Folks we’ve occasionally covered the ongoing boondoggle involving the FEMA funded Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the money involved has caused people to do some batshit crazy stuff to satisfy their greed.  The program itself is fatally flawed in its design but I’ll save that part for another post. In this post we’ll feature a saleman from Orleans Shoring doing some very sleazing things and it is only right it sees the light of day as Orleans used an undercover employee to document many of the same abuses last fall and it created enough of a stir to merit federal grand jury attention.  It is my hope that despite the fact former State Senator/rumored judicial candidate Julie Quinn is heavily involved with Orleans Shoring as a paid shill all the abuses, including those involving Orleans Shoring, are fully vetted by the same investigative bodies and any criminal wrongdoing identified be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Orleans video itself is in 3 parts embedded below the fold:


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  1. Say it ain’t so Christian.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Surely Christian will reap what he sowed. We can only dream. The fix is in. Thanks Mrs Quinn-Young.

    This guy is for sure lookin for work by now. I pretty sure that a non-disclosure does not cover illegal activity though.
    He should be able to soak Orleans pretty well before his termination.

  2. I may have an opinion or two to add to this post later.

    For now I am reinvigorating my body and soul at the Gentilly stage.

    Life is truly great.

    How can anyone not love this place?

  3. I watched all 3 videos and maybe I missed it but what exactly did the guy say or do wrong?

  4. Hello Slabbed!
    So, we have a video of a former salesman from Elevation Shoring working for Orleans Shoring, breaking many of the same rules that several elevation contractors were suspended and then put on probation for. Why Christian, why?
    Does Orleans Shoring have a

  5. Please change Greg Williams to RIcky Davis. Sleep depravation moment. Sorry Slabbed.

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