“Fool on parade” reveals a lack of judicial temperament

It sure does folks as my colleague Jason Berry at American Zombie posted a series of Youtube videos showing various Louisiana state legislators making fools of themselves while trying to push their religious beliefs down the throats of public school kids in a post he called Fools on parade. I shan’t argue with his well-chosen post title.

However what struck legal observers that saw the video is the complete lack of “judicial temperament” displayed by rumored 24th JDC Judicial candidate Julie Quinn, who double dealt seemingly every chance she received while serving in the legislature.  Her colleagues in the legislature clearly wanted her gone and she was redistricted into oblivion thus the reason for eyeing Bob Murphy’s seat. Watch the Quinn portion embedded below and see if you don’t agree this would not be the type of personality that makes a good judge.

There has been a fair amount of street talk about Quinn’s rumored 24th JDC candidacy and we’ll be examining that soon.


Folks we’ve occasionally covered the ongoing boondoggle involving the FEMA funded Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the money involved has caused people to do some batshit crazy stuff to satisfy their greed.  The program itself is fatally flawed in its design but I’ll save that part for another post. In this post we’ll feature a saleman from Orleans Shoring doing some very sleazing things and it is only right it sees the light of day as Orleans used an undercover employee to document many of the same abuses last fall and it created enough of a stir to merit federal grand jury attention.  It is my hope that despite the fact former State Senator/rumored judicial candidate Julie Quinn is heavily involved with Orleans Shoring as a paid shill all the abuses, including those involving Orleans Shoring, are fully vetted by the same investigative bodies and any criminal wrongdoing identified be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Orleans video itself is in 3 parts embedded below the fold: Continue reading “”

Jim Brown

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I was in the New Orleans airport this week waiting as a family member made her way through airport security with two small babies. Boy, were these guys with the Transportation Security Agency on the job and up to the task of stopping any terrorist threats. They all but strip searched her, opening every baby bottle and jars of baby food. Nothing gets by these guys. Well, except for Arabs loaded down with explosives.

No profiling allowed even though terrorist after terrorist fits a similar description. We can’t do that for it would be politically incorrect. Why is it that we profile clothes, but not the person? One guy years ago tries to set off an explosive with his shoe, so every traveler from that time on has to take off the shoes.

Two years ago on Christmas day, A Nigerian national boarded a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit with his underpants packed with explosives. His frighty whities came with a special pouch to hold the explosives, no doubt sewn by al Qaeda’s finest seamstresses. You can just hear Louisiana’s own Jerry Lee Lewis hollerin’ “Great Balls of Fire.” All to no avail as his crotch bomb failed to ignite, and alert passengers wrestled the terrorist thug to the ground. Continue reading “Jim Brown”