One thought on “Mayor MitchMo’s little piggies……”

  1. Good news for New Orleans.Tonite we are going to have a SUPERMOON in the city .

    Its going to be 30% brighter than a normal moon which means Half- Moon Landrieu is also going to be 30% brighter.

    However, 30% multiplied times 1/2 a moon means Mitch is still only 65% as bright as his father, the big full moon Landrieu.

    Well it sounded good to begin with but upon closer analysis we are still stuck with a Mayor who is still not bright enough to pull the plug on the big dummy police Chief.

    What we really need is a Super Mega Moon but Bob Breck says that won’t occur for another 2,000 years and Mitch will be long gone by then if not sooner when re-election occurs.

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