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  1. SOP, check this news story.http://www.wdsu.com/money/30893365/detail.html

    If the LA. Supreme Court ruled New Orleans property tax collection is unconstitutional to add a 10% penalty for late payment and a 9.5% collection fee.

    Then what about Jefferson Parish adding a 100% surcharge and a 15% collection fee for code violations (includes grass cutting) to your ad valorum taxes, then wouldn’t that violate the LA Constitution too ?

    1. Nope, it wouldn’t.

      All the La. Supreme Ct. is saying is that you have to use tax sales in order to recoup revenue and the tax sale statutes define the penalty allowable in a tax sale.

      There are statutes directly on point that allow for grass cutting liens, etc… to be tacked on to overdue taxes.

      1. Also,

        Blight is such a problem, I could care less what the Parish tags a slum lord with in order to ensure property is maintained.

  2. Not so sure on that , Jefferson Parish ordinance exceeds the LA state law, grass must be at least 15 inches , certified mail and 15 day waiting period after receipt and allows for only reasonable charges . JP is using code enforcement as a money grab pay to play like the cameras on school buses, 5 day notice regular mail ( most home owner either never get by the time grass is cut) 12 inches grass however if they label you an habitual offender anything above 3 inches with no notice is fair game. Ever heard of a lot 50 X 120 with a slab (mind you the grass was not above 15 inches high) costing $1200 to cut . The parish made around 2.5mil last year doing it, what about the elderly and disabled any thoughts on that ? What about the over billing by the private contractors on parish property don’t you think that is taking place on the private property especially since the parish adds a 100% surcharge and 15% collection fee ? Check out the news articles.




  3. Where in the LA statutes dose it give JP the authority to collect a 100% surcharge on services and 15% collection fee collected as an ad volorum tax particularly without proper notice ?

  4. It is evident that we the Administration, Parish Attorney’s Office and Council are out of control and do whatever we feel like doing.If you as citizens don’t like it you can just sue us.Then one of our fine appeal judges will somehow justify the surcharges through some bizarre interpretation of law.

    Jefferson today,tomorrow the World.Yenniism

    1. Thanks’ Yenniism yes it is true the same old story. However there has to be a smart attorney or two reading this that can connect the dots on a class action suit that is in order particularly for the elderly and disabled on fixed incomes who should under ADA Title II be offered the parish services either free or at a discount since the parish is making such a profit, eh ?

  5. Tom,

    Its not uncontitutional to tac the charge on to an ad valorem tax bill. Whether the amount runs afoul of some some constitutional principal is a differnet issue. Your original post was on the issue of the La.Supreme Ct. decision in 2008 relative to tax sales.

    Also, enlderly people, etc… still have an obligation to maintain their yards. If they physically cannot do it, then unfortunately you have to pay someone to do it. In my opinion, there is no excuse, short of being dead without any heirs, for allowing real estate to become blighted. Nothing will destroy a community quicker.

    Sorry if I sound unsympathetic, but property values in many parts of Metairie have taken a hit because of the blight issue. It must stop in order to help real estate prices begin to rise again. Several homes within a few miles of my home sold well before market value because of their poor condition. This affects me and every other responsible homeowner around me.

    Its a non-issue if you simply maintain your property.

  6. NRB: ” Nothing will destroy a community quicker”?

    You’re kidding right. You evidently got that BS thought from Chrissy Roberts who alleged everybody was moving to St.Tammany because of high grass.

    I hear you on maintaining your property and eliminating blight but it has to be done in a fair and legal way. Not a short 5 day notice via regular mail with outrageous, BS penalties added on like the corrupt credit card company whores.

    Now my comment finishing your original thought: “Nothing will destroy a community quicker… than political corruption”

  7. The property owner is given way more than enough time to comply. The first citation is a warning and the process only results in a lien months down the road.

    I stand by my assertion, keep your property intact and you have nothing to worry about. If you can afford to pay a fine, you can pay some kid $25 to cut your grass.

    The issue has nothing to do with corruption. The fact is residents are fleeing Metairie because of the crummy housing stock and blight. I live in Metairie and grew up in Kenner. I see the deterioration every day beginning with the overabundance of apartments that are turning into defacto housing projects. These same apartments served the youong professionals who worked in New Orleans in the 70s and 80s, but now are unrentable. Drive down Clearview Pwky between Airline and West Metairie, West Metairie and West Napoleon, Harvard, Quincy or Yale Streets and look at the crappy conditions prevalent throughout these tenaments.

    I would devote even more resources to Code Enforcement.

