Looks like Ronal Serpas is up to his old tricks….

Expert: Nashville’s Crime Clearance Stats ‘Not Credible’:

Nashville police claim to have one of the best records in the country for solving crime.

That’s what former Chief Ronal Serpas repeatedly told the Metro Council — and the police department’s own internal reviews backed him up.

But an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered that may not be the truth. In fact, one expert said, the department appears to have been “fudging” the stats.

Today Serpas likely would have a hard time getting a job as dog catcher in Nashville but Mayor Half Moon harbored man love for him so he perfumed Serpas and brought him back home to NOLA to……

FOX 8 investigates alleged downgrading of incident by NOPD

The NOPD says, with the exception of murders and burglaries, reported crimes increased in every major category.

The numbers reflect crime in the city for the first three months of 2012. But some wonder if all of the numbers are accurate.

One woman’s case raises questions about alleged downgrading of crimes.


5 thoughts on “Looks like Ronal Serpas is up to his old tricks….”

  1. Serpas maybe the most inept Police Chief the City of New Orleans has ever had and that is saying something when you think of the brain surgeon’s that have held this position in the past: Giarrusso, Parson, Woodfork, Taylor, Orticke, Compass, & Riley. Pennington was the only one with a brain. Serpas hasn’t instilled any confidence in the NOPD since Riley left and when you consider Riley was in charge during the Algiers, Danziger, Convention Center, By-Water, and French Quarter NOPD murders that says something about how inept he really is.

    WVUE in my opinion is the only station actually challenging Serpas’s leadership in the local MSM. Hopefully they keep up the pressure because it only hurts the City’s attempt to thwart the Federal takeover of the NOPD.

    1. When I saw that story last night on Fox 8 this post wrote itself. On this one WVUE gets it but their relative lack of Jefferson Parish investigative reporting also speaks volumes.

      I guess the mindset was/is if everything is kept on the Orleans Parish side of the line the problems for Mr Benson’s friends will disappear.

      So while I appreciated the report last night I won’t break out the pom poms to cheer lead Tom Benson’s personal media outlet.


  2. Coincidentally with this POST, the New Orleans Police Department released first quarter crime statistics for 2012 yesterday, and they were reported in this morning’s “Times-Pick-Your-Nose”. Althoug murders are reportedly “down” by 27% compared to this time last year (45 killings versus 62 killings), every other category for which crime statistice are kept (except rape – no change – 38 rapes, and burglary – down 16% – only 694 burglaries so far this year versus 827 last year – NOW THAT’S REAL PROGRESS. Ronal!) IS DECIDEDLY “UP” THIS YEAR. Armed Robbery is up 58% whereas Simple Robbery is up a WHOPPING 110%). I wonder how Ronal distinguishes between Armed Robbery and Simple Robbery? Would YOU give up your valuables to a criminal robber who was unarmed? What makes a robbery “simple”, and why was the Simple Robbery allowed to happen at all, versus the victim running away, or yelling “HELP! HELP! I’M BEING ROBBED!”, or picking up a stick and beating the criminal to within an inch of his sick miserable life? The total numbers for Armed and Simple Robbery are equally SHOCKING – GRAND TOTAL 282 – which is why I was scared while walking home from the polling place on Jefferson Avenue (where I cast my vote for that great reformer Cynthia Willard-Lewis) recently. I wasn’t toting “self-protection”, because the THUGS with the State Police won’t arrest other THUGS within their own ranks who brutalized me, etc., but they arbitrarily REVOKED my Concealed Hand Gun Permit. So these are very disturbing statistics (no matter “how” the books have been “cooked” by Ronal and Mitch – and you KNOW that they HAVE been cooked) for anyone who lives in Orleans Parish, or has Family living in Orleans Parish. There are DANGEROUS ANIMALS out there. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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