Tuesday Music: ‘Gate picked the vids, I’ll add the commentary.

A reminder to break out the locally produced honey.

Jim Letten’s office may be a disaster right now but La résistance lives on…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Music: ‘Gate picked the vids, I’ll add the commentary.”

  1. Cajun Rx for sinus allergy:
    (1) Sock way your momma and your honey in da’ summa’ for da’ winta’;

    (2) Taka’ dem’ 2 grams of fishie earls daily for dat’ flamation in da’ sinuses and vessels( 2 caps morn, noon, nite);

    (3) Got cha’ a Neti pot and galoon of de’ tiled waters( don’t want no brain eatin’ mebas gettin’ in dat’ fine heed of you;

    (4)Cher, be dam surer you stood up wind from da’ Goatherders or gonna’ be permanently Slabbin’ at da’ James Infirmarie’

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