    I’m not saying ridiculous lien amounts is the answer, but something has to be done to curb blight.

    1. I mean no disrespect but you are comparing apples to oranges without proper investigation and full knowledge of what is really happening. Actual blight in Jefferson Parish is far smaller than surrounding parishes. Further more the parish is being sued to have the Block Grant Funds and Home Funds terminated because of discriminatory zoning changes used to deliberately block projects that would actually do something about blight by the JP council.

      The multi-family properties you are referring would have benefited from the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program which provides a tax exemption on the residential improvements on multifamily projects in exchange for setting aside 20% of the units for moderate-wage workers as well the Low Income Housing Tax Credit LIHTC’s which would provide new multi-family dwellings construction that would bring jobs to the area which the council has killed time and again. Please get your facts straight .

      1. Comparing Jefferson Parish blight to New Orleans blight is like comparing Jefferson Parish blight to St. Tammany. Jefferson Parish looks better because Hiroshima, a.k.a. New Orleans is right next to it.

        I drive specific parts of Metairie every single day and see the trash and blight. Go down Clearview Pwky and just look at the dilapidated eye-sores. Have you looked around Metairie lately? Look at the trash that lines Clearview Pwky across from Home Depot. Look at the trash that surrounds the Clearview – I-10 Service Rd. exits. Look at Traget’s parking lot on any given Saturday. Look at the grocery carts strewn about Veterans. Go down West Metairie before Transcontinental, the 1970s “townhomes” look like something right of Haiti.

        THERE IS NO AVAILABLE LAND ON THE EASTBANK TO BUILD NEW HOUSING! Have you looked for a 2,200 square foot updated home in Metairie with a decent sized backyard in the last 5 years? I have and you can’t find one for under $350,000.00.

        The problem is the housing stock for the most part is awful. Hence, people making good salaries are fleeing to the Northshore.

        Like I said, Code Enforcement, in my opinion is not strict enough. People parking on front lawns all over major thoroughfares, trash not in garbage cans along Clearview.

        Metairie is 1/10th of what it was in the 80s and one of the reasons is lax code enforcement.

        1. Also, when Jefferson Parish obtained a report several years ago on what the parish could do to improve the economic out look of the Parish, the first suggestion was AESTHETICS! For example, putting all utilities undergound and paving over the canals is cost prohibitive.

          1. Keep drinking the cool aid and stare at the circles longer remember to vote for the incumbents !!

  8. NRB: I bet the date of that economic outlook poll was pre-Lil’ Napoleon- Wilkinson-Whitmergate.

    I agree about AESTHETICS and it will be a whole lot prettier when all the political ass faces are changed and all political operatives are eliminated for their felonious boys’ club mentality.

  9. The blight is a symptom, not the cause of Jefferson’s problems. Jefferson’s problems are demographics and poor construction. Much of Jefferson’s housing is cheap 70’s and 80’s construction and its age is beginning to show. Frankly, much of it is ugly, particularly the rows of apartments with paved parking in the front (instead of the parking being in the back or on the side of buildings). Young adults now choose to live in New Orleans with its hip vibe. Couples with children prefer to live on the north shore with its fine public school system. Empty nesters are moving out of Jefferson, mostly to the north shore but some back to New Orleans. Katrina actually stemmed the decline in Jefferson’s population, but it is reviving now.

    1. To Lightning K,

      The modern urban plan for JP has acquiesced from the “Good Ole Boy” play to pay system which is self evident in the ongoing corruption probe of River Birch as well relating to the indifference to budgetary restraint by parish officials reflected in the failure of proper oversight in projects like the Arts & Entertainment Center. It is further displayed on Veterans Blvd. to include a Blue Dog statue and other extravagant unnecessary pieces of expensive art paid for through FEMA Funding where the parish additionally paid millions of dollars to a lobbyist firm who themselves failed to have the $55 Million repayment to FEMA forgiven. Now as the parish finds it’s self in more budgetary problems during a time of national economic down turn it is using it’s police powers to develop more pay to play scams with politicos of the parish such as the RedFlex Traffic Systems scandal , the school bus camera scandal with Georges Enterprises, Romelli Grass cutting scandal, etc… etc.. All stemming from a parish council who violates parish ordinance each and every meeting by voting on and awarding contracts to politicos, interfering with the open biding process to award contracts to those who pay extravagant political campaign contributions. THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE REAL REASON PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THE PARISH !!!

    1. My statements were derived from the findings in the LA. Legislative Audit Report on the Arts and Entertainment center. I agree more needs to be investigated that’s what I meant by indifference, but until the LA. DOJ properly investigates (not likely to ever happen) and without an investigation by parish code enforcement all we can rely on is that report although common sense tells everyone better.

