Pleased to be released and let go: Contractor Fraud Charges against Jerl “Pappy” Kershenstine dropped

In early March I highlighted a bit of Goatherder legal jackassery when I profiled Danny Abel’s attempts to quash an arrest warrant for Coastal Shoring owner Jerl “Pappy” Kershenstine using civil litigation tactics. Those tactics did not work out so well for Kershenstine in the courtroom.

That said the homeowner in question was amenable to any reasonable offer Coastal Shoring would make to resolve the situation and so with Plan A of passing civil litigation threats etc not proving very effective someone with some sense must have grabbed Pappy by the ear and convinced him to make the homeowner whole and thus happy. It was a sound strategy regardless of how it came down as the homeowner has been released to hired another shoring company and the fraud charges against Kershenstine have been dropped.


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  1. Good for you Ms Montgomery. Congratulations on your victory!

    I can assure all of the Slabbed Nation that the Kershenstine bbq/treeco/home elevation racket is far from over.
    You cannot undo fraud that has already been committed.
    You cannot retrieve payments to politicos to further your avarice.
    There is no ‘do-over’ for the homes you have destroyed.
    You cannot bring back to life the father killed as a result of your negligence.

    A clock begins to toll. You are zeroed in. Light is exposing the dregs that are the Kershenstines.

    More to come.

    1. Fedup,
      You are too gracious , pappy played the get out of jail free card that he should never had just like his contractors license, on the rest I totally agree.

      1. The machine that is Jefferson parish justice is quite scary.
        The funny thing is, there is no doubt in my mind that this $30,000.00 ‘deposit’ that Coastal Shoring finally returned to Ms Montgomery, was actually monies that Coastal Shoring received from HMGP to start a different project.
        The level of temerity exhibited by the Kershenstines boggles the mind.
        Truth is being exposed and yet there seem to be ZERO consequences.

        From the local, state and federal law enforcement, we as citizens appear to be powerless to protect ourselves from this family.

        Why is that?

        1. temerity =unabated arrogance x zero consequences > Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso…

          DA “don Coreleone” Connick gives cover once again …

  2. The District Attorney’s office should not be used as some glorified collection agency to extort people to pay so as not to be held accountable for their criminal conduct.

    Just another example of what a piss-poor way Connick really conducts the business of this office.

    1. Apparently Jerl Kershenstine-Adam Kershenstine- Jay Kershenstine and the benevolent and all knowing Danny Abel are all trying to sell a conspiracy theory to the state of Louisiana and Jefferson Parish
      by holding deposits on homeowners who are not even on ANY project list. So they spent the duckies, then refuse to hand back the money in direct defiance of our Governor’s executive order.
      OooooOoooo, it ain’t my fault. . . .

      1. I did not tell the DA whether or not to drop the charges against Jerl. I stated that whatever they wanted to do about it, that I was not going to oppose it. I met with the Screening DA a couple of days ago to tell him that, despite having sent Coastal a form letting me out of the contract, they had not returned it to me. Their attorney or someone from his staff assured me twice that Coastal would sign the form and sent it back to me. Coastal was holding up my ability to get back in the program and have a new contractor. An employee of Coastal delivered it yesterday to me personally at my office. I guess Martin Reagan told them they better get that form to me. To be absolutely truthful, Coastal’s contract was for almost $180,000.00 and they were going to take my 1987 Mercedes 650SL to make up the difference in what the HMPG would pay. That is not why I cancelled the contract with them. They failed to submit an amended contract to the HMPG and I was dropped from the program. They deny that, but it is true.

        1. I want to thank you Ms. Montgomery for your definitive clarification concerning the INDEPENDENT action by DA ‘Don Coreleone’ Connick to once again cover for “Pappy” Kershenstine … I wonder … could it had been Cusimano and/or Schudmak who intervened on “Pappy’s” behalf …. and with Abel as his lawyer, BROUSSARD’s footprints are all over this fiasco !!!

  3. I too thank you Ms Montgomery for explaining what actually happened with your experience regarding Coastal Shoring and more directly the Kershenstine crime family.
    My heart goes out to you and the scores of other homeowners who trusted Coastal Shoring.
    Jay, Jerl and Adam Kershenstine of Coastal Shoring come up woefully short of fulfilling their responsibilities to their clients and employees.

    Jay, Jerl and Adam Kershenstine of Coastal Shoring will never take responsibility for their lack of integrity, experience or questionable business practices.

