So Lee Zurik decided to take on Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick…..

He did folks, just the other night in fact.  Here is a very small snippet:

Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick did not run for re-election last year. But he still spent close to $100,000 of campaign money.

Many of the charges came from restaurants: $665 at Gautreau’s, $608 at Crescent City Steakhouse, $365 at Lilette, $330 at Clancy’s, $1400 at Antoine’s. In 2011, Connick charged meals to his campaign 88 different times.

He also bought a $140 wedding gift at Adler’s. In late May, he bought three holiday gifts from Friend and Company worth $567. And he bought a $2600 computer from Best Buy.

Now I noted that Fox 8 has gone to a new internet video platform and I hoped I’d be able to embed the video report here on Slabbed since Lee does Tee Vee news but alas I’m still having technical difficulties that way. That said Lee did not get the whole story and he should keep digging. Here is a video hint below the fold:


3 thoughts on “So Lee Zurik decided to take on Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick…..”

  1. Com’on Lee … don’t you get it … the ‘Don’ has been covering for mini-me Roberts spending HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from his campaign fund for a Mardi Gras float, a Tractor to pull the float, an Antique fire to put out the fore on the float from the tens of thousands of dollars of sound and LED equipment staged on the float, a classic panel truck to precede the float announcing mini-me’s arrival as “KING PORKUS” along big LargeASSe pushing the hot dog cart so he can stuff himself along the route, thousands of dollars in club fees, tens of thousands of dollars in Chinese beads and favors, a Las Vegas $30,000 dollar “BAD ASS’ golf cart for DON Connick to ride and patrol the crowds of sheeple who may get out of line (particularly in front of his law office they paid for on Metry Road), and of course the snow ball stand for his future employ after going to jail for illegally spending all this campaign money for his PARADE OF WHEELS …

    All Pauli’s been doing is having a dinner or two … ANTOINE’s you say ! … was Aaron, and the two T-P Champagne sippers there too ?

    Now that mini-me’s Krewe members, Letten and the FBI guy are out the picture, DON’T YOU THINK THAT THE DOJ SHOULD GET SERIOUS ABOUT INDICTING MINI-ME NOW ??? The flauting by this POS of his ability to play the QUID PRO QUO game and get away with it is unconscionable and unacceptable.

  2. If in truth of fact the Kenner Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (KCVB) received grants from the City of Kenner($50,000) and Louisiana ( $10,000) and these funds actually originated from CDBG Federal Funds; and if it is proved these funds were mismanaged by the named in the Keener lawsuit then DA Paul Connick needs to file charges of malfeasance in office pursuant to Supreme court case: State of Louisiana vs. Michael Petittio; and then refer his findings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for further prosecution

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