Half Moon set: Local bloggers sour on Mayor Mitcho

Jason at AZ wrote a fantastic post on Mayor Half Moon Landrieu’s all out push for the “Ho Zone” in what appears to be a return to the politics as normal in New Orleans.

A fair read of Jason’s recap of events indicate all the economic interests which stand to benefit have been fully consulted and brought on board. The problem is selling the residents and it appears Half Moon does not care what the locals in the impacted neighborhoods think.

In an interesting political parallel here on the coast, efforts to merge the various tourism marketing groups hit snags in both the legislature and now locally. The money the local politicos are jockeying over comes from BP and potential hotel/motel taxes.

John Fitzhugh / The Sun Herald

Finally NOLA politics got you down? Need to get away for a few days to recharge and refresh?? Sun Herald photo journalist John Fitzhugh profiles Bay St Louis being the most bike friendly city on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and judging from the number of riders I saw last weekend in Old Town and on Beach Boulevard, the visitors in town are taking full advantage of the beautiful views and constant cool sea breeze that never stops this time of year and that does not count the wildlife on the beach itself. I highly recommend it for good clean R&R.


24 thoughts on “Half Moon set: Local bloggers sour on Mayor Mitcho”

    1. Indeed friend BUT there was one blogger that comes to mind that is widely considered a lefty that had Mayor MitchMo pegged from the very start but I was already jaded back then. 😉

      That said I get the impression that all the area bloggers were rooting for Mitch regardless of party affiliation myself included so lets not be too hard on the lefties. FWIW Jason is also one of the most equal opportunity bloggers I know and the longer I do this the more I appreciate that rare quality of not letting political affiliation get in the way of getting to the truth.


  1. I’m just curious why those of us who still LIVE in this CESSPOOL called New Orleans (and pay taxes here – albeit that my most recent ones will be paid out of my “Bankruptcy Estate”) must learn about the ramifications of the Negros walking out of a Council meeting, and refusing to return, from “The American Zombie” rather than from PAGE ONE of “The Times-Pick-Your-Nose”. According to “TAZ”, Head’s interim appointment of the Negro Errol George will lapse within 30 days without a quorum to appoint him to the Council on an interim basis, clearing the way for “Mitch-the-Bitch” a/k/a “Half Moon” (as in “Son of Moon the Coon” to appoint HIS OWN (no pun intended) Negro buddy who will vote his way: YASSA, MASSA; YASSA BAAS. This is ABOMINABLE, and we read about on SLABBED and TAZ, not the Times-Pick-Your-Nose. And why haven’t we heard about this SCAM on the TV News, on ANY of the Nerworks or Local Stations? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. To hell with MitchMo, MitchBo, Mitch-Ho, Mitch-the Bitch,Half-Moon, Son-of-Moon-the-Coon and the slimy Times-Pick-Your-Nose.The “wild”life is alive and well on the Gulf Coast.

    Grab your bike, your mini-Speedo suits, binoculars, telephoto lens and Visi-Clear eye drops and see how many of the 81,000 plus different species you can eyeball migrating along the shore.

    Might want to throw in a few Ecotrins just in case you get the occasional heart throb or chest pain.

    Sop, what I want to know is what do you have to do to become an official “Miss” Wildlife Agent who inspects the various species up close for possible BP spill damage.

    1. Becoming an agent is easy, all you gotta do is come on over. The concrete walking/biking boardwalk runs at least 5 miles and is on the beach side of the road. 🙂

      The coast is far from recovered from Katrina as we’re approaching year 7 of a 10 year rebuilding process (at the minimum). That said what has been done on the beachfront is quality stuff.

      Right now the new sand beach is being installed and prep work for the Old Town Harbor is in progress.


  3. To “LOCK”: Before I could ever slide back into a SPEEDO, I’d have to lose 40 pounds, and pay a personal trainer for 3 months to get me back in shape (fat chance of that, when I can’t even afford groceries). I also am reminded of two things an “older” friend told me long ago (he’s gone to his eternal reward): (1) In reference to a BEAUTIFUL youn woman, “Hey, Carl, look at THAT!” RESPONSE: “What do you want me to do, ADOPT her?” (2) “You can’t shoot pool with a rope.” Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. AROD: Holy sapsuckers now you’ve done it. Its bad enough we got Goatherders headed down with prevailing Canadian winds, Sop sneezing his head off; but with that off color, avian prejudical comment now we gonna possibly get a migration influx of the aggressive, Revered Rainbow Sapsucker.


    And when a drilling sapsucker gets in your tree they peck, and drill, and drill and peck till you give them everything to leave you alone in peace.

    Oh, the dubiety of it all.

  5. It ain’t just the bloggers that Mitch has to worry about. All of the major media (TV & newspaper) personalities absolutely hate Mitch Landrieu’s guts minus his blow buddy Clancy Dubois. Landrieu doesn’t realize the TP buys ink by the barrel and the TV newscasters only need to smirk when they mention his name in order to kill his reelection chances.

  6. What y’all should be talking about is half-moon’s sister’s “FULL MOON” ass and why her having a fundraising tea at Heebe’s palace on St.Charles Ave. has bearing on what will happen to the US Attorney’s Office here in the EDLA !!!

  7. To Whitmer,
    Full Moon had company at the Ponderosa the 2 missing in action city councilwomen protesting Head’s new found authority they were seen by the pool chanting “No Quorum No Vote “. So the power struggle begins for Half Moon.

