Miss Dixie covers the passing of local mafia kingpin turned stool pigeon Mike Gillich

The Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Dixie Mafia spawned a story over 2 decades ago that is still discussed to this day in the contract murder of Circuit Court Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife Margaret, who was serving on the Biloxi City Council at the time of the hit.  For our off coast readers I’ll add the Dixie Mafia is separate and distinct from the ethic based criminal organizations in NOLA though there has certainly been occasion for cross-pollination.

I mention all this because The Sun Herald’s Anita Lee, aka Miss Dixie has the story on the passing of the once formidable organized crime master mind Mike Gillich, the Flesh Trade mogul who Greenlit the Sherry’s in 1987, before becoming a stool pigeon to save himself a lengthy prison sentence for same.

I’m not going to rehash the events here, which netted former Biloxi Mayor Pete Halet a lengthy prison sentence for his role in the murder conspiracy of his law partner Vincent Sherry.  Halet has served the bulk of his sentence and is due to be released from the federal pen in less than a year. That said and for the benefit of our out of town readers there are two books that are worth reading on the topic with the following caveats:

  • The Dream Room was written by Gillich’s Gulfport based lawyer Chet Nicholson.  It is a great book and if you know the lay of the land, you can decipher the fictionalization of events, which was purposeful to protect the identities of those still living. Anita pumps that book in today’s story on Gillich’s passing for good reason IMHO.
  • Mississippi Mud was written by Edward Humes with the help of Lynne Sposito, the Sherry’s daughter.  Released back in 1995 it is also very good but it only tells around 40% of the story as the fact Judge Sherry was as dirty as the day is long was omitted from the text.

Gillich’s passing is the story today here in Mississippi with press reports surfacing in all the major papers here along with a few blogs. And interesting side story from the Biloxi sex trade with NOLA based roots can be found on Slabbed here.


36 thoughts on “Miss Dixie covers the passing of local mafia kingpin turned stool pigeon Mike Gillich”

  1. Walking Tall

    The Corso murder and this Walking Tall connection maek the mystic of the Dixie Mafia surreal. Corso was one tough man. Few escaped these murders but the Corso family did minus their father who sacrificed his life to save his children. These men are all scum and deserve all the levels of hell described in the Inferno.

    Already a local hero, Pusser’s “war” on the State Line Mob was brought to national prominence when his wife, Pauline, was killed on August 12, 1967, during an assassination ambush intended for him. Pusser named Kirksey McCord Nix Jr. as the contractor of his wife’s killers, but Nix was never charged with the crime.

    Pusser shot and killed Charles Russell Hamilton on December 25, 1968, after responding to a complaint that Hamilton had threatened his landlord with a gun.[4]

    Pusser was ineligible for re-election in 1970 due to the term limit then in effect. He was defeated in his bid as sheriff in 1972. Pusser blamed the loss to incumbent Sheriff Clifford Coleman in part on the controversy surrounding the making of the semi-autobiographical movie, Walking Tall. He was again elected as constable of Adamsville by a majority of voters who wrote in his name on their ballots. He served as constable for two more years (1970

    1. The NOPD could never solve the why of my fathers’ murder. Peter Mule’ who is still incarcerated in Angola is the one who actually murdered Dad. Nix still carries the bullet from my Dads gun.

      1. Respecting that you are the child of a murdered man, and surely deserve all the answers that you can get. But I am very familiar with this case, and I am curious how you can state, so emphatically, that it was Peter Mule who was the one who shot your father? I would be very appreciative if you would share the answer.

