP: You know that I respect your opinions, but on this one I’ve got to disagree. One Negro male is “put away”, but he’s already got numerous illrgitimate offspring “in the hopper”, who will be ready to start committing crime as soon as they’re out of diapers. Then, he’s out of prison on “early release”, and how many more illegitimates does he sire before he’s back in the slammer on a probation or parole violation? And how many illegitimated are his former “belly warmers” hatching with other Negro males in the meantime? More people locked up than anywhere else in the world? That’s because we have a large segment of the population that is simply INCORRIGIBLE and UNREHABILITABLE. Let a demographer do a proper study and tell me I am wrong. As long as a hardened criminal is behind bars, he can’t hurt me (but his illegitimate offspring, his brothers, Nephews, cousins and acquaintences can – lock them up, too). But when he’s “out”, anything can happen. Just read nola.com and see how many of the perpetrators have criminal records, were adjudicated GUILTY of prior crimes of violence, have a history of gun violations, and are out on probation or parole. And don’t forget: This is New Orleans; Mississippi, particularly the Gulf Goast. is “different”.

  6. Despite my posting name I have to agree with Tom. Legalize all drugs ( except deadly salt bath crap.)I mean everything. Take the profit out and the dealers, distributors, and criminal justice corruption will follow each other and all move to another fine enforcement State.

    The pundits for enforcement will say the whole State will be driving under drugs. Well I don’t think that necessary is true in the Netherlands. The pundits are the same assholes who probably said if we leave Viet Nam the whole world will fall like dominoes to communism.

    I liken it to the commercial, ‘Go see the Special Man( who cards the buyers), who then says “Give it to them”

    Government produced, regulated and priced so everyone one wants to lay on their asses, get high and if they really want to escape, they can either get available help , can freely leave their terrible world.

    All DEA, NOPD and criminal justice system monies being wasted on enforcement can open up rehab clinics for all those wanting help. Yet innocent people, infants and visitors are not being mugged or murdered for change money. And the young blacks will have no easy but deadly money making profession to enter unless they move to another State. Possibly then they will either get an education, a real job, profession or trade skill which benefits a community instead of destroying it.

    1. I also agree, legalize, educate and rehab.

      lockem, the commercial answered “let’em have it’

      How did I get this old?

  7. Every functional, progressive society does not rely on its criminal justice system to keep criminals at bay or behind bars. It relies on its citizens. What I mean is that you need an overwhelming amount of a city’s population, say 99% or higher who adhere to certain principals, i.e. killing, stealing and violating the law is wrong while education, hard work, etc are to be lauded and encouraged. Out of wedlock births are not good, teenage pregnancies are bad and sports are generally a diversion, not a lifestyle to be pursued at the expense of an education. If you have a society where the overwhelming number of citizens accept and adhere to these principles, then law enforcement and the criminal justice system can typically operate efficiently.

    However, when you have cities like New Orleans or Detroit or other high crime areas where these principles are shunned by an intolerable number of citizens, you have a criminal justice system that simply cannot function under the stress criminals place on it. Local law enforcement works best when it fills in the gaps created by a small segment of society that do not adhere to universally accepted norms.

    At the end of the day, the criminal justice system is not to blame, it is a responsive body and Brown’s article is insulting given its shallowness.

    1. NRB,
      None of the above and all the above . In another words the answers to the problem are far more multi facetted because the root problems are . The Tea Party far right christen narrow minded view point applied to every social issue in America is laughable. We do not live in a perfect world and to expect all people to be perfect citizens is unrealistic, hell try to get politicians to take your advise they are supposed to be setting the example for society?

      1. Not all citizens need to be perfect ad I never said as much. Just an overwhelming majority need to “generally” adhere to basic principles.

        There are poor areas that do not have skyrocketing murder rates. Look at the Appalachin (sic) states which are the poorest of the poor. They aren’t settling disputes by killing each other. Unfortunately, there is something endemic in certain cultures that has spread like a virus over the last 40 years. Those cultures must look inward before the tide will change. The criminal justice system is simply not equipped to handle the volume of lawbreakers walking the street of New Orleans, Detroit, etc..

        The problem is that the criminal justice system should not be looked at as a social service in my opinion. Police officers are not equipped to analyze why someone feels like blowing the head off another person is an acceptable solution. To blame the criminal justice system as Brown does is just moronic.

        1. NRB,
          Have you ever been to West Virginia or eastern Kentucky ? That is where most the east coast pot is grown in the Appalachian mountains along with moonshine and systemic meth production labs . You might want to do a little research on that here’s a christen science article about orphans of parents running meth labs . If you are going to compare rural areas to cities do a little more home work on the subject you will also find an amazing higher poverty and lower level of living standards per capita . http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/1231/p01s03-usgn.html

          1. Tom,

            Please read my post! I said murders, rapes, aggravated burglary, etc.. Povery does not automatically equal murder. There is something culturally wrong that has zero to do with the criminal justice system.

            I can live with pot smokers and growers. Meth labs tend to hurt, i.e. blow up on the people running the meth labs. How does or would that hurt the innocent citizen walking down Canal St?

            My point was that the violent offenders here in New Orleans are souless thugs who deserve the death penalty; forget life in jail. I say build bigger jails to keep the hooligans for hurting me or my family. Do you think the family of the murdered cab driver cares why the piece of shit gunned down their father/brother?

          2. Another thing.

            Would you be more afraid for your life walking through rural West Virginia or walking through Central City, Hollygrove, 9th Ward or even St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans? I rest my case.

          3. NRB ,
            It was you who said not to blame the justice system that’s over whelmed or do not blame how it operates. It’s absolute nonsense to think the rural areas have no murders as well not the same social problems emanating from drugs . I don’t expect someone that losses a family member to care why the thug did it but you bettcha they care for it to stop and not happen to others. So to think you can just jail your way out of the problem or expect citizens to live the Tea Party dream is utterly insane, you are trying to solve the problem the same way over and over expecting different results .

  8. Correction: Apologies to the SpecialMan for misquoting you. fedupwithitall is correct you said, “let him have it”.

    fedupwitall: Hey, you corrected me and I’m not old, so you are doing just fine. Now pardon me while I go vacuum and I don’t mean the dining room rug.

    1. I gotta say lockem, I am probably in no position to correct anyone(ask my wife), however I remember the commercials like it was yesterday. I also live less than 1 mile from where Frankie & Johnnies used to be.
      Ain’t dere no more.

  9. I can tell that you all aren’t from New Orleans. The only “Frankie & Johnny’s” I’ve ever known is located at 321 Arabella Street. It’s much more popular with my younger children (now in their late 20’s) and their friends than with me. Depending on where you park in relation to the restaurant, you’d better have a gun on you. And that’s not the fault of “the criminal justice system”. The most probable “perps” would be the brothers, nephews, cousins and acquaintenances of the cooks, dishwashers and kitchen-help. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. Ashton, I would walk that neighborhood in the dark. I no longer live there, but my mother lives 1 block away. There have been a few thefts, crimes of opportunity, but no real crime problem there. She has been there from the 40s and it is still that way. That is what happens when the neighbors know each other and talk to and check on one another.
    If you head 4 blocks toward downtown, that is another subject. I would be carrying.

  11. Post: Then we disagree with each other. The 4 blocks you are talking about takes you into “Eduardo Robinson” territory. Perhaps SOP would like to revisit that SLAUGHTER of a white woman (and Mother of small children) IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (where were the police?) with a butcher knife by a “disadvantaged Negro youth” named Eduardo Robinson at the corner of Prytania and Soniat Street. And don’t forget, that 4 blocks you are takling about are easily traversed by “youts” in a stolen vehicle, by “youts” on bicycles, or by “youts” walking, all carrying illegal and stolen GUNS. And the ones working “in the back” of any uptown restaurant can, through the use of cellphones, alert the “perps” outside when a group of “pigeons” are leaving the restaurant. I’m glad that your Mother hasn’t become a victim, yet. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  12. Scramuzza’s famous Seafood City was infamous for putting the few large boiled crabs on top of brown paper bag with the rest of dozen in small crabs on bottom.

    Glad to see Al now working with the youth at playgrounds, but Al just don’t pass on the Scramuzza Slick tricks.

      1. When Al is beach combing for the “wildlife” the females are desperately hiding beneath their towels, even the friendly fiddler crabs.

        In fact, some of his small boiled crabs may have been acromegaly fiddlers.

  13. Maybe the 8-part Series by Cindy Chang (In China, they don’t imprison you. You kneel down and get a bullet to the back of the head), John Simmerman and Jonathan Tilove, will be “the Last Hurrah” of the printed version of the Times Picayune. Among the SCUM that these Reporters wrote about, with a decidedly “sympathetic” bent, was “a troubled young Negro” named “Jaymalis”, 15 years old, but already confined to his home with an ankle braclet (don’t recall “why”, if it was even reported), although Jaymail routinely violates the conditions of his probation by leaving home and doing whatever the heck he wants. The Times Picayune Reporters gave Jaymail a big pat on the back for claiming that he “…may want to attend Harvard University.” (Jaymail has about as much chance of attending Harvard as C. Ray Nagin has of being elected President of the United States. Jaymail’s “justification” for his life of crime between diapers and his current age 15 is “…I be making some crazy decisions.” And if Jaymail can get from under the Juvenile Justice System”, and get rid of the ankle braclet, and if he doesn’t realize his dream of attending Harvard, his “fall-back” position is a “music career” as a rap artist (I wonder if any of his songs will include the “N” word), which Jaymail expressed as: “I be famous, be a rapper.” I asked the Times Picayune Reporters if they had corrected Jaymalis’ grammar, but no one contacted me. SO, AN ASHTON O”DWYER PREDICTION: It’s just a matter of time before Jaymalis KILLS or is KILLED. Ain’t life grand here in the CESSPOOL called New Orleans. And unless you’re a Neanderthal (like me) you should advocate Jaymalis’ Father’s (at least we THINK he’s the Father – there hasn’t been a paternity or DNA test) getting out of prison, early. Jaymails really needs a “father figure” at this formative time of his life, enen if the “early-released-prison-convict” isn’t his “real” (as in biological) Father. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  14. Well the liberal “Lame Stream Media” juggernaut is in full swing, tarring Louisiana with “anger and shame” because we imprison, have on probation of parole, or have under arrest 1 in 7 Negro males in Orleans Parish. Never mind what they DID (in terms of one or more CRIMINAL ACTS), mind you. THEY aren’t CRIMINALS; They’re just misguided – well they aren’t all “youts” – it’s just that Society hasn’t given them the proper “opportunities”. The War on Poverty, free schooling, Welfare, Aid to Dependent Children, an ALL Volunteer Army (which eliminated the draft), etc. JUST DON’T COUNT. So this morning we are told that the New Your Times will be publicizing Louisiana’s “shame and anger” to the entire Nation by encapsulizing the 8-Part “Prison Series” by Cindy Chang of the Times-Pick-Your Nose (Does anyone know if Ms. Chang is a U.S. Citizen, or is she here on a “green card”?). And the Witch Doctor at the New Your Times is none other than “Charles Blow”, who graduated from Grambling, although his Journalistic credentials are less clear. Does anyone want to bet what will be the “theme” of Blow’s New Your Times coverage. How many CRIMES committed by the incarcerated “people” to be featured by Blow will be described “blow-by-blow”. Anybody want to bet how many “VICTIMS” of their crimes will be interviewed by Blow, and the details of the CRIMES accurately reported by Blow? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  15. Arod: I suggest the last hurrah for the TP rag and Cindy Chang be an eight part series on the State and Federal post-Katrina conspiracy to deprive you of your Bill of Rights and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

    That probably won’t sell papers like stirring up racial emotions and unrest but its a more deserving story of an absolute injustice and political prosecution.

    1. Damn right lockemup,
      Too much work interviewing the victims, those who never received the benefits of the programs, how they were shafted by the parish , insurance companies, contractors , etc…..
      The politico’s make it easy by no intention of living up to their certified commitments for receiving the funds, procurement, and oversight so it’s like shooting ducks in a barrel for discrimination cases while real change that is needed never happens. The present council which is 95% of the old council blames the past administration for the problems, it plays on like a broken record over and over with all the resident victims riding the carousel.

  16. RE: Your tax dollars at work. O.K., tear yourselves away from the idiot box, and Combat movies about wars that the United States of America didn’t win, like Korea and Vietnam (But the sacrifices of the brave men who died there were not in vain – yeah, right!) and lets examine ARSON committed on South Jefferson Davis Parkway at a “non-profit health center” called “Women With a Vision” (the “someone” giving them their grant money is – you guessed it – THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER). Arson is pretty obvious since “The Times Pick-Your-Nose” reported “small fires…in at least four different places in the group’s offices – four rooms plus a bathroom and kitchen”. I’d call that ARSON. Plus, it appears that VANDALISM also was at work, since “The entire office complex had been ransacked, with items pulled out of desks and papers pulled out of cabinets.” Somebody was really having “fun” at the expense of Women With a Vision and the American Taxpayer. So what services does Women With a Vision provide to the Community? Well, they do AIDS and HIV testing (Negros have exponentially higher incidences of AIDS and HIV than their percentage of the general population). But most importantly, “plastic models of female breasts” used to educate women about breast health and self examination were burned. And don’t forget the “wooden models of penises used to demonstrate how to put on a condom”, as well as the “poster boards filled with information about HIV and AIDS”. These items, too, presumably burned, although that is not clear from the newspaper article. Nor is it clear whether “patients” of Women With a Vision could actually READ the poster boards, or whether they were already INFECTED so that reading the poster boards wouldn’t have done any good. But there’s a suspect: “Investigators…also said a neighbor reported seeing a white male running from scene around the time of the fire…shortly before midnight.” And more particularly, “Bill Quigley, an attorney for the organization, …described it as a hate crime.” This Comment is relevant to Jim Brown’s POST, because “Women With a Vision’s clients…are people who are the least likely to be helped by other groups – poor, often homeless, working in the sex trade, and previously incarcerated.” If they catch the arsonist, and if there are any of those wooden penises left that survived the fire(s), I have some ideas about what might be done with them. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  17. Eight shootings, three deaths, in New Orleans (“the CESSPOOL”) just yesterday: (1),(2),(3),(4) and (5): 5-year old fatally shot, 33 year-old woman fatally shot, 10-year old boy wounded, 20-year old man wounded, and 24-year old man wounded, all at a Partybetween Simon Bolivar Avenue and Clio Street. (6) Male shot dead with a bullet to the head near Toulouse and Gayoso Streets. (7) 19-year old man wounded by a gunshot to the neck in New Orleans East. (8) Male shot in the stomack in the 4300 bolck of South Carrollton, near Baudin Street. And the “Cindy Chang’s” of this world (she’s the Authoress of the 8-part “Prison Series”) would say: “We can’t incarcerate our way out of this crisis!” To which I say: BULLSHIT. But O.K., Society doesn’t want to incarcerate the perpetrators because it’s “too expensive” (How expensive is burying the dead and hospitalizing and rehabilitating the wounded and maimed?), Then I have an alternative, which I would prefer NOT to express over the Internet or over the telephone. With MY “luck” the NOPD or FBI would be arresting ME before they arrest any of yesterday’s shooters (No arrests yet. Way to go, guys!). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  18. I hate to be MONOPOLIZING this POST, but “the Lame Stream Media” has reported today that “the 20 year old male” and “the 24 year old male” wounded in the gunfire yesterday which killed a 5 year old female child and a 33 year old female who happened to be driving by in her car near the corner of Simon Bolivar and Clio Street ARE NOT COOPERATING WITH POLICE. It’s time to take these two “to the woodshed” and work them over, but GOOD. The Times Picayune and its conscientious objector draft dodging Editor won’t even publish their names and addresses. Whatever happened to the CRIME of “ASSESSORY AFTER-THE-FACT”? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  19. Well, one of the “shooters” was afraid that he’d be identified by the videotape (TRUE! Even a fucking MONKEY could figure that out!), and he turned himself in, 18 year-old Leo Riles. Just how the fuck he believes he will benefit from turning himself in is a mystery. If this ORANGUTANG had any fucking balls, he’d have died in a Police shootout. So let the recriminations begin: WHAT WAS THIS APE DOING OUT ON THE STREETS? And what about his accomplices? Another killing yesterday (by a 13 year old) was perpetrated by a juvenile wearing an ankle braclet, Sheriff (THAT FUCKING INCOMPETENT BABOON)Gusman reportedly has responsibility over the juvenile ankle braclet program. GUSMAN the “CHIMP” has got to go! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  20. Ashton ,
    The two males that were the original targets are cooperating with police and when all is said a done it will be about a hit being done over a drug deal gone wrong. Everyone of the suspects including the teenagers in the other shooting have past drug charges along with other history of theft and violence associated to drugs. So we then wonder why they act like animals and why the police seem ineffective is stopping the violence before it happens ?