  10. I attended the Jefferson Parish Council Meeting today in order to make another (my third) presentation regarding the occupancy of my Family’s Mississippi River batture property by “squatters and trespassers”, who are on the property ONLY because they were “aided, abetted and faciitated” by past and present Jefferson Parish politicians, including present Council Members. Naturally, I got NO SATISFACTION WHATSOEVER. The squatters and trespassers are still there, and the Parish President, Council, Parish Attorney, Sheriff, Assessor, Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement,and East Jefferson Levee District (and its “successor”, DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, even though it was THEY who put the squatters and trespassers on my Family’s land. So when the “Jefferson Theater for the Performing Arts” came up on the agenda today, I was “all ears”. One of the Seeman ladies spoke, and she made some good points. But it wasn’t at all like “whitmergate” was speaking (like he does on SLABBED), and the Council did a lot of “bobbing and weaving”, like “This is a bad situation which we inherited”, and “We’re trying to make the best of a bad situation, but we can’t cut off funding now, particularly since the contractor to whom we are about to pay an additional $500,000 has already done the work”, and “If we don’t authorize this expenditure, we will lose all State funding for the project which will NEVER be finished.” There was NO RESPONSE to ANY of these BULLSHIT argumnets. More particularly, NO ONE asked Lagasse to justify his $5 million or so “change order” with NO DOCUMENTATION. The Public needed someone like “whitmergate” at today’s meeting. Ashton O’Dwyer (landowner, whose land has been seized by politically-connected squatters and trespassers, aided and abetted, and facilitated, by politicians, who appear to be “crooked”).

    1. I would like more information on your problem and have started a New Orleans chapter of F.A.C.E. O.F.F. in the area to organize an effort on code enforcement problems . Please go online to contact me , thanks !

  11. TOM: Ashton forgot to tell you the squatters also have their own personal East Jefferson Levee Board Patrol car which will prevent you, unless you are an illegal squatter yourself, from driving pass the squatters’ houses. The Patrol car with a officer inside parks on Ashton’s property.

    Hell, the squatters have more protection then the regular JP citizen who owns his house, land and pays yearly property taxes.

    Since Ashton pays all the property taxes the squatters get this personal protection free.

    If I was Ashton I would research all the squatters’ required plans( in order to drive pilings in a navigable waterway) to the U.S. Corps of Engineers to see if said detailed piling forms are on record. Or was some Corps person paid to approve them without going through all the standard, proper channels( requiring proof of property ownership).

    1. I would like more information on your problem sounds like you may have some issues arising from violations of the Fifth Amendment which imposes limitations on the exercise of eminent domain: the taking must be for public use and just compensation must be paid.

      The Third Amendment was enacted in 1791 as part of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights. It provided that the quartering of soldiers ( argument is police are part of Home Land Security) on private property could not take place in peacetime without the landowner’s consent. It also required that, in wartime, established law had to be followed in housing troops on private property. Presumably, this would mandate “just compensation”, a requirement for the exercise of eminent domain in general per the Fifth Amendment.[5] All US states have legislation specifying eminent domain procedures within their respective territories however you should have the right to file directly in Federal court since it is river batcher land .

  12. Perhaps what I’d like to share appears a little off the point concerning real estate transactions, but please allow me to call attention to the real estate issue that might become played out in the courtrooms –poorly.

    A lawsuit has been filed by the Louisiana Clerks of Court against 17 banks and lender. Here’s a news link: http://theadvocate.com/news/2600141-123/ebr-court-clerk-sues. I don’t think there’ll be a problem pulling up the actual RICO Complaint, which is 30 pages long.

    Because of the amount of prominent people who could be ruined if a successful lawsuit regarding Louisiana real estate racketeering, I cannot fathom good results without the public paying attention to substantive factors –that are not really emphasized in the lawsuit. The elephant is STILL in the room -hiding is plain sight.

