The antidote to a pissed off Judge Ginger? Hire hubby’s law firm. Sal Perricone hires Berrigan, Litchfield, Schonekas, Mann & Traina partner John Litchfield.

Gordon Russell has all the skinny on the latest developments in Heebe v Henry Mencken as we add a nice level of incest to the saga of Fred Heebe’s defamation suit against Henry L Mencken 1951 aka Sal Perricone. As the fates shine serendipitiously upon Slabbed today, please refer to today’s sticky archival post that explains many of the relationships involved here that make this latest turn of events so incestuous.


26 thoughts on “The antidote to a pissed off Judge Ginger? Hire hubby’s law firm. Sal Perricone hires Berrigan, Litchfield, Schonekas, Mann & Traina partner John Litchfield.”

    1. Not sure what Sock Puppet’s point is in relations to Heebe v. Perricone ? Get the popcorn ready going to be standing room only, question is does the 1st Amendment protect a DOJ employee?

      The 1964 case New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, dramatically changed the nature of libel law in the United States by establishing that public officials could win a suit for libel only if they could demonstrate publishers’ “knowledge that the information was false” or that it was published “with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.” Later Supreme Court cases barred strict liability for libel and forbid libel claims for statements that are so ridiculous as to be patently false. Recent cases have addressed defamation law and the Internet. Defenses to libel that can result in dismissal before trial include the statement being one of opinion rather than fact or being “fair comment and criticism,” though neither of these are imperatives on the US constitution. Truth is always an absolute defense against a defamation suit in the United States.

      1. I’d read that Muspench comment on the story that Sock linked Tom as the Berrigan name was plastered all over it.


  1. It really would “help” if we could have made available a copy of Heebe’s lawsuit against Perricone. To my knowledge, it is not available on SLABBED or on the Internet. I am in bankruptcy, “flat broke”, and I no longer have access to PACER or the equivalent at Civil District Court (the case is being removed to Federal Court, anyway). Not having the pleadings is like “playing bouree’ in the dark”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Read the story no the comments got it now SOP . While we are on the subject there would be less blight if Road Home Funds were made available to the 300 protesters at HUD’s office. The state wants to divert $11mil to the Super Dome from Grant Funds already available rather than help fight blight can you say dichotomy an better ? check story link.

    1. What ever evidence they have obviously has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt on any target not sure what Perricone’s rants could change in that. However Pericone being the insider is going to make the Heebe civil lawsuit interesting. How far will the judge let Perricone’s attorney go to prove his rants have substance under the 1st Amendment is going to be the big question ? My money is on either a quick dismissal or a long delay in the civil case.

  3. To Dambala: Don’t know enough about the situation to comment intelligently. But I believe that there is something “machiavellian” about the “exposure” of Perricone (and just what the hell he was doing commenting on while employed by the U.S. Department of “injustice”) that has not been revealed. AROD.

  4. To Dambala: There’s something else I want to say (and I MAY have already said it on SLABBED, previously). The Perricone “scandal” broke on a Tuesday, if I’m not mistaken. Lettenemgo gave his Press Conference around noon on Thursday, meaning that he had had about 2 1/2 days to confer with the U.S. Department of “Injustice” in Washington D.C. before he “faced the music”. The music played by Lettenemgo (who I believe to be a LIAR and a man without honor) was: “I didn’t know about Perricone until last Tuesday, and ‘the office’ didn’t know, either.” Just what the FUCK is “the office”? Did he interview all 60 of the lawyers he employs, and the untold non-legel Staff before he made the statement that “the office didn’t know”? Lettenemgo knows what the provisions of 18 United States Code Section 1001 provide, and the consequences of making false statements to a Federal Official in connection with a Federal investigation. Yet, Lettenemgo (the LIAR and man without honor) made his blanket statements at the Thursday Press Conference, which mean to me that THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF “INJUSTICE” ALREADY HAD HIS BACK (they had 2 1/2 days to concoct a story for the Public), AND THAT THE COVER-UP ALREADY HAD BEGUN. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Ashton , The scandal broke when Heebe wanted it too by feeding it to his TP connections. More than likely on the radar for quite some time especially if there are wire taps and surveillance going on.

