Calhoun strikes out: Louisiana Supreme Court denies writs to quash Ethics Board subpoenas involving the Caroline Fayard campaign.

Sources familiar with the DEMOPAC Ethics Board investigation indicate to Slabbed the decision came down late last week under seal and today it appears on the internet as the Louisiana Ethics Board investigation into strawman political contributions involving the failed Lite Gov campaign of Caroline Fayard will move forward including an examination of DEMOPAC’s banking records (among many others) including class action lawyer Calvin “Calhoun” Fayard.

Those wanting to catch up with the Fayard Ethics Board saga should click here to start with updates that chronicled the legal fight here and here.  We wove the Gulf Oil Spill litigation into the narrative here and tied in national politic$ here.

Though not directly related to the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill this post kicks off a series of posts as Slabbed will examine the intersection of the legal profession, politics and the oil spill litigation where competing conflict of interest are seemingly the norm.


11 thoughts on “Calhoun strikes out: Louisiana Supreme Court denies writs to quash Ethics Board subpoenas involving the Caroline Fayard campaign.”

  1. This particular case has been influenced, massaged and monitered by others, so i will not attempt to steal their thunder. However, I will say (repeat, because I’ve said it previously) this: Fayard and his “close personal friend of long-standing”, the “DisHonorable” Duval-Daley-Fayard, are CROOKED. Most of my allegations are contained in Civil Action No. 08-4728, which I REALLY wish SOP would POST to SLABBED. They also appear in Comments referenced by this POST. But there’s a “new” twist: Duval-Daley-Fayard’s decision in Fayard’s MRGO case (recently upheld by the Fifth “Circus” in an intellectually dishonest decision written by Jerry-SPIT!-Smith-SPIT!) is factually and legally INCOMPATIBLE with Duval-Daley-Fayard’s Outfall Canal decision. In other words, as I have said all along, Duval-Daley-Fayard made the conscious decision to bestow great monetary benefit on his “close personal friend of long-standing”, Calvin Fayard, by ruling in Fayard’s favor in the MRGO case, which he did. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. AROD: Just saw where your suit is “administratively closed”. Does that mean it’s still pending and viable?

      Could you proceed in-forma-pauperis? Can you assign your rights in that matter to someone else? What about any other member of the putative class members defined in your complaint? Can’t 1 or more of those move the case forward?

      Would the Tuscaloosa issue and facts you now know become an additional claim?

      What about the Katrina-contracts awarded by Foti to that group of attorneys? Were those not ultimately shown to be “improper” if not “illegal” contracts?

      As odd as it might sound, even Daniel Becnel, a defendant in your suit, should be willing to assist you with this.

  2. Calhoun Strikes Out but the next batter up, Oscar Tolmas, Hits A Rare Grand Slam, Inside The Park Homer.

    In the same news release the La.Supreme Court granted Supervisory Writ to an Oscar Tolmas. To those unfamiliar with the fight to commercialize the residential Tolmas Tract on Veterans Blvd near Causeway it has been a real see-saw battle.

    The company who owns the Tolmas tract may have stuck gold in the Supreme Court. The 24th JDC, Judge unknown, ruled in favor of commercialization while the Fifth Appeal Court of Louisiana reversed said ruling in favor of the JP government, led by Parish Attorney Foshee’s team, and to keep the property residential.

    Councilwoman Lee-Sheng was ordering Chop Suey happy meals-on-wheels for her constituent residents, who vehemently opposed commercialization, when the ruling was announced and the meals unfortunately cancelled.

    Ya’ see the Tolmas Tract landowner did a little inside research and discovered that one unnamed Judge on the Fifth Appeal panel, who just happen to author the Opinion, was a lessee of commercial property next to the property in question. Though moved by Oscar Tolmas the remaining Fifth panel REFUSED to recuse the Judge.

    Having a competing commercial interest in the adjacent possible commercialization the Supreme Court stated the Judge had an interest in the appellate outcome and should have been recused after the panel was so moved by Tolmas.

    The Writ was granted and to guard against the slight degree of ethical impropriety the Supreme Court has ordered the case – Going deep,deep,deep-remanded to the Second Appeal Court of Louisiana.Going, Going, Gone.

    Touche’ to the Fifth and its politically arrogant band of renegade 24th JDC jurists.

  3. From the documents publicly available, it now looks like documents,invoices or communications regarding a media buy are going to have to be produced, if any exist.

    Also from the documents publicly available, it appears the ethics board will now get to investigate the funding source of the donations made by the Fayard “entities”, including all bank records from the bank accounts of each Fayard individual and LLC making each contribution.

    I wonder if Calvin had originally set a limit on what he was willing to spend on his daughter’s shot at statewide office?

  4. That’s funny – the Toopremes telling the Fifth that it’s judgment had a slight degree of homecooking. Oh, the humanity/hypocracy

  5. Caroline Fayard, the Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, showed her “true colors”, when she facilitated and organized (as a law clerk to Duval-Daley-Fayard) the trip to Tuscaloosa in November 2005. It was known to all that this trip would allow prohibited ex parte communications between “Big Daddy Calvin” and his “close personal friend of long-standing” Duval-Daley-Fayard, who had been assigned the “low-numbered” KATRINA case, 05-4181, and that “G.T. Ortous” who had 05-4182 COULD NOT REMAIN IN THE KATRINA LITIGATION because of his “troubles” with the Federal Government (which ultimately resulted in his conviction in impeachment proceedings). The topic of conversation, of course, was “control and management” of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation. So Big Daddy Fayard knew it was wrong, daughter Caroline (who Big Daddy “corrupted”) knew it was wrong, Duval-Daley-Fayard knew it was wrong, and his wife and “other” law clerk, Janet Duval-Daley-Fayard knew it was wrong. Others who knew about what was “going on” also may have been corrupted by the main players, identified, supra. So now my question: Big Daddy Fayard saw to it that whatever sense of “right and wrong” which Caroline may have had coming out of law school was DESTROYED by virtue of her relationship with Duval-Daley-Fayard and his wife when she appeared in Section “K” as a law clerk, working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Duval-Daley-Fayard’s wife, all as witnessed by organizing the trip to Tuscaloosa. But is Caroline in her campaign for Lieutenant Governor “tainted” by the ethical complaints against Big Daddy or did he insulate her from a “taint” of possible corruption? What about “conduit contributions”? Did she know about THAT? What about money going from Big Daddy, and then coming back again, so that it would not look like Big Daddy was making prohibited contributions to Caroline’s campaign? After what went on in Tuscaloosa in November 2005, and since, I’ve got to wonder. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. AROD: The Tuscaloosa trip really does deserve serious scrutiny. There is a high degree of difficulty to get anyone to admit Katrina strategy was uttered during that weekend. Small, intimate group in that situation.

    In this campaign finance issue, there are many more players involved. Somewhere somebody is saying “I told them this was a bad idea.”

  7. Just read that Buddy Leach was not re-elected to lead the state Democrat party. Karen Carter-Peterson has replaced him.

    I wonder if this ethics investigation and litigation played any part in that change of leadership? I wonder if anyone within the state Democrat organization ever told Buddy Leach that the Fayard entity contributions and media buy was a bad idea?

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