    Nevertheless, it’s always good when spotlights become pointed at foreclosures & NULL foreclosures

  13. To Tom and Lock: I’m “with” you, but ahead of you. The East Jefferson Levee District “Police” (or whatever they call themselves, post-KATRINA, are “incahoots” with the squatters and trespassers, some of whom are in a position to have “greased” the “right” palms. In early 2007, my cousin and I went up on the batture with one of my cousin’s nephews to serve some papers (parties to the litigation. like me and my cousin cannot effect service). Anyway, the nephew walked up the steps to the front porch of one of the “camps”, but was stopped by a Levee District “copper” who shouted at him, “Hey, you can’t go up there; that’s private property; I’ll arrest you for trespassing.” My reply was, “You fucking asshole, yeah, you’re right, it’s ‘private property’, OUR PRORERTY. Come arrest me you dumb fuck motherfucker!” Fortunately, I was not arrested by this ethically compromised “law enforcement officer”, who was “just doing his job”. That cocksucker wasn’t doing anyone’s job but the one he was dispatched on by the squatters and trespassers, who bribed him, his bosses, or both. And aggravated arson was committed at “Camp 1 1/2” on or about 8/29/05, but the Levee District Police, the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish and the Fire Department are all DEAF, DUMB and BLIND. The other description for this is “obstruction of justice”. Bottom Line: Jefferson Parish “law enforcement” have been protecting the criminal trespassers on my Family’s property for years. And the squatters and trespassers only got onto our property in the first instance because Parish “Government” put them there, in complete derogation of and disregard for my Family’s property rights. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. To Ashton , Ms Jackson and other in the Slabbed.org nation :

      I am more aware of what you are saying than you think. I invite you to organize and lets get the New Orleans Chapter of F.A.C.E. O.F.F. up and rolling. As an organized group there is by far a better chance of getting the message out as well helping others obtain justice,just look at what the Citizens For Good Government has accomplished. Like myself they do enjoy being a pain in the ass to the politicos.

      Do Not Go Gently Into that Good Night !!

      1. Tom, I will do what I can. Also, I do not reside in New Orleans due to Katrina.

        Ashton: Could you PLEASE dial down the vulgar language. You are intelligent and articulate, so why not choose words that accomplish just as much or more! FURTHERMORE –and most sensibly, due to the fact that the people whom you are cursing obviously is not us at the Slabbed Nation, and the people to whom you nasty, vulgar words probably don’t even read what you here, what is the point. Go post vulgarity where they are, and spare us. I would try to understand your vulgar words if you were accomplishing something, but I can’t imagine what that could be here on this blog. PLEASE STOP.

        1. To Ms. Jackson

          I had read your blog some time ago on your plight in losing your home to foreclosure . Many Katrina victims have been caught in similar circumstances and others as well throughout this nation during the housing crisis . MERS which was developed by the banks and wallstreet for records keeping to create the derivatives investment portfolios was seriously flawed. As a result most wrongful foreclosures that has happened is directly related to MERS losing the original Mortgage Notes foreclosing anyway with falsified court documents and faulty sold derivatives that were marked AAA on high risk loans known as No Doc and/or liar loans on stated income as well selling those derivatives to multiple parties . The MERS boondoggle created the pressure on the banking mortgage servicing companies in opening the mortgage mills we see today yet not a single person has gone to jail for violating 18 USC 1001.

            1. Dear Ms. Jackson ,
              My abbreviated version does address the reasons behind what many have faced in the foreclosure fraud that has gripped the public by the foreclose mills set up by the banks that has yet seen anyone prosecuted on . I do indeed understand the injustice and in no way did I say anything other than that .Maybe you are misjudging my comments and or the experience that I may have on the subject .

  14. To Tom and Lock: Darn! I forgot to address the U.S. Army Corpse of Engineers. Lest we forget, the MOST incompetent institution in the Federal Government if we exclude the people who run the U.S. Military (don’t let your sons grow up to be soldiers, and I can expand on that thought at length in separate comments). And notwithstanding almost 60 breaches in the Lake Pontchatrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection “System”, and some 1,500 deaths, untold personal injuries and BILLIONS in property losses and damage, NOT ONE CORPSE OF ENGINEERS EMPLOYEES HAS BEEN PROSECUTED CRIMINALLY, OR EVEN FIRED OR DISCIPLINED IN HIS OR HER JOB, POST-KATRINA. And NONE of the “Camps” on the O’Dwyer Family’s Mississippi River batture land could BE there without the “permission” of the Corpse of Engineers. Although these COCKSUCKERS granted permission to build with a “Rivers and Harbors Act” permit to squatters and trespassers, who did not own the land, and who could not produce proof of ownership, because they didn’t have it, the Corpse also didn’t contact my Family, whose ownership is documented in the public record. And so, the Corpse granted permits to people who didn’t own the land, without ever communicating with the people who DID own the land, and whose ownership was a matter of public record. In short, the Corpse of Engineers are A BUNCH OF FUCKING ASSHOLES – Sue me, you COCKSUCKERS! MAKE MY DAY. I also brought to the attention of the Corpse of Engineers, and Lettenemgo’s office which represented these INCOMPETENTS, the fact that, by representing that they owned the land (a lie), or that they had made all reasonable efforts to identify and contact the landowner(s), but were unsuccessful, the squatters and trespassers violated the clear provisions of the False Statements Act, 18 United States Code Section 1001, the same statute under which Jim Brown and Martha Stewart were prosecuted. If you or I had LIED to the Corpse of Rngineers (those FUCKS, who have told so many lies themselves, post-KATRINA, that they can no longer distinguish fact from fiction), we’d have been prosecuted in a heartbeat. But if “Uncle Sugar” prosecutes anyone in my Family’s batture litigation, then “Uncle Sugar” will have to get out the checkbook. And so NOTHING HAPPENS (other than my criminal prosecution). Oh, how I HATE THESE COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  15. Ashton: Have you personally seen the piling applications and permits in the Regional Office of Corps of Engineers for each of the squatters’ houses.