  21. To TOM: Danny Montervede of the Times Pick Your Nose reported as late as this AM that “Both men have been less than cooperative.” Perhaps you are confusing the “perp” who is in custody, Leo Riles, with the two who were stiiting on the stoop, one of which was the 5-year old’s Uncle. So far NO OUTRAGE by the family against that worthless MOTHERFUCKER, because they were all profiting from his life of crime. And then we have the 13 year old who shot (murdered) a man in broad daylight on Baudin street, not long before the 5-year old and the 33 year old woman were murdered. The 13 year old was wearing an ankle braclet monitered by “Sheriff Gusman” (SPIT!), and is reported to have had “multiple run-ins with the law for violence, guns, curfew, theft and other crimes’, according to “The Serpent”, the Police Superintendent. Now he has commmmitted MURDER with a 15-year old accomplice. And they’re PISSING on us, because they’re “juveniles”. The paper won’t even print their names or addresses. Well, the paper sure could print their “MOMMAS” names and addresses (nobody even knows just who the fuck “Daddy” is). We can’t say the “N” word anymore (I don’t know why, because it sure fits these COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS), but even “Tom Sawyer” says we can say “SLAVE” in its place. Well, these SLAVES need to be introduced to the business end of a ROPE. I’d be happy to oblige. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  22. Ashton: You see its that flying by your ass, emotional kind of talk that causes people like the Goatherders to think the Deep South is a discriminatory, dangerous place they don’t want to visit.

    Now in the interest of equality in news media reporting and to correct that misconception I offer the following song for you to learn what African Americans truly have to say about themselves and historical culture:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x5ZRAVXxr8?rel=0&w=560&h=315%5D

    So Ashton go wash your mouth out and as a reward I done brought you bro’ a ripe supersized melon and them gresi’ chickin’ wings you like so much for da’ lunch.

  23. I guess Mayor Mitchmo’s violence interrupters are off on Wednesdays. Mitch Landrieu is becoming more ineffectual than Sidney, Marc, and C. Ray put together. Sad state of affairs. All he can do is keep announcing new initiatives to stop the violence, and nothing changes.

  24. Ashton: P.S. Since yo’ be me soul bro’ man if yo’ bee ever chokin’ on dem wing done call 911 on yo’ Section 8 free cell so State Police did rascue yo’ ass again from da’ hood.

    1. Angry,
      Because the root problem of drugs hasn’t been addressed to make change. For those who want to make this a race issue that’s not going to make any changes either, it certainly hasn’t in the past so why should it now it only serves to cause more hate and distrust in the community. It was a 5 year old innocent child that died who’s short life had no such understanding of social problems associated to poverty, racial issues, drugs, theft or violence, she was just a kid along with other kids enjoying ice-cream and cake.

  25. Thursday, May 31, 2012: Well, another murder of a SLAVE by other SLAVES here in the CESSPOOL. This poor SLAVE’s name was “Chad Davis”, whose shit was blown away a8 1800 South Roman Street at 9:14 A.M. tis morning. That’s BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT here and in Africa! And that 13 year old who killed the innocent Mr. Quantinella during the course of an armed robbery on Baudin Street yesterday, HE’s PISSING ON US because he knows that, as a juvenile, his name and address can’t be made public. And the conscientious objector draft dodger Editor of the Times Pick your Nose won’t print MOMMA’s name and address. Don’t even look for “DaddY”, because MOMA doesn’t even know who the fuck Daddy was. She can give us a list, though, and we can do a series of DNA tests (assuming the list is accurate). Gee, I sure wish that the FUCKING CORRUPT STATE POLICE WHO ABDUCTED ME AND BRUTALIZED AND TORTURED ME, AND FALSELY IMPRISONED ME, ON 9/20/05, and then OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE AND COVGERED UP THEIR CRIMES, had not revoked my concealed handgun permit (Hey, FUCKHEADS! Are you afraid of me or something?). Here I am in the CESSPOOL, surrounded by sociopathic and psychopathic SLAVES, without any means of self-defense. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. AROD:Don’t need no 357 bro’ man.

      Yo’ need to done steal da’ lesson from da’ Good Book and juice nail dem’ chickin’ wing bones and supersized melon rind to yo’ front door so death can pass yo’ honkey ass by.

      Wouldn’t hurt nun to done play da’ “Fried Chicken Anthem” on yo’ outdoor intercom all da’night two.

      1. AROD: HOLY COCK-A-DOODLE DO- Cuse’ ma’ ass, done f**ked up, done thought I posted the ” FRIED CHICKEN ANTHEM” so yo’ could injoy dem’ wings.

        Bro’ hold yo’ pants high and done have some silence now for playin’ da’ hood anthem. And like me great-great=great honky unc’, Andy Jackson, once say,” Don’t yo’ laugh till yo’ see dem whites of da’ singer’s eyes”:

        [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB2AfwpaYw4?rel=0&w=420&h=315%5D

      2. Lockem read the whole report then see if you think it’s still funny 80 Billion annualy not incuding the human costs?

        D. The War on Drugs

    Prohibition of alcohol from 1919 to 1933 is a paradigmatic case of sumptuary legislation gone awry. Instead of removing alcohol from the market, Prohibition
    increased alcohol

  27. Two more dead SLAVES (to borrow a term from Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer) here in the CESSPOOL within the last 24 hours. And “collateral damage” in connection with the first one. The NOPD and Emergency Medical Personnel are trying to verify “Medical Insurance” right now (Yeah, right!). We all know who will pay for his (another SLAVE’s) gunshot wounds. And Tom: Although I respect your opinions, I really think that you’re “DREAMING” about what might happen if drugs were legalized. Just take a look at the African Continent for the past 1,000 years or so. THEY’RE STILL EATING EACH OTHER, and I don’t think that illicit drugs are a problem in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo (Zaire), Liberia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, etc. I could go “on and on”, but would have to pull my Geography book. Now they’re using AK-47’s, although the weapon of choice still seems to be the machete. So maybe someone in “The SLABBED Nation” can tell me: “Just what the fuck is the difference between the SLAVES in New Orleans and those who inhabit the African Continent?” Ashton O’Dwyer.

  28. Well, another “SLAVE” bit the dust today, amid accolades of “He was a good kid”. Well, “somebody” didn’t think so. And he was killed execution-style (“lured” to his death by his killers – bet they weren’t “white boys”) within 2 blocks of the killing of Chad Davis, commented on last week. AIN’T THINGS GRAND HERE IN THE CESSPOOL? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  29. Da “BANJO” gets to “hit the ground running in District “B” which had three shootings overnight: Two (2) women (SLAVES, of course) shot in the 2000 Block of Second Street at 10:20 P.M. on Thursday, June 7th, one shot in the back, and one shot in the foot. Then a man (a SLAVE, of course), “gut shot” in the abdomen at 4:30 A.M. this morning, the 8th, at Willow and Third Streets. I’ll trll you about the third incident in a minute, but first let me make a prediction: The BANJO ia going to get on the TV and start railing about “getting guns off the streets” (WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS). Then she’ll say something like: “The violence will continue as long as we continue to fail to address ‘the root causes of crime’.” Well, I know “the root causes of crime in this City”: THEY’RE CALLED NEGRO MALES BETWEEN THE AGES OF 12 AND 60. Lock them up, throw away the key, and crime will plummet. Ans so I really look forward to what the BANJO will have to say about the overnight crime in her District. Lastly, there was a “man shot in the leg” incident (another SLAVE) at 9:52 P.M. Thursday evening, the 7th, in the 2100 Block of Allen Street, in the 7th Ward. So far NO ARRESTS by that stellar crime-fighting and crime prevention Force headed by the son of Mayor Landrieu’s former Driver, namely Superintendent Ronal “the Serpent”, the New Orleans Police Department.

  30. Well, Folks, the KILLING continues. Another SLAVE went down for the count last night, the 9th, and died this morning (Hope he didn’t “suffer” too much, and that he had the opportunity to identify his killer (or killers). Never can tell with “multiple gunshot wounds”. This one occurred in the 1300 Block of South Saratoga Street (this could be “the BANJO’s” District – just can’t be sure). This is getting to be a little “RIDICKCALLOUS”. Nothing from the NOPD or “the Serpent”, which is beginning to be par for the course. Maybe he’s on vacation, or out to lunch. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  31. Well, “I’ll have another!” It happened this afternoon in broad daylight (although it was raining) in the 3800 Block of Palmetto Street. Another SLAVE “down for the count”. No more chain gangs for him! No Siree!This Palmetto Street route is routinely driven by Ingenues and their white BRATS to get to and from that “suburb” called “Old Metairie” (which was formerly “safe” before Negro males over the age of 12 started stealing cars – they KNOW that “the juvenile justice system” can’t really DO anything to them until age 14) from what used to be “nice” shopping areas in the City of New Orleans, which are now GETTOS, but where their white BRATS go to school. Mitch the Bitch and “the Serpent” wont be happy until a WHITE MOTHER takes a stray bullet to the head like that Negro Mother on Martin Luther King Blvd. a week to 10 days ago. And of course, the NOPD and “the Serpent” are: YOU GUESSED IT! “Totally missing in action!” Hey, it’s Sunday after all. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  32. WOW! Another one, early this evening, at Short and Olive Streets. At this rate we may be rid of all murderous, drug-using, fathers of illegitimate children with multiple children, syphilis and/or other sexually-transmitted disease, including HIV and AIDS, in 1,000 years or so. BRIGHT SPOT: Another SLAVE is DEAD from gunshot wounds. No 5-year olds or innocent victims in this killing. But, as usual, the NOPD and “the Serpent” are “missing in action. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  33. Instead of buying back the guns– at this rate– we should be giving out the guns !!!

  34. Over the weekend it was disclosed on one of the media channels I surf that it has been established that the Mexican cartel is now based in over 1,200 American cities.

    That means in PODUNK, IOWA there is a cartel connection. And in a depressed economy you can imagine the pressure on securing and keeping oneself as a dealer making thousands a day dealing drugs.

    That means we have a national crisis from the invasion of a foreign entity hellbend on bringing down American society as well as the justice and penal systems.

    If they wouldn’t be killing all these dealers and just wounding them what would our justice system do if the shooting victims lived to testify in courts?

    The US Attorney’s (HOLDER”S) failure to succeed in tracing the gun running probe( FAST AND FURIOUS) tells me that higher up, prominent Americans and possible American government rogue elements are probably involved and probe was doomed to fail to protect identities.

    We know 40,000 Mexicans have died in past years in the drug war but what is the American dead count of drug dealers and innocent bystanders? I doubt you will see that number ever be announced as it would upset the American populace into voting for legalization

    I say BRING ALL, and I do mean ALL, foreign based troops not engaged in Afghanistan and defend America and kill off this Mexican cartel in America while we wait for legalization and taxation of certain drugs.

  35. SELF-DEFENSE IN AUBURN, ALABAMA: And now a lesson in “conflict-resolution” as practiced by Negro males over the age of 12-years (virtually EVERYWHERE: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo = formerly Zaire – Zimbabwe, South Africa, Liberia, Nigeria – and places I haven’t heard of) and, in addition, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles (what left of Watts, they they didn’t burn to the ground) and New Orleans. So, Saturday night, June 9, 2012: “Hey! we wuz just sittin around de waterin’ hole wit ou bitches and hos, eating pok chops and water melon (thank God dere no mo lions, leopards, cheetas and crocodiles at de waterin hole!. Anyway, two dudes come up to Vines and Pitts and start dissin dere bitches and hos. Just as Vines PUNCHED one of the dudes in de face, Pitts hit both of de dudes over de haid wit a bottle. Ah mean did wus an ‘appropriate’ response, rite? Well, de dudes den start shootin, and kill Pitts, as wel as 2 ouders, and wound 3 others, one wit a gunshot woun to de hed.” LESSON LEARNED: If the “perps” had stopped with Vines (who wasn’t shot) and Pitts, then they MIGHT have had a shot at a “self-defense” defense. But as things stand now, they “don’t have SHIT”. THIS IS MADNESS. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  36. AUBURN, ALABAMA AIN’T GOT NOTHIN ON NAWLINS: Anothe SLAVE bit the dust this morning, at the hands of other SLAVES (what else?). This was Near the corner of Filmore and Eads Street. Then the now-dead SLAVE drove his car, in an attempt to escape, into a DAY CARE CENTER. fortunately, the kids hadn’t arrived yet. Oh! Life in the CESSPOOL. How grand! And of course, the NOPD and “the Serpent” are “missing-in-action”. No arrests, because the Superintendent and his NOPD Officers are all working on how to “divvy-up” special details, which is where the REAL money is. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  37. To Lockemup & Ashton,

    I agree it’s over the top guy’s enough blood runs in our streets it’s time to seriously look for new answers until then trying to solve the problem the same way expecting different results is utterly useless we have hit the point of monetary exhaustion in incarcerating offenders. Recidivism rates are too high however so are the rates of innocent convicted individuals that are being released after years of incarceration most from death row. Non violent drug related incarceration particularly those leading to maximum sentencing guidelines in turn are creating institutionalized thinking offenders some later turning to violence. Now the state in reversing it’s supposed error revising it’s statutes to lessen the jail sentencing without any real commitment to social programs needed to keep offenders off drugs, provide gainful employment with additional probationary staff and/or a meaningful work release programs. The state most assuredly is setting the stage for yet more failure with more one dimensional thinking by continuing to try to solve social issues by criminalization while ignoring needed reform in the courts particularly regarding bonding out by career violent criminals or unnecessary multiple lengthily appeals to death row individuals caught physically red handed beyond any doubt.

    Louisiana Legislature takes steps toward reducing incarceration for nonviolent crimes.


  38. Tom: You know that I mean no disrespect, but how does one tell when a so-called “non-violent offender” will become violent? It is my understanding that our prisons house “violent offenders” who have pleaded “down” to a non-violent crime. And just because a “non-violent” offender is doing hard time as such does not mean that he did not in the past, or will not in the future, commit a crime of violence. He just didn’t get caught and convicted. Did any of the shooters in Auburn have “violent crime” records? (I may have started shooting, too, if someone had hit me over the head with a bottle, but this asshole took things too far). Another “problem” is that, when you start committing crime at age 12: car theft, burglary, robbery, drug possession and/or dealing as a juvenile (supervised by CROOKED Judges and Court Officers), so that by age 17 or 18 you already have a LO-O-O-O-ONG rap sheet, WHO IN HIS RIGHT MIND WILL HIRE YOU for a job that does not involve selling drugs? These “youts” are DOOMED by their own hands (and I really have NO SYMPATHY FOR THEM). ANGOLA HERE WE COME (and I sure hope they don’t kill any innocent white people in the meantime). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  39. Well, the “grim reaper” has a long arm. He reached out and dragged by the throat, and into the coffin, a poor devil that was shot here in the CESSPOOL on May 16th in the 2500 Block of Cleveland Avenue in Mid City. No definite word yet on whether the now-dead victim was a Negro male or somethinng else, but it’s fair to assume that the lethal bullets were fired by a Negro male. I have a $50 bill saying it was. Does anyone want to bet me, with even odds? And as usual, the NOPD and “the Serpent” are “missing in action”. In other words NO ARREST (and this one’s almost a month old). This is pitiful and pathetic. When is “Mitch the Bitch going to SHIT CAN this incompetent? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  40. We get “numbed” to SLAVES killing other SLAVES every few days here in New Orleans a/k/a THE CESSPOOL. It’s been going on since Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. At one time “we” knew how to deal with such crimes, but Institutions like “The Freedman’s Bureau” (and “Bureau of Unclaimed Lands”, ie. land STOLEN from former Confederate soldiers) and the U.S, Supreme Court (justice for “darkies”, but no justice for the white man) gave the Negros free reign to do whatever they wanted to do. We are still suffering those results today. Well, I’m not here to talk about a SLAVE killing another SLAVE: I’m here to talk about your “garden-variety” ARMED ROBBERY committed on a daily basis in any Community, North or South, which happens to be inhabitated by Negro males over the age of 12. On Saturday night, June 9th, at about 11:00 P.M., on Elysian Fields Avenue (that leads to the University of New Orleans), two SLAVES held up at gunpoint the person on duty at a gas station and made off with @ $500. Miraculously, no one was killed. But a UNO student could have been there. Someone’s son or daughter could have been there. Any resident of New Orleans going to or from a Saturday night party could have been there. This was reported today, Tuesday, the 12th, on the WWL-TV News at noon, almost four (4) days after the incident occurred. And as usual, the NOPD and “the Serpent” are “missing in action”. NO ARRESTS. Ashton O’Dwyer (Sign me: JUST ABOUT FED UP!).

  41. Ashton ,
    I politely disagree with your analogy , the root cause of crime and murder rate in New Orleans is not unique to only our inner city if it were how to you explain Chicago’s, Atlanta’s , Houston’s ,New York’s etc… we are only slightly higher per capita than those other cities and some years surpassed by them. However I can tell you of couple differences , one is we are a southern port town and a direct link to the drug trade both is South America and Mexico with a Governor because of his presidential aspirations afraid to take the hard stance against illegal aliens as other southern boarder states. Another is our local public schools have been some of the worst in the country dating back almost to desegregation that have cultivated generations of high per capita school to jail dropouts and it’s still going on just look at JP. How does a parent with no education living in inner city poverty on public aid from generation to generation provide the skills necessary for their child to succeed when they themselves lack those skills ? There are the exceptional few self made who scholastically succeed or those through music or sports find a way to escape the trappings of poverty on their own. So why should anyone be surprised that there is a lack of remorse or the ability for empathy by socipaths who are a product of their environment?

