8 thoughts on “Will somebody please take them ‘shrooms away from Jimbo the Clown and get him into rehab………”

  1. I don’t think he’s totally gone yet cause he had the sense to make that statement in the high and dry city of Alexandria.

    I’m growing special IED tomatoes this year just in case the Clown does go off the edge completely and makes an appearance in Metairie or Orleans juggling that kind of BS.

    The bigger story today is Jordan Jefferson getting waived by Tampa Bay cause they caught him eating stadium grass . He later announced when interviewed he wasn’t bitter and because of his expertise has decided to explore kickboxing or athletic shoe sales.

  2. JIMBO THE CLOWN DONELON is the reason your personal lines insurance rates are among the HIGHEST in the country. And yet, the LOUISIANA SHEEPLE put this clown back in two to one in the last election.

    So, guess you sheep are getting what you wanted..high insurance rates and an insurance commish owned by the insurance companies.

    1. I vote against him ever time he runs for anything. He’s the poster child for the advantages of “name-reognition.”

  3. Really people! I see nothing has changed

    Boy he must have a great connection to a serouis drug dealer

    In my opinion


  4. http://www.nola.com/hurricane/index.ssf/2012/11/superstorm_sandys_mid-atlantic.html#incart_river

    Jim Donelon needs to be removed from office on this moronic thought process alone:

    But such a break would be unlikely for many policyholders in Louisiana in the rare event that a named storm became non-tropical before making landfall, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said. That’s because insurance companies in Louisiana can write deductible language into their policies that kick in for “named storms,” which under state law includes any storm that has been given a name by the National Hurricane Center, whether or not the center later declares it non-tropical.

    Uh, Jimbo the Clown, how about changing the law to prohibit insurance companies, who are still making tons of money despite natural catastrophes, from using “named storm deductibles.” Here’s a novel thought – change the law to only allow them to use “hurricane deductibles.” This guy is a total Bozo.

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