To amplify a point ‘Gate and I are making……….

The point being brought up on Whitergate’s Guest Post River Birch Landfill: Anatomy of Corruption. I always recommend following the money folks as I submit this from the WayBack Machine circa May 9th 2008:

A stable pacifist democracy in Central America, Costa Rica has numerous advantages as a location for business entity formation and banking–superior to many so-called “offshore financial centers”–as well as being a superlative place to live, work, or retire.

We can provide the following services related to Costa Rica banking, Costa Rica corporations, and moving to or living in Costa Rica:

  • Costa Rica corporations, including off-the-shelf companies
  • Advice and consultation about Costa Rica corporations, their use and structure
  • Costa Rica lawyer referrals
  • Moving to and living in Costa Rica, including buying property, insurance, banking, construction management, and visas, with specific advice strucutred for Canadian and United States citizens

For more information and specific products and services, please visit our Costa Rica section.

Home of the Retiring and Living in Costa Rica Vacation Packages at the Inn at Coyote Mountain

Come stay for a three-day vacation and consult with experts Charles Leary, PhD and Vaughn Perret, JD about retiring or living in Costa Rica, starting a business, buying property, Costa Rica corporations and banking, or the construction process.

Send us an encrypted e-mail here.

Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate For Sale

These days their website Living Abroad Consultants has none of that material online. Let’s drill down a bit more now and talk “anonymous corporations”:

Costa Rica Overview:
Considerations in Banking, Company Formation, Living or Retiring Abroad, Expatriate Living

Retirement in Costa Rica: Come Visit and Consult with Vaughn Perret, J.D. and Charles Leary, PhD while staying at the luxurious Inn at Coyote Mountain, just 1 1/2 hours from central San Jose. Please send us an e-mail message or check here for more information.

Costa Rica makes an excellent candiate for relocation or retirement, including top-notch personal services and health care, your choice of climate, and financial incentives.

Unlike its southern neighbor, Panama, Costa Rica has never developed or been classified as an offshore financial center. In yet there are a number of elements that promote using Costa Rica in this way, including:

  • Banking secrecy laws
  • Anonymous corporations
  • No tax on income earned outside of Costa Rica for both individuals and businesses
  • Stable economy and the presence of major international banks
  • No discrimination between Costa Rica residents and non-residents for tax, real property, and corporate purposes

Some members of the Costa Rica government are trying to change some of these provisions, and a close eye should be kept on any proposed changes to current legislation. An excellent summary exists at’s Costa Rica section.

Today it appears the Goatherders no longer do the consulting part after selling Cerro Coyote.


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  1. Longueville Manor is a historic gem set in a country with French Laws. The Island has the famed Jersey cow which is used to produce some of the best cheeses in the world. Longueville is situated on 18 acres of land and produces many of its own fresh produce. Seafood is abundant. Too tempting to pass up for a food traveler? It has a sad history for during WW2 it was the only Nazi controlled British soil. I’d love to visit.

  2. There are six banks operating in Andorra. These are:

    Credit Andorra
    Banc Agricol i Comercial
    Banca Mora-Internacional
    Banca Privada
    Banc Sabadell
    Foreign banking institutions cannot open branches in Andorra. Banking is Swiss style and numbered accounts are available. Complete confidentiality is observed. The total lack of exchange control in Andorra permits banking in any currency although the Euro is used as a base for making an exchange. The rates are quoted daily, based on Euros, and aligned to Euro-currency rates at the Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

    There are no restrictions on remitting funds to and from Andorra in any currency but money laundering regulations are observed by the Andorran banks. Andorra now has an agreement with the European Union regarding taxation of income, but not with any other countries.

    Account opening is a relatively simple procedure. Please contact us for more information. We have offices in Spain that handle Andorra operations.

    Banking and Merchant Accounts for Expatriates or International Businesses, Offshore Banking & Corporations, Specializing in Spanish, Costa Rican, and Panamanian Companies as well as Private Banking in Andorra and Merchant Accounts Worldwide

    Banking and Merchant Accounts for Expatriates or International Businesses, Offshore Banking & Corporations, Specializing in Spanish, Costa Rican, and Panamanian Companies as well as Private Banking in Andorra and Merchant Accounts Worldwide

    [email protected]

    Pacific Avenue, Ltd.
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    San Jose, San Jose na


    Administrative Contact:
    Avenue, Pacific [email protected]
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    Technical Contact:
    Direct, Domain [email protected]
    96 Mowat Avenue
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    +1.4165312084 Fax: +1.4165315584
    Registration Service Provider:, [email protected]
    This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
    DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.