  42. Tom: Yes, we respectfully (and politely) disagree. I aver that the “problem” is largely GENETIC. Just look at Africa. Just look at virtually any other large City in America. This “problem” isn’t going to turn itself around in our lifetimes. I just hope that my children (now adults) get the heck out of Dodge for their own survival, and that my Grandchildren will do likewise. As for me, I will do what I have done since becomming an adult: I CARRY A GUN (although the CORRUPT and INCOMPETENT STATE POLICE – SPIT! – have taken my Concealed Carry Permit from me). Before I successfully had the bogus criminal chargwes against me dismissed (after almost two years of fighting the Federal Government – SPIT!), my “MOTTO” was “Dis-armed, but still dangerous”. At least now I have my guns back. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  43. Well, I wish I didn’t have to report this. However, at 5:00 P.M. today, Fox-8 TV News (NO! Not WWL, not WDSU, not WVUE, not “nola.com”, and NOT the NOPD and “the Serpent”), reported a carjacking last night IN THE 2100 BLOCK OF STATE STREET, with a retired Doctor’s wife being thrown to the ground. This is getting a little too close to home, folks, And, YOU GUESSED IT: the perpetrators were two SLAVES, which the News politely referred to as “Young Men”. John Snell would have been more accurate to call them FUCKING ANIMALS who should be shot on sight. And as usual the NOPD and “the Serpent” are “missing in action”. Ashton O’Dwyer

  44. O.K. Ready for the latest “OUTRAGE” committed here in the CESSPOOL (while you slept)? Try this on for size: The brutal murder of a 74 year-old woman living in a “group care home” by a 31 year-old male “caretaker”, who hit her over the head WITH AN AIR CONDITIONER, tied a plastic bag over her head, and then tried to dispose of her body and hide his crime by driving her car (which contained her mortal remains) into Lake Pontchatrain at Franklin Avenue and Lakeshore Drive (the initial crime occurred at the nearby home in Gentilly). The perpetrator, who confessed (once he “lawyers up” he’ll probably claim that his confession was coerced), was apprehended NOT BY THE NOPD WHO, WITH THEIR SUPERINTENDENT, AS USUAL, “MISSING IN ACTION”, but rather by a “Levee District” cop. Although the Times-Pick-Your-Nose accounst of this OUTRAGE does not identify the race of the perpetrator, I have a $100 bill that says he’s a SLAVE. No self-respecting WHITE MAN would work as a “caretaker in a group home” or be as FUCKING STUPID AS THIS ASSHOLE, who deserves everything that’s coming to him. Probably a troubled. disadvantaged young man, who had a rough childhood. PUT HIM IN A CELL AND THROW AWAY THE KEY! And one thing is certain: the perpetrator won’t be pleading “self-defense”, although I hear that those 74 year-old women who inhabit group homes in Gentilly can be BRUTAL. Ashton O’Dwyer (SICK OF IT ALL!).

    1. Ashton ,
      Not that I may agree or disagree below is fresh of the news wire.


      updated 1 hour 9 minutes ago

      A new report from the American Civil Liberties Union claims there are too many elderly prisoners, and states like Louisiana could capitalize on big savings by letting the non-violent prisoners out.

      The ACLU argues that states like Louisiana could save as much as $66,000 for each prisoner who it defines as “needlessly” kept behind bars.

      The report defines “elderly” as those prisoners who are aged 50 and older.

      Louisiana incarcerates more people per capita than any other state. Although there have been recent laws passed to allow for more access to parole hearings, the Louisiana ACLU says more needs to be done.

      “Elderly people have an almost zero chance of committing further crimes,” said Marjorie Esman, Louisiana ACLU executive director. “But what they do have is health problems that make it increasingly expensive to keep them behind bars when there’s no reason for the to be behind bars because they’re not harmful.”

      A Lousiana Department of Public Safety and Correction representative told WDSU that recent laws are allowing more elderly prisoners a chance out of prison. The state legislature passed a law last year granting the elderly more access to parole hearings.

  45. Before I respond to “TOM” I have to correct something: Maybe I had too many “Bloody Marys” this morning, maybe I mis-read the original “nola.com” article, maybe the original article (which has now been taken down) contained a mistake. However, the most current “nola.com” article on this OUTRAGE says that the decedent was the “caretaker”, and that the perpetrator (identified as “Ricky Russell”) was a former occupant of the “group home”. None of this makes sense to me, because how much cleaning and maintenance can a 74 year-old woman perform at a “group home” as a “caretaker”, and who would a 31 year-old male be living in a “group home”? Nonetheless, I’m correcting my prior Comment with the latest information from “nola.com”. And according to “Officer Gary Flot” of the NOPD Public Affairs Section (I can verify Russell’s race with Flot, because he won’t be in the office until 1300 hours today), who is quoted on “nola.com”, Russell “…had an outstanding municipal attachment and has been on parole for two counts of criminal damage and resisting a police officer. He also said Russell had previous arrests for aggravated battery, battery, theft, trespassing and disturbing the peace.” If this ANIMAL had been in jail, instead of out on “PAROLE”, then a 74 year-old woman would be alive today. And now to “TOM”: I really don’t give a FLYING FUCK WHAT the ACLU says about anything. I became quite friendly with Katie Schwartzmann of the ACLU, post-KATRINA, on a number of fronts, including my representation of HUNDREDS of inmates and former inmates of the Orleans Parish prison facilities in the days leading up to and during KATRINA, and thereafter. Those people went throug HELL. And you know what “help” I got from the ACLU? I DIDN’T GET SHIT! And then I tried to get the ACLU to take up the multiple violations of my personal civil rights by Federal, State and Local Governments (which Readers of SLABBED already know about), and do you know what “help” I got from the ACLU? I DIDN’T GET SHIT! And as for the statistics cited by the ACLU, if you let an elderly person out of jail “early”, without having served his sentence, “somebody’s going to have to house him, feed him, buy his clothes and essentials every now and then, and provide him medical care. He can’t do it himself. He has no money. He’s a convicted felon who can’t get a job, which means he can’t support himself. I aver that Society’s “bottom line” would be better off by keeping him in the Penitentiary. At least there would be virtually NO CHANCE of his committing another crime. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton ,
      You had the wrong type of case for the ACLU if you had been issued a bible during your lockup or forced to pledge allegiance to the flag then the ACLU would have been all over it. Not the ACLU or the Tea Party have this one right , when you have elderly people having to decide to pay for food or medicine then turning to dog food to supplement their diet incarceration looks pretty good at that point. Keep screwing with social security , medicare and medicaid, the new retirement system in the U.S. may just become incarceration, jail hospitals can’t deny medical services like health care facilities are presently doing.

  46. Post Script,

    Gov. Jindal to sign bill giving Orleans Parish judges free rein on phone-in bonds
    Published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 11:36 AM Updated: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 11:52 AM

    A Cannizzaro spokesman noted that federal officials are in the midst of investigating shady bonding practices in Orleans Parish and argued against loosening the rules for ordering bonds.

  47. Post Script,

    Gov. Jindal to sign bill giving Orleans Parish judges free rein on phone-in bonds
    Published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 11:36 AM Updated: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 11:52 AM

    A Cannizzaro spokesman noted that federal officials are in the midst of investigating shady bonding practices in Orleans Parish and argued against loosening the rules for ordering bonds.

  48. O.K., Tom. Then I would URGE any FOOLS out there who may be contemplating making a financial contribution to the ACLU to USE THE MONEY AS TOILET PAPER, INSTEAD. In the meantime, if any Members of “The SLABBED Nation” can conclude, intellectually, that the ACLU has become a relevant organization, please inform the rest of us. The ACLU wasn’t worth “toilet paper” (used at that) in the prisoner cases or in my personsl case. SPIT! on the ACLU. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  49. Well, another SLAVE bit the dust this morning on the “Worst Bank” in Algiers, and one of his “buds” is suffering from a non-fatal (as of yet) gunshot would. Welcome to the “Wild Wild West”. And the noon TV News on WWL just reported that the vehicle which was stolen from the elderly couple in the 2100 Block of State Street the other night was “involved” (Isn’t it terrific reporting? The vehicle was “involved”. Never mind the Negro male who jumped out of the vehicle in broad fucking daylight on Fountainbleu Drive uptown, and committed an armed fucking robber with a gun). Too bad the occupant of the “car that was robbed” – not a white woman with two young children inside – a “car – didn’t have a gun, preferably a shotgun with a short barrel). So now let’s return to the OUTRAGE earlier this week that resulted in the death of a 74 year-old woman. It now appears that the perpetrator was “a White SLAVE”, ie riff-raff, SCUM and White Trash. Of course, one could never guess that from the reporting by the Times-Pick-Your-Nose until they published his photograph. But what continues to be “strange” about this story (by someone named “Maki Somosot” – don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, or a Hindu, Buddist or Muslim) is that the previously reported “outstanding municipal attachment” has DISAPPEARED from the story, and the ON PAROLE is now being stated as “only until October”. I wonder is Mr. or Ms. Somosot made the “cut” at the Times Picayune. Someone has to sent him or her to “Accuracy School”. But the point is: New Orleans is a GODDAMNED DANGEROUS PLACE. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  50. (CNN) — Having been denied participation in Georgia’s adopt-a-highway program, a local Ku Klux Klan chapter has turned to the American Civil Liberties Union for help. And the civil rights organization may represent the group.

    “We are considering next steps and whether or not we will support the group,” said Debbie Seagraves, executive director for the ACLU of Georgia.

    “We know this is unpopular,” she admits, but if her organization helps the International Keystone Knights of the KKK, it is not because it agrees with their beliefs. It will be based on legal precedent and a legal view of whether the KKK’s freedom of speech has been violated.

    In a nearly identical case in Missouri in 2005, a court ruled that the state discriminated against the KKK by denying it participation in a program open to all organizations.

    “It’s clear and understandable that the message of the KKK is offensive and hurtful to many people, but when you cede the power to the state to decide whose speech is objectionable, we give it up,” Seagraves said.

    The Klan chapter wants to clean a stretch of Georgia State Route 515 in Union County and filed its application on May 21. It was rejected on Tuesday.

    If the ACLU chooses to represent the KKK chapter, the next step would be for the ACLU to contact the state to talk about the relevant laws, Seagraves said. A lawsuit could follow.

    “We try to avoid litigation, but we don’t mind litigating if necessary,” she said.

    It’s a touchy subject in Union County, where two residents — who asked not to be identified for safety reasons — said they’re concerned about the area’s reputation.

    “It makes people here look like they’re a bunch of stuck-in-the-past mountain folk,” said a woman who has lived in Blairsville for four years. “They don’t have a presence here. At least, they don’t make themselves visible.”

    A local man who was born and raised in the area said he was worried that if people saw the Klan’s name on an adopt-a-highway sign, they would associate the county with the Klan.

    “I guess you’ve got the freedom to go out and hate people if you want, but I don’t want them here,” he said. “It gives us a bad name.”

    He said he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable driving through the area himself, but was concerned that others would be.

    “I’m white,” he said. “So I’m not the one they’re targeting. But I would feel bad if an African-American drove by and saw that.”

    The mayor of Blairsville, Jim Conley, declined to comment. Blairsville is in Union County along Georgia State Route 515.

    Legally speaking, the Klan has every right to exist and to express its views, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh said.

  51. To The SLABBED Nation: As we approach that “special day for Dads” on Sunday, June 17th, I want to share one of my all-time favorite jokes with you, which is as topical today as when I first heard it in the 60’s. Here goes: QUESTION: Do you know the definition of “MASS CONFUSION”? ANSWER: Father’s Day in the projects. Happy Father’s Day! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  52. I have a few OUTRAGES recently perpetrated by SLAVES in or from New Orleans (they must all be celebrating “JUNETEENTH” early – ANY excuse not to go to work), but I want to draw attention to the NOPD and “the Serpent”. These motherfuckers have not made ONE FUCKING ARREST in any of the recent OUTRAGES I have commented about on SLABBED. The only “apprehensions” I am aware of are (1) Leo Riles turning himself in for being implicated in the killings of a 5-year old child on MLK Blvd. and a 33 year old woman who took a bullet to the head because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So Riles is in custory and could be interrogated, as can the child’s adult Uncle and another SLAVE who was on the “stoop” with the Uncle, who were Riles’ and his accomplices’ TARGETS. That no arrests have been made, weeks after the event, is ABSURD. Then WDSU-TV News reported tonight that on Monday night (the 11th) there was a very brutal armed robbery in “the Bywater” (Oh1 It’s such a “quaint” neighborhood.), perpetrated by SLAVES against a man who had just moved to New Orleans (Hey, Pal! Watch out for the Negro males over the age of 12 here in New Orleans. They “ain’t” gonna be sitting on a tree stump or piling singing

  53. The Web-Site has been “modified” and I was unable to finish my Comment, which continues: …singing “Ole Man River” or “Old Black Joe”. The OUTRAGE occurred at St. Claude Ave. and Congress Street. A man was savagely attacked by a gang of SLAVE “youts”, who hit him in the back of the head with a bottle (must have taken lessons from the SLAVES in Auburn), dislocated his shoulder, broke his jaw, and smashed his front teeth. All of this was witnessed by a lady who lives in the neighborhood and was on the WDSU-TV News at 6:00 P.M. this evening. And the NOPD: “Missing in Action”. And “the Serpent”: Missing in Action. And AS USUAL: NO ARRESTS. I’LL FINISH THE THIRD PART OF THIS COMMENT SEPARATELY, so as to attempt to alleviate any Web-Site “problem”.

  54. CONTINUATION OF THE LATEST OUTRAGES BY SLAVES IN OR FROM NEW ORLEANS: This morning, two 18 year-old SLAVES from New Orleans were celebrating “Juneteenth” early by breaking into white peoples’ vehicles in Old Metairie (Hey! Why do people rob banks? Because that’s where the money is!). After breaking into and taking everything of value from 10 vehicles (all in a night’s work), they were apprehended by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office after being spotted driving a stolen vehicle without headlights or tail lights. They then tried to make an escape by abandoning the stolen vehicle and jumping over the 17th Street Canal floodwall which, of course, GOES NOWHERE! The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office will be administering I.Q. Tests in order to determine whether the perpetrators are smart enough to serve time in PRISON. Now I haven’t had time to read The Uptown Messenger today, which may reveal additional OUTRAGES. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN NEW ORLEANS, AND WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE FARRAGUT AND BUTLER CAPTURED THE CITY IN 1862 IS CRAZY. Nice people should not have to put up with this SHIT. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  55. Well, there was another SHOOTING here in the CESSPOOL overnight, this one at Fern and Olive Streets in Gert Town at 9:22 P.M. According to “nola.com” (Man! That “digital reporting of the news is REALLY ACCURATE!) “a male was shot several times” (the race and age of the victim don’t matter, nor does the “nola.com” article address what the male was doong to justify his being shot several times. Similarly, the race and age of the perpetrator is just “too much information” for “nola.com”). But we can all be reassured by the fact that “New Orleans police investigating Gert Town shooting”. Man-O-Man! That “investigation stack” must be reaching the ceiling by now since NO ARRESTS HAVE BEEN MADE IN ANY “HIGH PROFILE” CASES SINCE LEO RILES TURNRD HIMSELF IN IN MID-MAY. But let me postulate: The “victim” here is a SLAVE. I hope his wounds don’t render him a “ward of the State” (I hear that his comprehensive medical insurance coverage recently lapsed for non-payment of premium). The perpetrator is a SLAVE (And although some might conclude that he is ex-military, because “shot several times” suggests an automatic – or at least semi-automatic – weapon, the perpetrator SLAVE’S prior criminal record probably disqualified him from military service – I could tell you about his criminal record, but then I’d have to KILL you – only the criminal records of Caucasians can be revealed here in the CESSPOOL). So I have a suggestion: Besides carrying a GUN, I suggest that everyone place an order for BODY ARMOR, and “hope” that a bullet doesn’t hit you in the head. THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE, AND IT’S GETTING “WORSE”, NOT “BETTER”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  56. Oh, Boy! I think I’ve heard it all. The digital “nola.com” Web-Site is reporting that “Mitch-the-Bitch” and some Staffers recently returned from Orlando, Florida, where they attended the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Mitch was part of a Panel discussion which addressed his “murder reduction efforts”. Unfortunately, replacing his Superintendent of Police was not listed. Rather, he said that New Orleans is working on the employment of former gang members to pre-empy retaliatory violence”. Note that this “murder reduction effort” does not say how the former gang members will identify and establish contact with potential MURDERERS. And if they do, then it would seem to me that the New Orleans Police Depatyment should be right behind them to make arrests for: (1) Parole or probation violations; (2) Drug crimes: (3) Illegal firearm violations, ie. sawed-off shotguns, fully automatic weapons, stolen weapons, and felon in possession of a firearm; ans (4) Other crimes for which there are outstanding warrants or attachments. THIS EMPLOYMENT OF FORMER GANG MEMBERS TO “PRE-EMPT RETALIATORY VIOLENCE” IS BULLSHIT. A more direct approach to “murder reduction” in this City would be to KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL ANYONE ELSE, and to PUT THEM BEHIND BARS BEFORE THEY CAN KILL ANYONE ELSE. And I want my money back for the Orlando trip. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  57. Well, everyone, the SLAVES are at it again! Gunshot wound to the chest of a SLAVE just before 6:00 P.M. tonight in the 3200 Block of Genetal Pershing Street, in what is known as “The Hollygrove Neighborhood”. Anyone want to bet on whether the victim DIES? No word from City Hall about whether the SHOOTER had been previously approached by a former gang member for a “pre-emptive” TALK about the victim and others as part of the Mayor’s “murder reduction efforts”. And of course if the SHOOTER had not been approached, then no one has to explain why the Mayor’s “plan” didn’t work. Ashton O’Dwyer, FED UP WITH IT ALL!

