The topic of where the Sneed family gets their political stroke from has come up from time to time in comments here on Slabbed

To understand the taxpayer-funded financial cesspools and Louisiana Government, you have to think long-term and go back several generations to understand that in respects the State of Louisiana is composed to this day of a few major plantations that self perpetuate genetically thanks to evergreen arrangements involving mineral leases and taxpayer largesse. I mention this because of the work Lee Zurik is doing examining oil deals dating to the 1930’s and how they impact the state to this day.  It is excellent stuff.

The Sneeds are not mentioned by name in part 3 of Zurik’s report but they’re progeny of former Gov. O.K. Allen, the guy who followed the legendary Huey Long. The whole series is well worth the read and view.

You guys that know the lay of the land feel free to share your wisdom in comments.


54 thoughts on “The topic of where the Sneed family gets their political stroke from has come up from time to time in comments here on Slabbed”

  1. “It’s a surprise to everybody here in the Legislature,” says Rep. Nick Lorusso of New Orleans.

    Sanctimonious rapture to unconscionable well know acts done of and by the totalitarian monarchy politics in the Louisiana “Good Ole Boy System” , what guile ! Don’t hold your breath on repayment !

    Please explain to your surfs why the legislators want to eliminate the deliberately under funded Inspector General’s office

  2. So let me stick my neck out, so it can get cut off: The State Mineral Board addressed the Legal and Title Agenda at their meeting today. Lee Zurik may have personally made a presentation, but that is not crystal clear from the Mineral Board Web-Site. Nor is how the vote went today, or what was voted on, although FOX-8 News promises a rundown at 2200 hours tonight. The allegedly fraudulent Leases are: 195, 309, 335, 340 and 341. My prediction: NOTHING SUBSTANTIVE IS GOING TO HAPPEN, EVER. And if any more Legislators like Ausin Badon get on T.V. and “UGA UGA UGA”, they will be CRUSHED like bugs. and no nevermind that they’re Negro (or some other minority/majority Group). Too many “sacred cows” (notice that I didn’t say “oxen”, since oxen get GORED), and people in positions of wealth and power (kind of like “the Illuminati”). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. I’m guessing you know and will have to connect the dots for us. Sneed is related to the Longs?

    1. BK Sneed married O.K. Allen’s granddaughter, the sister daughter of former JP Parish Prez Doug Allen per the Wino, who is a wiz at Jefferson Parish political history.

      The Wino has been drinking folks what can I say.


      1. Do you think Mr.Peabody knows that B K Sneed married ex- Governor O K Allen’s daughter( sister to ex-President and huge politico in JP,Doug Allen.)as per Lafayette Wino.

        B K Sneed I believe just purchased Hartman Engineering, which company is one of the biggest campaign cash cows and resides in the infamous 527 W. Esplanade , Kenner Building. The same building which also houses another campaign cash cow,namely Digital Engineering and Imaging( Kurt Evans and Thomas Hickey).

        It has been reported that this Building was sold by one well connected political group to another for $ ONE MILLION plus over 10 years ago but has been chronically assessed by Chehardy for $168,000.

        Bet cha’ Lee has no clue bout’ B K Sneed. Lee needs to get on over to the U.S.Attorney’s Office and see the wall chart of the JP political tree upon which hangs the forbidden fruit of decades of nepotism and political marriages.

  4. AROD and TOM: I hear you guys loud and clear but lets give Lee a chance to see how tough he is and how persistent. Is he as persistent as the M&M Sistas?

    If Jindal plays it right and exposes these dirty genes in his lame duck term he could rewrite his name over Huey’s.The Jindal Bridge instead of the Huey P. Long Bridge.

    They thought Leander Perez was untouchable too.Perez Park in St.Bernard is no more!

    I always wondered what happen to the cronies of Huey, now we will find out.Like O.K.Allen Ok’d everything Huey wanted was the genesis of play along to get along. And one crony asshole begot a little bit bigger asshole who begot still a bigger asshole who begot an even bigger one until what you had was no body but only a walking talking asshole who only knows ONE THING- PLAY ALONG TO GET ALONG. They do it in their life time and then pass that dysfunctional genetic material on to another and another.