    Hotels of Costa Rica: Inn at Coyote Mountain
    Owned & Operated by Pacific Avenue, Ltd./Pacific Avenue, S.A.
    [email protected] local phone: 8 383 0544 (not for reservations or information)
    Reservation & Hotel Information Requests

    Does this mean all the people who invested in Inn at Coyate Mountain are in the off-shore banking business?

    I’m not a lawyer but this would come with some pretty big risk for the investors I”d imagine.

  4. Vaughn Perret & Charles Leary both received graduate degrees from Cornell University.

    Some of our marketing success stories include:

    Istanbul Holiday Apartments
    Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia
    Inn at Coyote Mountain
    Alhambra Vistas Vacation Rentals
    Chicory Farm

    Our Senior Partners have owned and operated succesful boutique hotel properties in Canada and Costa Rica, villa rentals in Spain, upscale food businesses in the U.S. & Canada, and restaurants in New Orleans, Nova Scotia, and Costa Rica. Our past and present clients include properties in North and Central America, Western Europe, and Turkey. Our services also extend to tourism regions or associations, helping create viable tourism destinations.

    We know ho to achieve value for your money using Internet and publicity generation strategies.

    Office Locations

    Home | About Us | Strategic & Geographic Capabilities | Office Locations

    Nova Scotia, Canada
    P.O. Box 456
    Kemptville, NS B0W 1Y0 Canada
    Granada, Spain
    Calle San Luis No. 12
    Granada 18010 Spain
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    8223 Jeannette Street
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70188 USA

    Just curious what 8223 Jeannette Street has to do with their business locations?

  5. Somewhere in the mess of links there is a name of the lawyer the consulting firm mention in Costa Rica. I will try to find it later but if I don’t just remember it is there.

  6. Somewhere in the mess of links part 2

    is the mortgage paperwork where Aaron underwrote Trout Point. If I find it I’ll link it and the lawyer from South America the Offshore Banking Experts mention on one of their army of websites.

  7. Jurisdictions in which we have particular experience and access include Spain, Andorra, Panama, Costa Rica, and Delaware.

    Institutions we refer clients to include HSBC Offshore, Anglo Irish Bank, Wachovia, Royal Bank of Canada, BBVA, Scotiabank de Costa Rica, Lydian Private Bank, and Barclay’s.

    scussion list and monthly newsletter.

    Encrypted E-mail and Secure Web Browsing

    the cloak: anonymous web surfing

    Then there is

    Offshore and anonymous web hosting


    Looking to do business or buy real estate in Costa Rica? San Jose attorney Carlos Umana of the firm Tacsan & Umana, who regularly advises foreign individuals and corporations, recommends the following:

    Costa Rica has strict corporate laws that protect shareholder anonymity. It is easy to incorporate with the assistance of an attorney, and should cost between $650 and $1,200. Incorporation is recommended for conducting business and land holding, to protect from liability.

    BankingCosta Rica has a strong banking system, with many foreign operators. Accounts can be held in U.S. dollars and/or col

  9. STEVE: Glad you again brought up those previous revelations and sites to be put in perspective to Sop’s original blog post.

    Sounds like the Goatherders were possibly in the business of advertising to people to stay at some of their foreign hotel holdings and additionally to investigate the tax advantages of that country and to learn more about “anonymous” corporations and “secret” bank accounts offered by certain specific banks in those countries( quotation marked words come from their advertisement site cited in original blog).

    And lets see, they sued Slabbed to separate themselves of any and all associations with certain individuals that live in JP.

    Wonder if in a civil deposition they could be asked if they referred certain individuals from JP, which they want desperately to disassociate themselves from, to any foreign banks for those banks in turn to set up any “anonymous corporations” or “secret” bank accounts.Since not all of the Goatherders, and/or the staff of their hotel holdings, lawyers the attorney-client privilege could not be invoked in every case.

    The Feds opened up Pandoras’ Super Indictment Box with its specific allegations of Broussard’s activities in Nova Scotia, but the activity around that box for the past several months has been so quiet.

    Does the Box contain truthful allegations or was it just a fear inducing threat to encourage cooperation?

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