Thank goodness for the New Media……

Because large segments of the traditional media certainly seem to suck these days.

I mention this because the UK House of Commons has passed judgment on News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch and the verdict is not good.  News Corp is the international parent of US-based Faux News, the news network for the faux conservatives also known as the modern-day republican party.  It all fits in a weird sort of way.

Interestingly, the claims of ignorance about what was happening in the companies Murdoch was running has long been used by US-based business execs, with some success I’ll add, to defend themselves against claims of wrongdoing, ENRON’s Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay being prime examples along with your typical Wall Street investment banker.  It appears the representatives in the House of Commons are possessive of more commonsense than your average US Congressman.

We’ve been hip to the ignorant defense since our early days on Slabbed. For example those so interested in seeing State Farm’s Ed Rust acting the part of highly paid ignoramus should check out Jeff Marr’s website. Our pages are literally littered with profiles of 7 figure ignoramuses such as former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack and their lawn jockey politicians such as former Senator Chris Dodd.

In any event thank goodness for new media outlets like Slabbed and American Zombie that tell it straight.


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