  58. Ya gotta love the fact that they are filming a movie in the 900 block of Jackson and have warned the public that there will be simulated gunfire. In that neighborhood, real gunfire is the norm. Tonight will be like a night off. They could have set up the mics and gotten the real thing.

  59. I want to take this opportunity to demonstrate jsut hos much BULLSHIT and CRAP this “Juneteenth” Celebration on Tuesday, the 19th really is. According to “The Times Pick Your Nose” (Katy Reckdahl reporting) it is a “nationwide bbservance commemorating the day in 1865, June 19, when emancipated slaves in Texas were notified of their newfound freedom”. Well, WAIT A MINUTE! We’re (at least some Negros) celebrating something that occurred in Texas in 1865? Just why, pray tell is that cause for celebration in Louisiana? If the truth be known, General Benjamin “Beast” Butlet had taken cars of things here shortly after the City of New Orleans was captured in April 1862, some therr (3) years before whatever happened in TexASS. Butler “emancipated” slaves within his jurisdiction, but they became such a “problem” for him and his troops that he had to designate them “CONTRABAND”. They were uneducated, they would not work, they expected food, clothing and shelter for “nothing”, and of course the males were WILD. Things didn’t get any better afther Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” (actually there were tow (2) of them), which applied ONLY to slaves in Southern States which were NOT under occupation by Yankee troops. The Emancipation DID NOT APPLY to slaves in Northern States. And the Emancipation Proclamation was designed to support the Yankee war effort by causing MAHEM in the Southern States: RAPE, PILLAGE, LOOTING, BURNING, MURDER and MAHEM behind the Southern lines while the men were away (and it continues today, because it was INSTITUTIONALIZED by the Yankee “Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands” (I ask you: Have any of you encountered “abandoned lands” during your lifetimes?). And now the “clincher”: The “spokesperson” for “criminals later exonerated who were wrongfully incarcerated” whose “modern-day emancipation” Juneteenth also celebrates (Talk about “celebration creep”! We start with slaves in TexASS, not Louisiana, in 1865, not 1862, and now we’re talking about people released from prison, because they were, allegedly, wrongfully convicted), is none other that WILBERT RIDEAU. This MOTHERFUCKER was NOT “wrongfully convicted” of a goddamned thing. Following a bank robbery in the 60’s, during his theft of one of the victim’s cars, and during his “captive taking” attempt at a getaway, this SAVAGE FUCKING ANIMAL shot a white man (bank employee Jay Hickman) in the arm/shoulder, shot another bank employee (Dora McCain) in the neck, and then MURDERED like taking an animal to slaughter bank employee with a gunshot wound and knife wound to finish her off. So this is the kind of ANIMAL that is being celebrated on “Juneteenth”, And the Times Pick Your Nose is GLORIFYING the “holiday” and HONORING KILLERS, like Wilbert Rideau, who should have been EXECUTED long ago, not glorified. Only a FOOL would celebrate “freedom” for VERMIN like Wilbert Rideau. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  60. AROD: “Anyone want to bet on whether the victim dies”.

    Isn’t it tragically ironic that they in their lifetime only learn to do the “perfect assassination” while all other things that they are taught in their lifetime they either fail to perfect or even try to get half right.

    Instead of growing grain for ethanol let’s grow marijuana, standardize its strength, tax it and sell it so cheap that there is absolutely no profit in anyone growing or selling it.

    End the War on Drugs thereby ending the peer examples of blacks getting rich but soon dead from drug sales and send the Mexican Cartel back to Mec-he-co.

  61. Well, Folks. You didn’t think that life here in the CESSPOOL could get through Fathers’ Day without a SHOOTING, did you? One SLAVE shot another SLAVE shortly before 11:00 A.M. near the intersection of Chef Menteur Highway and Downman Road. The SHOOTER couldn’t have been too serious, or he must have been strung out on CRACK, because he only hit the victim in the leg. Maybe the SHOOTER knew something we don’t about just how many offspring are attributable to the victim, who isn’t acknowledging ANYONE. Thank goodness for DNA tests (if the victim lives, and he should unless the Doctors in the Hospital kill him through malpractice – they could be “angry” over the fact that the victim has no medical insurance – SLABBED really ought to “study” this). Happy Fathers’ Day! And there’s still time for my legitimate offspring to buy me that body armor. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  62. Well, shortly after 3:15 A.M. (or shortly before 3:30 A.M.) this morning, a 26 versus 27 year old man was shot to death (multiple gunshot wounds) in the New Orleans French Quarter in “the 300 Block of North Peters Street near Bienville”. To put this in perspective for all of you, think: HOUSE OF BLUES, BIENVILLE HOUSR HOTEL and MARRIOT HOTEL. I daresay that MANY of you have walked the precise location where this shooting went down. Indeed, it was New Orleans Police Department Officers at the House of Blues who heard gunfire which alerted them to the fact that a shooting had occurred. AND, it was the NOPD which apprehended the perpetrator after a car chase which ended at Canal and North Dorgenois Streets (Bet you’ve been THERE, too!). Details are “sketchy” at the moment, but it is being reported that witnesses saw a fight near a nightclub on Decatur Street near Bienville. The fight “turned into a chase” and gunshots followed. The victim was shot multiple times and died at the scene. Thus far, no information about the race of the shooter or the race of the victim. Happy “Juneteenth” (tomorrow). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  63. UPDATE ON SHOOTING IN FRENCH QUARTER, MONDAY MORNING JUNE 18, 2012: Well, there’s an “update” on the WWL-TV NEWS Website (which incidentally “nola.com” could take some lessons from). It now appears DEFINITE that we are dealing with SLAVES, both shooter and victim, who were “partying” at a SLAVE Club at Bienville and Decatur Streets (AVOID THAT AREA LIKE THE PLAGUE!), got into an argument, ans settles things like they settle things in Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo (formerly Zaire), Zimbabwe, South Africa (since the end of apartide) and Liberia. You get the picture. There were 5 bullet casings at the scene (and a lot of spilled blood). The bullet casings were collected by the Police (a paid detail from the House of Blues). The blood was hosed off the sidewalk, into the street and down a storm drain (let’s hope it isn’t stopped up like so many storm drains in the City, perticularly those uptown, where the whites live). The 5 casings suggest a semi automatic pistol, probably a 9 millemeter or a Glock 40, although the shooter could have had a 5-shot Smith and Wesson revolver that he unloaded and then reloaded after he killed the victim. The “shooter” has been identified by Police as “Jamal Claude”, who “has previously been arrested for aggravated battery, battery, possession of marijuana, flight from a police officer, resisting a police officer, possession of a stolen vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, domestic violence, alter (sic) or removal of VIN from a motor vehicle, trespassing, reckless operation of a motor vehicle and warrants (whatever that means).” Notwithstanding the foregoing, and this mornings resort to MURDER as a means of “dispute resolution”, Jamal Claude’s MA-MA is quoted as saying, ” He’s a GOOD boy.” I wonder how long Jamal Claude will remain in custody this time before soem “bleeding heart” figures out some way to get him out of jail. No word yet on whether the former gang members hired by our illustrious Mayor to curb the murder rate in the City had spoken to Jamal Claude before this morning’s KILLING. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  64. For thos of you music lovers who have enjoyed a late-night/early morning outing at the House of Blues, or who have “young adult” children who never know when to come home from the House of Blues, THINK AGAIN. The argument that resulted in a dead SLAVE a block away, with 5 bullet holes in him, and his lood all over the sidewalk, STARTED IN THE HOUSE OF BLUES! Check out “nola.com” which has “some” of the story “right”. And what about the SLAVE who got his girlfriend killed last night as she was driving him home from a Family Fathers’ Day Party. He was BEATING her so badly as she drove on I-10 near Veterans that she pulled over on the shoulder to attempt to flag down a passing motorist to help her. Unfortunately, the girlfriend/driver was struck twice by vehicles on the Interstate, and killed. “Boyfriend”, a SLAVE, of course, has been charged with manslaughter. The boyfriend’s MA-MA is quoted as saying, He’s a GOOD boy.” Something has to be done to STOP THESE MOTHERFUCKERS. The “Black Community” appears to be unwilling to act, probably because so many Negros benefit from their relatives’ lives of crime, ie. Daddy (if he can be identified and is not already in prison), son, Grandson, brother, nephew, cousin and whomever is called a “relative” in Africa). THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. And in the meantime avoid the House of Blues and the corner of Bienville and Decatur. Ashton O’Dwyer (FED UP – Haven’t I said that before?).

  65. Hope everyone is enjoying “Juneteenth” as much as the SLAVES. Three shootings today, but only 2 deaths, bothe SLAVES. Shortly after 10:00 P.M. Monday (last night) a man was shot in the head in the 1700 Block of France Street. I believe this one was dubbed “justifiable homicide”. That’s why you should carry GUNS, people. The SLAVES do! No word yet whether the shooter is liable for arrest for being a felon in possession of a firearm (The chances of that are GOOD, statistically). Then, another SLAVE went down for the count at 1:15 A.M. this morning in a house in the 300 Block of Miro Street. That’s 2 down. And a man was shot in the leg “in the East”, more particularly the 14600 Block of Curran Avenue. For the Miro and Curran shootings the NOPD and the Serpent are MISSING IN ACTION. NO ARRESTS. Then an armed robbery in Metairie by a SLAVE this morning, the victim being a 32 year-old woman. How many of you have wives or daughters 32 years old? And FOX-8 News this evening announced a “SMASH-AND-GRAB” by a SLAVE (he’s on video) in the Riverbend area, which I’m sure you and your Families are familiar with. Camellia Grill is in Riverbend. NOPD and the Serpent? MISSING IN ACTION. NO ARREST notwithstanding the fact that the SLAVE is on video. But hey! Let’s celebrate “Juneteenth”! Did you go to work today? FOOL! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  66. Well, the SLAVES were hard at work here in the CESSPOOL. late on the “Juneteenth” Holiday. A dead 18 year old at 8:30 P.M. Tuesday, the 19th, in the 1800 Block of North Dorgenois Street (which also was in the news earlier in the week) after suffering gunshot wounds to the head, chest and back – 7 bullet casings in all. And 15 minutes or so earlier two (2) SLAVES shot, but only wounded (wait until the taxpayers get the medical bills) on Huntlee Street in Algiers. The death od the 18 year old is of particular interest, because his Uncle, “Charles X”, who claims to be a member of “New Orleans Peace Keepers (you didn’t do such a good job last night, Unc)”, claims that his nephew’s killing is the third for a Family Member in 10 months – ALL UNSOLVED BY THE NOPD AND “THE SERPENT”. Have another nice day here in the CESSPOOL. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  67. To “The SLABBED Nation”: Some very disconcerting information was recently posted to “The Uptown Messenger”. At 5:30 P.M. on Sunday, Father’s day, the 17th, there was an armed robbery of the Chevron Station at Carrollton Avenue and Willow Street, within “spitting distance” of Liberto’s Cleaners. Also reported is an “ermed robbery” in the 600 Block of Carrollton Avenue, near St. Charles Avenue. No urther details, but this incident could be separate from the “smash and grab” incident I reported the other day in the same area. THEN, a Commentor asked, “What about the shooting on Chestnut Street?” Some of you may think that I’m a little “crazy” for reporting the violent crimes which appear to be happening every day here in the CESSPOOL, ALL ERPETRATED BY SLAVES. Well, remember: EVIL REIUMPS WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING. Enough is enough! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  68. Sorry for the “typos”. The words should have been: “further”, “PERPETRATED” and “TRIUMPHS”. AROD.

  69. AROD: It’s summer solstice and Sop is warning of witches and nudity on area levees.

    So please stay home, have some wine and after mid-nite be looking for another possible goon squad.

    If you must go to the levee take your fire retardant foam and some marshmallows to roast with your toes.

  70. AROD :My previous comment may be wrongly interpreted..

    Not saying you are a witch but if you go to the levee to check on your stolen batture property you may become an innocent victim of area Satanic worship.

  71. I stay away from the batture. The last time i was up there, the “squatters and trespassers” signed Affidavits that I had “THREATENED” them. Never mind the fact that the illegal trespasser in “Camp No. 12” chased my cousin and his nephew with a SHOTGUN. His name is “Sidney Snow” and he is SCUM. And of course the East Jefferson Levee Board Police (I don’t know the current name) and Sheriffs’ Deputies who answer to “Noodle” Normand, are all OWNED by the squatters and trespassers. Otherwise, Jefferson Parish “law enforcement” would make arrests for criminal trespass. Bot that’s not why I’m commenting: Last night there was an armed robbery in the Lower Garden District near Camp and St. Andrew Streets. Two women were held up @ 10:30 P.M. at gunpoint and made to surrender their purses. Even The Uptown Messenger won’t say that the perpetrator was a SLAVE. But we all know that, anyway. I have a daughter who works at a restaurant in that neighborhood. I repeat: THIS SITUATION IS OUT OF CONTROL. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  72. Gee! They’re coming in “fast and furious”. Another Slave’s DEAD, shot in the head, “in the East”, 10000 Block of Curran Blvd. He went down for the count just before 11:00 A.M. today. This MURDER on Curran Blvd. is not to be confused with the non-lethal (the shooter SLAVE was a “bad” shot) shooting yesterday in the 14600 Block of Curran Blvd., also reported on SLABBED. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  73. Income inequality in America
    Worsening wealth inequality by race
    By Tami Luhby @CNNMoney June 21, 2012: 1:09 PM ET
    31 Email Print

    The Great Recession has widened the wealth gap, and race is a major factor.

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — White Americans have 22 times more wealth than blacks — a gap that nearly doubled during the Great Recession.

    The median household net worth for whites was $110,729 in 2010, versus $4,995 for blacks, according to recently released Census Bureau figures.

  74. Tom:I would welcome a study of the total amount of federal grants to mid-income whites with net worth of $110,000 as compared to federal grants to blacks that report only having $4,9995 in net worth.

    Then there is a general difference in financial philosophy( whites do save some income whereas the majority of blacks live for today and say let the gov’t care for me tomorrow). It ain’t what you make, it’s what you spent instead of saving.

    Those two facts alone represent “the rest of the story” which the main media won’t touch cause such statistics are politically incorrect.

    The above CNN story is firewood for the Obama administration’s attempt to set classes/races against each other as that is a principle to generate revolutionary socialist changes. Just ask Wade Rathke he’s written two books on the theory of social revolution.

    Acorn and Wade Rathke endorsed picketing the major banks for sub-prime mortgage rates and look where that has taken us.

  75. Lockemup,
    I posted it not as a political statement but what it is, a statistic of the 2010 census .

    poverty + drugs = crime.

    1. And if the kids can’t get a decent education the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. It tooks decades of neglect to get NOLA into that mess and it will take decades to reverse it.

    1. Drugs do NOT cause POVERTY.
      “The “WAR on DRUGS” is a ruse for governmental oppression which targets the impoverished.
      I expect that if drug screens were mandatory for politicians, judges, law enforcement officials, & the powers that be, the results would show that prescription drug abuse is RAMPANT among the affluent.
      The illegality of CERTAIN DRUGS leads to the violence inherent in black market trade.

      In 1969, the Nixon administration spent $65 million on the drug war. In 1982, the Reagan administration spent $1.65 billion. In 2000, the Clinton administration was estimated to spend over $18 billion.The drug war’s littlest victims — More than 8 million of America’s 75 million children have a parent or parents addicted to drugs or alcohol. Parental drug addiction fuels the foster care system; it feeds thejuvenile justice system. It affects welfare caseloads, school performance and child health. And parental addiction is self-perpetuating: Up to 70 percent of the children of addicts become addicted to drugs themselves. A national shift from incarceration to treatment has the potential to save much more than dollars.Time’s up for the War on Drugs — For decades, we have been prosecuting and imprisoning increasing numbers of people for possessing or selling drugs. No country in the world has as large a percentage behind bars as the US and a major reason is the war on drugs. As drug-related prison population increases, there has been no corresponding decrease in drug use. It has risen and damage caused by our war on drugs is troubling. Our response to drug use is a failure.