    I say go get em’ Lee and put an end to the long lines of these begotten assholes.

    1. Hey Lockemup ,
      I would agree only there are a few legal problems which make the seemingly contrite heart of Lee impotent. One is prescription of time limit, second is Adverse Possession, don’t be fooled the legislators know it’s mission impossible all the respondents have to do is prove the state had to know and game over.

      1. Hey Tom:
        Must be one of Huey, et al heirs. Adverse Possession, Aquistive Prescription and Liberative Prescription is squashed by Fraud and Absolute Nullity. Citizens of Louisiana have suffered long enough. Time for restitution and it is “damm” time these people get cut off…Get a life…TOMMMMMM!!!

  5. A few points: (1) If Lee Zurik gets too close to something or anyone “sensitive” the owner of FOX-8, who sucks on the State (ie. the taxpayers’) teat BIGTIME, with a lot of “help” from elected Officials and non-elected bureaucrats, will put a tight collar and short leash on Zurik faster than you can say “Val Bracey”. (2) After Huey Long was assassinated in September 1935, the Federal Government “selectively” went after his supporters. However, those who were targeted, the Feds went after with a vengance. O.K. Allen died in office which may explain why he wasn’t a target of the Feds (maybe he was, but death “saved” him). I don’t know why Mr. Noe was not a target. Maybe he had still-living friends who remained in high places. Two well-known names of men who were targeted, and who ultimately spent time in the Federal Penitentiary, were Governor Richard Leche and Abe Shushan of “Shushan Airport” a/k/a Lakefront Airport fame. Some of what happened to “some” of Huey’s supporters is chronicled in Harnett T. Kane’s “Louisiana Hayride”, which I believe is out of print. (3) From personal experience, the Louisiana Office of Inspector General is a totally ineffective and corrupt organization. THAT’S RIGHT: I SAID INEFFECTIVE AND CORRUPT. And you can start with the Office of General Counsel. If anyone wants “chapter in verse” I’d be glad to provide same. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. This is “Mondo Bizarro”. The individual who caused me to have strong feelings about the Louisiana Office of Inspector General – ALL DECIDEDLY NEGATIVE – is their former General Counsel, Bradley Overton. He conspired (CRIMINALLY), obfuscated and obstructed to deny me justice against a number of State actors whose misdeeds I reported to him and his Superiors, including, inter alia, Catherine Kimball, Charles Plattsmier, Charles Foti and his “spear-carrier” Burton Guidry, the former Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police and Department of Public Safety and Corrections, among others. After gave me a “royal fucking”, he fell off my radar. However, he has now re-surfaced. Sme of you may have watched FOX-8 News at 10:00 P.M. last night to see and hear Lee Zurik report that, yesterday, the State Mineral Board had unanimously (but without any discussion) voted to refer the matters dealing with “Win or Lose” Oil Company to the Attorney General for investigation. Well, it turns out that “Bradley Overton”, formerly General Counsel for the Office of Inspector General, now works in the Civil Division of the Office of Attorney General, and more particularly in the “Land and Natural Resources” Section of the Civil Division. And guess who the BIGGEST client of the Land and Natural Resources Section of the Civil Division is? GIVE THAT MAN A CIGAR! Yep, you’re absolutely right: THE STATE MINERAL BOARD. We may not have heard the last of Bradley Overton, and you can bet that it won’t be favorable to the Louisiana taxpayers or to “truth, justice, and the American way”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. To Tom: I’m still a bit “confused” by all of this. However, if I am understanding what’s being reported by FOX-8 correctly, Governors after Huey’s death criminally appropriated State mineral leases, and through a series of transactions that were supposed to make what they were doing “look” legitimate, STOLE the leases for themselves, their Families and others. So bear this in mind: No citizen can prescribe against the State, not in 10 years, not in 30 years, not in 50 years, not in 100 years. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. If the State can prove fraud with intent then the contract is null and void ab initio.Getting the money back – no way.

