The legendary Slabbed legal team spot on again. Team Broussard beclowns themselves before Judge Head.

Folks remember well over a year ago in March 2011 when I wrote this:

As for AB’s new lawyer Robert Jenkins, he was described this way by a member of the Slabbed legal team:

somewhat inarticulate lawyer who does most of his work in Orleans Criminal District Court. Not a white collar defense guy and not one of the guys who comes to mind for a defense in Fed. Ct. This is a stunning turn of events.

We also have this recent you tube embed from the normally Jefferson Parish newsless WDSU channel 6 that shows Mr Jenkins in action.

It isn’t bragging if you’re doing it and frankly I think the lawyers that share information with me are the proverbial cream of the crop in their respective specialties and that does not count high quality folks like Secret Agent 99 or the composite source The Wino that are nicely plugged in.  I mention this not to brag but to illustrate why Broussard’s legal Team is in wayyyyy over their heads before a seasoned, no nonsense federal judge in Judge Hayden Head of Texas and the legal team was calling it before there was even a Judge Head in this story. Let’s visit with the T-P’s Rich Rainey to illustrate the point: Continue reading “The legendary Slabbed legal team spot on again. Team Broussard beclowns themselves before Judge Head.”

Larry Bleiberg at the USA Today cites Trout Point Lodge as a “green getaway”. The ironies of course are delicious.

It’s the springtime promotion season for the vacation industry and the Goatherders at Trout Point Lodge have been frequently mentioned in the press of late doing the same but today I about split my side laughing when I read about the Lodge being a “green getaway”, given the factual basis of Karen Parker Broussard’s plea deal with the US Attorney’s office:

Additionally, from approximately 2004 through 2010, Broussard received monies, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, that were characterized as, among other things, “retainers,” “consulting fees” or “finder’s fees” with various contractors and vendors, all of whom were doing business with Jefferson Parish during the period of time Broussard was the President of Jefferson Parish. Moreover, Broussard was a majority owner in a holding company which owned an investment property in Canada. Broussard received income from this Canadian property. This property was partially funded by individuals and/or entities who were contractors and/or vendors doing business with Jefferson Parish during the period of time Broussard was the Jefferson Parish President.

Gee I wonder where that was in Canada?

Irene Lane, founder of the eco-travel agency obviously did not check with Kirk Cheyfitz at Story Worldwide about their registration statement or Trip Advisor before writing her story. Just saying.


Bellesouth covers the Freeland saga…..

The saga involving Oxpatch lawyer/blogger Tom Freeland has spawned several developments since August of last year when he was convicted of the misdemeanor charges involving assault and trespassing for the attempted flyby of the estranged wife of a friend. It was one of our more trafficked topics in 2011.

I mention this because an Oxpatch based reader emailed me to make sure I had seen Bellesouth’s continuing coverage of same plus the case involving Dr Cassandra Faye Thomas, who claims the defense in her criminal case was compromised due to Freeland being distracted during her trial by the above mentioned attempted flyby, which all happened right around the same time.

To the extent I’ve been missing occasional Slabbed commeneter Hendry Jones, who I consider to be the most accomplished basher in the south, and I am still interested in the doings in Oxpatch this topic needed to come back up here on Slabbed. That said I thought the following posts over at Bellesouth’s place are worth reading:


NMC is a Pervert

Cassandra Faye Thomas: He lied!


I’ve had several inquiries about Ashton O’Dwyer from new readers lately……

Luckily for everyone I do not have to reinvent the wheel.  Vital background on the subsequent political persecution of AROD by US Attorney Jim Letten can be found by clicking the post tag USA v O’Dwyer but it all began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as Professor Carl Bernofsky over at TulaneLink reports:

Abduction and Torture

On Monday morning, September 19, 2005, O’Dwyer drove to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and filed the very first federal class action lawsuit on behalf of victims of Katrina in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Civil Action No. 05-4181 [PDF]. That evening, he entertained two house guests, one of whom would retire for the night in a hammock on his patio because the lack of air conditioning left the house too hot for comfortable sleep. Using a generator to power a refrigerator and small television set, O’Dwyer rounded out the day by watching television on his patio with a glass of wine.

What happened shortly after midnight is best described by O’Dwyer in his own words, below, as adapted from Civil Action No. 06-7280 [PDF].

Continue reading at TulaneLink.


Rickey Davis cops a plea: A Louisiana Home Elevation boondoggle update.

Yesterday afternoon Hammerman checked in with a Home Elevation grant update highlighting the guilty plea copped by home elevation consultant Rickey Davis, who bribed state officials to get lists of the names of homeowners in the program. Davis is the tip of the iceberg of wrongdoing in the program that appears to have double dealing built into every level of state government with oversight responsibilities and the guilty pleas indicate Team Letten intends to roll up the entire rotten bunch.

Hammerman has the following quote from Jim Letten’s courthouse step presser that is worth highlighting as the same concept was mentioned on these pages well over a month ago:

The program is financed by FEMA as a part of its Hurricane Katrina recovery aid, and U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s office noted that the profit margins built into the state grants of up to $100,000 were so high that elevation contractors were willing to pay Davis $10,000 a pop for a signed contract.

Does everyone remember in the early days after Hurricane Katrina when FEMA was paying for hotel rooms for the displaced? Remember how artificially high the room rates were, pushed up by the rate FEMA was paying? The same concept is at play here as FEMA capped the number of houses to be raised for the money that was allotted thus effectively and drastically raising the market price to elevate a house. The increase in pricing, based upon the calculations of bureaucrats that evidently have no clue how much it costs to raise a house, greatly increased margins which in turn attracted the dregs of the business world to the program turning it into a cesspool of waste and corruption.

Now speaking of dregs, cesspools and corruption it is only fair Slabbed advances the discussion as I was leaked a few docs that illustrate the point. One of the things certain unscrupulous contractors were doing was forgiving initial “promissory notes” that were executed in advance of the funds flowing to a particular project essentially rebating up to $30,000 of FEMA funding to homeowners in the program as a sweetener to sign up with a particular contractor. I have two examples of this the first being from Goatherder elevation company Coastal Shoring (click the pic to get the 2 page pdf): Continue reading “Rickey Davis cops a plea: A Louisiana Home Elevation boondoggle update.”

Looks like Ronal Serpas is up to his old tricks….

Expert: Nashville’s Crime Clearance Stats ‘Not Credible’:

Nashville police claim to have one of the best records in the country for solving crime.

That’s what former Chief Ronal Serpas repeatedly told the Metro Council — and the police department’s own internal reviews backed him up.

But an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered that may not be the truth. In fact, one expert said, the department appears to have been “fudging” the stats.

Today Serpas likely would have a hard time getting a job as dog catcher in Nashville but Mayor Half Moon harbored man love for him so he perfumed Serpas and brought him back home to NOLA to……

FOX 8 investigates alleged downgrading of incident by NOPD

The NOPD says, with the exception of murders and burglaries, reported crimes increased in every major category.

The numbers reflect crime in the city for the first three months of 2012. But some wonder if all of the numbers are accurate.

One woman’s case raises questions about alleged downgrading of crimes.