Heebe drops his suit against Perricone: Like we thought, the whole Mencken=Perricone deal was mostly posturing

Not that Sal Perricone wasn’t 100% right in resigning his job with the US Attorney’s office after commenting on cases he was handling because what he did was wrong from an ethical standpoint but we’ve said all along Fred Heebe had no defamation case against Perricone and the latest news that Heebe has dismissed his suit against Perricone reinforces that.  In fact hanging the threat of later litigation in the dismissal motions may be sanctionable conduct on part of his lawyers according to legal observers that speak with Slabbed.

Since this whole deal broke the public has gotten to witness plenty of peacocking, huffing and puffing by many of the recipients of Perricone’s online barbs including former AUSA/Tee Vee legal analyst Donald “Chick” Foret and frankly it was over the top.  In my view and despite the ethical problems associated with a prosecutors commenting online about cases they handle,  most of Perricone’s comments line up nicely with sentiments expressed here on Slabbed by members of the very same legal community to which Perricone belongs, including his assertion that Heebe comes from a “long line of corruptors”.

That the various defense attorneys are using Perricone ‘s comments to the hilt should come as no surprise as these guys are seasoned enough to use all the arrows in their quiver, including gifts such as the one Perricone served up commenting on the Times Picayune.  At the end of the day the upcoming prosecutions will be about the crimes alleged to have been perpetrated by the various defendants such as Big D and not what Perricone wrote on the internet though the comments guaranteed Perricone a place in the narrative regardless of his current employment status.


13 thoughts on “Heebe drops his suit against Perricone: Like we thought, the whole Mencken=Perricone deal was mostly posturing”

  1. Fazzio new trial date is July 23. Berrigan gave both sides till tomorrow May 9 to file why a hearing must be held. Titus’s FBI notes were released. FBI notes alone prove FAZZIO’s GUILT from Titus explanation of scheme and Fazzio’s indictment. Titus forfeiture is part of Gov’t’s plea deal.

  2. Finally, here we are folks at the regional U.S. District Bowlarama and here’s Team U.S.Public Integrity bowling for three straight king pins — Titus, Fazzio and Heebe — at Fazzio’s Bowling Lanes ,” The first roll is perfect,it’s hooking in, looks good,—– It’s a SSSSTRIKE !, but the second looks a little out of pocket and slower, but no, it’s another SSSSTRIKE!!; and after a fast setup there’s the final big roll with the big,heavy headpin razzing and staring down the ball in defiance — and it’s a straight, stinger spinner and yep, it’s another smashing sizzling SSSSTRIKE !!!:


    And over there in the stands is Team Letten celebrating, clapping and high fiving with their good buddies, ole’ Team Public Integrity.We will get an interview on the scoring steps later will them and Team Intergrity.

    Of course now all team losers will now have some major work ahead of them as they move on to the losers bracket at the super regional, U.S. Fifth Bowlarama. Unfortunately, only the winner there can return to again face undefeated Team Public Integrity.

    Oh, the dubiety of it all.

    1. Trial date July 23; WILL Berrigan deny dismissal w or w/o a hearing? If denied will FAZZIO roll in a plea deal or go to trial? hoping SAL’S stuff gets an appeal and an appeal win? ;

  3. Ashton O’Dwyer’s predictions: (1) No oral argument on whether Lettenemgo or any of his colleagues had prior knowledge of what “Dago Sal” was saying on “nola.com”. (2) No prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Perricone or Lettenemgo’s office which would have in any way prejudicd Fazzio, no matter what “Dago Sal” did (It’s ironic that one WOP – Fazzio -is pointing the finger at another WOP – Perricone. There’s enough GREASE for everyone to wallow in). (3) If he’s smart, Fazzio will cop a plea before trial (but he won’t get as sweet a deal as his brother-in-law, Titus, got, probably because the Feds wanted to teach that FUCKING DAGO Fazzio a lesson). Ashton O’Dwyer.


  4. Fazzio, victim of a previous strike by Team Public Integrity(TPI), giving the bird to Sal and Team Public Integrity and angrily bitching and cursing grabs his ball, runs up madly to the line and after charging pass the foul line……well, you’ll will just have to watch what happens when one loses his cool:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PQq9W3IP-E?rel=0&w=420&h=315%5D

    If you don’t release your anger and arrogance you will ultimately be dragged by your balls down life’s lane of miserable misfortunes.

    Oh, the dubiety of it all.

  5. Motherload: Next time you and Lee have a little chat would you tell him to get over the Huey Long- Noe and Allen oil scandals of the 30’s and get under the hood and get down and dirty dealing with today’s sleazy, dysfunctional JP politicos’ machines.

    First up should be mini-me’s souped- up, hot rod golf cart, his greasy spoon hot dog cart, mini locomotive powered by pig trough contracts , his carnival float full of funny trolls and finally his big ass, motorized 4G terlit with gentle asshole mister and dryer. All purchased and used predominantly in non-election years.

    Sissy’s latest secret machine recently unveiled from his campaign’s research and development department was spotted leaving Area 51:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nglwuG4W5yE?rel=0&w=420&h=315%5D

    On investigating that last min-machine Lee I strongly suggest a carton of Charmin’ and a giant plunger.

      1. Ya think so … do you really ?

        My sources … probably the most reliable of rumor mongers that exist in this circle of some 5000 people tell me this:

        That as I write, Heebe’s lawyers are working out a deal with Uncle Sam that will afford him the opportunity to be an UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATOR and put everyone else to lay on a railroad track with the whistle blowing very very loud as the engine rolls over them …

        You don’t give a tea fundraiser for a Democratic Senator with the President as a guest and believe that the host will be prosecuted … do you … do you really ???

        Toast is served with tea …

        1. I’m with you Whitmergate.

          Tom’s “paratextual prediction”

          Heebe isn’t the DOJ Public Integrity Section prime target and will likely cut a deal too in time against certain past and present council members.
          Historically when PIN get’s the case it’s usually against public servants involving Federal funds.


          Jefferson Parish’s contracting desperately needs reform, watchdog says

          Council Chairman Elton Lagasse dismissed BGR’s conclusion, saying he wouldn’t cede the council’s authority to select contractors. “I’m not going to abdicate all of my authority to the administration,” he said. “This is a councilmatic form of government.

          The BGR report proves lack of compliance to CDBG certification requirements. What the report suggests should already be in-place according to the agreement with HUD. Compare for yourself.
          Louisiana CDBG Procurement manual apparently unread by parish council ?

          Louisiana CDBG procurement proceeding see page 80 CONFLICT OF INTEREST


          Compliance certification signed by who?

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