Slabbed joins Parish Prez John Young in wishing Louisiana a happy birthday.

From a John Young campaign email blast sent to Slabbed by a reader:

Join me in celebrating Louisiana’s 200th birthday! I am blessed to of grown up here and it will be where I continue to raise my children. Our culture, cuisine and unique way of life truly gives meaning to our state’s motto, “Pick your passion.” I am honored to serve the citizens of this great state and I look forward to going to work each day with one goal: To make Louisiana the best place to live, work and raise a family- for hundreds of years to come.



Thank goodness for the New Media……

Because large segments of the traditional media certainly seem to suck these days.

I mention this because the UK House of Commons has passed judgment on News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch and the verdict is not good.  News Corp is the international parent of US-based Faux News, the news network for the faux conservatives also known as the modern-day republican party.  It all fits in a weird sort of way.

Interestingly, the claims of ignorance about what was happening in the companies Murdoch was running has long been used by US-based business execs, with some success I’ll add, to defend themselves against claims of wrongdoing, ENRON’s Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay being prime examples along with your typical Wall Street investment banker.  It appears the representatives in the House of Commons are possessive of more commonsense than your average US Congressman. Continue reading “Thank goodness for the New Media……”

As soon as the story went online……

I received emails of the following two flavors:

1. You’re not done digging on Broussard cronies Bucky Lanning and Tim Rada, keep digging!

2. Don’t bust his chops – there is a Theriot in the woodpile!

Of course the story was Rich Rainey’s, Jefferson Parish Finance Authority welcomed new members in January, released on the heels of the reporting on the Kenner Convention and Visitor’s Bureau yesterday. And the chops I was cautioned to not bust was Jimmy Lawson of CDM dumpster diving infamy.

So I’ll play this straight and not bust anyone’s chops provided we can gain a deeper understanding of why Lawson was placed on JPFA.  There is no love lost between Lawson and Theriot so this has potential, especially since Slabbed is on Theriot’s shit list. But then again I do not think Lawson’s former legal adversary in lawyer/Goatherder Danny Abel likes us much either so this whole deal is ripe with backstabbing potential.


Miss Dixie covers the passing of local mafia kingpin turned stool pigeon Mike Gillich

The Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Dixie Mafia spawned a story over 2 decades ago that is still discussed to this day in the contract murder of Circuit Court Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife Margaret, who was serving on the Biloxi City Council at the time of the hit.  For our off coast readers I’ll add the Dixie Mafia is separate and distinct from the ethic based criminal organizations in NOLA though there has certainly been occasion for cross-pollination.

I mention all this because The Sun Herald’s Anita Lee, aka Miss Dixie has the story on the passing of the once formidable organized crime master mind Mike Gillich, the Flesh Trade mogul who Greenlit the Sherry’s in 1987, before becoming a stool pigeon to save himself a lengthy prison sentence for same.

I’m not going to rehash the events here, which netted former Biloxi Mayor Pete Halet a lengthy prison sentence for his role in the murder conspiracy of his law partner Vincent Sherry.  Halet has served the bulk of his sentence and is due to be released from the federal pen in less than a year. That said and for the benefit of our out of town readers there are two books that are worth reading on the topic with the following caveats:

  • The Dream Room was written by Gillich’s Gulfport based lawyer Chet Nicholson.  It is a great book and if you know the lay of the land, you can decipher the fictionalization of events, which was purposeful to protect the identities of those still living. Anita pumps that book in today’s story on Gillich’s passing for good reason IMHO.
  • Mississippi Mud was written by Edward Humes with the help of Lynne Sposito, the Sherry’s daughter.  Released back in 1995 it is also very good but it only tells around 40% of the story as the fact Judge Sherry was as dirty as the day is long was omitted from the text.

Gillich’s passing is the story today here in Mississippi with press reports surfacing in all the major papers here along with a few blogs. And interesting side story from the Biloxi sex trade with NOLA based roots can be found on Slabbed here.