      Poverty is an exceptionally complicated social phenomenon, and trying to discover its causes is equally complicated. The stereotypical (and simplistic) explanation persists

      1. Cyclic creation of permanent underclass
        1 million people are incarcerated every year in the United States for drug law violations.Penalties for drug crimes among youth almost always involve permanent or semi-permanent removal from opportunities for education, strip them of voting rights, and later involve creation of criminal records which make employment far more difficult.[107]

        Thus, some authors maintain that the War on Drugs has resulted in the creation of a permanent underclass of people who have few educational or job opportunities, often as a result of being punished for drug offenses which in turn have resulted from attempts to earn a living in spite of having no education or job opportunities.[107]

  76. Nola has 1 Billion in FEMA money building the best schools in the country. Charter schools have been up and running in black neighborhoods for many years. Jindal just passed statutes to allow ineffective teachers to be fired regardless of tenure and more Catholic school vouchers.

    But what I see as the biggest problems are the lack of parental guidance to learning and getting an education, as well as the endless supply of drug dealers on the street who represent heroes to teens with their quick money, cars, clothes, shoes and women,

    Until drugs are legalized with dealers off the street and parents provide guidance its a hopeless situation that , all the money and legislative statutes in the world won’t solve the problem even in a hundred years..

    As far as drug murders only a police presence on the ground where drug exchanges are made ( not racing from one murder scene to another in cars), teen curfews and checking all suspicious persons in cars for weapons will solve that problem.

    But the Mayor doesn’t want National Guard help ( seeing the military might frighten the tourists and make them think NOLA is unsafe). .He would just rather just see tourists die, neighborhood babies slaughtered, make endless BS excuses and invent new crime policies that haven;t worked in the past and won’t in the future.

    What a Half-Ass joke Half- Moon is and the black voters should vote AGAINST him no matter how many “Banjo” tunes he plays..

  77. Well the “GHOSTS” of the St. Thomas Project continue to haunt us here in the CESSPOOL. Call it “River Gardens” (what a fucking joke), the Lower Garden District (Yeah! It’s all WHITEY’s fault!), or the Irish Channel (the Irish moved out decades ago when the SLAVES took over (like locusts). Early this morning the SLAVES were at it again, trying to kill each other. Thank goodmess no innocent got caught in the crossfire. At 0129 hours, near Religious (isn’t THAT ironic) and St James (another irony) Streets, a SLAVE in a white vehicle shot a SLAVE who had exited a SLAVE CLUB called “The Venue” (Stay away from THAT place – nothing but “trouble”). The gunshot slave was hit several times (by bullets – “Can’t all of us just get along? If not, I’m going to kill 51 people and burn down my own neighborhood!”). He was brought to a local hospital in critical condition. And of course, NO ARRESTS by the NOPD or “the Serpent”, notwithstanding a live witness. One has to ask how long the witness will remain alive if he recovers. He’s got to be thinking that he’s DEAD no matter what happens: He could die in the hospital. If he survives, but “squeals” to the Police (who told them about the white vehicle?), his attempted KILLER will come after him to finish the job he botched this A.M. Not a good set of options. But THAT’S LIFE AMONG THE SLAVES. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  78. Some of you may have noticed a recent article in “the Times-Pick-Your-Nose”, which reported the “almost 6-year sentence” for a felonious SLAVE (is that “redundant”?), who engaged other felonious SLAVES to buy him a GUN at at Gun Show. The “ATF AGENT” who is credited with the “bust” was identified ad “David Millen”. I have reason to believe that the “Federally-employed Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agent” was, in fact “David Millan”, who has two claims to fame: (1) He was at WACO (Hey! Agent Millan, how many women and children did you KILL at WACO?). and (2) He was at Habans Elementary on the West Bank when Tanner’s vehicle containing Henry Glover (back seat) was driven to Habans Elementary prior to being driven to the levee and TORCHED. NOPD Officer McCrae is currently serving 17 years – not for killing Glover, which he DID NOT DO – but for torching an automobile which allegedly contained and already dead body. Now let’s further study Federal Agent Millan: He was a member of the “ATF Special Response Force” which, among other agencies of the Federal Government, were OUT IN FORCE all over the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area. According to “The White House Report” a/k/a “The Federal Response to Hurricane KATRINA: Lessons Learned”, at page 41, as of September 4, 2005, there were some 1,600 Federal law enforcement personnel in New Orleans: MORE tha the NOPD at full strength during “happier” times. Believe me when I say that I SAW these COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS and, as you know I had my own encounter with them at Camp Amtrak, which did not turn out well for me. WHEN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAYS, “WE’RE HERE TO ‘HELP’ YOU”, RUN LIKE HELL! Anyway according to AP/Times Picayune Photographer, who reportedly was “imbedded” with the “Special Operations Division of the NOPD” (whatever THAT means), namely Alex Brandon, he actually witnessed Millan take photographs of Glover in the back seat of Tanner’s vehicle, which begs a number of questions: Where are the photographs? What did you observe? Was Glover suffering from any gunshot wound? To what portion(s) of the body. Had he sustained a “head shot”? Was his head still connected to his body. What effort was made to determine where Glover had been shot, and by whose hands? Why did you allow the vehicle to be taken away instead of driven to a WestBank Hospital so Glover could be treated (if he was still alive) or taken to the temporary morgue for ultimate autopsy to determine the cause of death, the caliber of bullets which killed him, etc.? We also recently learned from the Times Picayune’s Brendan McCarthy that an unnamed “Top Deputy” with “Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement” actually spoke with Millan at Habans Elementary. Others who have knowledge, but who are remaining MUM are Laura Maggi, Jarvis DeBerry and NOPD Sargent Lesia Mims. I shared this information with Criminal Defense Attorney Frank DeSalvo, but he did not respond. Parenthetically. Photographer Alex Brandon also was on and took pictures at the Danziger Bridge, which I also aver was “alive” with “law enforcement” (NOT the NOPD) very shortly after the shootings. This story has an “end”; I just don’t know what the end is. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  79. Today is the Anniversary of Custer’s Last Stand, when in 1876, the General and @ 180 troopers of the 7th Cavalry were wiped out by aboriginal savages, who had no written language, had not yet invented the wheel, and whose “structures” consisted of animal skins stretched on poles. The only domestic animal these aborigines had ever trained were DOGS. The “ponies” or “horses” the Indians got from the Spanish. And the relevance to CRIMINAL LAW is that Custer and his men died due to BETRAYAL by Major Reno and Captain Benteen, who VIOLATED orders, and WORSE. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  80. Well, here we are in the “dog days of summer”, and unfortunately CRIME BY SLAVES IS OUT OF CONTROL (as usual – Hey! Mitch, what are you DOING about it? – Don’t say you annointed “the BANJO” to District “B”. And, hey “Serpent”, What are you doing about it? O.K., I know, you’re “reqrganizing “private details” so that cops can be cops again, and not just “night watchmen” at a detail location, far removed from FELONIOUE SLAVES). But you know what’s disturbing me more than anything else? THE SLAVES AREN’T KILLING EACH OTHER FAST ENOUGH! There are simply too many instances of SLAVES being shot, but LIVING (although on the taxpayers’ dime). So Mitch’s initiative is to have former gang members “talk” to SLAVES to attempt to persuade them not to resolve differences through violence. Well, I am announcing a series of “Clinics” (dates and times to be announced) to bwe entitled: “The Ashton O’Dwyer Clinic on ‘How to Shoot Straight’.” The focus of this Clinic will be: You aim the gun at someone, KILL HIM! None of this “shot in the arm” or “shot in the leg” or “shot in the ankle” BULLSHIT. With all of the recent maimings and woundings among SLAVES in this City recently, the likes of John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly, and “SUPERFLY” would be downright embarrassed! So now let’s review the record for the past few days, which is a direct reflection on Mitch’s and “the Serpent’s” INCOMPETENCE: (1) At about 7:30 P.M. on Friday, the 22nd, “a person of interest” in the MLK shootings on May 29th (a 5-year old child died in that one, remember?) was arrested after he crashed his STOLEN car. The “person of interest” logged “more than a dozen charges”. And before we give the NOPD too much credit, bear in mind that this “person of interest” has been at large for almost a month, and the NOPD had in custody virtually the entire time his “accomplice”, who turned himself in, as well as the dead child’s Uncle and the Uncle’s adult SLAVE friend. Couldn’t their “cooperation” have been obtained to apprehend this “person of interest” almost a month after the fact, before he stole a car and crashed it in an uptown neighborhood? But, of course, THAT would have required some “police work”, which one cannot accomplish while working a private detail. (2) On Friday evening, the 22nd, at about 10.00 P.M. at a Record Store in the 1000 Block of Broadway, near the Tulane Campus, two SLAVES (one dressed like a woman) committed an armed robbery, even forcing one of the two female Record Store employees into the Manager’s Office to open a safe. The “haul” was about $2,000. And thank goodness that the female employees were not SHOT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD after opening the safe in the Manager’s Office. This armed robbery smacks of AN INSIDE JOB. The perpetrators knew only two females would be on duty at 10:00 Friday evening, where the safe was located, what the safe likely had in it (Why didn’t anyone go to the bank on Friday and get the CASH out of the safe and out of the store?), and which of the two “on duty” females had the combination to the safe. I’d be looking at ANY Negro male who had contact with this Record Store during the past 6 months. (3) On Saturday morning, the 23rd, at 7:37 A.M., a WHITE woman was robbed at gunpoint just off Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District. The SLAVE who perpetrated this crime came back twice: First to rob the woman of her cash, and then to demand that she withdraw money from th

  81. SECOND INSTALLMENT OF LATEST “SLAVE” REPORT: “…Withdraw money from the Bank – money she did not have.” This is another incident that could have had a very unpleasant ending. (4) Sunday, the 24th, at 1921 hours, a SLAVE was shot by another SLAVE, but lived. You and I will be financicially responsible for the wounded SLAVE’s medical care. (5) Monday, June 25th at 0130 hours, a SLAVE stabbed another SLAVE, but the stabbed SLAVE lived, although you and I will be financially responsible for the wounded SLAVE’s Medical care. (6) Monday, at about 8:00 P.M. in the 1200 Block of Simon Bolivar Avenue, A SLAVE shot another SLAVE (here’s a candidate for my “Clinic”) in the ankle, but the gunshot SLAVE lived. THIS IS THE END OF THE MOST CURRENT CRIMINAL SLAVE REPORT, but I’m sad to say that there will be more to report later in the week, just as there has been since 1862. Hey MITCH! Hey “SERPENT”! ARE YOU LISTENING? Just don’t “listen” DO SOMETHING. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  82. A subscription to TP means you and your bros’ may not shoot straight, not shooting straight means more reported survivors, more reported survivors mean more witnesses, more witnesses mean more court hearings, hearings means testimony , testimony means more killing of witnesses before and/or after hearing; so don’t read theTP and become or create a survivor, get and read The Slave Report and shoot straight instead. A DirectTV video shooting range on every TV in the house, as well as our rep Ashton’s shooting straight demo included with a years subscription.www.ARODshoottokill.com

  83. Here is the latest SLAVE repoty for Orleans Parish (I WARN you; I’te DISGUSTING, and SCARY – but then what SLAVE report isn’t scary?). (1) Monday, the 25th, at 0614 hours (SLAVE starting early – or he never went to bed), an ARMED ROBBERY in the 100 Block of Basin Street. As the SLAVE pulled his gun on her, the victim (a WHITE woman) was whistling “The Basin Street Blues” and refusing to believe that some SLAVES (far too many) are SAVAGE VICIOUS ANIMALS. After the armed robbery, the victim told Police that she believed the ypung man who had robbed her at gunpoint had been “misunderstood”. Of course, the victim was able to say that because she had not been shot in the face. (2) Monday, the 25th, at 0617 hours (another “early bird” SLAVE), who committed a HOMICIDE on another SLAVE. Now THERE’s a SLAVE who I want to recruit as an INSTRUCTOR at my clinic. (3) Monday, the 25th at 6:28 P.M., an armed robbery in the 9900 Block of East Rockton Circle. The armed robber SLAVE stole a skateboard. This is the type of SCUM TRASH SLAVE that is being “protected” by one of the Communists on the Supreme Court, namely Elena Kagan. I have a “plan” for you, Elena: Why don’t you go live in Cuba or North Korea? Monday. June 25th, at 2147 hours, an armed robbery at the AutoZone in the 8200 Block of Earhart Blvd. SLAVE(s) no doubt got tired of waiting for fresh meat and easy pickings from Ye Olde College Inn and the Rock & Bowl parking lot. This particular armed robbery has all of the earmarks of “an inside job”, but of course the NOPD won’t pay a bit of attention. Now, I have a solution to this SLAVE problem, but it might be a bit “controversial”. Accordingly, I’ll wait until SLAVES commit an appropriate ATROCITY, which unfortunately is just a matter of time. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  84. SLAVE ALERT! SLAVE ALERT! SLAVE ALERT! Yesterday s shooting occurred IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT in the MacDonald’s Parking Lot in the 3400 Block of Carollton Avenue. The precise time of the shooting is unknown (the victim and her boyfriend ain’t talking), but the cops were called at 5:00 P.M. The number os shots fired by the perpetrator SLAVE also is an unknown, although the vehicle in which the victim (shot once in the back) is now in police custody. It will probably take the NOPD a month or so to count the bullet holes and do a ballistics analysis of any recovered bullets). Man that NOPD Crime Lab is, perhaps, “the best in the country” (CORRECTION: Make that “best in the county”). Shootings like this reinforce the need for a “How to Shoot Straight” Clinic for SLAVES who, unfortunately, are still suffering frim the vestiges of slavery (which ended in Louisiana for all intents and purposes in 1862, when Farragut and Butler captured New Orleand and the slaves said FUCK YOU and ran off the plantation. The descendants of many such slaves are still waiting for the Freedman Bureau and other agencies of the Federal Government to give them what they need to survive (NO! YOU CAN’T HAVE CRACK COCAINE!) and to tell them what to do. And because it was illegal for SLAVES to have guns back then, many SLAVES of today still can’t shoot straight. Don’t ask me why their GrandFathers and Fathers didn’t teach them how to shoot: THEY HAVENT A CLUE WHO THEIR GRANDFATHRES AND FATHERS ARE, and they’re Mommas don’t know, either. So here’s what I’m going to do to get the ball rolling: I am soliciting contributions for the “Ashton O’Dwyer Clinic on How to Shoot Straight”, for SLAVES only – no discrimination for this institution, unless you’re a non-SLAVE. All of the money will be held in a “Blind Trust” to be administered by Diana “the BANJO” Bajoie, that illustrious “I’ve never been indicted, yet” individual annointed by our illustrious Mayor to fill the Councilman District “B” Seat. This organization is going to be every bit as “transparent” as “the BANJO’s” non-profits from which she, her Familr, driends and hanhers-on profited handsomely. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  85. LOL, arod. that would be a nifty little non profit. how about the Central City Organization Of Negro Sharpshooters or C.C.O.O.N..

  86. it amazes me the amount of non fatal gunshot victims there are in the city. if you have ever seen cctv footage of gunplay in new orleans most of the time the assailants feet are moving while shooting (running from or to the target). any marksman knows both feet must be planted on the ground.

