Legislative Auditor reports Aaron Broussard cronies looting the Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The larger question in my mind is whether or not Aaron Broussard has any friends running government that actually make an honest living folks.

Forrest “Bucky” Lanning, a former Kenner councilman and pal o’ Broussard and Stoulig, getting a $30,000 year “consulting fee” but no contract, while apparently doing nothing, as an officer of the Kenner Convention Visitors Bureau (KCVB), while also having an address – 527 W Esplanade Ste 200 – that is the same as the engineering firm of former Kenner CAO Jimmie Martinez and the Grandlake Garden Homes company of Lawrence Stoulig and Aaaron Broussard (see above).

Tim Rada of Rada Travel is another old Broussard hand and he also is an officer for the KCVB.

Rada’s wife LaDean Rada and KCVB marketing director Sharon Solomon are or were past writers for The Broussardian Kenner Star.

“This year, the cash paid for a $4,500 gift certificate to Rada’s World of Travel in Kenner … ”


And we’ve been documenting the Team Broussard cockroaches for months now:

And more…. gosh wonder what they were developing:

That’s the land for the Rivertown Planetraium:

“The City Council also authorized Broussard to lease a piece of land in south Kenner that city officials hope will house a planetarium. The land, at 408 Minor St., is owned by the South Kenner Development Corp.” – 2/7/89 TP

Baroni was “appointed” to it, most likely via its board or a board. – 2/18/08 TP

Also on the board:

Jouandot (ore merely a “voluntary treasurer”, not really a member of the board)
Charlotte Burnell
Jimmie Martinez (Kenner CAO)
Sal Anzelmo
Nick Baroni
a Brian Dennison


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