    With all witnesses to contracts DOA the cronies are going to have a hard time proving in the 30’s the State knew about the fraudulent leases unless the original investigation archives contain incontrovertible evidence proving same.

    As far as Benson pulling Lee, ole’ Lee has been working on this for supposedly two years and by the time Dirty Deeds hits the fan the Legis will already have given the Hornets its’ tax exemptions and Benson will be La’s King of Sports.

    And Benson knows the State can’t get pissed and renege on the Saints and Hornets subsidies because he’s the only guy with deep enough pockets to keep them both here, especially with L.A. and other cities’ appetites for such franchises.

    As much as the Kingfish did for the State his setting in motion the genesis of generations of pigs, of which 40% live out of state, has me to the point that if Jindal ” cleans” the leases up I would like to see the Huey P. Bridge renamed the Jindal “Jani- King” Connection.

    The dubiety of it all.

    1. Ashton and lockemup review history .

      1942 – Win or Lose and James Noe are sued for income tax evasion. Federal Treasury investigation. (found not guilty) Weiss takes the blame. Dividend payments done by cashier checks to other six recipients.

      1943-1946 – On two occasions, Sam Jones administration had state lease 340 redefined resulting in a number of fields reclaimed by the state. Win or Lose contended that they did nothing illegal since the leases had been not challenged in the 1930

      1. It’s all on question is and still remains if the LA. DOJ and state courts did nothing after having knowledge are they entitled to a second bite at the apple and how Adverse Possession then comes into play.

      2. Hey Tom:
        Get your facts straight in 1951 what was the “new charter’s name” THEMSELVES? Shareholders voted to dissolve “Independent Oil & Gas” out-of-court, voluntarily to “THEMSELVES, et al”…Are you a “heir” of the Huey gang?

    2. They could show fraud if they look in the other court houses involved, where documents were filed. Huey was able to secure the deal, by selling out the true Tyson/Vince Heirs in Conroe, TX. Exxon (Standard Oil) allowed him to have the 1/8th contract in return that the true Vince/Tyson/Strickland survey be buried and the heirs not receive their inheritance. It’s basically embezzlement.

  9. To “lock”: Two points. (1) From what I can discern, “the State” may already have fallen on its own sword by virtue of litigation some time ago that was noyt widely reported, and with good reason, if the goal was to make sure that “the CROOKS” and their Families retained their ill-gotten gains. Do you know anything about this “historical” litigation involving the State, oil companies and private interests (like ex-Governor Noe’s heirs and descendants)? (2) I don’t claim to know about the “personnel decisions” which are made at FOX-8. Nor do I have an intimate knowledge of the financial machinations of the Benson “Empire”. But I DO know that he benefits ENORMOUSLY from his treatment by the State. If the State says to “lay off” X, Y and Z, is there any doubt what Benson would do? Let’s take something “simple”, the old “Dominion Tower Building”. What’s it called today, the Benson Tower Building? What would doubling the assessment for property tax purposes cost Benson? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. I gave you the original State Lease Numbers, but here they are again: 195, 309, 335, 340 and 341. No matter how the CROOKS may have assigned these State Leases to themselves, or to their relatives, or to “sham” corporations established to make everything look “above-board”, and to limit personal liability, and no matter what the CROOKS and their heirs and co-conspirators may have done later to dissolve THIS corporate entity, and to establish THAT corporate entity, in order to “confuse” ordinary SHMUCKS and perpetuate the FRAUD, the Oil Companies like Texaco, Inc. and Louisiana Land & Exploration Co., who have been paying CROOKS mineral royalties since the 1930’s, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON. And each check which the Oil Companies wrote is supported by so-called “title in the leaseholder”, whether through a Judgment of Possession in a Succession proceeding, an assignment or Act of Sale (someone would have to be CRAZY to divest himself of such lucrative ill-gotten gains), or otherwise. What will be interesting is how Huey and Noe “GRABBED” these State Leases in the first instance, and what the “paper trail” shows. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  11. Just copy what was on the web site of the publisher who did 15 years of research blisher

    The statements herein have been verified through newsprint, courthouse records, and legal documents. This continuing site will give as much information out for public knowledge as has been accumulated over a fifteen year period.