      2. My prior comment to you was 3 months ago. It is unfortunate that you have opted to not discuss with me your belief that Peter Mule was the one who fired a gun at your father, killing him. I do not know how you reached this conclusion, but I can unequivocally say that you are mistaken. Peter was a handyman who had many tools. Peter was pressured to come to your dads house for one reason, and one reason only. That was to use a special too to drill out the lock on the door so that others could enter. Peter did exactly that. Nothing more. He did not enter the house. Once the lock was breached Peter walked away to put his new tool in one of the cars, and remained outside waiting for the others to come out. Peter has not in prison for 48 years now for breaching that door lock. He did not shoot your father, or anyone else. He has paid his debt to society for his actions. Yet you and your family members voice your objection to the parole board every time he is eligible for parole. Because of your objections he is denied parole each time. He is a model prisoner. He hasn’t had a disciplinary report in over 35 years. He works 16 hours a day making toys for needy children. These toys are distributed to needy families during the Christmas season. This year he will reach the 100,000 mark. Every Warden at LSP and every employee and inmate respects Peter. He is a good man who made a terrible decision 48 years ago. In any other state in this country he would have been released 30 years ago. I can only hope that you and your family will re-evaluate your position of vengeance and find it within your hearts to forgive Peter for his role in the senseless death of your father. Would you consider visiting Peter so that you can better evaluate him and the facts? Thank you for any consideration that you may extend.

        1. Anyone involved in the breaking in and shooting/killing can of Corso should my ever see the light of day, EVER! When a person is associating with scum, and something like this is plotted, they know exactly what the consequences are going to be. Too bad it wasn’t their death, instead if an innocent person’s.

  2. The comments on the Sun Herald story are thoroughly entertaining in that the Sherry murders are still living history down here.

    I thought the story was very kind to Gillich. The general public seems to share that perception judging from reader comments.


  3. Vincent Sherry dirty???? Do you have proof I would love to see it. This is the post I put in the Sun Herald just so you are not mistaken.Death doesn’t bring happiness or peace JUSTICE DOES. Sheriff Melvin Brisolara, District Attorney Joel Smith why don’t you do what Former District Attorney Cono Caranna refused to do. Bring Justice to my family, true justice that has yet to be given. Mr. Halat comes home in 2013 after spending 16 years behind bars. Mr. Halat’s actions led directly to my grandparents murders along with Mr. Nix whom is a good strong candidate for why there is a Death Penalty.He should ride an electric chair for the life has lived. My question to the elected officials of Harrison County Mississippi? Why has no one ever officially been charged with the murders of my Vincent and Margaret Sherry? With Mr. Gillich’s passing maybe the justice can be served. Mr. Nicholson can you answer that question. What did Mr. Gillich have on Cono or was Cono just sore from a Judge appointment my Grandfather received that he did not. JUSTICE FOR ME IS WHEN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI CHARGES PETER HALAT AND KIRKSEY NIX FOR FIRST DEGREE MURDER. APRIL 2013 the main article should read in the Sun Herald Peter Halat released into state custody to face charges of first degree murder not Peter Halat is free. As far as Mr. Nix how many lives has he ruined or took directly by his actions. Does Mississippi have a death penalty because if you can kill from prison????? Mr. Gillich must face what we all do. the scales of justice at the gates, where he goes from there is anyone’s guess and is in the Hands of the Lord. If the State is to cheap to execute these type of people let me know I will pay the power bill. Thomas Sposito. New evidence is not needed because they were never charged with murder. It is not double jeopardy with Mr. Sweatman and whomever else was involved.

    What was the rest of the story or are you talking out your ass???? Unless you have evidence of dirty actions by my grandfather I suggest you take down the one thing you said that is wrong. If you want to discuss this further email me at the one listed for me to be able to reply. Don’t drag my families name through the mudd in less you are going to back it up.

    Mississippi Mud was written by Edward Humes with the help of Lynne Sposito, the Sherry

    1. Proof? You mean like video tapes and such? Nope not one thing like that. You left out Halet was a major womanmizer to go with his other unshareable needs. There are lots of theories about where Nix’s ill gotten gains ended up after it was shiphoned out of the Halet/Sherry law firm trust account. I tend to go with the theory it was used to get Sherry elected to the bench.

      Sorry, I’ll never believe Vincent Sherry was “Ned in the primer” ignorant of what was going on in the financial cesspool to which he was an economic beneficiary, especially not given the stories I was hearing from the Tivoli a few years before the Sherry murders. Given your last name I’m certain that part is painful for you to hear and I understand that but I stand by this post 100%.


