I’ve had several inquiries about Ashton O’Dwyer from new readers lately……

Luckily for everyone I do not have to reinvent the wheel.  Vital background on the subsequent political persecution of AROD by US Attorney Jim Letten can be found by clicking the post tag USA v O’Dwyer but it all began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as Professor Carl Bernofsky over at TulaneLink reports:

Abduction and Torture

On Monday morning, September 19, 2005, O’Dwyer drove to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and filed the very first federal class action lawsuit on behalf of victims of Katrina in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Civil Action No. 05-4181 [PDF]. That evening, he entertained two house guests, one of whom would retire for the night in a hammock on his patio because the lack of air conditioning left the house too hot for comfortable sleep. Using a generator to power a refrigerator and small television set, O’Dwyer rounded out the day by watching television on his patio with a glass of wine.

What happened shortly after midnight is best described by O’Dwyer in his own words, below, as adapted from Civil Action No. 06-7280 [PDF].

Continue reading at TulaneLink.


10 thoughts on “I’ve had several inquiries about Ashton O’Dwyer from new readers lately……”

  1. Ashton,
    You could be my attorney any day, ever thought about using ADA Title II to regain your license ? Does the disbarment stop you from being a paralegal for someone doing a pro-se Fair Housing / ADA Title II / Section 504 Rehabilitation case in Eastern District Court ? If not would like to talk with you if SOP would exchange our contact info.

  2. One day Bill O’Reilly is going to get his pin head out of his patriot asshole and do a story on another Irishman named Ashton O’Dwyer, who was a victim of a State conspiracy to deprive him of the most basic America Rights!

    1. Now that would qualify as fair and un-biased reporting …

      Yea rite … don’t hold your breath … he and his counterparts need each other, not us …

      It’s either Democrapic or Repungnant whether you like it or not …

      TGF … Slabbed … AZ … The Political Desk … Ettilla … Ignatius … The Library ‘yellow pages’ … and so many others

  3. Gate….Oh how I am humbled to be named in your list.
    Upon fear of death and against orders of my Dr and wife, I will comment

    What is inportant in your list is the fact that opinions were and are freely encouraged on the list that you posted… some have more rules than others, but one thing stands.

    SOP and I from a social or political positon,for the most port could not be any futher apart(I don’t think he would disagree)

    That said, I have such respect for him that I will come to his defense both in writing and by way of finance’s

    Gate: It’s not the unbaises…that I care about…its the honesty…..I can and do respect people that I disagree with… I can still respect them, enjoy them and in some cases: be conviced to change my mind,,,, It helps if they have good taste in beer.


    Later…Off to Walla Walla

    1. You’re a credit to your species Ignatius. I’ve met many quality people through time blogging. You rank with the best of ’em.

      One day when this mess is in the rear view mirror…..


  4. Sop: One must never forget Katrina, as you well experienced its fury firsthand, for its natural destructive power (August 31st 2005) .But we must also always maintain vigil over all fallible, man-made protections(levees)and unchecked governmental power.

    Your story of Mr. O’Dwyer’s plight with unbridled militia power, which immediately proceeded his appearance on national news and filing civil lawsuits against the federal government, continues to be a terrifying thing to fear in all future national disasters.

    The highest federal earthen levees will not protect Americans from future militia violations of basic constitutional rights to remain safe in one’s domicile and defend life, family and possessions from roaming rioters/looters.

    Until Ashton’s case is addressed nationally in the media and in Congress all Americans’ constitutional rights remain in doubt in future unrest and natural disasters.

    And what the hell good is a levee or elevated home 15 feet in the air, legal licensed weapons in your domicle and a $10,000 automatic natural gas generator when militia invade your impaired town, seize you solely for exercising your freedom of speech without a proper, honest bill of information; and then force you into a concentration camp to be physically tortured with deserving rioters,looters and criminals. Some of which looters were New Orleans’ finest who are duly sworn “to protect and serve”.

    And Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the U.S.State department are now telling China to treat its political dissidents better ? What hypocrites for accusing another country of human rights violations when you do the same or worse to your very own survivors of natural disasters.

    Perhaps this true embarrassing story needs to be sent more to Chinese media, instead of the U.S. media, where it may receive more compassion and attention internationally for human rights violations.

    1. Lockemup,
      Like hypocrites Bureaucrats seldom take their on advise . Ashton’s demise is Americas problem, he’s only guilty of advocating for others against a tyrannical judicial system. Which in today’s America generally means total self sacrifice and the reason most lawyers won’t, but if you ask those that do, “was it worth it and would you do it again? ” seldom do you hear the answer no, I call that a hero, a person of character and substance .

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