The Goatherders have sent a message for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation

I swear folks you simply can’t make this stuff up but something tells me that on April 4th poor ol’ Charlie and Vaughn must have been mighty upset with Slabbed for breaking that nasty Aaron Broussard “silent partner” secret they’d been keeping. As is their wont there was some minor retaliation along with a message as follows:

With just 10 rooms for rent at the Lodge, the Goatherders certainly had need for silent partners as the numbers indicate but that will wait for a dedicated post that will be coming very soon. :mrgreen:


A well placed source has reported to Slabbed the New Orleans Hornets have a new owner – A Slabbed Scoop of the day

I’ve placed a picture of the new owner below the fold. ~ sop Continue reading “A well placed source has reported to Slabbed the New Orleans Hornets have a new owner – A Slabbed Scoop of the day”

Everyone remember the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics case????

By George if a reader did not help me come up with a very plausible explanation for the basis of the charges against the former Jefferson Parish council woman a couple of weeks ago. That said I am busy as all get out so I do not have time to post it but I’m hoping someone will post all the skinny in comments. Here is a hint: Continue reading “Everyone remember the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics case????”

Jim Brown

Thursday, April 11th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


There’s a great new edict that’s about to become law in my home state of Louisiana. It’s called the GTCPTG statute. Short for, “Give the Criminals plenty of time to get away.” Louisiana legislators and the state’s insurance department are working overtime to assure that the Bayou State continues to hold the title of the country’s most expensive state in which to buy insurance.

Two noble goals have been set in the state’s capitol in Baton Rouge. First, pass new laws to be absolutely sure that automobile insurance rates keep going up. And second, pass other laws that stop property owners from asserting legal claims against the state run property insurance company. There is certainly a great deal at stake, and it looks like state legislators and insurance officials will stop at nothing in order to maintain the state’s number one position of having the highest auto and property rates in America. Way to go, guys.

There’s a saying has been around the Baton Rouge state capitol for years — “Hold on to your wallets…the legislature’s in session, and they’re about to stick it to you.” There has never been a more appropriate time for such an admonition. In the 40 years plus that I have spent around the legislative and regulatory process in Louisiana, as a legislator, a statewide official, an insurance regulator, and as a political observer, I cannot recall a time when policy holders have been so maligned, and the interests of the public at large have been so disregarded. Continue reading “Jim Brown”