    1. TOM:
      I know Mr. Art Walker very well; and, I have given he a lot of information through-out the years…

      Ask yourself this thought: “If Wm.T. Burton was truly the sole owner of the State Leases issued to him by these Governors, WHY would he take 1/4 interest and give the Win or Lose Corp. 3/4 percent interest on over 2 million acres of land and waterbottoms.”

      Very “GROSS” misuse of Public Office; and, it is time to pay the piper…The citizens of Louisiana have suffered through their “SINS” long enough!!!

      1. To Dawn :
        No you are the one that needs to get your facts straight; I have no monetary interest in nor am I advocating for anyone that does. What I have stated is that “this is another prime example of the totalitarian monarchy politics in Louisiana”

  12. Thanks, Tom. That’s one of the two most “comprehensive” that I’ve come across. Unfortunately, I didn’t (and don’t) have the technical expertise to link them to SLABBED. I sent the names of the current owners of State Lease No. 340 to SOP last night. Once these names are exposed to the light of day, we have to focus on the Oil Companies who have been granted leases by the illicit owners, and who pay royalties (anywhere from 1/8 to 1/6 to 1/4) to the illicit owners, sharing the rest with the State. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. To Ashton;
      Could it be karma or just quirk of fate that it appears that only surviving active attorney participant in the 70’s hearings that could shed real light on the issues is also a benefactor, former mineral board member and former governor as well a convicted felon?

    2. Ashton & Lockemup,

      Louis Rousell was no saint however check this out he pulled out in 57 not to acquire interest agent was attempting to get paid his commissions.

      Edwin Edwards was friends with Louis Roussel and knows all about this scam question is will he now talk?

      I found what appears to be the 71 Summary Judgment on line and states what i suspected and would be faced in a suit today that it would have to be heard from law of that period, read for your self.

  13. Tom and Ashton: Anyone notice that numbered heirs #36, #44, and #45 all have the Fleming name and Judge Robert Fleming was the Judge who dismissed the Roussell case in 1971. Coincidence or connections?

    My father who was a big fan of Huey is going to do a flip over at Lake Lawn when and if this story gets told.

  14. TOM:Did you see the Fox LIVE interiew of Edwards with Rose asking him about his plans and his answer was to sell as any copies of his book to get his good name back. TRANSLATION – he was wrongly convicted.Edwards is not worried about anyone but himself,Period.

  15. The pleading that “TOM” linked us to on May 12th at 5:20 P.M. (a Memorandum in Support of a Motion for Summary Judgment by the defendants in the 1971 “Roussel versus Noe” Litigation) demonstrates that the issues involving “Win or Lose” are far more complex than has been reported by Lee Zurik and FOX-8. Previously, I referenced prior litigation and the distinct possibility that the State had “fallen on its own sword”. Well, it’s more diabolical than that. The referenced Memorandum raised as an issue ESTOPPEL (the Goddamned State was a defendant and “mover”)and, as a “for instance”, whatever took place in the late 1930’s had been ratified by the State, through various Governors, and the State Mineral Board, after it was created. This was and is a “FUCK JOB” on the backs of the taxpayers of monumental proportions. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  16. To “TOM”: The “Huls and Miller” Fifth “Circus” Panel was as CROOKED as the criminal defendants, whose convictions were REVERSED. Do you know what happened later? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton:

      Fill me in what happened ? The 85 news story was enough to make me sick might as well lose all my lunch.

    2. Ashton ,

      Can it be worse than this ?