    From what I’ve heard from an ex-wife of an Inspector the inspectors are sometimes corrupt to the core accepting cash bribes to get piling permits OK’d.

    Tom: After seeing the F.A.C.E.OFF website you posted it must be a nationwide trend of major municipalities to collect as much revenue through the Code Departments as possible. Especially when voters are not about to vote for increases in revenue in this economic depression.

    Tom if you are unaware Ross Buckley, Deputy Parish Attorney, recently received the most outstanding employee award because he has almost by himself greatly increased the revenues of the Code Department from violations and seizures, as compared to the previous Administration’s efforts( and they were pretty outrageous with fines and penalties themselves).

    Case in point is the $10,000 fine recently placed on the Asian couple who for safety reasons cut down a small tree on Parish right of way they had previously planted.

  16. At yesterday’s JP Council meeting the CFGG revealed that the outrageous $10,000 fine recently assessed the Asian couple for cutting down a tree on parish right-of- way was unbelievably actually one of the lower tree cutting fines.

    In 2009 a family in River Ridge and their arborist were fined $135,000 for cutting down 3 trees. Then a couple in 2010 just moving into a home on Folse Dr. was fined $27,000 for downing a tree; all just because they didn’t get a permit first.

    Of course the CFGG wants the Council to advertise this outrageous policy of fines associated with not obtaining a permit first but not one Councilperson commented or stated that was a good idea and that the public needed to know about these possible outrageous fines.

    Why, because these tree hugging,Fockers want to keep it secret, don’t have a conscious and its a great source of additional parish revenue. And if you don’t pay their outrageous fines they will just put a lien on your property and then charge more outrageous yearly interest rates and finally seize your domicile and kick your ass out on the street.

    Like Tom has stated its time to organize a local chapter of F.A.C.E.OFF and like the Boston Tea Party lets have a JP Tree Party and let these fallacious,fatuous Fockers and the Administration’s fabricating fabulists know what we think of their unconscionable fines and conduct.

    And why has not one of the many investigative media revealed this dirty little parish secret.

    Wonder what would happen if you accidentally hit and took out a tree on the neutral ground of Clearview or Veterans Blvd..Probably get charged with negligent tree-a-cide and get life with no parole.

  17. To Barbara Ann Jackson (lawgrace), whitmergate and lock: A “lot” going on, but when friends chastise me, I take notice. A few points: With reference to “the tree police”, I sat through the last two Council Meetings during which the $10,000 fine was addressed by “the Public” (not the Council). I was unaware of the $27,000 fine until the Meeting on Wednesday, the 18th. I only learned about the $135,000 fine today, on SLABBED. AND NOT A WORD FROM ANY COUNCIL MEMBER, although people in the audience were looking at each others with their mouths agape. But the Council had “a lot” to say when the Jefferson Theater for the Performing Arts was discussed. I already have commented on the Council’s “bobbing and weaving” on this subject, and the failure to confront LagASSe about his $5 million change order WITH NO DOCUMENTATION. So what is going on with “trees” and with “the tree police”, and with the Jefferson Theater for the Performing Arts, is disgraceful. I wonder whether, if any of the “squatters and trespassers” who past and present Members of the Council illegally put on my Family’s batture property CUT DOWN A TREE (Heaven Forbid!), the O’Dwyer Family (as “landowner”) would get a multi-thousand dollar bill from Jefferson Parish. Last point: Yes, my language towards the Corpse of Engineers has been strident, if not vulgar and obscene. If my language offends some readers of SLABBED, I’ll clean things up, but in other circles I will continue to yell from the mountaintop just what I think of the Corpse and its employees. So remember this about the Corpse and its employees: These people are KILLERS. They are MAIMERS. They are PROPERTY DESTROYERS. And they allowed, and continue to allow, CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS to illegally occupy my Family’s batture property without doing a doggone thing about it. So, Barbara Ann: What appellations would YOU use towards these people with the Corpse? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton, you should know –from the numerous phone conversations that we have had, I understand how you feel.

