My severe case of spring fever has gotten worse…

I do not know what type of pollen hit the air late last week in South Mississippi but what ever it is has my sinuses in full rebellion.  That part I can take but the meds just about make it impossible to coherently write anything substantive.

That said here are a couple of links:

Saturday AROD emailed me inquiring if I knew Tom Freeland’s father passed away which I did not.  On behalf of AROD and the Slabbed Nation I express our condolences on Mr Freeland’s passing.

Mississippi’s Tort Damages Cap has been overturned by Coahoma County Circuit Judge Charles Webster. I agree with the impact of this ruling but I strongly suspect our Chamber of Commerce owned State Supreme Court will see this issue differently.  Why the taxpayers get stuck with the end result of corporate misdeeds is beyond me but this is the time in which we live.

There are reasons the justice system in NOLA is a money pit, the NOLA traffic court being a good example. It is a cesspool on so many levels folks. NOLA Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux rocks IMHO.

The Jefferson family downward spiral continues unabated. Our condolences to the family of Sandy Jefferson.

Last week Elton LaGasse made a pay-to-play ass of himself again. The T-P editorial board takes him to task for it today.

It’s official, every T-P Op-Ed columnist has now taken US Attorney Jim Letten to the woodshed over Sal Perricone’s online missives with James Gill chipping in yesterday.  Three things I thought interesting was Gill’s mention of Henry Mencken aka Sal Perricone being subject of courthouse chatter before Perricone was outed which is dead on IMHO.  Another is how he explained the exceptional lawyering Dominick Fazzio was getting from his new attorney Buddy Lemann. Last, Gill nails the fact the DoJ did not deny Jim Letten was told about Perricone’s online activities in response to Lemann’s accusation Letten was told about Perricone well before the scandal broke as speculation grows that Lemann’s mystery witness is Mike Magner, formerly of the US Attorney’s Office now in private practice with Jones Walker.

There are 2 conclusions that can be drawn from the cumulative reporting and punditry on Perricone and the various prosecutions he tainted including USA v Fazzio:

  1. Lemann has a golden opportunity to get Fazzio off the hook due to Perricone’ postings.
  2. Jim Letten is a short timer as US Attorney.

Finally Cindy Chang at the T-P hit a homer yesterday as she explained Louisiana’s leading role as the “World’s Prison Capital” as closely followed by Mississippi.  Fixing social problems with “law and order” solutions is not only expensive, it leads society to some pretty dumb places.

Feel free to add any other links in comments.  For those not reading the commentary on the Sneed family post from last week, Tom, Ashton, Jr and the other regulars are burning it up with “dirty deed” background. Great stuff guys!



9 thoughts on “My severe case of spring fever has gotten worse…”

  1. i have been on nasonex for 1 year and it has done wonders. i used to dread springtime but have had no issues this year. Rx only and need to be compliant to achieve best results. if you get a scrip, you can find a coupon on the net worth $15.

    1. The words Steriod and Sop do not mix well as a general rule which is why I dread the inhaler I sometimes must use. I’ll bring it up to my Doc and see what he says. Thanks for the steer.


  2. TRANSLATION OF LargeASS’s quote in TP article on Pay-To-Play in JP, “We’re going to continue to pick people who’ve done good work for us”.

    Cronyism language for, ” We’re going to continue to give excessive monies/ contracts to the contractors who’ve excelled at playing our popular Pay-To-Play Game so well and dumped MEGA-MONEY on our corrupt campaign asses.”

    And who is “King of Payola” in JP ? – no contest, its the Hall of Fame “King of Payola” who sits on his 4 G, ass misting and drying terlit at 5:00 A.M. and checks out all his onerous campaign deposits.

    Glad to see the TP picking up on JP Payola instead of picking their nose but why, Oh why didn’t the TP write about the “King of Payola” Roberts is the BIG QUESTION?

    Do Mr. Roberts’ business interests(car dealer,ice cream shop) advertize in the TP so it doesn’t want to FLUSH the “King of Payola’s” advertising dollars?

  3. Besides talking in cronyism language LargeASS’s parliamentarian mannerisms are so poor I would question just how many resolutions/ordinances/ contracts have really passed according to JP parliamentarian procedure.

    But Coach Councilman-at- LargeASS thinks he is now KING and has invented his own personal” coach them up ” parliamentarian language and any objectors to his verbiage can kiss his LargeASS.

    He however fits in perfectly with the other MISFITS on the “The Devil’s Whorehouse” Council.

    I particularly liken them in the video to the frantic,innocent nuns they portray themselves as but they are really the devil’s whores in disguise.

  4. I used to have spring fever as well but I don’t anymore which I attribute to my changed diet.
    Two springs ago I adopted a vegan diet because of cholesterol issues (I don’t respond to statins). That year my allergies/sinus headaches were the usual that I have had for decades. I would get sinus headaches even with taking sinus medication. Last spring, I noticed that my need to take medicine dropped dramatically and I was always able to forestall a headache on the few occasions that I felt a headache coming on. This year, NO headaches and NO medicine. Far less sneezing. Also, my cholesterol dropped from 212 to 159.

    1. Interesting. The best piece of advice I received last year was to eat locally produced honey everyday and through time it helped to the point where I was able to ditch the daily antihistamine. The producer we bought from at the farmers market does not sell honey in the colder months and I got out of the habit.


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