  87. Very good, Junior, but I have something to report that is “as serious as a heart attack”. Many of you are not from here, so the daily KILLINGS, ARMED ROBBERIES, MAIMINGS, WOUNDINGS and the like, probably go right past you. But the fact of the matter is that those of us who live in New Orleans LIVE IN THE GODDAMNED JUNGLE – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzanis, Zaire (Congo), Zimbabwe, South Africa, and OTHER TOTALLY UNDEVELOPED COUNTRIES INHABITATED BY NEGROS, or formerly developed African Countries that were once governed by Caucasians THAT THE NEGROS HAVE RUN INTO THE GROUND SINCE THEY TOOK OVER. AND we’re living without any “POLICE PRESENCE” in New Orleans, because the Mayor, the Police Superintendent and the City Council won’t talk about the fact that the POLICE FORCE IS TOO SMALL FOR A CITY THIS SIZE WITH A POPULATION OF FELONIOUS SLAVES THIS LARGE! Now my point” Yesterday, IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT, on Dublin Street, near Oak Street, in the Carrollton area, a WHITE woman (they’re the only ones with money and nice cars), was the victim of an armed robbery and carjacking (but that’s not all, see infra) shortly after she had left Haase’s on Oak Street. Admittedly, she was parked a little closer to Zimple Street on Dublin than I would have liked, but it was still FUCKING DAYLIGHT. Anyway she was confronted by a SLAVE with a chrome “gun”, and told to “Give it up” three times, After she surrendered her purse, the SCUM BAG DEGENERATE FUCKING NO GOOD SLAVE said “Give me your keys”, which she threw at him. The SLAVE then said “Pick them up”, at which point the White woman victim ran on Dublin Street towards Oak Street encountering a vehicle proceeding on Dublin towards Zimple. Just as she was telling the driver of that vehicle that she had just been robbed, THE SLAVE SHOT AT HER AND THE VEHICLE CONTAINING THE GOOD SAMARITAN. Fortunately, no one was hit, but the shots take this case from an armed robbery to an ATTEMPTED MURDER. While it’s a GODDAMNED SHAME, I can’t carry a gun anymore. The FUCKING Stete Police GOONS who brutalized me revoked my “Concealed Carry Permit” while I was in jail, and said, “Well, YOU didn’t reapply within 14 days of revocation”, to which I replied, “That’s right you DUMB COCKSUCKING NMUTHERFUCKERS. because I was in jail, didn’t know that my Permit had been revoked, and couldn’t have responed anyway, because I had no access to a pen. pater or stamps in solitary confinement, you DUMB COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS.” There are several things going through my mind right now, some of which may get me in trouble, but I’ll give you a “hint”. Maybe it’s time to take the gloves off and call SLAVES just what they are, and quit all of this “pussy-footing” around. Police won’t do their job

  88. Delete from prior Comment: “Police won’t do their job…”, which will just get me in trouble. AROD.

  89. Ashton … enough already … we know, and “they” know …the NIGGERS are killing each other … and “they” could give a shit … and frankly why should I …

    Your point is well made … over and over again … but now it’s time to move on over to the ” Chocolate” MAN …

    He (Nagin) and Morial,Jr. and Barthelemy and Morial,Sr. … to their pro-creator, the “Moon Man” Landrieu have been an institutionalized and incestuous root of why we are where we are …

    Half-Moon and his Full-Moon sister are evidence of the morally challenged genetic Landrieu strain !!!

  90. Today was a very momentous day on the subject of “crime prevention” in the City of New Orleans. At the very moment when Police Superintendent Ronal “The Serpent” Serpas was tesifiying (some would call it “bobbing and weaving”) before the City Council (the Mayor was there, too, along with “The Crime CZAR” who doesn’t know anything about crime, except that most of it is committed by “misunderstood” Negro males), there was a DEATH BY SHOOTING in “the East”, nearCrowder Blvd. and Curran (haven’t we heard that name before?). The SHOOTING RESULTING IN DEATH (a “SLAVE”) occurred at about 2:10 P.M. The reaction of the NOPD was: “This wasn’t a murder at all; it was an accidental shooting. More particularly, they guy (another SLAVE) who fired the bullets wasn’t aiming at the victim at all! HE WAS AIMING AT THE NISSAN TITAN TRUCK THAT THE DEAD GUY HAPPENED TO BE FOUND IN. The shooter must have had some real ‘anger management” issues with that truck, and probably would have benefited from counseling with some of the former gang members Mitch has lined up to reduce the murder rate. BUT IN NO WAY CAN YOU CALL THIS KILLING A MURDER.” Then today we learned that the SLAVE who robbed a WHITE LADY on Dublin Street, and tried to kill her and another WHITE LADY Good Samaritan who came to her rescue (two shots wer fired), was NOT a participant in the “James Carter Midnight Basketball Games”. This was determined by interviewing basketball participants with the video surveillance of the armed robber SLAVE at another location. No one recognized the armed robber. However, it will be a while before the NOPD has the armed robber’s picture back in a effort to identify him, because James Carter and his basketball buddies need the photo to see if he ever played basketball with them. Then the two most SHOCKING things the Serpent said at the Council Meeting were (1) New Orleans ranks 79th in crime Nationwide (as if to say that the Serpent is doing a good job – to which I reply BULLSHIT), and (2) 91% of the victims of homicides in New Orleans are NEGROS, and 97% of the perpetrators of homicides in New Orleans are NEGROS. The Serpent had a plan to turn those numbers around, but I don’t want to share his plan (and the Mayor’s plan) with you, because it will PISS YOU OFF and SCARE you). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  91. Well, those of us who like rew oysters and other specialties can be glad that Casamentos is closed for the Summer. Yesterday, just after noon, one block away, an armed robbery was committed at the “Brothers 3” Bar, located on Magazine Street, in the first block on the uptown side of Napolean Avenue. What is so striking, and brazen, about this latest ATROCITY by a SLAVE, is not the fact that it was conducted IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT (again), but that the Second District Police Station is a block away, directly across the street from Casamentos. There are ALWAYS police cars and policemen in the neighborhood. The Second District Duty Officer explained: “Hey, we can’t be two places at once. The Superintendent was on the TV making a presenatation to the Council, and everybody in the Station was watching. The Crime CZAR James Carter has said he wants some of us to play midnight basketball. Obviously this “misunderstood and misguided YOUT” never availed himself of Mr. Carter’s crime prevention initiative. If they’re on the basketball Court at 1:00 A.M. in the morning, then they can’t kill, rob, rape, steal or carjack. Now, the NOPD can’t be responsible for what goes on during the other 23 hours in the day. And as to why we in the Station, IT’S HOT OUTSIDE!”

  92. As George Washington, the Father of our Country, once said: “I cannot tell a lie” (However the U.S. Supreme Court just ruled in the Alverez case that it’s O.K. for some SCUM-BAG MOTHERFUCKER to lie about his Military Service and the Medals he was (WASN’T) awarded. So. I just learned that the “attempted armed robber” yesterday at “Brothers 3” on Magazine Street may have been a ROACH BALL HONKEY SON-OF-A-BITCH tather than a SLAVE (and all that the name implies). If anyone gets his PAWS on the HONKEY, bring him over to my house. I have a good piece of rope and a lot of oak trees in the neighborhood. No trial; just summary execution. I want to make sure that I don’t get the reputation as a “NON-EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EXECUTIONER”. Did you “GET” that? It’s a double negative. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  93. AROD:What was the response time from the Second District to Brothers 3 robbery scene ONE block away- 1 hour- 2hours?

    The Station Bros’ don’t want to get there too soon cause in addition to hot weather there maybe HOT LEAD flying around. Need to change the wording on patrol cars to ” to sit on and serve our A/C LEAD asses”

    Betta’ ya’ if we could get the Louisiana National Guard from Afghan or Iraq with their desert tolerance, night vision tech goggles, automatic weaponry and shoot to kill temperament they would within a few months put you out of business with your slave reports.

    And how about a few surveillance drones flying above NOLA day and night just to intimidate the drive by assassins. The bros’ may spray paint RAY RAY’s cameras on poles but lets see them deal with the drones.

    Now that would be a REAL war on drugs the bros’ would respect instead of laughing at the present candy/ LEAD assed weenies ONE block away from their robbery targets.

    1. Lockemup ,
      I’m with you on the drones stationary cameras just won’t cut it, was a huge waist of money and too easy to tamper with. At least with a drone you know someone is awake watching the damn screen .

  94. Attention Diana “the BANJO” Bajoie: There’s a “TFN” Alert in your District. Call me, and I’ll tell you what “TFN” means. The number is 891-8790, and I WARN YOU: You may not like what you’ll hear. And you kniw what BANJO, I do believe that you’re a “TFN”. Anyway, the Sixth District set a trap for the felonious SLAVES (that’s redundant) in the Lower Garden District by setting out unchained bicycles at randon throughout the neighborhood. It didn’t take long for three SLAVES to try to steal the three bikes that weren’t theirs (Whatever happened to: “If it’s not yours, leave it alone; if it IS yours, make sure you get it.”?). So here’s the rundown on SLAVES who are now in custody, but who the DA and Criminal Court Judges are just ITCHING to release back among the law-abiding citizenry: (1) SLAVE booked with resisting arrest and barrery on a police officer, and already wanted on a burglary charge from the 2nd District (that’s where I live). (2) SLAVE known to police as an associate of one of the 6th District’s most frequent burglars. (3) SLAVE with a lengthy history of felony property crimes. I’m curious as to why at least one, and maybe more of these SLAVES, were allowed to walk the streets as free men, before they stole bicycles that didn’t belong to them. So I have a better idea: Instead of using bicycles as bait, why not use AK-47’s that have been rendered inert by a Certified Welder. Then, when the cops arrive on the scene, and the SLAVE points the AK-47 at the cops, the cops will be justified in BLOWING THE SLAVE’S SHIT AWAY. No medical expenses, no costs associated with incarceration, no Court costs, and the SLAVE can be buried in a potter’s field in one of those wooden caskets made by the Monks (If they learn it’s going to be used for a SLAVE body, maybe they’ll DONATE the casket). I really wonder how long it will take for these three “career criminal” SLAVES to be released from law enforcement custody. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  95. There’s something I want “The SLABBED Nation” to know: The mud-hut, didn’t know what a wheel was, and no written language “culture” that the SLAVE Rulers themselves took the SLAVES from before they got eaten by lions (and even chimpanzees, which were, in many ways “superior” than their prey), had not improved in the years leading up to 1808, when the importation of SLAVES was BANNED in this Country, and for about 20 years or so after the Civil War (Some would say that the culture STILL has not improved: Witness Sergeant Doe and Charles Taylor among others, ie. Patrice Lumumba: Oh! You like Lumumba? Would you like another piece of him (passing the dinner plate)?

  96. Part II of the Above Comment (The Web-Site Wouldn’t Allow Me To Finish). Anyway, I have critiqued what has happened in the last 100 years of so in Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire (Congo), Niger, Nigeria, Liberia, Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia), South Africa and Mozambique, among other countries. Well, last night Educational TV had a Special on about the explorations of “Doctor Livingston, I presume” on “The Dark Continent”, which he called “The SORE on the World”, because in 1879, THE BLACKS WERE STILL PRACTICING SLAVERY AMONGST EACH OTHER AND SELLING THEIR OWN TO FUCKING ARABS. Now I know why damn few slaves in America, who were liberated before and after the Civil War, NEVER OPTED TO RETURN TO THEIR NATIVE LAND AND THE WONDERFULLY-DEVELOPED CIVILIZATION THAT THE SLAVE TRADERS TOOK THEM FROM (The “SLAVE Traders were Negroes). And I’ve got to tell you, given the choice between being eaten by a lion or a chimpanzee, I’d have settled on the “Federal Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands” anyday. (Has anyone ever come across any “abandoned lands”, because I want to stake a claim. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  97. AROD: The BIKE STING must be Half-Assed/ Half Moon’s latest anti-crime initiative.

    I hope they put out some very expensive, high end bikes out,over $500, so the thefts can be adjudicated felonies. Did the bikes have a license plate on them indicating they were not abandoned bikes?

    Like the car stings did the bikes stop rolling after a block or two? Was there a hidden camera so we could do a TruTV series ?

    Oh wait, I think Wbul-Wbul-L has some film of a stung rider on this sting- op on camera:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzm64NlwjNw?rel=0&w=420&h=315%5D

  98. After a “lull” in the action (we simply weren’t informed about what REALLY has been going on), the SLAVES are at it again. Last night @ 11:00 P.M. a SLAVE went down for the count (at the hands of one or more other SLAVES) with multiple gunshot wounds in the 1900 Block of Olive Street in the “Hollygrove” neighborhood. When neighbors were asked by the cops what they saw, the typical answer was, “Oh, I did’n see nuthin”. When asked by the cops what they had heard, the typical answer was, “Oh, Ah thawt dat nnoyze wuz ‘firecrackers’. Ain’t it da 4th of JEW-LIE?” On a separate note, the “male yout” who committed the armed robbery and attempted murder last week near Dublin and Zimple, after the victim had been shopping at Haase’s on Oak Street, turns out to be a 21 year-old WOMAN who has confessed (the “brilliant” NOPD still hasn’t charged her with attempted murder, and don’t hold your breath). This DANGEROUS PREDATOR will attempt to use her sex and her youthful looks (WIPE THAT SMILE OFF YOUR FACE, YOU BLACB BITCH!) to gain some advantage in her criminal case. I want to know who her accomplices were, and who dispatched her on her mission of armed robbery and attempted murder (and whose gun was she using?). More questions than answers notwithstanding her being in custody, and NO CONFIDENCE WHATSIEVER in “the System”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  99. In conjunction with the daily SLAVE REPORT it is time for the first installment of SlabbedBusters where our readers prove or disprove certain myths.

    MYTH: Chrissy Roberts is protected from political pot shots sent his way by the M&M Sistas when he is on his 4G terlit at 5 AM checking his campaign deposits. CAUTION:: do not try this at home!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4frrVBrymFE?rel=0&w=560&h=315%5D

    Thus the myth has been busted and Roberts has no defense on his terlit from political shots at his excessive campaign deposits.

  100. More distressing news: The Uptown Messenger is reporting a RAPE that was reported yesterday, Monday, the 2nd, at 1:24 P.M., in the 900 Block of Calhoun Street, which is the first block on the downtown side of Audubon Park, just a couple of blocks North of Magazine Street, between Camp and Chestnut Streets. This is “the heart” of Uptown. No further details are available at this time. Recall that the CRIMINALS who carry guns and wear badges within the ranks of the CRIMINAL State Police wrongfully revoked my “concealed carry” Permit. Maybe I should place them on notice that they may see me walking down the street carrying a shotgun on my shoulder, and with a pistol in na holster on my hip – ALL IN PLAIN VIEW. I wonder if I will be treated more harshly than the 30 or so State Policemen (who we learned yesterday are in our CESSPOOL of a City daily) treated that rapist yesterday. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  101. Things have been “busy” here in the CESSPOOL over the Fourth of July Holiday. First, the NOPD informed us (rather “late”) that there wasn’t a rape on Calhoun Street, near Audubon Park, after all. Rather, it was a “data entry error”. Got that? An uncorrected data entry error that was allowed to stand as FACT to the Public for over 24 hours. And we’re told that “the Rape Unit” operates autonimously from the Second District, and of course both the Rape Unit and the Second District operate autonomously from “Headquarters” (where “the Serpent” hangs his hat), SO NO ONE IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DATA ENTRY ERROR AND MISINFORMING THE PUBLIC, AND KEEPING THEM MISINFORMED FOR OVER 24 HOURS. Second, there were “fireworks” at Pressburg and Music Streets shortly before 1300 hours on yesterday, the 4th of July. Another male SLAVE went down for the count with multiple gunshot wounds. As usual, no witnesses, but we KNOW that this KILLING was committed by another SLAVE, don’t we? And as usual, no arrests by the NOPD. “Nola.com” reported that the SLAVE victim was found face down, with “blood splattered on the lawn and sidewalk” (Did we really need to KNOW that?). Third, just this morning the body of a femele SLAVE was found dead just after 0630 hours on Alcee Fortier Blvd. near the Chef Highway. This female SLAVE must have really irritated someone because she was shot multiple times. And as usual, no witnesses, and no arrests. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  102. The first “post-Fourth-of-July” murder occurred sometime last night, when the blood-covered body of a 35 year-old SLAVE was spotted in a middle lane of the St. Claude Avenue Bridge over the Industrial Canal. The “spotter” was a passing motorist. The dead SLAVE was a 35 year-old who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Whether the SLAVE had been hit or rolled over by one or more vehicles is unknown. As usual, no witnesses, and no arrests by the NOPD. Then very early on Wednesday, the 4th, (0245 hours), a SLAVE on foot stuck a gun in the face of the person manning the pick-up window of Rally’s in the 2200 Block of South Claiborne Ave. No “getaway” car mind you: ON FOOT. The SLAVE perpetrator armed robber must have know that the people inside Rally’s wouldn’t call the police before the SLAVE made his getaway. OR, the SLAVE was confident that he need not fear the police arriving on the scene, or even in the neighborhood, before he made his getaway. BOTTON LINE: No cops (as usual), and SLAVE armed robber, who presumably still has his gun, STILL WALKS AMONG US. Thank you, Mitch; thank you “Serpent”. Invite that “misunderstood, troubled YOUT” to Midnight Basketball. That’ll set him straight. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  103. The very latest on life (and death) here in the CESSPOOL appears in “The Uptown Messenger”. I will not attempt to replicate those who are more astute and articulate than I, but focus on the deadly shooting of a 5-year old (and a 33 year old passer-by, shot in the head) in May 2012, on a porch on Martin Luther King Blvd. Believe it or not, the NOPD is calling “…that house…the epicenter of shootings and retaliatory shootings.” And now the “strangest” part (aside from the multiple shootings and lawlessness associated with that house since May): “…the girl’s two relatives who were the intended targets of the shooting still REFUSE TO COOPERATE with police investigating the murder.” [Caps in original]. To which I reply: BULLSHIT! The women in that house, ie. Ma-Ma, GrandMa, Auntie, Sister, Cousin, Niece, and NIGGA HO’s and BITCHES, can’t all be deaf, dumb and blind. Am I the only one who believes that some search warrants and/or arrest warrants would result in the desired “cooperation”? Ashton O’Dwyer

  104. So, hu sae dat de What Man has it “in” far de Neegra? O.K., let’s exclude the occasional white COP from the equation, but it’s been a few months (at least) since a COP killed an unarmed Negro – another such murder may be “due”. But last night we had yet another “SLAVE on SLAVE” shooting, this one in the 1400 Block of Simon Bolivar Avenue, around 8:00 P.M. Once again, the “shooter” couldn’t shoot straight and hit his victim in the leg. And who pays for the hospitalization and medical bills? Will this one be covered under “Obummer-Care”? And even if it is so covered, who pays for Cbummer-Care? As usual, not witnesses, and no arrests by the NOPD. Police Superintendent “The Serpent” was quoted as saying, “Hey, it was Friday night, the beginning of The Essence Festival weekend, with Al Sharpton and Trayvon Martin’s parents in town. The ‘boys’ (OOPS! CORRECTION), the young men in the Simon Bolivar Avenue neighborhood who aspire to go to Harvard, and to become President of the United States, and alternatively brain surgeons, are entitles to let off a little steam, And besides, the ‘victim’ was only hit in the leg. I mean the wound was not ‘life-threatening’ or anything like that. I doubt if the incident will even be entered into the NOPD’s COMSTAT data base. But we’re searching for the young man who ‘pulled the trigger’ so we ac get him enrolled in the Mayor’s program to be counseled by former gang members (Boy! – OPPS! There’s that word again! – Gee, I’d sure like to get my paws on some of those guys – parole violations and felons in possession of firearms, you know.) for “anger management” and “conflict resolution”: That’s if we live long enough to speak with him after locating him. I also want to enroll that troubled young man in James Carter’s Midnight Basketball League.” Thank you Chief Serpent for your inscisive remarks. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  105. Ashton,
    You forgot about group therapy? “anger management” and “conflict resolution” what a hoot too funny !

