Orleans Shoring’s questionable sales practices scrutinized by Hammerman. A former State Senator Julie Quinn double dealing update.

In this morning’s T-P we learn a few things from Hammerman’s analysis of the YouTube vids posted by the New Orleans Observer including the Observer’s likely identity as someone affiliated with the Cumberland Investment Group, an Orleans Shoring competitor. Because of the money involved the market competition has devolved into the business world’s version of a street fight as the public learns the extent of Julie Quinn’s financial involvement with Orleans Shoring while proclaiming to be some sort of consumer advocate, a routine she has used to double deal as a State Senator dating back to the Chinese Drywall scourge that afflicted this area after Hurricane Katrina.

Hammerman notes Quinn is the COO of Orleans Shoring and discloses the worst of the abuses Orleans documented in its own undercover sting are not present in the NOLA Observer’s video.  That said Hammerman also brings up two things that are disturbing in the use of $100 Walmart gift cards to score appointments, a practice Orleans was made to discontinue and the disturbing implications of an Orleans Shoring direct mail solicitation and for that we visit with Slabbed commenter Fedupwithitall:

The salesman from Orleans Shoring arrived at this homeowners home with paperwork all filled out including square footage, entrances, name and even Road home number. Is this guy psychic? How can this be? This salesman mentions looking on a list that was not supposed to be used but was magically now able to be used. Lo and behold this homeowner is approved! This Orleans Shoring salesman then tries to scare the homeowner by describing that the homeowner may lose their chance to get their home elevated if they don’t choose Orleans Shoring since Elevation Shoring went out of business 6 months ago per the Orleans Shoring salesman. (Elevation Shoring is still in business). The Orleans Shoring salesman then politely informs the homeowner that they have a NEW Mitigation Analyst named Hank. What a well-informed, nice guy.

How was this information obtained? Orleans Shoring all of the sudden has a list? Oh my! Is this a new list or and older one purchased from Kurt Wiltshire of New Path Recovery? (Kurt Wiltshire of New Path Recovery worked for Christian right after he quit working for OCD_HMGP)

Fedup is referencing the ongoing criminal saga involving the selling of the homeowner lists as well as earlier Hammerman reporting I added in hyperlink to his comment above.  The targeted mailing indicates there were other possible leaks involving the program and since a picture is worth a thousand words the mailing is below:

And those Walmart gift cards were clearly against the rules too which is why Orleans was made to discontinue giving them to their marks. Here is an example:

There are reasons State Senator Quinn is now former State Senator Quinn and some of them are on display in Hammerman’s article and my last post on this topic. Quinn has also appeared of late on these pages when her engagement to Parish President John Young was announced in late February. In certain Jefferson Parish political circles it has caused a great deal of discomfort, some of the reasons for which are just now entering into the public’s consciousness.  For his part the Young administration has been free from scandal and, Richard Hart excepted, has brought much needed stability to Parish Government, which was rocked to the core with Broussard era corruption scandals.  I mention this because the word I’m consistently hearing is the Connicks are dead set against Quinn and while the family is not politically strong enough to be judicial kingmakers on their own having their support is the easy way into a seat on the 24th JDC.  How this plays out will be highly interesting.


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  1. Orleans Shoring salesman admitting that Orleans Shoring has lists. Isn’t that illegal?
    Asked to stop? Salesman has been terminated? Where are the criminal charges for Orleans Shoring? I call BULLSHIT. CORRUPT TO THE CORE! Favoritism. Cronyism. Pay to play. Orleans should receive the same treatment as every other contractor. Suspension and probation. At this point even legal action.
    Christian has grown his business at the expense of homeowners. From inflated Total Project Costs to outright bribery and hiring of politicians to protect his ill gotten gains. Why didn’t Orleans Shoring get investigated by OSHA for the death of the first elevation employee killed in Kenner? The dead employee’s family(workers in the country illegally) received $50,000.00 for their loss. You should be ashamed Christian.

    Where are you FBI? Where is Paul Rainwater? Where is Craig Taffaro?

    The venerable Coach Curtis and American Building Supply are culpable in this fraud that is the HMGP.

    Christian has bought and paid for the HMGP.

    Doesn’t everyone realize that the steps shown in Orleans Shoring commercial as being installed improperly belong to a residence that Orleans shoring itself elevated?

