Legislative Auditor reports Aaron Broussard cronies looting the Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The larger question in my mind is whether or not Aaron Broussard has any friends running government that actually make an honest living folks.

Forrest “Bucky” Lanning, a former Kenner councilman and pal o’ Broussard and Stoulig, getting a $30,000 year “consulting fee” but no contract, while apparently doing nothing, as an officer of the Kenner Convention Visitors Bureau (KCVB), while also having an address – 527 W Esplanade Ste 200 – that is the same as the engineering firm of former Kenner CAO Jimmie Martinez and the Grandlake Garden Homes company of Lawrence Stoulig and Aaaron Broussard (see above).

Tim Rada of Rada Travel is another old Broussard hand and he also is an officer for the KCVB.

Rada’s wife LaDean Rada and KCVB marketing director Sharon Solomon are or were past writers for The Broussardian Kenner Star.

“This year, the cash paid for a $4,500 gift certificate to Rada’s World of Travel in Kenner … ”


And we’ve been documenting the Team Broussard cockroaches for months now:

And more…. gosh wonder what they were developing:

That’s the land for the Rivertown Planetraium:

“The City Council also authorized Broussard to lease a piece of land in south Kenner that city officials hope will house a planetarium. The land, at 408 Minor St., is owned by the South Kenner Development Corp.” – 2/7/89 TP

Baroni was “appointed” to it, most likely via its board or a board. – 2/18/08 TP

Also on the board:

Jouandot (ore merely a “voluntary treasurer”, not really a member of the board)
Charlotte Burnell
Jimmie Martinez (Kenner CAO)
Sal Anzelmo
Nick Baroni
a Brian Dennison


Bucky Lanning

“Lanning worked to have the board certified by the state and Regional Planning Commission as Kenner’s official economic development corporation.” – 6/23/96 TP.

That’s funny because the KCVB is located at 2100 3rd Street, at Williams and the River, right in the heart of ol’ Rivertown.

There’s a really faux, fugly French chateau liked designed building facing 3rd Street there in fact, that must be it.

Then 8/26/05 – Capitano broke it up… only to replace it with another group:

So I guess it is only natural that on the day the Legislative auditor releases their report documenting misuse of public funds and worse at the Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau, commenters on the related Times Picayune story would also make the connection to Broussard:

Check it out, both of these guys enjoyed Lake Tahoe. From the recent article:

“The ski vacations began around 1983, the year after Broussard was elected Kenner mayor, and usually fell on the weekend after the Super Bowl. Some years the group would travel to ski resorts in Colorado, but most trips were to the foothills around Lake Tahoe on the Nevada-California border.

Those invited said the trips were promoted in different ways: sometimes as nothing more than a vacation, sometimes as a fundraiser for Broussard, sometimes as a tax seminar presented by Metairie accountant Larry Stoulig.

“I don’t know if that was to comply with a technicality to make it deductible, but I never deducted,” said former Kenner Councilman Forrest “Bucky” Lanning, echoing the common response from many guests. Stoulig didn’t respond to a message left this week.

Broussard’s friend Tim Rada booked the flights and hotels through his travel agency, participants said. While records show Rada was a small-time donor to Broussard’s political campaigns, they also show that since 2000, Broussard has spent $35,670 of his campaign money with Rada’s agency. Rada wouldn’t comment this week.”

Here are a few snippets from the Legislative Auditor’s report that well tells the tale IMHO:

On December 12, 2011, we requested certain Bureau banking records from Mr. Rada. He refused to provide the records and referred us to his attorney, Mr. Ralph Whalen, Jr., who was paid $8,000 from the operating account (see chart above). Although several attempts have been made to contact Mr. Whalen, he has only returned one of our phone calls in which he indicated that he represented both Mr. Rada and the Bureau. Mr. Whalen has not responded to our subsequent requests to meet with him and Mr. Rada to review, among other things, Mr. Rada’s use of these festival proceeds. Because the City did not authorize Mr. Rada to spend the $10,406 in festival proceeds, Mr. Rada may have violated state law.

Whalen is clearly conflicted in his representation of Tim Rada but such things evidently matters not in metro NOLA legal circles but it gets worse:

From January 4, 2007, to July 31, 2011, the Bureau issued payments totaling 185,000 to Bureau board member Forrest “Bucky” Lanning. There is no documentation on file to support these payments. In addition, from January 26, 2007, to September 1, 2009, the Bureau issued payments totaling $29,320 to Mr. Lanning’s daughter (Tresa Snow). Because Mr. Lanning served as a board member for the Bureau, a public body which was entrusted with the control and expenditure of public funds, state law prohibits him and his immediate family members from contracting with and receiving payments from the Bureau. As a result, the payments issued to Mr. Lanning5 and his daughter may have violated state law.