  106. An armed robbery and a carjacking on Audubon Street Friday night (armed robbery between the Newcomb Campus and St. Charles Avenue, and the carjacking between Claiborne Ave. and the Newcomb). Perpetrators: SLAVES, of cpurse. What else? But we have one less SLAVE to contend with. He was murdered by several gunshots to the head (Superintendent “the Serpent” is still trying to figure out how to classify several gunshots to the head as a “suicide” so he doesn’t have to classify this death as a murder, which will make him look “worse” than he already looks). This obvious “SLAVE on SLAVE” murder occurred in the 3800 Block of North Johnson Street shortly after 5:00 P.M. yesterday. Happy Essence Fest! EMPOWERMENT, everybody! (That’s “black” power, not “HONKEY” power, by the way. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  107. The latest SLAVE atrocity was the cowardly MURDER of a United Cabs Cabdriver sometime overnight last night in “the East”, and more particularly in a parking lot behind an apartment complex in the 1600 Block of Downmwn Road. The Cabdriver was found behind the wheel of his cab shot in the head. I could say a few more things about this atrocity, which would include references to “flamethrowers” (which, incidentally, are no longer in the U.S. arsenal: “too inhumane” – we have to be “humane” about how we kill savage animal RAGHEADS) and grenade-firing “streetsweepers”, but my remarks along those lines would only get me in trouble. And then at @ 10:00 P.M. on Sunday night police found a man shot in the stomach in the Iberville Housing Project in the 1400 Block of Bienville Street. The victim is in critical condition, but rest assured that the victim will get the best medical care on the tazpayers’ dime through Obummer Care. And since the victim was shot in the stomach, one would think that the victim can I.D. his shooter. Let’s see if the victim “cooperates” with police. And if he doesn’t, let’s see if “the powers that be” have the intestinal fortitude to “pull the plug” on his free medical care and return him to the SHITHOLE he was picked up from in the Iberville Housing Project (and to think, it was just a year or so ago that several male members of my Family and I visited St. Louis Cemetary No. 2, where an historic Family tomb (the “Richardson Family Branch”) is located. Little did we know that we were taking our lives in our hands). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  108. Like the NOPD, I am beginning to find it IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the ctimes being perpetrated by these BLACK MOTHERFUCKERS with guns. The SLAVE found in the Iberville Housing Project Courtyard, gutshot, died yeasteday without revealing the name of his assailant. The SLAVE’s Family was quoted as saying that his role model was Oliver “I Ain’t No Snitch” Thomas. The SLAVE will now have an eternity to think about whether he could have picked a different role model. Yesterday, there were four shootings, none fatal, althoug one could still result in death: (1) SLAVE shot in the leg near Bayou St. John; (2) SLAVE shot in the chest on the border of the St. Roch and Marigny neighborhoods (This one may die, yet. No word as to whether he has “fingered” his shooter); (3) SLAVE shot in the leg in “da Eese”; and (4) SLAVE female shot in the hand(No word as to whether they fingered the shooter or shooters). THEN, last night, the SLAVES took their lives of crime into some Uptown neighborhoods, again (You know: Why do criminals rob Banks? ANSWER: Because that’s where the money is). There was an armed robbery in the 7600 Block of Maple Street, just down the Block from Bruno’s. And @ 1/2 hour later, the same three psychopathic/sociopathic SLAVES carjacked a evhicle from its owner on Nelson Street, near Adams and Burdette. I just don’t know what to say, other than “The SLAVES are (still) out of control” and “The NOPD is being totally ineffective in ‘protecting’ us”. Remember: The NOPD’s MOTTO is “To PROTECT and SERVE”. Well, the “PROTECT” part has been lost on some “special detail” authorized by “The Serpent” and his “hand-picked” insiders. One more atrocity and I’m going to give my solution to the problem, and I don’t give a FUCK who I might offend (other than SOP). Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. my advice, get the hell out. i was born at baptist in the 60’s. raised in the garden district and uptown. as a young adult i moved around, the quarter, warehouse dist, mid-city and uptown. the amount of crimes committed against me were numerous and in every neighborhood. the first 2 crimes against me as a kid were by whites both at the corner of st charles and octavia a few years apart. a white pervert called me over from a parked van and started to jack it and a white teen forcefully stole my bike. around that same time (8 years old) i was strong arm robbed by some white teens while standing in front of the prytania theater. i had 2 cars stolen by blacks, a house broken into by a black, mugging by a black. crime is crime. 12 years ago i had enough and got the hell out. i have not filed a police report since other than a car accident. while i still visit the south shore i will never live there again. all the ranting in the world will not fix that f’d up place.

  109. And you thought I was being facetious abou it being IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the CRIMES being perpetrated by these BLACK MOTHERFUCKERS: Well, two more SLAVES went down for the count this morning – DEAD, DEAD, DEAD – shot multiple times in the head and body in a black SUV on Feliciana Street. This REALLY is getting a bit ridiculous. How can our Mayor allow “the Serpent” to keep his job? Why aren’t the rank and file NOPD Officers hanging their heads in shame? The BLACK MALE CRIMINALS OVER THE AGE OF 12 ARE IN CONTROL, not the NOPD, not the law-abiding Citizenry. And “JUNIOR”: I get your point and will be vacating this CESSPOOL soon enough (although not on a completely voluntary basis). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  110. I’ll be a little more respectful, because the third fatal shooting here in the CESSPOOL today, Tuesday, July 10, 2012 – THAT’S RIGHT: THE THIRD FATAL SHOOTING TODAY – involved a 19 year old Negro male who was set to report for Active Duty in the Air Force on Monday. He won’t make it, A Negro woman was “grazed” bt the same flurry of bullets. But the following is “interesting”: Today we learned that “The Serpent”, the Second District, the NOPD, Ron Forman and the Audubon Institute have been hiding from the Public for more than a week a break-in and burglary on Public property, namely the Audubon Zoo Swamp Exhibit Gift Shop, on the evening of July 3 – 4, 2012. We haven’t been told how much damage was occasioned or precisely what was taken – EXCEPT 10 BABY ALLIGATORS. Questioned about the “late” reporting of this series of crimes on Public property, “The Serpent” offerred this explanation: “Hey! It’s summertime, and “rot-your-crotch-off HOT. Alligators grow exponentially in hot summertime weather, and it was hoped that the baby alligaoors would grow to a sufficient size that THEY WOULD EAT THE NEGROS WHO STOLE THEM. Wait! Did I say ‘Negro’? Mitch is going to get mad. You know how he and his Daddy and his Sister are about Negros. Change that to: Caucasians, American Indians, Chinamen, Japs, Spics – I mean Hispanics – and those who practice that ‘Religion of Peace’, Members of the Muslim Faith, who MAY have temporarily removed the baby alligators from the Gift Shop, with the intention of returning them before the baby alligators got big enough the EAT the THIEVES – I mean those thoughtful souls who were taking the baby alligators for a walk. I mean you know the NOPD’s record on fighting crime here in the CESSPOOL. Anytime we can enlist 1 new allies we’re going to JUMP at the opportunity.” Two SLAVES are in custody, having been apprehended by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office – NOT the NOPD. For now “everyone” is saying that there is no evidence that the two SLAVES in custody committed the break-in or burglary, or that they drove the getaway car. They were, however found in possession of one or more alligator. The reports on whether the alligators (the 9 the authorities have recovered – one is “missing”) are alive or dead are conflicting. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  111. You’re really NOT going to believe this: The SLAVE who was shot in the chest earlier today died this afternoon in surgery, meaning FOUR (4) SHOOTING FATALITIES TODAY here in the CESSPOOL. RIP. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  112. The atrocities committed by SLAVES in Uptown New Orleans a/k/a the CESSPOOL continue. Last night it was an armed robbery committed by three (3) SLAVES of a couple in front of their house in the 7700 Block of Spruce Street, near Adams Street, around 11:00 P.M. The male victim was washing his car; the female victim was just arriving home from work. The woman’s purse was not taken, and an attempt to take the man’s vehicle was thwarted by the fact that his keys were inside. However, cell phones were taken from the man and the woman (Why couldn’t these be “tracked”?). The only gun “flashed” did nt match the description of the gun used in other Uptown atrocites during the past 5 days (armed robbery on Audubon Street on Friday night; carjacking on Audubon Street on Friday night; armed robbery on Maple Street on Monday night; and carjacking on Nelson Street on Monday night), but one of the FELONIOUS SLAVES wore an all-too-familiar “blue bandana” on his face. The NOPD has at least 4 Officers patrolling the Uptown Area, suplemented by Officers from “Special Details”, and Tulane University Police. Maybe it’s time to reinstitute a “Stop and Frisk” strategy, and to intercept and divert BLACK MALES before they can commit any more crimes and, perhaps, hurt somebody. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  113. CORRECTION: The four (4) NOPD Officers patrolling were hired as a “Special Detail” by Tulane. The “rank and file” NOPD Officers patrolling ate from a “Second District Task Force”, numbers unknown. And there are some typos, such as “not” and “supplemented”. Let’s hope that these guys are caught, soon. AROD.

  114. WDSU.com

    updated 2 hours 56 minutes ago

    The Monroe City Council has rejected a proposed ordinance that called for fining people wearing sagging pants.

    The News-Star reports that council members heard testimony Tuesday from residents who supported and opposed the measure before they unanimously voted against it.

    A lawyer representing the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana told the council that the proposal is rooted in negative stereotypes about young black men and would lead to selective enforcement and racial profiling.

    Council chairman Jay Marx said he only introduced the ordinance to provide a forum for discussion.

  115. Tom: There are a lot of States, Municipalities, and even Federal Agencies, that woul disagree with the GUTLESS Monroe City Council. My guess would be that, due to demographics in the area, the white Council Persons HAD to pander to the Negros, in the hope that Negros will vote for them in the next election (FAT CHANCE OF THAT, if a Negro is running against a HONKEY). The “sagger” style originated IN PRISON (the Negro race has a lot of experience with that), because belts are BANNED in prison. Since 7 in 10 Negro males have been or will be in prison, the sagger “look” came to be “cool” among Negro males, movie “stars” (not to me), Rap Artists, etc. What many of them don’t realize is that “the lower the sagger” in prison, constitutes an invitation to engage in homosexual sex. That’s “nice”, huh? Since the Negro males on my “List of Negros Who Mean or Have Meant ANYTHING in Ashton O’Dwyer’s Life” are all DEAD, I’ve devoted enough of my time to the worthless sacks of shit who flaunt the “sagger” look. And by the way, the “look” also signals law enforcement that “I’m an ex-convict”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. As NOPD files away mountain of data from traffic stops, critics warn overuse may break law

      Published: Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 11:30 PM Updated: Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 6:33 AM

      By Brendan McCarthy, The Times-Picayune



      Controversy continues to surround the New Orleans Police Department’s policies on traffic and pedestrian stops, which during the past year led officers to enter the names and personal information of more than 70,000 people into a centralized electronic database — an action that in some cases might have been unconstitutional. NOPD brass touts the use of such “field interview cards,” or FICs — information sheets that police fill out after stopping and questioning a citizen — as a smart, modern investigative tool that is helping to solve crimes.

      Darren Hartman

      But civil rights groups and the Justice Department have questioned whether the NOPD’s widespread use of the cards violates privacy, and perhaps the law. Some cops have also questioned the department’s policies on field interview cards, saying that officers are encouraged to fill them out in cases where they’re not appropriate.
      Fears of an ‘implied quota’

      Under Serpas, who has sought to bring a data-driven wonkiness to New Orleans policing, the use of field interview cards has taken on a new emphasis. For the first time, the data have been used as a metric of officer and district performance, Deputy Superintendent Kirk Bouyelas told The Times-Picayune in 2010.

      The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana years ago said it had begun receiving reports from citizens who said they were being stopped for no apparent reason and asked to provide identification. The civil liberties group also expressed concern that the NOPD might have an “implied quota” and that officers were encouraged to make frivolous stops to boost their numbers.

      Bouyelas said at the time that the NOPD is careful to remind officers that they can only make stops in compliance with a 1968 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Terry v. Ohio, which says that in order to stop someone and do a field interview, officers must have reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred or is about to occur.

      Many police agencies document “Terry stops” on a department-wide basis, which allows them to track deployment of officers as well as disparities in who is stopped by police.

      The Justice Department’s 2011 report, a precursor to the impending federal consent decree over the police force, noted disapprovingly that the NOPD’s policy includes only two paragraphs detailing “the appropriate legal standards for initiating an investigatory stop” under the Terry case.

      “Overall, the policy fails to provide clear and comprehensive guidance on stops and frisks, while its tone serves to minimize the Terry standard in a manner that may promote improper stops,” the report said.