    Jay, Jerl and Adam Kershenstine have always relied on their political connections and bullying to gain advantage over their competitors, from day one. Greasing the right palms is business one-O-one for Jay, Jerl and Adam Kershenstine of Coastal Shoring.

    From destroying homes (the Boutte residence on Rhodes Ave in Algiers), and denying responsibility for contributing to the death of one of their own employees(the house Coastal Shoring dropped on their employee on Mercier Drive in New Orleans East), to stealing a crime camera under the auspices of keeping competitors from stealing their trade secrets.(no charges ever filed for this theft).
    There are many more circumstances providing proof of the lack of decency and general accepted business and construction practices exhibited by these crooks.

    What the hell is going on?

    Through Costal Shoring’s failure to perform the job they contracted with you, You are now ineligible for inclusion in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

    Have you been assured that you will still be included in the elevation program or are you just shit out of luck?

    Either way I believe that Jay, Jerl and Adam Kershenstine’s, of Coastal Shoring, behavior is actionable.

    If you are still eligible for the program, that would be a MAJOR departure from the rules under which the grant program has operated. I hope that you are eligible, but if you are, what about the thousands of other homeowners who missed one arbitrary deadline or another?
    Finally, just because Coastal Shoring returned your deposit, does the begrudging return of these funds erase the fraud aspect of these actions perpetrated by Jay, Jerl and Adam of the Kershenstine crime family?
    Lets hear from you Slabbed. I know there are some brilliant legal minds out there. Please sound off.
    Much, much more to come regarding the ongoing criminal enterprise that is Jay, Jerl and Adam Kershenstine aka Coastal Shoring.

    I have some offline questions that I would like to pose to you Ms Montgomery. If you are amenable, please contact me through Sop.

    I am so fed up with it all.

    1. In response to your questions. I am not absolutely certain that I am back in the program, but I have a letter from Martin Regan wherein he states that after discussions with Craig Taffaro and Attorney Daniel Reese that I “will maintain my place in line under the Federal/State house raising program.” I was informed verbally that I was an “exception.” I expressed to the Assistant District Attorney that I was happy to be back in the program after being withdrawn, but I felt bad about other people that are going to be screwed in the end. Also, I never made any statements to Coastal Attorneys that I was working on a settlement concerning the case. Martin Regan called one day and told me that I could get the money back, pick another contractor or stay with Coastal, and maintain my place in line. I took the money and told the ADA that whatever they decided to do, that I would not oppose it. I wish after all of the problems I had getting the release to change contractors that the charge would still be in effect. When I went to see the ADA on Tuesday the 15th, the Coastal file was spread out on his office floor and I think it’s going to stay there. Coastal and other elevation companies better be careful. Coming out tomorrow is an article where the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is telling citizens who feel that they have been victimized to call them and listed the phone number of Det.Todd Rivere who helped me with my case. Det. Rivere spent many hours with me on this and I really appreciate his help. I hear that he is upset about the warrant being withdrawn. This is not about collections. This is about fraud.

      As a side note, I signed with Southern Elevations, which I just today read the Slabbed blog about its transgressions. Southern has hired “Elvis” from the Saints game as a salesperson. He came in my office twice this week. It was a hoot!

      1. So the Elvis guy is a “hoot” … what is your opinion about Southern Elevation now that you have some warning about their business practices ? Are they a hoot too ?!?!? …

        Com’on ‘Mam … I thought you were serious …

  4. She is serious ‘Gate. I for one am delighted to hear about the Home Elevation Program from the perspective of a homeowner.

    Mousey sells too, does a radio commercial for his company. Saint Elvis being a salesman is not near the stretch it appears at first glance.

    Dr Tom Stanley at Georgia State has written extensively about the art of selling and the affluent, a good pairing of topics since so many salespeople are affluent. An example:

    Cancienne got the lions share of the elevation grant market with a catchy jingle, a well thought out company name and saturation Tee Vee advertising.

    This is the front line of behavioral finance, a topic that has continually captured my interest for over a decade now.

    Connie thank you for your insights.


  5. Good morning Slabbed.
    Ms Montgomery, Good for you. I know personally of many homeowners that are in very similar situations to yours. They will not get the results you did. What a shame. You had the hutzpah to take control of your grant proceeds and the wherewithal to hold Coastal Shoring accountable. Again, good for you.

    Regarding your current company, there are homeowners that have had experience with that company and owner that you should talk to. Homeowners who will never make their references list. Make no mistake, that company is smack in the middle of the ongoing controversy. Make sure that they do not perform any work not expressly authorized by the grant program. Not even a “free” sidewalk.