      1. Sop my grandfather never was elected as judge he was appointed by the Govenor of Mississippi. He took the appointment after he found that if he refused that Cono Caranna was the next choice. There was no election campaign and the Nix money was hidden in a safe deposit box at the Jefferson Bank. A box that only 2 people ever signed to get into. La Rae Sharpe and Peter Halat. My grandfather was appointed in 1985 I think if not 86 he never ran for that. Is there a possibilty that we could get in touch with eachother and talk???? You should have my email from here drop me a line.

    2. None of this would of happened if Nix would of been sentenced to death instead of life in prison for killing my grandfather, Frank Corso.

      1. They had just taken the death penalty off the books unless a judge, police or public holder of office was murdered. It has reverted back.

  4. You people read too many books, one of the guns used on the Frank C. murder was a .30 cal. Most of Dream Room (the book) is very accurate but what it failed to mention was the other woman and man who are involved in the Judge’s murder. The man did not even testify but the woman was never charged, she was there at the house the night before the murder, she even rode with the trigger man (whom I think someone else may of did it facing the fact that Tommy was dying of cancer and he wanted his daughter taken care of. But for the record my father never killed that rapist,dirty, criminal with a badge (BP) He was not even in the state of Tenn. at that time, Pussar also had a lady killed, My father always kept close tabs on that case because he too wants to know who shot the sheriff. He did not play a “key role” in the Sherry murders, but one other person (P. Mule) put up half of the money, the only people who know that were insiders. My Father also took out a life insurance policy for 50k because he knew Pussar was going to kill her, which he did and JR. collected the life insurance money. My father may not be a saint, but he is not the “cold blooded murderer” that the Press claims him to be, also that killing in Covington, the Margie Wolf murder, WOW, IF WALLS CAN TALK, the sheriff of St. Tammany helped set that up. Pussar even put a pipe bomb under my Grandfather’s car in another failed attempt against my father’s life.

    1. My grandmother was there and testified that yes it was Kirksy Nix who killed my grandfather Frank Corso in cold blood ! Shooting bullets passed the heads of my aunts who were children at the time. Your father may not be a “monster” but he us diffinately a greedy evil man who would prefer to steal from hard working people then to get a job! Useless scrum !

    2. The other woman you mention that rode with the trigger man, would you know if she joined the military in the medical field?

    3. I am from the UK and found out about your father’s case when I watched Unusual Suspects. I also write murder mysteries and would like to contact your father with the purpose of interviewing him for a book I intend to write on the subject. How do I contact him.

    4. Who cares Mr. Nix has a rap sheet a mile long. We do not know if had anything to do with BP’s wife being killed but he has Mr. Corso’s bullet in him therefore he is right where he belongs. If others were at the crime he could have snitched on them.

  5. If you want to blame anyone for the Sherry murders, look no further then the victims and their law partner (Halat) They were both greedy. If no one would of been greedy no one would of died

    1. You must’ve inherited your father’s douchebag of a bastard’s genes. He is a killer. Murderer. I would personally love to be on his firing squad. The piece of shit does not deserve to be breathing. Do you brag that your father is an incarcerated and an obese killer who also preyed in young gay men? M-Kay. Let’s just hope the gene pool skipped you.

    2. Robert Nix demonstrates the sociopath’s view of criminals and their victims for us. It’s never the sociopath’s fault. It’s their victim’s fault. They shouldn’t have: a. Left so much money laying around, b. Gone to an ATM in a bad part of town, c. Resisted being robbed, d. Worked at a jewelry store, e. Looked so pretty, f. Made them mad.

      Lynette, quit trying to figure out what makes them like they are. It’s like trying to figure out why a rabid dog bites, or why a pig eats shit. The truth is, they are another species, monsters, who look like humans beings, and walk among us, and can fake being like us a lot of the time.

      But, they are not like us in all of the important ways that make us human. They lack our emotions, our ability to love, and most importantly, our capacity for empathy for the well being of others.

      History has shown us that they can never be completely defeated. It was my job in life to fight them, so I know. Every war in history has been because of them. They are numerous, and they are everywhere. They never grow, they never get better. But, we can sometimes win our individual battles with them.

