BREAKING: Louisiana Ethics Board files charges against Fred Heebe, Dominick Fazzio and a host of Heebe companies

Last Friday the Louisiana Board of Ethics filed formal ethics charges against Fred Heebe, Dominick Fazzio and a host of companies under their control.  The basis of the allegations can be found on this post beginning with this comment on Slabbed circa February 2011 and the subsequent comments by former Slabbed commenter Telemachus and the indefatigable Whitmergate

Telemachus is a former Slabbed commenter due to an invasion of privacy that resulted from Aaron Broussard business associate Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge swearing perjured affidavits to a Nova Scotia court to obtain posting information on Telemachus and Whitmergate, subsequently intimidating Telemachus into silence.  Sadly, Louisiana Media Company LLC aka Fox 8 was complicit in the deception of Justice Muise of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and resulting invasion of privacy as they too knew full well who I was having appeared on Fox 8 a year earlier.

That said the legacy of Telemachus and Whitmergate’s sleuthing is apparent in the 9 page pdf, which can be found below the fold as ordinary folks make a big difference to the betterment of their community ~ sop

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Louisiana Ethics Board files charges against Fred Heebe, Dominick Fazzio and a host of Heebe companies”

  1. I could be wrong, but I do not believe that “Fred Heebe” has been named by the Ethics Board, except as “Agent for Service of Process” for River Birch, Inc. And if the charges here “stick”, I wonder if a recent Lieutenant Governor’s race in this State might warrant similar charges against more than one individual. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Thanks for the correction Ashton. All hell is breaking loose here at Slabbed New Media’s World Wide Headquarters today but I’ll get it fixed.


  2. According to Author Dean M. Shapiro, in his book “Biloxi Confidential”, the amount of money which Nix was “laundering” through the Sherry and Halet firm, which “disappeared”, was as high as $500,000 and as low as $200,000. These sums of money make ordering a “hit” from prison, including killing a woman, more understandable (if you’re a psychopath). So: WHO STOLE NIX’S MONEY? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Did the Louisiana Board of Ethics discover and investigate from the original SlabbeNation post and comments or did the the FBI tip them off?

    One must wonder when the Ethics Board sledgehammer is going to come down on the” Playboy of Pay to Play” in JP, the extremely doo-doo-di-ful Honorable Mr.Christopher Roberts.

    Who keeps tract of his neatly Charmin’-ized,packaged campaign deposits daily at 5am on his 4G terlit. But it is the volume of those neat and tidy deposits that should eventually cause a shortage of TP world wide and bring down the hammer, especially in non-election years.

    VIDEO PROPHESY: Addicted to TP, when he runs out of terlit paper he becomes “The Great Cornholio” in desperate need of TP and freaks out declaring everyone needs TP for the bunghole:

    1. I do not know who filed the complaint Lockem. Remember that part of the process is secret and divulging it can land one in a private prison in North Louisiana. 😉

      That said you can’t read the complaint and not come away knowing where the info came from that got the ball rolling. That Houma Courier article my former partner in blog Nowdy linked is an excellent source as well but it dated to 2007.

      Who filed the complaint? Perhaps someone who lost a race to Heebe’s bundled campaign cash? Maybe someone at the Board of Ethics took the bull by the horn. All I can do is speculate there as I do not know.


      1. SOP,
        I hate to beat a dead horse but is this a prelude to FED action because we are right back to the BGR report and HUD Procurement regulations the parish is in non-compliance with. I think Lagasse should be choking on some words. The only thing left is what about the politicians that received the funds ?

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