  116. This will be Part I of a “several part” Report this evening. First and foremost is a HOME INVASION and armed robbery that occurred IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT in the 600 Block of Broadway at 1:45 P.M. Two “college age” SLAVESbroke into the ground floor door to a second floor apartment, climbed the stairs, burst through the upstairs door, and held the female Tulane student tenant face down on the floor at gunpoint, while they took whatever they wanted. “The Uptown Messenger” has a more detailed account of what happened. The female tenant was being visited by a female friend. TUM account does not shed much light on what the friend may have been going through while the female tenant was being held face down on the floor at gunpoint. Incredibly, as the SLAVES made their escape on Broadway, the femele tenant ran after them, and pleaded with the SLAVES for her laptop and her cell phone, which the SLAVES gave up! Obviously, such heroics are DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED. Both locales, namely the apartment and the street, could have been the scenes of some VERY UNHAPPY ENDINGS. The Gods were smiling on the female Tulane student (tenant) and her female friend. Here’s hoping that some surveillanve camers caught the MUGS of the two SLAVES as they walked to the apartment being the scene of the home invasion and as they made their getaway through the neighborhood. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  117. O.K., so let’s finish the atrocities by SLAVES in he last 24 hours, which include a “happy story” (I think) stemming from a TFN SLAVE burglary on Public property over the July 4th Holiday. Last night, Wednesday the 11th, a SLAVE suffered a “graze wound” after being SHOT AT in the 2400 Block of Valmont Street @ 7:00 P.M. This is within “spitting distance” of that “upcoming, rejuvenated” neighborhood called “The Freret Street Corridor” (YEAH, yo rite: just don’t park one block in either direction from Freret Street, and then try to walk to or from Freret – don’t do it without a bullet-proof vest, that is). But what’s so FUCKED UP and SICKENING about this non-lethal shooting is the fact that the SLAVE victim and the SLAVE “PARENTS” (who the fuck knows just who “Daddy” is?) WON’T COOPERATE WITH THE POLICE TO IDENTIFY THE SHOOTER NOTWITHSTANDING THE FACT THAT THEY ALL KNOW WHO THE SHOOTER IS. Shit, man, the fucking aboriginal savages in Africa are more civilized that the fucking SLAVES in this Community. Then, this afternoon, a SLAVE got off a City bus near one of the SLAVE University, Xavier, at South Carrollton Ave. and Strolitz Street, and opened fire at another SLAVE still on the bus, not giving a damn who he might hit. And hit he did, but not lethally, Thank God. At least one arrest has been made, and at least one handgun recovered. Think about this incident the next time you consider riding Public Transit here in the CESSPOOL. Now the “happy” part: One of the SLAVES who broke into the Audubon Swamp Tour Exhibit Gift Shop and stole 10 baby alligators was arrested Wednesday, yesterday, the 11th. “Rodney Thornton”, age 29, was charged with “attempted robbery” (what the fuck was the “attempt”? I mean the cocksucker actually broke into the Gift Shop and stole 10 baby alligators). He also was charged with possession of stolen things, which is fair enough. Now here’s the “happy” part: Thornton, a two-time loser, pleaded GUILTY in 2001 to charges of burglary, theft, and cruelty to animals, after he stole an iguana from the zoo. So when Thornton was found in possession of a firearm, he was charged with POSSESSION OF A FIREARM BY A FELON! There IS aGod. See you in about 5 years, Thornton. Hope you liked that alligator sausage. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  118. The SLAVES continue their Reign of Terror on the rest of us. This morning at about 1:00 A.M. a SLAVE shot another SLAVE to death near Dryades and 7th Streets. As usual, no witnesses, and no arrests by the NOPD (Why do we even HAVE an NOPD?). Then yesterdayin broad fucking daylight in the 900 Block of Dumaine in the French Quarter (think “tourists”), a SLAVE in his 30’s (according to WWL-TV News), followed a man into his house (Would one call this a “home invasion”? I would), and hit him over the head from behind with a heavy object. Nice. I wonder what private CCTV cameras will show, because New Orleans is too CORRUPT to have publicly-funded crime cameras in place. :astly, a guy was shot multiple times in Harvey yesterday and is in critical condition. Sure sounds like a SLAVE-ON-SLAVE crime, but I can’t be sure, and anyway, it happened in Jefferson Parish, so Superintendent “the Serpent” won’t have to include it in his COMSTAT numbers anyway. No matter if the “perp” lived in Orleans; no matter if the gun came from Orleans. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  119. SLAVE-on-SLAVE. We lost Two SLAVES today, a female and a male. The female appears to have been stabbed by her husband (no Marriage Certificate has been produced), so her death, while a crime, didn’t occur in your typical SLAVE armed robbery, rape, or random gunfire aimed at another male SLAVE but scattered “willy-nilly”, even killing children on occasion. The male was killed @ 4:30 P.M. this afternoon over on “the Worst Bank”, on Garden Oaks Drive. Notwithstanding the demise of the Fisher Project, the Worst Bank is still home to lots of MURDEROUS NEGRO SCUM, as witnessed by the killing of the Good Samaritan in front of his small boys some months ago. No witnesses and, as usual, no arrests by the NOPD and “the Serpent”. As the Police Superintendent said during a recent interview: “Hey! Why the hell should the NOPD Officers put their lives on the line, when the Negros – I mean ‘misguided Afro American Youts, who Society has FAILED, and FAILED MISERABLY’ – are doing suck a good job of killing each other and ‘culling’ their own ranks? We’d be fools to put ourselves in harms way to try to PREVENT crime – Have YOU ever tried to prevent a Negro – I mean an African American Yout – from killing, robbing, stealing, raping and looting? Now THAT would be a REAL challenge!” Thank you Chief for your incisive insight. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  120. Following the two SLAVE-on-SLAVE murders yesterday, Monday, July 16, 2012, Obummer and Eric Holder held a National News Conference. The “message” was ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are sick and tired of our black Brothers and Sisters feeding the worme and pushing daisies. But we’re not just going to TALK about it; we’re going to DO something about it. Accordingly, until we change our minds, this deadly implements, KNIVES, are BANNED. So empty out your kitchen drawers, put the knives in a bin. and put them out for the garbage man (now be careful if the garbage man is a Negro; he might try to STEAL the knives). How are you going to function in the kitchen and at the dinner table without knives you might ask? Well Native Americans did it, with sharpened stone. The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and yes, “steel”, were entire “lost” on American Indians. They didn’t even know about the wheel until early settlers (which included large numbers of “Afros” from that highly developed Continent called Africa – just look at Africa today: the people that haven’t killed and eaten each other haven’t lived in thatched huts with mud floors and no commodes for 25 to 50 years!) showed the wheel to them and taught them how to use wheels. Anyway, because the Indians didn’t have knives, they used their teeth and sharpened stones to cut their meat and other things (ERIC, PLEASE DON’T SAY THAT THE INDIANS USED STONES TO KILL EACH OTHER – WE’D BE IN REAL TROUBLE IN AN ELECTION YEAR IF THAT GOT OUT AND I HAD TO BAN STONES). So people, doing without those KILLER IMPLEMENTS KNIVES won’t be so bad, especially when you consider that being caught with a knife after the ban will result in a fine, or is it a penalty, or is it a tax?

  121. It really is getting very hard for me to keep up with “The SLAVE Report” on SLABBED. Undoubledlt, the BIGGEST story in the last 24 hours is Jon Johnson’s GUILTY plea to STEALING Federal money and conspiring to steal “more” through the submission of false invoives, when the money wasn’t going to a “con-profit” at all BUT TO RENOVATE THIS SCUM-BAG’s PRIVATE RESIDENCE. Even Letten could not articulate precisely how much Johnson stole, and the jury is still out in that regard. And despite his GUILTY plea, he continues pandering to fellow-felons, saying that he hopes, “when all of the facts are known”, it will bw found that his positive efforts to help the two “con profits” and his civic activities and his years of honest servive to his city and state will outweigh his transgressions. I’ll let you know how I feel about that, Jon, agter you spend several years behind bars in the Federal Penitentiary. Part II of this Comment will follow. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  122. When you read this SLAVE Report from Monday, the 16th, until today, Wednesday, the 18th at 0600 hours, you might conclude, as I have, that the term “SLAVE” is far too “nice” to call the “DEGENERATE ANIMALISTIC VERMIN SCUM” that are terrorizing the City of New Orleans (Actually, I could use some “worse” names, but I don’t want to get in trouble). WEDNESDAY, JULY 18th – An armed robbery perpetrated by SLAVES, a man and a woman, on South Scott Street; Shooting near Chef Menteur Highway and Downman Road, when two SLAVES were “shooting at each other” (this is a new game, like “playing tiddly winks”, “tossing horseshoes”, or “placing bocce ball” – you know “SHOOTING AT EACH OTHER). The shooting SLAVES didn’t hit each other, but they hit a bystander, who’s now in the hospital costing the taxpayers money. TUESDAY, JULY 17th: Stabbing death of a female SLAVE (already reported); Shooting death of a male SLAVE on Garden Oaks Drive (already reported); Shooting at Liuisiana and Magazine when a SLAVE got caught in the cross=fire of two other SLAVES who were “shooting at each other”. This is reminiscent of what happened “in dee EESE” on Wednesday; Shooting of SLAVE on Iberville Street by other SLAVES in a vehicle; STABBING death of male SLAVE in 900 Block of Belleville Street (already reported). MONDAY, July 16th: Aggravated Burglary at 4:45 A.M., when a man who was asleep, was stabbed in the left eye with a screwdriver by SLAVES who broke into his home. When I was wrongfully incarcerated (in solitary confinement), on totally FALES criminal charges initiated by that worthless piece of shit, Jim Letten, who I ultimately BEAT “big time”, I took pity of some othe the Negro inmates who I saw from time to time, while taking a shower (3 times per week) or being driven to the Federal Courthouse in a van with other inmates (I heard the “n” word uttered by Negro inmates more times than I ever heard the word uttered in my entire life. Anyway, once my Family and I figured out how I could get “commissary privileges”, and I got my first order filled (@ 3 weeks into my 34 day ordeal), I asked one of the Guards if he could pick out the most “poor, down and out” prisoner (99% Negro), and I would send him a Walkman, some Cokes, some hard candy (Jolly Ranchers”, and some other “goodies”. The response from the Guard was: “Fuck ’em; they’re ANIMALS.” I never could find a Guard to make a delivery. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  123. I understand from SOP that some “readers” are offended by my use of the term “SLAVE”. Maybe they ought to ponder the alternatives. Anyway, I’ve agreed to attempt to “clean up my act”, so I will no longer use the word “SLAVE” to describe the perpetrator(s) and the crimes being committed on a daily basis here in New Orleans. Instead, I will refer to the perpetrators as “DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM”, and I’ll only do it once, at the beginning of the Comment, so as not to offend those with prejudices in favor of DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM. The Reader may assume that the “victim” or “victims” were Negros, unless otherwise indicated. Thursday: ARMED ROBBERY on N. Tonti Street late at night. Fortunately, no one killed or shot. ARMED ROBBERY at Advance Auto Parts on the Chef Menteur Highway late at night. Fortunately, no one killed or shot. SHOOTING in broad daylight in the 8400 Block of Curran. CUTTING with a blade in the 6700 Block of Tara Lane (That confiscation of knives policy announced by Obummer and Eric “Hold-Em-Up” apparently didn’t work). Friday: Shooting uptown in the 700 Block of Adele Street at 7:00 P.M. Victim shot in the back. Shooting Death: A 15 year old found in a ditch in a wooded area near his home, dead of gunshot wounds. According to his “Daddy”, “He was a very good kid.” (“Somebody” didn’t think so). The decedent had been “missing” for several days according to Family Members. And as usual, no arrests by the NOPD. For those of you who live in “Ivory Towers” far removed from “The CESSPOOL” called New Orleans, and are thinking about sending your children to school here, or who might have “influence” over wher your GrandChildren may go to college, THINK AGAIN. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  124. Well, another piece of degenerate savage animal scum was founf GUILTY in “The Honorable” Ben Willard’s Courtroon this week (that’s Cynthia Willard Lewis’ Dad) for possessing an AK-47 and “mary jane” in his vehicle at a second line parade in 2010. Judge Willard and the “criminal justice system” gave the perpetrator a “pass” on two occasions while he was out on bond awaiting trial, but tested POSITIVE for “WHO THE HELL KNOWS”. He was on DRUGS twice, but the5te were NO CONSEQUENCES. And there’s something “fucked up” about “His Honor’s comments” and the “nola.com” reporting (no wonder, since the “real” reporters have been fired. There’s no prohibition about owning an Ak-47 and having it in your vehicle, unless you are a felon, or unless the AK-47 is a FULL AUTOMATIC rather than a semi-automatic. I don’t know if this is IGNORANCE, SLOPPINESS or SOMETHING ELSE on the part of those reporting this story. I will be watching the sentence that “The Honorable” Ben Willard metes out. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  125. If you thought that the DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM who outnumber Caucasians in the City of New Orleans take “off” for the Sabbath, ie. “the Lord’s Day”, THINK AGAIN. One shot a man in the back (one guess as to the race of the “victim”) about 12:30 P.M. near the intersection of France and Villere Streets. No one has died, yet. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  126. Hey! Aurora, Colorado ain’t got “nothing” on New Orleans. The SLAUGHTER on our streets continues. Last night, just before midnight, one or more pieces of DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM turned “the Sabbath” into BLACK SABBATH (in more ways than one). In the 6200 Block of Painters Street, in a part of town reportedly called “Milneburg” (never heard THAT before – I thought Milneburg was out by the Lakefront), a 22 year old was shot in the head, and a 26 year old was shot in the chest. Both DIED of their wounds. Anybody want to try to guess the race of the victims? As usual, no arrests by the NOPD. Way to go, Ronal! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  127. Here’s what the DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM who hail from the Niger River Delta brought to New Orleans within the last 72 hours: Saturday, the 21st: Aggravared Robbery; Aggravated Shooting; Aggravated Battery (Shooting); and Aggravated Battery. Sunday, the 22nd: Aggravated Battery (Cutting); Aggravated Battery (Shooting); Aggravated Battery (Gun); Simple Kidnapping; Armed Robbery; Aggravated Battery (Cutting); and Aggravated Burglary. Monday, the 23rd: Aggravated Battery; Unclassified Death; and Homicide Death (Shooting). If anyone can identify one perpetrator, or one victim, who was other than a Negro, I’ll give him or her $25.00. Ashton ODwyer.

  128. Well, it was just a matter of time before a piece of DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM perpetrated an(other) atrocity on a WHITE MAN. This morning, at about 10:15 A.M. IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT, a man was robbed while walking his dog on Calhoun Street, within “spitting distance” of the Tulane Campus, and where the new Football Stadium will be going. The “victim” was “tuned out” listening to music, but he saw the RAGUNA riding a bike in the oppositite direction (obviously looking for hie next opportunity to STEAL, but our victim was too preoccupied to conclude that HE was this PREDATOR’s next victim. After the SPOOK got the victim’s wallet, he pedaled away on South Robertson Street. Obviously, this could have been a wife, or a daughter, as a victim. This particulat urban terrorist was reported to be @ 30 years old, with a beard, but no moustache, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and @ 160 pounds. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  129. Reference: DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM. I’ll begin with some “stale” news, but very important, nonetheless. The story only made The Uptown Messenger today. For thos of you who still think the Freret Corridor is safe, think again. Last Thursday night, the 19th, about 9:40 P.M., a “woman” (read “white woman”) was leaving a Freret Street business, and was walking to her car in the 2200 Block of Soniat Street, when a “stranger” (read “DSAS”) walked up, knocked the woman to the ground, took her purse, and drove off in a car. This could easily have been your wife or daughter (or even your Mother, sister, Aunt, cousin, niece or acquaintence). And for those of you who like Rock-N-Bowl and College Inn, last night at 2150 hours, there was an armed robbery at the Shell Station in the 3100 Block of Carrollton Avenue, near the intersection of Carrollton and Earhart. Ain’t life GRAND here in the CESSPOOL? Could things be worse along the Niger River Delta? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  130. The past few days have been very “busy”. especially in the Carrollton (as withing “spitting distance” of College Inn and Rock & Bowl) area near Carrollton and Earhart. But although there were several armed robberies and a shooting, no one died: I guess the Urban Leaguers and the U.S. Department of “Injustice” (through Robert Perez, who wouldn’t lift a finger to investigate the civil rights violations against me BY HIS OWN PEOPLE!) would just shrug it off and say, “Typical days in the CESSPOOL we all call New Orleans – and NO ARRESTS BY THE NOPD, but they better have that “paperwork” filled out if they should ever stop a “minority” for anything. So let’s talk about the last 24 hours. Early this morning the NOPD received a call of “MALE DOWN” in the 7th Ward, and mor particularly the 2000 Block of Marais Street. Actually, what the Caller meant was “Negro Male Down in the Street, Shot By Another Negro Male, and the Victim Isn’t Expected to Survive”. The Victim died at the hospital. No arrests by the NOPD, and NO COMMENT by the hypocrites Letten and Perez, other than: “The 100-page “plus” Consent Decree isn’t SUPPOSED to facilitate apprehension of criminals or reduce crime. Indeed, the Consent Decree make CRIMINALS out of the Cops if they fail to follow protocol when they deign to stop a Negro male for anything. If you’d read the 100-plus page Consent Decree, you’d already know that, stupid!” AND NOW FOR AROD’s “FAVORITE” SERIES OF CRIMES DURING THE PAST 24 HOURS – ALL COMMITTED BY THE SAME DEGENERATE SAVAGE ANIMAL SCUM (Negro male, of course). At 5:45 P.M. on Thursday (yesterday afternoon), a piece of DSAS named “Derrick Robert Kirtin” abandoned his vehicle at a traffic stop leaving $150,000 worth of heroin on the front seat and a 9-month old male child on the back seat (no word if the chile was in a “car seat” or just laying on the seat). The NOPD couldn’t give chase, because they had to care for the child, whose welfare was IGNORED by Kirton, who escaped. Kirton has a long arrest record for attempted 1st degree murder of a police officer, attempted second degree murder. possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, and distribution of heroin. Kirton is currently on parole until 2015 for convictions for flight from an officer and distribution of heroin. The 9-month old child was returned to the custody of his mother, which doesn’t seem to make any sense. Naturally, the mother who entrusted her child’s care to Kirton has no idea of Kirton’s whereabouts. Reportedly, just before the “traffic stop” and his escape from “the PIGS”, Kirton had been to the National Urban League Convention,where he attended “motivational” and “empowerment” presentations geared to helping Negro males succeed in life and get from under “the White Man’s yoke”. Kirton also is reported to have been inspired by speeches by Marc Morial and Barak Hussein Obama. Kirton told several of his former “jailbird” friends (Why wasn’t he in jail yesterday?) that he was hoping to pick up one of thos “assault rifles” that Barak Hussein Obama and Eric “Hold-Em-Up” says they are not going to ban. Unfortunately, the people at the Urban League Convention told Kirton that he hed to be “careful” buying weapons, since he is a FELON, and accordingly suggested that the mother of the child that was locked in his car outside in the parking lot might be used as a “straw purchaser”. AIN’T LIFE IN THE CESSPOOL GRAND? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  131. Ashton I’ve said it before offline and I now say it publicly. You are your own worst enemy and there is nothing Kitty Kimball and the rest could have done to you that you haven’t done to yourself. Your world view is no better than an average illiterate redneck here in Mississippi that views everything thru the prism of race and frankly is befitting of a child, not a grown man with your life experiences.

    You’re on the brink of going back into moderation as my tolernace for your hate filled racists tirades is at an end.


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