About these taxpayer funded cesspools also known as Jefferson Parish “Volunteer” Fire Department…..

In this WDSU Travers Mackel report we learn about a family deal involving Jefferson Parish Councilman Paul Johnston and his top administrative assistant’s bro, who is the Harahan fire chief that will cost the taxpayers around $40,000. Mackel uses our own M&M sisters as one of his primary sources, who points out the underhanded shithouse way the entire earmark came down.

I mention this because the report got the Wino excited enough to stir from the gutter at Lafayette Square and drop me a line:

Kudo’s to the M&M sisters…….the rest of the story….. Johnston’s aid’s wife is none other than ex-Harahan council person ex-Assistant Parish Attorney (while serving as councilwoman) under Tom Wilkinson, now Code Director Tiffany S. Wilkin They claim to be separated for political purposes…..If you really want to get Ziggy……

I want to get Ziggy so I’ll be getting up with the M&M sisters. 🙂


So Lee Zurik decided to take on Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick…..

He did folks, just the other night in fact.  Here is a very small snippet:

Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick did not run for re-election last year. But he still spent close to $100,000 of campaign money.

Many of the charges came from restaurants: $665 at Gautreau’s, $608 at Crescent City Steakhouse, $365 at Lilette, $330 at Clancy’s, $1400 at Antoine’s. In 2011, Connick charged meals to his campaign 88 different times.

He also bought a $140 wedding gift at Adler’s. In late May, he bought three holiday gifts from Friend and Company worth $567. And he bought a $2600 computer from Best Buy.

Now I noted that Fox 8 has gone to a new internet video platform and I hoped I’d be able to embed the video report here on Slabbed since Lee does Tee Vee news but alas I’m still having technical difficulties that way. That said Lee did not get the whole story and he should keep digging. Here is a video hint below the fold: Continue reading “So Lee Zurik decided to take on Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick…..”

Something tells me this whole Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau mess is fixing to get ugly

And what about the little people?  You know, local business people that through no fault of their own provided goods and services to KCVB and were stiffed?? This folks is the way of a typical Broussardian Goatherder IMHO.

We’re going to have more on this down the line. ~ sop