      In private, I also could use some words that I would regret being overheard or seen in public. I am not judging you. . .Again, I understand, and let’s keep our eyes & eyes open for effective ways to address wrongdoing. . .I am inclined to believe that –whatever is a citizen’s controversy (tree cutting, clouded real estate titles, divorce, bankruptcy, injury / accidents, contract disputes, false arrest), all becomes litigated before judges who don’t give a flip about adherence to established laws.

      Further, it seems at times, that controversies are just the goal for making mega bucks off. And the fact that one party is absolutely correct makes it even better for protracted litigation, billable hours, and class-actions whereby the injured people who ‘pitch the party’ get pennies, but various lawyers & judges get to have perks, trips, and celebrations. Wherefore, whatever solid issue that can be focused upon and brought to the public forefront the will consistently expose and eradicate what the Porteous impeachment trial boastfully informed the world, is the true target.

      I will say to you once more my injured friend, I understand.

    2. To Ashton Ms. Jackson and every other victim of Jefferson Parish corruption.

      First to Ashston , Does the parish assess your property yearly for Ad Valorum Taxes and if so have you billed them yearly for use of your property ?

      Secondly to Ms. Jackson , I no way mean this to diminish any of your lose, if not for your self if you had a chance would you change things for others ?

      Food for thought: There are 9 properties per page in the 167 page ordinance to collect overly assed properties beyond what is allowed by state law for grass cutting applied to ad Valorum taxes. The total is of around 1503 other angry individuals in Jefferson Parish that if they had the information they were being abused more than likely would like to attend a council meeting .

      What happened to the council members in Bell California can happen here all that needs to be done is an organized effort. There are other groups to align with such as CFGG , Tea Party , Slabbed.org , etc.. What the hell is stopping you ?

      1. FOR THE LAST TIME, Tom I do not care to entertain what YOU have to say! You do not know the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, nor the time, nor the personal jeopardy to my safety, nor the ###### of people I helped / am helping, NOR THE YEARS I have been teaching, sharing, and the myriads of things that I do! I do NOT need someone such as yourself

        1. Ms. Jackson , I have not done any of the things your are accusing me of moreover could now care less about you, it’s obvious something is more wrong here.

  18. To Tom: The Parish has billed my Family annually for property taxes since we acquired the property from The Texas Company in July 1945. Some of the “squatters and trespassers” have recently been billed “for improvements only” in miniscule amounts. I got no satisfaction from Lawrence Chehardy or Tom Capella when I went to see them, other than: “Do you want me to stop billing your Family and send the tax bill to someone else?” I call that COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  19. AROD:”Do you want me to send the tax bill to someone else”— I call that ARROGANTLY CRIMINAL which requires cruel and unusual punishment and PUNITIVE damages not only against the squatters.But more so against the politicos who conspired to allow it to occur and currently allow it to continue; including past and current Councils and Administrations in particular their Code and Environmental departments who gave the felonious building permits without checking property ownership or illegal, polluting waste disposal; the U.S. Army Corps and U.S.EPA who allowed driving piles and building structures in a navigable waterway without certifying property rights or safe waste disposal; the LA.QED and last but not least the very honorable East Jefferson Levee Patrol who secures the squatters’ ongoing crimes 24/7,365 days a year.

    And Arod if it makes you feel better use whatever words best describe the above participants in your heart of hearts. Objectionable readers don’t have to read your comments. Especially those uncompassionate egos who can’t put themselves in your shoes but can only think of themselves and their injustices to shout about.

    And keep appearing before the Council and proper politicos till you draw your last breath or till they pass to their proper judgment and reward.

    One individual with the TRUTH and determination can win out and defeat even the most powerful:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my969ygh6lg&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. It’s easy for the council to ignore one person but much harder when the face an angry crowd, more over makes for interesting print , that is my point . I believe Ashton and I know someone by the name Bill N. Who had mention him to me a few years back , rings a bell ?

    1. I wondered HOW LONG it would take Tom or someone LIKE YOU –Robert as you call yourself– to bring out the race hate! That kind of thing happens when manipulating and obfuscating advertisement for legal services MASKED AS COMMENTS become exposed.