  6. To Tom and Dambala: Yes, I get the point that Heebe’s lawsuit, styled: “Petition for Discovery”, filed on Monday, March 12th in Civil District Court by Kyle Schonekas and William Gibbens (a former Assistant U.S. Attorney himself), revealed to the world that Perricone was “H.L. Menken 1951”. And notwithstanding the hiring by Heebe, Schonekas and Gibbens of a former FBI Agent “language specialist”, speculation remains about who “leaked” Perricone’s commenting on under one or more monikers. Something else to consider: The three Government Prosecutors in the Dominick Fazio prosecution (Fazio was Heebe’s Chief Financial Officer at River Birch) were Perricone, James Mann (the husband of Letten’s First Assistant, Jan Maselli-Mann), whose deposition if being sought by Heebe, et al, along with Perricone, and Gregory Kennedy (who prosecuted ME, and who is a “little SHIT” and “piss-ant” – Come on! Sue me, you CUCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER, and abuse the power of your office, again). So, there is more here than meets the eye. And I’m not smart enough to have figured it all out. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Tom : Don’t forget about Wbub-Wbub-L as being a supporter of Garlandfill and a sounding board against the suspicious cloud of payola that the local DoJ cast over him.

    They feasted on Sal’s disclosure for almost a week to the point I thought they were going to make it a regular journalistic spot. Tommy Tucker then personally and hypocritically sliced and diced Sal up all the while Garland’s Sequoia log was still in Wbub-Wbub-L’s “Eye”-Witness News.

    Sal owes them a little payback and maybe he knows some things which may come out in deposition.

      1. sop: I disagree. Mitch believes that spot belongs to an airhead puppet that will look the other way as he and his cronies continue the long standing new orleans tradition of using political power and patronage to feed their own ambition. Stacy Head actually talks back and Mitch doesn’t like that.

  8. I do not think Heebe will be deposing anyone and I question the assumption people are making that Heebe has a valid defamatrion case that will even make it to discovery.

    Sal Perricone has a couple of ethics problems he must deal with but defaming Heebe is not one of them. IMHO the posturing of certain lawyers with interests in this matter is entertaining it is also fairly transparent.

    Perricone has called Heebe’s bluff and lawyered up. Judge Ginger is the only LAED judge that has shown an interest in presiding over the Heebe complex of cases despite what some see as a glaring conflict. Will she take the Perricone case as well?

    I’m with ‘Gate on loving this latest turn of events. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the spectacle.


  9. How about Sal deposing Heebe and his attorneys about possible private revelations of his IP NOLA commenting address and depriving him of his privacy rights ?

    With new TP editorship arrangements will the TP be of any future help in breaking news for any of those under the DoJ gun?

    Also, if Ginger is forced to recuse herself ,if assigned the Heebe defamation case, it would shine an intense light on her other ethical conflicts with presiding over the Heebe prosecution case.

    Therefore,you can bet your sweet potatoes that the defamation case never makes it into her garden to start with.

    I like the chess move Sal is making and think because Heebe pissed off the DoJ he’s due to lose a few chess pieces( pawns, bishop and maybe his St.Charles Castle) – Sal’s used to playing in cut throat mind games – soon, it will be checkmate .

    1. lockemuptight is dead-on with the cross hairs of his long range scope on his rifle. The leak in the DOJ’s office will be exposed and criminal charges wouldn’t surprise me filed against the leaker of information for obstruction of justice. The person obviously didn’t just give Camp Heebee the Perricone information. The Perricone move by Heebee is not going to have any material impact on his eventual conviction. There aren’t any escape clauses that I can see.

      On a completely related note the recent postponement of Dominick Fazzio’s brother in law’s sentencing to October is raising speculation that Dominick Fazzio has decided to cooperate with the DOJ.

    2. -“How about Sal deposing Heebe and his attorneys about possible private revelations of his IP NOLA commenting address and depriving him of his privacy rights ?”

      Exactly. You noticed Gill’s column where he went overboard to state that Perricone left “plenty of clues”? That’s bullshit in my humble opinion. If someone from within NOLA tracked Perricone’s IP address and gave it to Heebe, they violated their own commenter terms and agreement. Perricone may or may not have a violation of privacy case but he certainly has a breech of contract case against NOLA if he can identify a source.

  10. Employees who have no up stream political benefit will be persecuted in favor of politically connected puppets.
    If you don’t like it then leave or move.

    Today Jefferson, tomorrow the World.

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