      Edwards biographer Leo Honeycutt says he believes Edwards will be helping with oil and gas lease issues at a company Leach owns that is involved in the oil and gas services industry.
      The 83-year-old former governor was released from prison Thursday after serving eight years in jail for a corruption conviction.

        1. Tom: You commented, “When I revealed the Governor’s obvious conflicts of interest, he called a news conference.”

          To have blown the whistle on EWE and be mentioned in EWE’s book as a non-story means you had inside information on his felonious activities from either your previous governmental watch/ media position or political contacts.

          Any which way the SlabbeNation is privileged to have you as a political corruption commenter,values your citizenship here and looks forward to many more of your informative posts.

          1. Lockemup,

            The quote is from another reporter ( Baton Rouge)source that was speaking on the Edwards book mentioning the Win or Lose scam but I do hope that my diatribes are welcome.

  17. To “TOM”: The case after what you reported is “United States v. Miller”, 952 F. 2d 866 (Fifth Cir. 1992). If you or any other “legal eagles” know what it means, please fill me in. I haven’t a clue. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ahston,
      Not sure but maybe the one you are referencing is the commission on a purchase Rousell backed out on , posted to show he was active in the game himself. I read a little more the leases is Louisiana were made part of the bankruptcy of Texaco who at the time had a horrible reputation run by a ruthless CEO ex-military who ran the company as such.

      In 1984, Pennzoil made an informal but binding contract with Getty Oil to purchase the company. The Texaco oil company encroached on the deal in an attempt to acquire Getty for itself.[5]
      Pennzoil filed a lawsuit that turned out to be a landmark. At first it was adjudicated by Judge Anthony J.P. Farris; it was finished by visiting Judge Solomon (Sol) Casseb of San Antonio. Pennzoil, represented by Joe Jamail and Baine Kerr, won $10.53 billion from Texaco, represented by Dick Miller.
      The case was appealed. The decision of the trial court was upheld on condition that Pennzoil file a remittitur agreeing to a reduction of punitive damages from $3 billion, to $1 billion. Compensatory damages of $7.53 billion remained unaffected. Pennzoil paid Mr. Jamail $335 million and Mr. Kerr $10 million for the victory.

  18. i was told a story once about how rousell made his oil money. something about how a major oil company hiring rousell to talk to the cajuns about leases and rousell scamming the landowners……i see that old was piece features cecil brown one of ewe’s shakedown guys. brown wasnt charged for his crimes in the riverboat casino scam but was convicted shaking down a guy trying to build a prison.

  19. Jr: Funny thing,I was told by my grandfather the same thing about Roussell,Jr scamming the local cajuns in oil leases.

    I believe he and his mortgager took a bath on his big project,The Plaza Towers, though.

    1. Whitmer,
      Great work on rehearing for the fraud but you do understand that this would be a referendum sort of speak as to the entire issue of each individual player in the fraud. I really hope you are right I just have my doubts.

      As for the JP issue regarding pay to play got something for you on that you obviously read the BGR report and RR TP news story lets see if he has the guts to do a story on what I gave him below .

      Hey Rich ,

      You may want to point out next time what the BGR report did not examine. HUD Grantee requirements on procurement outlined below to obtain and use Federal Funds already requires the parish to be compliant to what the BGR reports suggests.

      Louisiana HUD CDBG Procurement manual.

      Misappropriations of funds and non-compliance to Civil Rights by the parish (required to be enforced by certification) as a grantee below is also the may-stay of The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center Law Suit in asking HUD to terminate CDBG Grants to Jefferson Parish .

      Below is the certification by the parish to receive $14mil

  20. Gate’: Talking about PUMPING at the most recent JP Council meeting your favorite person, Nancy Cassigne, was pumpimg publicity for some nurses at West Jefferson Hospital with a proclamation read by newly elected councilman Johnston.

    One of the honored nurses? The son of Council aide Eddie D’Gigaralamo? ( no help from spell check).

