Let’s clear something up about US District Court Judge Helen Georgena Roberts Berrigan

Her name has surfaced a time or two on these pages and in comments it has been asserted she once clerked for Judge Frederick Heebe.  This assertion is not true. For those wanting to get all the skinny on Judge Ginger, click here and use your browsers search feature to find both the testimony and legal resume. She was presented to the committee by then Senator John Breaux and then Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson.

h/t: ‘Gate and AROD via Tulanelink


19 thoughts on “Let’s clear something up about US District Court Judge Helen Georgena Roberts Berrigan”

  1. A very powerful presentation, Professor. Berrigan should be hanging her head in SHAME. I wonder what trips Tulane has given her since she SCREWED you multiple times on a summary basis, and what trip or trips she plans to take on Tulane’s nickel this Summer. I was unaware that she required you to pay Tulane’s legal fees and costs, which added insult to injury, and took her “judicial misconduct” to another level. The woman has no SHAME (and purports to be a “civil rights advocate” as long as you’re a Negro felon, preferably a convicted murderer). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Fazzio attorney Arthur Buddy Leeman just filed LAED motion. U. S. Government had filed to continue Fazzio’s present May 15 TRIAL date in Judge Berrigan’s court to allow prosecutor Gregory Kennedy to get Wash. DC “public integrity section” attorney prosecutors time to get up to speed since Letten recused his office. Leeman’s motion will be denied to again attempt to dismiss Fazzio’s indictment due to recusal by Letten and any of Perricone’s nonsens. Look for 2010 appointed CHIEF OF PUBLIC INTEGRITY SECTION, FORMER PROSECUTOR FROM BROOKLYN AND RECENTLY AT THE HAGUE COURT, JACK SMITH TO ANIHILATE FAZZIO, THEN HEEBE, ET. AL.

  3. And I REPEAT what I have said time and time again, here on SLABBED and elsewhere: Just what kind of “recusal” of Lettenemgo’s office allows one of his underling employees, the “piss ant” Gregory Kennedy, to remain on the case, reporting to “someone else” in the U.S. Department of “Injustice”? And FUCK Jack Smith. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Once Wash. DC is up to speed Gregory Kennedy will be in the background IF in ANY Ground. 22 Counts with a bro in law guilty plea does not look very good for Fazzio. Cut a deal with WASH and GIVE UP ALL DOS BIG FISH DOMINICK.

  4. O.K., motherload. As usual it would appear that you have this sized up about right. However, it also would appear that Arthur “Buddy” Lemann is hoping for a miracle that will save Fazzio. What is your take if Buddy were to prove that “mukety mucks” in Lettenemgo’s office (and perhaps the “Big Kahuna” – hopefully soon to be the “Teeny Weenie gonad – hissef) had knowledge of Perricone’s shennanigans long before March 13, 2012, when the story broke in the local Press, and long before March 15, 2012, when Lettenemgo made his blanket denial on his own behalf and on behalf of “the office”. (Didn’t Lettenemgo know about 18 U.S.C. Section 1001, or is “someone” protecting his back?). What would such knowledge do to the Fazzio case and other cases in Lettenemgo’s office, even cases that have already been brought to verdict? And as for the “piss ant” Gregory Kennedy, I can’t wait to see the D.C. DOJ lawyers relegate him him to making copies on the Xerox machine, or taking out the garbage, or: “Greg, Would you get me a cup of coffee, black with 2 Equals (no sugar! no Sweet and Low!) Thanks Greg; you’re a real sweetheart.” But in the meantime, having Kennedy remain on a case is like a Judge recusing himself from a case, but making sure that his law clerk stayed with the case (bringing all of the original Judge’s prejudices with him) to the “new” Judge. A “conflict” is a “conflict” is a “conflict”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton, Buddy has to try with that filing; Berrigan will deny dismissal with or w/o allowing any evidentiary hearing. FOCUS has to be allowing the Mencken1951 comments to be investigated by the now appointed investigators who certainly know if any cases are affected by “actual comments.”, NOT conjecture or incorrect facts.
      I just think FREDDY and Billy Gibbens and Kyle screwed UP REAL BAD by NOT waiting until Freddy was indicted and charged with a crime before outing Sal. IF indicted and then SAL was outed and “Fred Heebe comes from a long line of corruptors” would mean something leaning toward “possible prosecutorial misconduct.” Letten recused his office will have great weight with a U. S. District Judge going forward with FAZZIO and IF any investigation proves SAL’S comments affected Fazzio’s indictment THEN IF PROVED Leman has set any appeal possible in motion with HIS filing last week.