Forrest “Bucky” Lanning
Mr. Lanning served as the Bureau board vice-president from 2005 through 2007, and as the board president from January 1, 2008, until he resigned from the position of board president on July 14, 2011. As a member of the Bureau board, which was entrusted with the control and expenditure of public funds, Mr. Lanning appears to have been a public employee engaged in the performance of a governmental function.

From January 2007, to July 31, 2011, the Bureau issued payments totaling $185,000 to Mr. Lanning for which there was no documentation (contracts, invoices, or time sheets) to support any of the payments. A total of $156,000 ($2,500 per month) was recorded in the general ledger as “Sports Marketing Expense.” The remaining payments, which were also unsupported, totaled $29,000 and appear to have been recorded/expensed to particular events that were organized and/or hosted by the Bureau. Because Mr. Lanning served as a public employee for a public body which was entrusted with the control and expenditure of public funds, the payments made by the Bureau to Mr. Lanning may have violated state law.

According to Mr. Lanning, he previously had a contract with a company that operated the Ponchartrain Center that ended sometime around Hurricane Katrina (2005) at which time he became a consultant for the Bureau in order to bring Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball tournaments to Kenner. Mr. Lanning added that there was never a written agreement between himself and the Bureau, but it was understood that he would be operating under the same terms as his contract with the Pontchartrain Center, which provided him a consulting payment of $2,500 per month. In addition, Mr. Lanning stated that there were instances in which he served as the tournament director for the basketball tournaments that he brought to Kenner and was paid extra by the Bureau.

We were not provided any documentation evidencing board approval or authorization of the payments issued to Mr. Lanning during the period from January 2007 through July 2011. The Bureau could only provide minutes of five board meetings held during the period in which Mr. Lanning received these payments. These records indicate that meetings were held on September 28, 2007, December 12, 2007 (minutes indicate Mr. Lanning was elected president of the board), July 15, 2009 (no quorum – only discussions ensued), June 11, 2011, and July 14, 2011. During the June and July 2011 meetings, it was recommended that the Bureau authorize a professional service contract for Mr. Lanning in the amount of $30,000 annually; however, no action was taken and Mr. Lanning resigned as board president during the July 2011 meeting.

Tresa Snow
From January 26, 2007, to September 1, 2009, the Bureau issued payments totaling $29,320 to Tresa Snow, Mr. Lanning’s daughter, for which there was no documentation (contracts, invoices, or time sheets) to support any of the payments. Because Ms. Snow is an immediate family member of Mr. Lanning, who was a member of the Bureau’s board, the payments issued to her may have violated state law.

A majority of these payments were recorded in the general ledger as “Sponsored Events Expense.” Mr. Lanning stated that his daughter assisted in planning the AAU tournaments by preparing brackets, arranging hotel accommodations, and making phone calls for the tournaments.

Also highlighted was Lanning using a KVCB credit card for his personal expenses.  The is same as robbing a bank folks except the weapon Lanning used was a pen to do his stealing.  Car 54 where are you?


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  1. The City of Kenner is a recipient of CDBG entitlement funds. We also receive HOME funds through our participation in the Jefferson Parish HOME Consortium. The following is a description of housing, community improvement and social services offered by the Department of Community Development.

    Capitol improvements are those projects funded to provide parks and recreation, public infrastructure, public facilities, public services, and economic development. These projects are located within defined “target areas” which are areas where 51% or more households are of low to moderate income as defined by HUD regulations. The attached map of the City of Kenner denotes current target areas.

    Many capital improvement projects are addressed in phases and can span several fiscal years; i.e. drainage improvements.

  2. Wicked nola.com comment:

    Fight Kenner Corruption April 30, 2012 at 6:52PM

    Just the facts!

    1) A CEA (cooperative endeavor agreement) was signed and executed by then Mayor Edmond
    Muniz with his side kick, CAO Mike Yenni

    1. Sock it to em your right! What’s really irreprehensible are the so called independent auditing firms who are hired by the bums that get overlooked in their complicity along with the state and parish compliance directors for the Federal funding.

    2. And don’t even hold your breath thinking that the ‘Don’ DA Paul Connick, Jr. will do anything about this either … Particularly with someone naming himself Yenni !

      This fraud formerly known as someone other than Yenni is nothing but Broussard clone being groomed to be Parish President …

  3. “Yenni grew up in Kenner, the oldest son of a schoolteacher mother and police officer father. He was born Michael Maunoir but took his mother’s maiden name in 1998 after his parents’ acrimonious divorce. He said his entire family is now united behind his run for mayor.”