    Also, more PUMPING going on in JP than water with B K Sneed and Hartman Engineering, Digital Engineering and Myers Engineering all pumpimg big time money into campaign coffers of newly elected Councilmen Johnston, Spears and Zahn. Also, Young.


    1. But Lockemup the parish has already addressed your complaint is 2010 and is above board so says the parish attorney and remember no contractor has come forward to report themselves ?

      New contractor law takes effect next week
      March 31, 2010
      By Jeremy Alford
      A new ordinance that seeks to strengthen the wall between public employees and private contractors like engineers and architects has been adopted by the Jefferson Parish Council and is expected to go on the books early next week. And just like the old system, the new system affords considerable power to the parish attorney.

    2. CORRECTION: My most favorite person to pound upon is the felon Pegs “Ms Piggy” Barton … Nancy ” the kneebending fraud”” Cassange is third coming after her indicted troglodyte brother-in-law Wilkinson, who plops in as 2nd …Tim “slick as shit and shonola” Whitmer is fourth … then mini-me Roberts and LargeASSe tie to “round” out … the top 5 !!! …

      With all these people having nicknames it kind of reminds me of wannabe Mafia … and in their case they are just that, Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso !!!

  21. Thank you, “WHITMERGATE”, for contributing to my “post-traumatic stress disorder” by reminding me of the Fifth Circus decision in “Turner v. Pleasant”. I was disbared in the Federal system, not for conduct “less than” what was described in Turner v. Pleasant, BUT FOR NOTHING. Yet Chopin continues to practice law, without any disciplinary charges brought against him, and the DEGENERATE COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS who run the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Charles Plattsmier and Gregory Tweed, are NOT IN JAIL. Chopin has never done anything to me, but if it KILLS ME, I will put Plattsmier and Tweed in JAIL. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  22. Tom: The thing about the Pay-For-Play, Devil’s Whorehouse Council is the more ordinances they pass to portray themselves as good governmental stewards the more they violate said ordinances at will.

    Case in point the affidavits, affying disinterest prior to voting for contractors who were Pay-For- Play players, which were compelled of all councilmen punishable by $500 and/or 6 months in jail were neglected for years cause the Broussard clan of parish attorneys said they were not needed.

    Another case in point is the Devil’s Whorehouse total non-response to Ashton O’Dwyer’s recent Council meeting appearances complaining of JP department conspiracies to allow the building of no less than 12 houses on the JP batture property his family heirs own and have paid taxes on since 1945.

    The JP batture conspiracy is analogous to the national JFK conspiracy. Multiple departments and high ranking officials in a covert cover-up of a coup de tat land grab by parish politico cronies.

    A replay of the theme song for the JP Council which kinda’ grows on you after you hear it a few times:


    Where’s the modern day DA Garrison to sniff out this JP onerous conspiracy.Same place as Car 54- at the corner do-nut ( short for do-nuttin’) shop.

  23. And “whitmergate”, if “the Circus” had given Duval-Daley-Fayard the same attention it gave “G.T. Ortous” in Turner v. Pleasant, and explored Duval-Daley-Fayard’s relationship with his “close personal friend of long-standing”, Calvin Fayard, just as “the Circus” paid attention to the relationships between and among Attorney Richard Chopin and Dr. Christopher Cenac, then we might have seen Duval-Daley-Fayard IN JAIL, not just impeached and found GUILTY at a Congressional trial. Besides that “relationship” of long-standing, let’s focus on the Tuscaloosa trip, the lack of disclosure at the “Victims of KATRINA” Status Conference on March 24, 2006, and Duval-Daley-Fayard’s decisions on the disqualification/recusal issue, in the Outfall Canal case, in the Levee Board case, and in the MRGO case. Maybe Fifth “Circus” Judge Jerry Smith could write the opinion, if he could…(maybe I should stop here – Smith already knows what I think of him). Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. AROD:

      You’re going to ultimately be proven right about the Duval-Fayard trip to Tuscaloosa and related matters (not that that provides you any immediate relief or comfort).

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