My severe case of spring fever has gotten worse…

I do not know what type of pollen hit the air late last week in South Mississippi but what ever it is has my sinuses in full rebellion.  That part I can take but the meds just about make it impossible to coherently write anything substantive.

That said here are a couple of links:

Saturday AROD emailed me inquiring if I knew Tom Freeland’s father passed away which I did not.  On behalf of AROD and the Slabbed Nation I express our condolences on Mr Freeland’s passing.

Mississippi’s Tort Damages Cap has been overturned by Coahoma County Circuit Judge Charles Webster. I agree with the impact of this ruling but I strongly suspect our Chamber of Commerce owned State Supreme Court will see this issue differently.  Why the taxpayers get stuck with the end result of corporate misdeeds is beyond me but this is the time in which we live.

There are reasons the justice system in NOLA is a money pit, the NOLA traffic court being a good example. It is a cesspool on so many levels folks. NOLA Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux rocks IMHO. Continue reading “My severe case of spring fever has gotten worse…”