As soon as the story went online……

I received emails of the following two flavors:

1. You’re not done digging on Broussard cronies Bucky Lanning and Tim Rada, keep digging!

2. Don’t bust his chops – there is a Theriot in the woodpile!

Of course the story was Rich Rainey’s, Jefferson Parish Finance Authority welcomed new members in January, released on the heels of the reporting on the Kenner Convention and Visitor’s Bureau yesterday. And the chops I was cautioned to not bust was Jimmy Lawson of CDM dumpster diving infamy.

So I’ll play this straight and not bust anyone’s chops provided we can gain a deeper understanding of why Lawson was placed on JPFA. ┬áThere is no love lost between Lawson and Theriot so this has potential, especially since Slabbed is on Theriot’s shit list. But then again I do not think Lawson’s former legal adversary in lawyer/Goatherder Danny Abel likes us much either so this whole deal is ripe with backstabbing potential.


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  1. SOP , Actually you are too kind ; Lawson’s appointment is obviously a political payment to join the circling wagons question is will it work ?

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