    Can you share with Slabbed the behavior you experienced with Coastal Shoring in detail? I know that Pappy filed subpoenas requiring several of their former clients to give depositions, then realized the folly of that decision. He is not a nice man.

    I am curious how you came to meet Southern Elevations. Would you mind sharing that part of your story?

    Sop, Christian did hire Brown-Rice as his PR/Ad company and has realized astonishing results. However, it must be revealed that Christian also hired Kurt Wiltshire of New Path Recovery, aka Courages Isudyu’s boyfriend, very early on and bought lists of qualified homeowners.That was his leg up on the competition. I heard personally, first hand accounts, of stories from Kurt Wiltshire of how Christian is a thug that ‘ripped’ of his company, New Path Recovery.
    I have heard first hand stories of literally bags full of cash being kept on hand for trips to the HMGP/Shaw offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans all courtesy of Orleans Shoring.
    OCD-HMGP finally had to state in a memo that gifts of ANY kind including food or event tickets were prohibited.

    The fact that you are being allowed to maintain your “position” in the grant program is proof positive that Coastal Shoring still has ‘pull’ with the grant program.

    I truly hope you get your home elevated.

    You and thousands more deserve to enjoy the benefit of these grants. Especially the elderly and infirm who now face increasing insurance bills in the face of fixed incomes and a declining economy. It breaks my heart everyday.

    The State of Louisiana has failed it’s citizens, again.
    Again, good for you!

  6. Slabbed, a question.

    Is there any relationship between Judge Cornelius “Conn” Regan and Coastal Shorings new attorney Mark Regan?

    1. I’d be happy to go into detail about my dealings with Pappy, but I’ll probably be sued. I called Coastal for an estimate and Pappy came over with a new employee, who was also a customer of Coastal. I think that the employee said he would be paid $3500.00 or $5,000.00 for each job he signed up. The new employee was supposed to be my consultant and go to guy. I called him very soon after I got in the program and told him that the HMGP would not accept the contract as written and I needed to submit a more detailed one. He said he would come by with a new contract and I never heard back from him. Later on when I was withdrawn from the program, I heard that Coastal was suing its customers who were trying to get out of their contracts. The salesman’s name was on the list of defendants. I signed a contract with Coastal and gave Pappy the $30,000.00. I was to have to come up with an additional $20,000.00 over and above the grant money of $130,000.00. I told Pappy that I had been trying to sell this 1987 560SL Mercedes Benz that I had and may they could take that instead of the $20,000.00. To his credit he did state that he didn’t want the car, but would try to sell it. After the DA got involved I saw documents that Coastal produced which indicated they were going to take my car. I came across a disc today that the screening DA gave me one day which I need to look at to see if there’s something on it I don’t know about.

      What is interesting is that Coastal added to the original contract that I signed and submitted it to the HMGP without having me initial, approve or ask me to sign a new one.

      Around the time that articles came out in the paper that lists had been sold, I started getting strange calls from different companies wanting to do my house. By that time I had already been withdrawn from the program. I believe the Southern Elevation salesperson showed up at my front door as I was walking out and I may have given him a business card and said for him to call me later at my office. He showed up at my office and I agreed to let them do an estimate to raise my house. The estimate was $130,000.00. Coastals was $180,000.00. Nothing extra was offered. I even asked him about leaving one of my rooms at ground level and he told me that they could not do anything extra. I told Det. Rivere about the calls I recieved and identified people whom he was already familiar.

      To Whitmergate: I’m sorry if I came off as not being serious. I am relieved that I have been placed back in the program after over a year of anxiety and stress. On top of that, I had been very ill and had three surgeries in one week in December due to medical malpractice and then in February was infected with two bacteria infections when the stent that I had was removed. I just got a kick out of Elvis showing up with the salesperson. A great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I have confidence that if this new company does anything wrong, that there is a person that I and any other person who feels they have been wronged by some of these contractors can turn to. Det. Rivere is very serious about investigating these contractors. When I was there last week, the screening DA was walking to the Criminal Commissioner’s office with a handfull of warrants requested by Det. Rivere.

      Thanks for all of your support. My 85 year old mother lives with me and she was also a victim in this. She was the one who wrote out the $30,000.00 check to Pappy. She is a co-owner of my house and is on all the HMGP documents. She certainly did not need to be worrying about everything that was going on.

      It is truly a disgrace what is going on. I have people call me who have seen the Times Picayune articles who want me to represent them in suits against contractors who have ripped them off. I don’t practice that area of law and explain to them that I was a victim and not the attorney in my case.

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