  8. Yes, Tom accurately reported that the RACISTS Jon Johnson and Cynthis Hedge-Morrel, were “no shows” at today’s Council Meeting. No never mind, because nothing that would have occurred could have saved large numbers of their constituents from Angola, total ignorance and lack of learning, chronic indolence, and miserable lives for them and their children (via multiple “hosts”) on public assistance. And although the “Times-Pick-Your-Nose” finally got around to reporting (this morning) that “Mitch-the-Bitch” gets to appoint the interim District “B” Council person in the event Stacey Head’s pick of Errol George is not confirmed within 30 days. Nor did “the toilet paper” report that “the Bitch”, Johnson and Hedge-Morrel are conspiring together, ie. COLLUDING, to allow “the Bitch” to pick his own Negro for the interim Council position (“I appointed you; now I own you, ‘snowflake’; so you’d better vote my way”). I wonder why The Times Picayune only reported “part” of the real story. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. I think all this NO City Council crap is great no matter what side your on … at least there’s some semblance of a democratic process, albeit racist dissension …

      Here in Jefferson Parish it’s the SOS … ‘Executive Session’ deals that become public 7-0 votes … modern day fascism bordering on totalitarianism …

      And as a side note … the Uncle Tom’s that get anointed to the JP Council are simply emasculated to go along and get along so that as Mr. Spears has said on several occasions, ‘to insure that he gets his piece of the pie ‘

  9. Whitmergate’s most recent Comment causes me to say something that I have thought since living through the aftermath of Hurricane KATRINA: THE INHABITANTS OF ORLEANS PARISH ARE LIVING IN “RECONSTRUCTION” TIMES. We have “one man – one vote” in this Country, whether the voter can read and write, pays property taxes, has a number of illegitimate children by multiple women, has a criminal record (unless the felony is still “active” and the “citizen” is on parole), and whether he and his multiple “belly warmers” and illegitimate offspring live off the dole. And like it or not, the Negros outnumber the whites in Orleans Parish, which means that the whites will NEVER win another election in this Parish. Jon Johnson and Cynthis Hedge-Morrel, among other Negro political (and otherwise) “leaders”, will make sure that a Phyrric Victory like the one recently won by Stacey Head WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Just how “effective” does anyone really believe Head can be in her “At Large” position. The Negros on the Council are against her (she can’t even persuade them to attend meetings) and the Mayor (and his “machine”) is against her. Study what happened in this State, and more particularly in Orleans Parish, between the time of the Capture of New Orleans by Federal Forces (SPIT!) in 1862 and the end of Reconstruction in 1874. The parallels to today are SHOCKING. And learn the meaning of the words “scalawag” and “carpetbagger”. There were Negro “legislators” (elected, of course, because white Southern men had been largely disenrfranchised by the Federal Government after the Civil War), who put their BARE FEET on their legislative desks in Baton Rouge. Freed Negro slaves, with no education, no property and no jobs (they didn’t want to work anyway) got the “vote” in this Country in 1870 by virtue of the Fifteenth Amendment, White women didn’t get the “vote” until 1920. I REPEAT: WE ARE LIVING IN RECONSTRUCTION TIMES, and may God help us. As for me, I’m getting the hell OUT as soon as I can. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. AROD: I hope my candid picture capturing the rare sighting of the bald headed, blue breasted, black-tailed sand piper didn’t push you over the edge.

    There may be racists on the Council but it all comes down to getting every, and I do mean every white vote, out to out vote the black voters some of whom refuse to vote for a white candidate. That’s exactly what Ms.Head did besides get some good black political support resulting in the Council boycott.

    Personally, I think its funny and so typical of the double standard black politicos exhibit – they lose, they pout,they complain,they pick up whatever marbles they have and go home.

    So I say I dare you childish, spoiled politicos to stay home permanently so a new election can be held and you all can stay home permanently. We don’t need your type here in good Old Nawlins.

    1. Lockemup,
      Brings a new appreciation for why Head’s in the position. She’s no yes-em backup like Fielkow was so no doubt part of Halfmoon’s mistake was driven by that thought. Now that it’s out in the open until the next election cycle don’t expect much progress from the council which puts Halfmoon in the position of having to make up ground against his nemesis James Perry. Halfmoon has a lot of ass kissing to do and the pucker on the Ho Zone better not turn out to be like french kissing your grandmother or he’l wish he stayed as Lt. Governor.

  11. Tom: MitchMo is the ” Ho” Zone alright.

    It’s like being caught in the Twi-Light Zone in that weird,unexplained sh*t happens unexpectedly.i.e.Honkies win when they shouldn’t.

    It’s kinda like being parked in a Loading Zone where heavy BS loads are dropped off daily. i.e Crime statistics

    Its a little like the Auto Zone in that it sells cheap fixes for blown out, old tires that usually don’t hold up. i.e.Ronal “Stinky” Serpas.

    It’s also liken to driving thru a bad-ass School Zone where two “special ed” kids want to play racist games like “Hooky with the Honkies”.

    But more than all that , it’s most like a hardcore,red-light “HO” Zone cause everybody has their favorite piece of action to satisfy their primal instincts of jealousy, greed and lust.

    MitchMo, your game plan stinks, you’re unprotected and soon to be sacked and “term”inated in the End Zone.

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