    Christian had a ‘business’ relationship with Kurt Wilshire of New Path Recovery early in the grant process. Christian bought lists from Kurt Wiltshire. Christian then ‘screwed” Kurt Wiltshire out of his hard earned monies. Poor Kurt.
    Kurt Wiltshire USED American Building Supply and Coach John Curtis to influence Senator Alario into forcing Paul Rainwater into paying for the rental of a CHURCH GROUP (pay to play people) facility to market New Path Recovery “services” to gather commissions for IMM and Elevation work. Of course they got paid. Hopefully by check so that the payments can be revealed.

  2. That wordplace death you reference does not show up on the OSHA database. Coastal Shoring does show in the database but there is nothing on Orleans.

    If what you are saying about unreported workplace fatalities is true Orleans has bigger problems than giving out Walmart Gift Cards.


    1. SOP ,
      OSHA reporting is a joke sounds good but hardly enforced and with many loop holes. OSHA Log of illness and injury has a minimum employee loop hole and if the person is paid as a sub-contractor he is not an employee which is how most illegal aliens are paid. This is just another demonstration of CDBG grant fund feeding trough which is at the center of most the corruption. Fedup is absolutely correct in asking where is the FBI and DOJ, the false advertisement letter alone is enough for a conviction ?

    2. SOP ever thought of filling for a grant seems to be a good time to do it ? Here’s the answer to Fedup politicos are now trying to eliminate the other watch dog that has been deliberately underfunded from the beginning since they have little worry of Letten’s office and so the feeding goes on.

      Plan to defund Louisiana inspector office incurs watchdog groups’ howls
      Published: Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 9:05 PM
      By Jeff Adelson, The Times-Picayune


      Two public policy research groups this week condemned a move to eliminate the state investigator general’s office in advance of a Louisiana House vote on the state budget. The Public Affairs Research Council and the Bureau of Governmental Research blasted a measure by Rep. Joe Harrison, R-Houma, eliminating its financing from the state’s spending plan for next year. The investigator general is tasked with investigating fraud and abuse in state government, a duty worth more than the $1.7 million it takes to run the office, statements from the two groups argue.

      Rep. Joe Harrison, R-Houma
      “But there appears to be little merit to the argument that the inspector general’s office is a wasteful expense, except perhaps for those who are discomforted by forceful investigations,” according to PAR’s report.
      Referring to the state’s overall budget, BGR referred to the cost as “a drop in a $25 billion budget.”
      The inspector general’s office was created by former Gov. Buddy Roemer and given the power of a law enforcement agency in 2008. PAR noted a variety of successful investigations the office has undertaken, ranging from improper overtime given state employees to fraudulent disaster relief payments to illegal use of law enforcement databases.
      Harrison’s amendment gained approval from the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday before the amended version of the state budget, contained in House Bill 1, was approved. The full House is expected to consider the measure Thursday.
      The representative argued the measure would streamline state government and that other agencies, including the Legislative Auditor’s Office and Attorney General’s Office, could pick up the duties now performed by the inspector general.
      Noting that the office uncovered about $3.2 million in fraud and waste last year, BGR said the amendment “cannot be justified in the name of efficiency.”
      BGR’s report focused on the relatively low cost of the state office compared with localized watchdog efforts. The New Orleans inspector general received about $3.7 million this year, and the newly created Jefferson Parish’s office is expected to receive about $1.2 million when it starts operations. Each of those offices supervises governments whose yearly spending would account for only a few percentage points of the state budget, the report notes.
      PAR also argued that elimination of the office would damage the state’s reputation.
      “A sudden halt in funding of the inspector general would terminate ongoing investigations and send a message nationwide that Louisiana government is open for corrupt or wasteful business,” PAR said.

      1. For sure the WDSU link is the first worker killed on E La State Dr in Kenner. This link names Orleans Shoring.


        Cosatal Shoring is resposible for their worker’s death at 8001 Mercier St in New Orleans East last year on April 18.

        I went to that funeral.

        Good looking out though.

          1. That is THE question. Another good question might be….
            How did a plumber become a lisenced commercial contractor without having to take an contractors examination test? Orleans Shoring.
            How about this?
            How does a BBQ/Tree cutting service obtain a Commercial and Residential contractors lisence without having to be tested? Coastal Shoring.

            Part of the answer is hinted at here

            and here
            and here

  3. I bow to your superior search capabilities. I have been looking for that for well over a year.
    Check out links I sent. VERY interesting. Sometimes it is a duck.

  4. For a fee it appears that anyone can get ‘sponsored’ by a standing member (31 years) of the LSLBC and then it is ‘damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’.

    We should all be ashamed.

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