      1. This is a very astute observation, and I had that discussion with a friend (why didn’t Heebe wait until indicted or the eve of trial)the very day the defamation lawsuit was filed. The only conclusion we could come to is that Team Heebe believed this nuclear bomb might keep him from getting indicted at all. Very risky, but it sure has worked thus far.

        It’s almost exactly like having a piece of devastating impeachment evidence in a civil case. Do you use it as a hammer in depositions based on the likelihood of settlement, or do you save it for trial and detonate it in front of the jury?

        Timing is everything, and in Heebe’s case, I can appreciate each side of the argument. We’ll see which view is correct.

        1. The early impressions that were imparted to me have survived the test of time very well to this point including the prediction dragging Perricone into all the Jefferson Parish Corruption cases as well as the Danziger Bridge case.

          There is a possibility that explains why Heebe rolled out Perricone that has not been considered yet on Slabbed: He has another ace in the hole. A very astute observer of Jefferson Parish politics mentioned that to me very early on and I would not discount the possibility.

          The Wards and Heebes have prospered through time precisely because they had fall guys in place like Derrick Shephard and Jonathan Bolar.






          1. Freddy, Kyle and Billy Gibbens got greedy, could not wait and outed Sal. Any other ACE’S in the HOLE for Freddy will be exposed by Wash., DC ‘s JACK SMITH and company NOW. WATCH for JACK SMITH to move on FAZZIO without trying to get FAZZIO to roll on his boss, FREDDY. JACK SMITH will remove FREDDY from FREDDY’s ACE’s in a hole by by passing Freddy and indict Freddy’s Ace’s in the hole.

  5. O.K., “motherload”, I’ve been waiting most of the weekend for your reply, which put things in better perspective for me. If I am understanding you cottectly, Sal’s Comments on “nola.com”, even if Lettenemgo or “mukety-mucks” in his office had prior knowledge, don’t go anywhere unless the Comments had reasonable potential to (or did) affect LIVE, OPEN CASES. It’s not enough to throw mud at Lettenemgo, it’s got to STICK (as much as I hate to admit that). Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. YES Ashton, Recusal of LAED U. S. Atty’s office was a HUGE GREAT MOVE by whoever made Letten recuse, IF Letten did not do recusal on his own.

  6. Very insightful, “whitmergate”. I don’t understand it all, but there certainly appears to be “something” in the woodpile, when one talks about New Orleans, Cith hall, the Gentilly Landfill, River Birch, Sneed (not Freddie’s wife), and Jovilette-Brown. And the more I DON’T READ about Perricone, the more I believe that this whole “tempest-in-a-teapot” may not have prejudiced anyone at all, except Sal and Lettenemgo. If my hunch is correct, I think it’s called “No harm; no foul”. In other circles it might be called “Damnum absque injuria”. We shall see. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton … maybe this will be helpful:

      “Dost thou not suspect my place? Dost thou not suspect my years? O that he were here to write me down an ass! But masters, remember that I am an ass. Though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass. No, thou villain, thou art full of piety, as shall be proved upon thee by good witness. I am a wise fellow, and which is more, an officer, and which is more, a householder, and which is more, as pretty a piece of flesh as any is in Messina, and one that knows the law, go to . . . and one that hath two gowns, and everything handsome about him. Bring him away. O that I had
      been writ down an ass!

      1. “About Nothing” will be shown in Judge Berrigan’s ruling to allow or deny Fazzio a hearing, to prove misconduct to dismiss his indictment; May 9 is date for filings set by Berrigan on any live hearing. IF any filings happen filings could add light on the matter and need to be posted.

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