      Manifestly, YOUR POSTING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ARTICLE & IS DIRECTED AT ME in a derisive manner. Since this Slabbed website does not belong to you, I am requesting that your intentionally insulting, racist posting

      1. I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson. Being a lover of music I didn’t realize that outkast sung of racism. That would be Ice T. Let’s see I was brought up in Dulac Louisiana and the nearest white folks live 17 miles away. My cousins are blacker than most black folks up this way. My Sister married a black man some 3o years ago. Uh, they love each other.I’m half French and half Indian. Even a person such as yourself has a soul could you give the color of it perhaps I could be more direct. Where did Mr.Boehner come from? He’s a politician are you suggesting a black politician is better because he is? Click on my name and you’ll know what I’m about. I’m the one driving Mrs. Daisy. Subject? Aren’t they all the same? Corruption, corruption, corruption and little to nothing being done?

        Uh, Barb you’ve perked my interest now. By the way I’ve had my share of removal from a lot more than posting comments and what ever slabbed does is good with me. We had it your way it wouldn’t be slabbed but Burger King. About that league your a member of, is it the wonder league? Lady, that reverse racist attutude is something most folks can see beyond.Play that card.In fact it appears you sought such and if you feel satisfied, thanks. I’ll alaways be amazed at the fighting over skin colors, flags,and other useless and meaningless things. Nope were born we live and we die before being judge.On the 6 day God said let us make man in our image, saw it and said it was GOOD. I’d have to agree after all who the hell am I. There’s not a racist bone in this body.My comment was directed to Tom. Words, so when my black friends and I get together and jam i’m dissing them? No way. Tell you what here’s one of our favorites how about your opinion. I’ll be nice if you don’t like OutKast try freedom of speach and Bobby Boulders listen close you’ll hear the word Honky.


        1. Hey Robert ,
          Thank’s for the thought and support but fanning the flames of this fire isn’t going to get us any intelligent comprehensible dialogue only more unfounded accusations.

          1. Dear Ms. Jackson ,
            On what planet are you on to place open statements on a blog then to tell others how too or not too respond to your groundless attacks or correct anyone on the content of their comments ? Until now I treated you with understanding that obviously you suffer from some psychiatric condition that has made you both paranoid and delusional.So it’s not with any surprise that my right to defend myself from your condemnations will be meet with more attacks by you. You might want to look up the term projection.

          2. To the thing or the person being concealed behind a screen name known as “TOM”


            *You DON’T get enough attention at home.

            *You cannot recognize what is / is not “groundless” because you repudiate you own self with the contradicting statements and comments that you have posted on this thread.

            *You are manifestly so confused that, notwithstanding I am talking specifically to you and about you, you THINK that that I am talking about “others.” Be advise that your choice of words: “paranoid and delusional” is about the person that you know best -yourself!

            *You THINK that you have psychiatric credentials, but you don’t even recognize that YOU are the one who first accosted me –and you demanded that I tell you why I wouldn’t go what you wanted me to do for your profit scheme concerning people’s property!

            *You want to know about

  20. MAN! That Babs has got some issues percolating down deep. I’m still trying figure out what Tom said to get her goat, and she’s made me sign on to the AROD Army. Sing in the voice God gave you AROD, and Tom, keep the pointed and accurate info coming!

    1. Hello to you, Atticus. If you have seen the dialogue that Tom started when he asked me, “What the hell is stopping” me; If you knew that my purpose was only to call attention to the Clerk of Court case and issues surrounding judicial corruption –but Tom’s obfuscation and my aims to address what he said caused attention away from what my original post. . .If you read the kind words I wrote to AROD or knew the hours & emails I gave to hears his cries while I was dealing with my own battles, would you still have such views about me?

      Nonetheless, I see how what I hoped to point out DID NO GOOD, perhaps Tom is a jurist and wants the spotlight off, but this is NOT worth it for me. Too much confusion, as the preferred thing is LOTS OF CURSE WORDS, etc. . .I’ll simply go along where I’m better known. God speed to Slabbed Community.

      *Tom, you reap what you sow. If you keep your path, I am certain that –whatever side you are on, it is the losing side.

  21. Ms. Jackson … FREE SPEECH is a wonderful and empowering right that we as citizens of he United States both use and abuse … I for one have been fascinated with the commentary thread between yourself, Tom, Ashton, and others … a rational discussion is not predicated upon the notion that any one commenter will agree with an adversary and/or compromise their argument …

    However, of some 54 comments now made, only vonzippa’s initial comment had any relevance to the post … a sale of property by the Favaloros to the Wards !

