Miss Dixie covers the topic of denial and the Sherry murders as Slabbed explores the evolution of the vice trade on the coast.

Yesterday, Sun Herald reporter Anita Lee did a “subsequent event” update of those still living that were involved in the murder conspiracy involving Circuit Court Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife Margaret way back in 1987.  The echos of this Dixie Mafia inspired hit still reverberate across the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans to this day. For those of you with an interest in this subject, which inspired several books and at least one documentary, Anita’s story is a must read along with the reader comments as the descendants of the felons involved remain firmly in denial.  This comment sums the whole deal up save for Margaret Sherry IMHO, who paid with her life for her husband’s prior legal associations. That said, with the descendants of Pete Halet proclaiming his innocence in the story’s comments, I thought this comment was most appropriate to highlight here on Slabbed:

The Sherry’s had children too…

Indeed they did and daughter Lynne Sposito’s son Thomas commented on my last post on this topic taking umbrage with me terming his granddad “dirty as the day is long”. While it was not my intent to inflict emotional pain on the family of the victim I stand by my assessment. The story is out there and by “story” I don’t mean Mississippi Mud, the Sherry family sourced book which unfairly IMHO impugned former Biloxi Mayor Gerald Blessey due to his prior history of locking horns politically with Margaret Sherry when she was on the city council. In hindsight Mississippi Mud is the literary equivalent of a blog as it was published when events were still unfolding and before everything became known.  Locals that remember the events real time such as myself often wonder why it was never updated.  I think I figured that one out after my last post.

Back to the story being out there, one of Anita commenters posted a link to an extensive account of the murders and history of the Dixie Mafiosos that felt free to greenlit a sitting Circuit Court Judge written for TRU TV and for those with some time to kill is also a must read. Here are a few snippets: Continue reading “Miss Dixie covers the topic of denial and the Sherry murders as Slabbed explores the evolution of the vice trade on the coast.”

Citizens for a Better Kenner busts Mayor Yenni and his shit house executive pay plan. Aaron Broussard’s ghost is alive and well at Kenner City Hall

Kenner is a special kind of political cesspool and frankly it makes the folks in Jefferson Parish’s other major political cesspool aka the City of Gretna look like bush leaguers. I mention this because yesterday the T-P’s Mary Sparacello highlighted a clash between the Citizens for a Better Kenner and the city on whether “car allowances” count as compensation or are merely some form of advance reimbursement as the City Attorney contends.  Given my day job profession, I was delighted to see this dispute make the paper because Mayor Yenni and his crony City Attorney could not be more wrong and frankly I hope the IRS shows up to collect the back social security taxes owed on the $90K plus paid by the City annually under the arrangement.

While the tax answer is different if you run a construction company and pay truck allowances which are conceptually considered rent and reported in box 1 of Form 1099, expense advances made under a “non accountable” plan are treated as supplemental compensation and is subject to all the taxes found on a regular paycheck.  There is a rumor floating about that City actually has a couple of CPAs on staff that I would hope is familiar with these very basic tax rules but on the off-chance I can do a bit of educating, Circular E aka Pub 15 has all the skinny plus some.

The bottom line here is Walt Bennetti and the CFBK are spot on in their criticisms that Yenni’s car allowance plan is simply an attempt to resurrect portions of the now infamous Aaron Broussard “executive pay plan” which was both illegal and not prosecuted by DA Paul Connick, who is absolutely useless when it comes to prosecuting political corruption.

I could be wrong but I think the IRS pays up to 15% of any recoveries made from tips to its whistle-blower program.  This one is ripe for the picking IMHO as it is clear-cut despite the protestations of the City Attorney.