    As the child of an acrimonious divorce, I never once thought about taking my mother’s maiden name; most people don’t. But then again, I was not looking for immediate, political name-recognition. Disavowing one’s surname is pretty serious stuff.

    1. Dead on about the name change Sock. It smacks of cheap political pandering. Invariably when I ask about the JP School Board the refrain I hear is “2 dogs fighting over the same piece of meat”. The same certainly applies here as Yenni is clearing out the old cronies in favor of his.


        1. I take it Brylski was working for Capitano.

          You’d be amazed how few people know about the late Mike’s side hide, even seasoned observers of JP government.


          1. He musta picked up that Mardi Gras gig from Mini-me. Does he have a fire engine and hot dog cart?


  4. That hot dog invite is a lobbed cabbage-ball when it comes to the Mayor, but I shan’t swing at it.

  5. His mother must be very proud of her son ? I wonder if he’ll change his name back after he destroys the rest of his credibility? Prime example of the Louisiana rules to the ” Good Ole Boy Political System ” learned at a young age. “Uniformed voting on name recognition with no term limits” and all the trappings that go forth at the trough .

  6. Just a bunch of jealous comments about a honest,clean cut Mike Yenni.

    Everyone wishes for a summer part-time job that paid the salary of a paralegal at the Yenni Building.

    Eat your hearts out piss-ants.

    Jefferson today, tomorrow the world.

  7. This is clearly at the feet of Broussard…. I not sure how you can nail the current administration who shut them down with these sins…

    1. Being right is not the point here. Yes, these two scumbags are remnants of Broussard’s politico hemerrhoids … however this mayor, formally known as someone other than a Yenni, is growing his own … and in the person of Greg Buisson … the PR creep who is charged with this Broussard cloning …

      1. To : Whitmergate
        Absolutely correct : Because the pigs rub shoulders at the same trough and appear to be connected at the hip doesn’t’ mean that if you get rid one that another isn’t going to step in . The agenda and MO is the same the variable is oversight that keeps the corruption somewhat in check.

  8. Follow the money how it’s spent and compliance requirements being manipulated to obtain Federal money . Broussard is only one of many at the trough always been that way and will continue till we get real oversight from the FED and/or an IG . 18 USC 1001.

  9. Greg Buisson is the wonderboy who helped Capella become the assessor and through his political campaign ad of holding children helped Greg to win third place in the national “Pollie” awards for political ads.

    http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2012/05 jefferson_parish_political_con.html

    So I am correct in saying this same “Pollie” wonderboy will now receive , as per recent order from the man who is not really a Yenni, the half million dollars to disperse at the Jefferson Parish Visitor Center in Kenner. The very same money which originally went to the Kenner Convention Center and was wonderfully managed by tourista supreme, “Bucky” Lanning.

    “Pollie” should know if he manages the money for Kenner he and his film company shouldn’t be recipients of this money to compose tourist promotion spots. Or does he, Car 54 where are you.

    1. CORRECTION EDIT: Greg Buisson is the Wonder Bread Doughboy who manipulates the few ignorant sheeple who vote, to vote for his politically incestuous pig clients … the SOS and he is covered from head to toe with it …

      I’ve been told that he started out in advertising as the Michellin tire character before the company decided to slim the image down … he is also known to have connections in beef …

  10. The tall driver of Car 54 combs his hair back like Paul Connick Jr.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQfXPGCYlfI?rel=0&w=420&h=315%5D

    Eating donuts instead of indicting “Bucky” and the crew for malfeasance in office. Which is exactly the charges DA Perilloux of St. Tangiphoa parish recently indicted a councilman for payola on.The Supremme Court said the councilman could be charged and the DA did it.

    Can anyone in cyberspace comment if DA Connick has ever prosecuted a Jefferson Parish politico for anything in his career as DA.

  11. Scott Perrilloux not only indicts crooked pols, but he can actually be found in the Amite courthouse. He actually argued a motion a few weeks ago where a capital defendant wanted costs from the State. Paul Connick hasn’t been seen in 24th since he was in private practice! Embarrassing.

  12. Walter Bennetti commented on NOLA and had some challenging questions about the Kenner Convention Center malfeasance scandal for Mr. Mike “Pseudo” Yenni and Mr. Ben “Pseudo Florist” Zahn.

    Walter if you reading this blog sure wish you would comment here and also about Mike’s convention friend, Mr. Zahn, the florist who says he really isn’t a florist when he doesn’t want to be ( Kenner Convention Center-Zahn business relationship).

    Seems like “Ben & Mike”, having some things in common, should consider incorporating as they stir up some tasteless BS ice cream together.

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