    Hence my question is:

    1. I was just about to go to sleep –and I concur with about the unfortunate turn that this thread has taken. I am disgusted enough to never post on Slabbed again -not because I don’t think that this is a wonderful forum, but I think that you know I’ve only attempted to talk about one main thing –judicial systems.

      If the court situation was not associated with real estate, I would not have submitted my original comment, which became replied to and [email protected]!?_* by a poster who seems to have taken what I was trying to share in a different direction, and others followed suit. Actually, it seemed like a business ploy, and then I somehow became compelled to respond to direct statements that were made to me. But I don’t recall such a thing occurring like this on Slabbed when I’ve posted previously –especially where so many people jumped on the band wagon, even someone named Atticus.

      As mentioned elsewhere, what I was trying to do is just not worth all this trouble -and judicial reform may not mean so much as I suppose.

      I truly apologize for my part in participation in these unpleasant discussions –that I wasn’t even trying to have when I started out!

      I now see how a comment can be so utterly railroaded to become something entirely different. And I want no more to do with such. I think it is best that, although I will continue to visit this site, I hope and pray that I will never feel inclined to post a comment again.


      Mrs. Barbara Ann Jackson

    2. oh,oh,oh I know gate. The importance of this post is that in 1997 while I was being screwed by a legal system from two states which I said “If nothing gets done about this shit and if they get away with it, it won’t be long before their are doing it to everyone?” How more right could I have been? Now where’s my prize?

      Barbra, don’t go so hard on yourself. We are all victims of the political corruption in the courts and government of this once united country.Couldn’t we just agree to disagree. I read between the lines and know you feel a need to do something about the wrong doings of others. You shouldn’t let it keep you down. Tom’s idea on creating a group to battle the oppression is a good one. As for the song. I felt it was the attempt of a person (a young man) in love with a women and another person trying to prevent their relationship which effected the children in the relation. It seems that saying I’m sorry wasn’t enough.

      Ashton since crusing isn’t an unforgivable sin. I wonder if those low-down no good shit for brains cocksucking, shit licking brown nosing assholes motherfucking two bit pieces of fucking dung you know are related to those up this way?

  22. robert and Atticus: I totally agree with you guys that Tom has a great idea about organizing to fight the “over the top ” power grab by the JP politicos.

    From the Non-Performing Arts Bldg. scandal fiasco to the excessive fines of tree removal to overcharges by the Code Dept. solely for revenue purposes
    to the Code Dept. giving out felonious building permits not once, but over ten times for allowing politico cronies to build on property owned by someone else.

    F.A.C.E.OFF is just the start. As Tom said over thirteen hundred people are listed by the Code department and if we could just get 200 of them to mass on a Council meeting it would send a message similar to what happened in Bell,Ca..

    This post may have started out about one certain real estate transfer but Arod’s and Tom’s comments are related and indeed sound reasons for political action.

    1. Hey Lockemuptight,

      More food for thought;
      This applies to every service provided by JP including grass cutting and even having to provide representation at adjudication hearing for the disabled who can not go to the hearing.

      Federal Law Preempts Local Ordinance

      Jefferson Parish Attorney’s office has lost several civil FHA / ADA Title II cases regarding it’s discriminatory zoning policy and has been warned by the DOJ of the parish’s legal responsibility to provide Reasonable Accommodations to the disabled. Attached DOJ Amicus Brief Groome Vs. Jefferson Parish .

      At the federal level, preemption derives from the constitutional principle that the federal law is the supreme law of the land and trumps the laws of a state or locality that are inconsistent with a federal law. United States Constitution, Article VI.

      Federal preemption may occur in one of three ways: (1) the federal law expressly preempts state or local laws; (2) the federal law impliedly preempts a state or local law by occupying an entire field of regulation, so that no room is left for state or local regulation; or (3) state and local law is preempted to the extent it actually conflicts with federal law because compliance with both state and federal law is impossible, or when a state or local law stands as an impediment to a federal purpose. Rum Creek Coal Sales, Inc. v. Caperton, 971 F.2d 1148 (4th Cir. 1992)

      Americans with Disabilities Act Title II -8.2000 Self-evaluation.
      What should a required self-evaluation consist of by the ADA Coordinator and why? Public entity’s policies and practices are reflected in its laws, ordinances, regulations, administrative manuals or guides, policy directives, and memoranda. Self-evaluation requirements are done to insure compliance to Federal Disability Civil Rights Laws by the municipality receiving Federal Funds.

      Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (

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