Mississippi lawyer turned convict Paul Minor recommended for permanent disbarrment in Louisiana

This is a post script to Slabbed’s coverage of Paul Minor’s conviction and subsequent appeal dating back to our earlier days.  My former partner in blog Nowdy had a deeper understanding of what drove some of the events behind the prosecution and while her coverage of same marched to the beat of a different drummer, there is no doubt she well added to the knowledge base of the first Mississippi judicial bribery case to be tried in federal court that would ultimately culminate in USA v Scruggs.  In what would be a sign of the future direction of Slabbed as a community sourced blog, that deeper understanding of what made Paul Minor tick garnered some some quality comments from high quality people.

Without further adieu the LADB motion, made almost 5 full years after Minor’s conviction as the wheels of justice indeed turn very slow. (Hat tip to a long time reader)

2 thoughts on “Mississippi lawyer turned convict Paul Minor recommended for permanent disbarrment in Louisiana”

  1. AROD: Well how do you like that. It took 5 years to fully remove the Louisiana law license of convicted felon, Paul Minor, after full hearings, but it only took 5 minutes to suspend your license without any hearings, State or federal, at all.

    Just that fact alone would suggest a conspiracy (State and federal.

    And if that super slow-mo time line would be applied to your case you would either have or not have your license now 7 years after it was suspended.

    For some reason the Supreme Court nor the LADB will even start/acknowledge your wheel/case rolling.

    After Ms “EWE” Kimball leaves maybe with a little oil the wheels of JUSTICE and DECENCY will start rolling.

  2. Paul Minor is no more a CRIMINAL than Louisiana Supreme Court “Injustice” Catherine D. Kimball, and her “PIMP” Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr. The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board which is recommending Minor’s disbarment is appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court, which is headed by Kimball, who is a degenerate CRIMINAL scum-bag. Even when the Louisiana State Bar Association is granted the “privilege” of nominating ONE Member of the Board, that person must be approved by the Supreme Court, headed by the CRIMINAL Kimball. The “Hearing Committee” which first dealt with Minor is appointed by the Attorney Disciplinary Board. By virtue of the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine, Minor is getting screwed by the CRIMINAL Kimball, since the Supreme Court appoints the Board, which appoints the Hearing Committee. And as for Plattsmier, he is a degenerate PIECE OF SHIT and pathological LIAR. And HEY! Plattsmier, you loathsome cocksucking piece of shit. I still live at 6034 St. Charles Avenue in New Orlenas, just in case you want to send another detail of FRUIT “goons” to my house to brutalize and torture me, you cowardly motherfucker. They didn’t knock me down last time, so maybe they need a second chance. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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