Jamie Perdiago??? Have we heard that name before on Slabbed?????

Of course we have folks and the reporting this blog has done on the Perdigao saga has well withstood the test of time.  I mention all this because of a recent story on former AUSA Sal Perricone by Gordon Russell over at the Times Picayune that included some of the most insightful commentary seen on NOLA.com in quite some time. Before I get to that there are two issues on Peridago that I must stress:

1. I firmly believe Jamie Perdiago was being truthful in his allegations involving the Edwards prosecution and the sleazy things going on at Adams and Reese, which is now on display in federal court for its role in enabling Sir Allen Stanford to swindle billions from unsuspecting well heeled investors.
2. Using the proof Perdiago obtained to back his allegations in court would have been problematic.

This differs from the Team Letten version of events which maintains Perdiago was a serial liar incapable of telling the truth. The entire saga shows Slabbed is committed to getting to the bottom of the story, even if it meant we did not tow the Team Letten line. Trust me folks when I say Slabbed coverage of the Peridago affair did not earn us any friends at Team Letten or Adams and Reese. Now that T-P reader commentary:

For Heebe, one goal is to show that Letten knew that Perricone was making the comments at the time the comments were posted, but that Letten took no action to stop it. I usually wouldn’t repeat a rumor, however I’ve now heard from three independent sources that Continue reading “Jamie Perdiago??? Have we heard that name before on Slabbed?????”

Broussard sleazery on my mind as Aaron’s drama queen tendencies enter the corrption lexicon.

Boy this past week has been like the old days with an Aaron Broussard story a minute as the Times Picayune has done a bang up job examining the latest Broussard era turds to surface lately. We’ve done so much on Broussard lets do some semi-free association in a change of pace:

Politicians recall Aaron Broussard’s annual retreats in Lake Tahoe ~ Rich Rainey

And I to have tempted you! I, who tired
Your soul, no doubt, till it sank! Unwise,
I loved and was lowly, loved and aspired,
Loved, grieving or glad, till I made you mad,
And you meant to have hated and despised—
Whereas, you deceived me nor inquired!

Aaron Broussard hires new attorney as defense team employs new strategy ~ Rich Rainey

NOW, don’t, sir! Don’t expose me!
Just this once! This was the first and only time, I’ll swear,— Continue reading “Broussard sleazery on my mind as Aaron’s drama queen tendencies enter the corrption lexicon.”

Jim Brown

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I have a request of all of our pontificating politicians. Leave God and me alone to work out our relationship. I consider myself a religious person, but I don’t wear my faith on my sleeve or preach to my neighbors. I have a “comfortable” relationship with the Good Lord. But it’s personal. It’s private. And I want to keep it that way. Political battles are not going to lead any of us to salvation, but that message seems to be lost on Republican and Democrat politicians alike.

American politicians, today, are saturating their rhetoric with religious references for the purpose of bolstering a particular political point of view. Andrew Sullivan, writing in the London Sunday Times, laments that: “On one side, the Republican base is made up of evangelical Protestants who believe that religion must consume and influence every aspect of public life. On the other side, the last Democratic primary had candidates profess their faith in public forums, and more recently President Obama appeared at the National Prayer Breakfast, invoking Jesus to defend his plan for universal health care.”

According to a recent Pew Research poll, some 60% of Evangelical Christians support the use of torture against suspected terrorists. Among all regular once a week church goers, the approval rate of torture was 54%. And according to last week’s Rasmussen poll, 55% of Americans think hate is growing in this country. What gives? Why have so many mixed their political rhetoric with their religious beliefs? Continue reading “Jim Brown”