      And, one way to do that, is to live the kind of life that they can never live. A life of caring about others and of being an honest and decent person. Pity them. Feel sorry for them. But, don’t let them defeat you by taking any more from you than they already have. They really aren’t worth it. And, besides they do more harm to themselves than anyone, they just don’t have the capacity to know that.

      Let them have their dark lives, do what you have to do to stop them, and to protect yourself and others from them, but don’t join them.

    3. I am from the UK and found out about your father’s case when I watched Unusual Suspects. I also write murder mysteries and would like to contact your father with the purpose of interviewing him for a book I intend to write on the subject. How do I contact him.

  6. I cant believe all of this happened 20 minutes from me.I remember going to my family reunion in Biloxi back in 1985 and the hotel,The Hilton look like a mobster owned it.It had a tropical paradise look!Now I know why Biloxi is a big time city with all the businesses along Hwy 90 and other streets.As a 13 y/o,I figured the Mob ran the jazz room inside the Hilton.The folks were dressed real nice and they had nice cars.I hate that the Sherrys were murdured and their friend Halat had some thing to do with it.Money causes so many problems in this world.Thats why it doesn’t bother me if Im rich or poor.My uncle is a lawyer and he has done some good and bad things in his life.He served 5 years in prison for Medicaid fraud.My point is Vince might have done something wrong in his life,but he didn’t deserve to die.He represented some felons back then and they would come to his house for dinner sometimes.I don’t think he had anything to do the that prison scam.That chic LaRae they put in there to ansa the phones took the money along with Halat.He had plenty of money,so whats $200,000 that came up missing?I believe Halat knew Vince probably would tell on him along the way and had him knocked off.Because Margaret Sherry was all about fighting illegal crimes in Biloxi and she wanted to run for mayor.And if she was appointed mayor,Halat would take a fall.So,Halat got 2 for 1 deal to silence them both.Margartet was all about fighting crimes;she would sit in on town meetings and raise awareness about illegal activities.That disturbed folks like Halat,and Gillich.They tried to blame it on Gerald Blessy,but he had nothing to do with the murders.Halat told Nix to find a hitman ,so they got a roadie from Texas to do it.Halat is a cruel person, full of greed,and hatred.He was down with Nix from the jump.Halat and Gillich were tight from the jump.I think I went in one of his clubs by mistake 12 years ago.This club had naked women dancing in it and it looked like an Italian like club.I got the hell out that place,lol!This gonna haunt Biloxi forever.It hurts me because this is to close to home.I been reading about this case for about 2 years and even saw them discuss and reenact the scene on CNN.Halat,Nix,and Gillich gonna suffer for their wrongdoing!And they just let Halat go about 5 days now.So many folks wanna harm him for sure!Just pray for the families involved!!!

  7. I have always been curious about the Blessey factor. The city was doing to much with it’s properties for it not to be a part of the puzzle. I personally think that Margaret was the target because of her working with the FBI.

    1. Fastest way is to email Anita Lee and ask her real nice to sent it to you.

      I will be a while since I have lots going on but I’ll try to get permission to republish. Thanks.

  8. Well, I know personally that justice has not been served in the Sherry’s murder or my brothers murder. I know my father worked for Judge Sherry as his bailiff and I know my father was working as his bailiff the night Judge Sherry was murdered. I have called for many, many years trying to get help on my brothers murder. We were told it was suicide from 1967 until it was confirmed he was murdered by a member of the Dixie Mafia in 1967. My father was found shot in his drive way and it ruled suicide, same as my brother.. Well hell no they did not commit suicide, yes they were murdered , no I can’t get any help from Harrison Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
    The true murder of the Sherry’s has not been charged. Neither has the murder of my brother & dad. All tied together.. But I’m working on it…..

  9. My brother was murdered in 1967. told it was suicide until I found out different in 2013. My father was murdered in 2003 . I was told it was suicide.. Everything points to murder. My dad thought a lot of Judge Sherry and talked about thing that went on. I know the truth

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